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You currently like? Are you sure in your own amazingness or trying to prove man? The uniqueness and originality does not require proof. It's just there. But we may not know about it or even not to believe. This state is read by others. And all together devalue... This article describe tags: inner peace, femininity

We All soul a little bit, but believe in superstitions. And because everyone has a slightly heart-stopping bad feeling when right in front of him imposingly across the road enters the black cat. Some even fearing to incur the failure, turn off the intended path. Why are black cats so much notoriety? Th... This article describe tags: black cat superstitions, superstitions

Eat fat to lose weight. Many will say: "Nonsense!" For a long time the butter along with the sugar and salt included in the category of enemies of health. However, at present, is gaining popularity kettiya, which is based on exactly vysokotrave... This article describe tags: diet, ketogenic diet

Svyatogorsk could be called the lake district. The lakes are found in the most unexpected places. Go through the woods and suddenly before my eyes is shining expanse of water. It is small, but there. A couple of oxbow lakes. Ran-ran Donets, and tripped, he did not like the thick sarol... This article describe tags: Svyatogorsk, history of the lake

Have you ever Thought of how useful your favorite vegetable? Beneficial for health eating cauliflower? This product is not often appear on the shelves of local markets and shops, and costs more expensive. So is it worth to spend energy, money to find and purchase this unusual vegetable? Cauliflower is so named due to its appearance: its head-like inflorescences have similarities with flowers,... This article describe tags: useful products, cauliflower

We moved into the third Millennium, we can say decisive, to be or not to be human civilization. Science fiction writers, scientists, philosophers present us with possible scenarios and forecasts of the future. you do Not want to be a pessimist, but given human nature, one can assume the worst case — destruction of mankind. Death is not from technical... This article describe tags: Isaac Asimov, the robot-Android

In Russia, more precisely still in Russia, have their own titles or their analogues. However, until the XVIII century there were... on the Internet you can read that only one Prince. But rather, two or even three. Although the titles of XVIII century in Russia has nothing to do with the European, try to hold... This article describe tags: nobles, title, nobility, Russia, Russia

A Refusal or restriction of consumption of food of animal origin and switching to a plant-based diet leads to significant changes in the set entering the body of nutrients. Before you decide to take this step, think of your goal and pick up a complete diet. everyone has their own path to vegetarianism. No matter what motivated... This article describe tags: animal food, vegetable food, vegetarianism

In the cycle of film music it is impossible not to address the subject of those great, really great musicians who also occasionally turned to this genre. Especially because it was already on sochinena not for a movie but included in the movie, now famous throughout the world, "the Second Val... This article describe tags: film music, Dmitri Shostakovich

Satirical story about the changing cultural values of future generations in the context of television broadcasts. In the context of a marked increase in the number of writers, and to enhance the rating of television programmes must re-brand some gear. We reading move into the category of the writing of the country, so the Central figure of all stories should be the writer. "Man and law" — do you Know what criminal talents can... This article describe tags: satirical story, cultural values

The Film is an amazing invention that gave the world a lot of movies in a variety of genres: fantasy, Comedy, romance... I Consider myself an avid film fan and can easily determine the name of the movie in one shot? Check with a test whether this is so. ... This article describe tags: tests

How inconvenient to live in a small apartment to a large family! So you want space and fresh air, but unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity. Is there a way in this situation? Is it possible to maximally use the small area for a full life?... This article describe tags: little space, increase the space, small apartment, small apartment, useful tips

We've All read historical novels or even watched the films. And we all know the "noble" titles: barons, counts, marquises, and other. We often perceive them as a prefix to the name of the character, without reflecting that these names meaning... This article describe tags: nobles, title, count

Glasses I had to wear in 4 years. There's no choice — to whom what doctors, in addition to speech therapy, I have been able to make friends. But there was no need to worry how you will appeal to a new, unfamiliar group. Understood... This article describe tags: good luck charm, the story of life

Hardly people invented writing, then there is a problem. How to make your message could read only one to whom it was intended, and no one else? How to hide confidential information from curious eyes? Almost simultaneously there were two solutions. One of them is called encryption. Thanks to the intelligent cipher text turned into a chaotic sequence of characters. Only the recipient was aware of the key, that is, the algorithm of the inverse permutation of marks and restore... This article describe tags: correspondence, steganography, cipher