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About November in most plants, a period of rest. At this time, they stop growing, slow down the metabolic processes in tissues. Therefore, the watering of plants at this time is fundamentally different from the summer. In the period of intensive growth and during the bloom... This article describe tags: house plants, indoor plants, watering plants, winter plants, house plants, a period of rest, the roots of the plants

In may 2017 I had a chance to do a little volunteering at the animal shelter. I never thought that there I would have to have conversations on literary topics. Nevertheless, with one of the employees we talked about Chekhov, about the history of the writer. to Move to the first article And again... This article describe tags: story writer, Anton Chekhov

You currently like? Are you sure in your own amazingness or trying to prove man? The uniqueness and originality does not require proof. It's just there. But we may not know about it or even not to believe. This state is read by others. And all together devalue... This article describe tags: inner peace, femininity

We All soul a little bit, but believe in superstitions. And because everyone has a slightly heart-stopping bad feeling when right in front of him imposingly across the road enters the black cat. Some even fearing to incur the failure, turn off the intended path. Why are black cats so much notoriety? Th... This article describe tags: black cat superstitions, superstitions

Eat fat to lose weight. Many will say: "Nonsense!" For a long time the butter along with the sugar and salt included in the category of enemies of health. However, at present, is gaining popularity kettiya, which is based on exactly vysokotrave... This article describe tags: diet, ketogenic diet

Svyatogorsk could be called the lake district. The lakes are found in the most unexpected places. Go through the woods and suddenly before my eyes is shining expanse of water. It is small, but there. A couple of oxbow lakes. Ran-ran Donets, and tripped, he did not like the thick sarol... This article describe tags: Svyatogorsk, history of the lake