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The People protest against the computers, able to drive. Although they don't get drunk and fall asleep behind the wheel, not off the road, not blinding sun and oncoming lights of the headlights, they are not distracted by text-messages — to communicate with it, if you want to talk on the road. to Move to the first part of the article a Classic example is the automation in aviation. Pilot trusts has long been the machines. In recent years the number of fatal collisions in the air can be... This article describe tags: self-driving car, traffic safety

Shopping today the phenomenon is as natural and necessary as, for example, sleep. Shopping became a key step in meeting our needs, primarily in the food, drink, etc. But what if he turns into an end in itself, in the so-called buy for shopping? How dangerous dependence on shopping and being a Shopaholic? ... This article describe tags: Shopaholic, psychological problems, shopping

Recently Stroll to the shops modern appliances and become acquainted with the proposed technical innovations, I came to the conclusion that (if funds are available for purchase!) Housewives can now arrange a Home a Paradise and to keep the house remotely without getting up from the sofa or doing shopping. Don't believe? Then I invite you on a little trip to Heaven for Housewives! What are the miracles of home appliances we expect here? Let's start with the early... This article describe tags: modern technology, technological advances, home appliances, household

Very often we can observe the following picture: the child-parent relationship with the children growing up are becoming more and more strained. And the peak of this voltage is traditionally reaches adolescence. Why is this happening? it Seems that the parents (... This article describe tags: adolescence, parent-child relationships

Want to make the New year a million dollars. Want a white Mercedes. Want to... (fill in your goal). Why cash "wishlist" so poorly? Offer their views on how to "enjoy" his financial well-being, material wealth or a raise. have been working in the financial sector and all seen enough and heard enough. But never saw that money worked magic principle of "hard, fast, and easy." And if crab... This article describe tags: setting goals, generating income, tips

In 1979, the Soviet Union started active preparations for the upcoming Olympic games — especially since this time they have been held in Moscow. In this training were held the games of the Soviet peoples and filmed the musical documentary &laq;... This article describe tags: history songs Alexandra Pakhmutova

My driving experience was over fifty. Over the years, anyway. Fines, flat tires, breakdowns, accidents — fortunately without harm. I was lucky in the sense that suicide is not ran across the road, and with road bullies, even capable of murder for the overall... This article describe tags: self-driving car, traffic safety

A Few of the production of tent products can boast of such fame and popularity as the Pavlovsky Posad's shawls. The love story of Russian and foreign beauties to these, no more, no less works of art (so-called... This article describe tags: scarves, hats, folk art