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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

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Renovation in Moscow. What to expect from this law and why it applies not only to residents of the Russian capital? In the Studio of Radio Liberty - the Deputy of Council of deputies of the Lefortovo district Alexander Andreev, the co-Chairman of public organization "Right to land", the lawyer Stanislav Stankevich and expert of the Public ecological Council of Moscow Alina Engalycheva.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that the United Nations should be more actively involved in addressing the pressing issues of Ukraine. About this Poroshenko said at a joint briefing with Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres in Kiev on Sunday after a bilateral meeting. Poroshenko expressed confidence that the meeting will become a starting point in order to find a more active model of UN involvement in solving complex challenges currently facing Ukraine. As UKRINFORM reported, during the meeting the sides discussed the state and prospects of further cooperation in the framework of the UN, the possibility of more active attraction to peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass, and also to implement the decisions of the UN...

28 Jun Suvorov square in Moscow held a meeting of scientists, which attracted about 500 people. It was organized by the trade Union of workers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The protesters demanded increase in budgetary financing of science. "If we do not hear, in September-October we will hold mass protests across the country", - said the Chairman of trade Union of workers of the RAS Viktor Kalinushkin.

In Moscow, June 27, activists held an action "Farewell to the Ministry of communications," during which they laid flowers to the building of the Ministry. One person was arrested. According to the protesters, they are protesting against the restrictive measures on freedom of speech in Russia, including the possible blocking of Telegram messenger. During the detention the police officer referred to the decree of the President of Russia about restriction of rallies during the confederations Cup. After conversations in OVD "Tver" the detainee was released.

A Senior member of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress from the Democratic party, Adam Schiff criticized former U.S. President Barack Obama for a lack of tough action against Russia in connection with Moscow's intervention in the presidential election campaign in the United States. According to the Congressman, the Obama administration should have been more convincing to respond to Russia's actions. Adam Schiff believes that Obama had to give a decisive answer when it became clear that the anti-American actions were directed from the highest levels of the Kremlin. In December 2016, the Obama administration imposed sanctions on two Russian intelligence agencies - in connection with suspicions in their intervention in the electoral campaign in the...

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is serving an administrative arrest in Moscow on Saturday in the detention center called an ambulance due to the rising temperature. "I know that yesterday Alex did indeed call an ambulance, as he had a very high temperature. Today I was not" – said Navalny's lawyer Olga Mikhailova, answering the question TASS. Any other details about the disease Bulk is still unknown. Earlier, Navalny was found guilty under article about "repeated violation of the order of holding mass actions". He was sentenced to 30 days of administrative arrest. Later the Moscow city court reduced the period for 5 days. Navalny was detained June 12, shortly before not agreed with the authorities of the rally of his supporters on Tverskaya street in...

The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that reports of Russian interference in American elections – is not particularly original. In interview to TV channel EN-bi-si Pompeo said: "In the American intelligence community said that in these elections the Russians intervened, but it is, frankly, not particularly original, –noting: – They have been doing it for a very long time and decades trying to undermine American democracy." Report on the intervention of Russia should not surprise anyone, Pompeo said in an interview. "So this is nothing new, but it certainly increases the need for attention to our ability to determine how to stop them", he added. The CIA Director said he could not confirm the message of the Washington Post that his Agency has confirmed...

Director of FBK Roman Rubanov and opposition activist Vyacheslav Maltsev was released from the detention center in Moscow, where they spent 10 days for an action on 12 June. Maltsev was arrested on Tverskaya, Rubanov - at a sanctioned rally on Sakharov Avenue. Maltseva from the detention center was taken to the unmarked car, then released on a nearby street.

What will be the policy of France in the conditions, when the Executive and legislative branches cast by voters of one political force, what impact the strengthening of the position of the President of Macron after the success in the parliamentary elections for France's foreign policy and especially relations with Russia – to discuss the diplomat Andrei Fedorov, political analyst on Frankove Igor Bunin, a columnist for Radio Liberty in France, Semyon Mirsky.

Russian bloggers called the Duma. Ukrainian bloggers gathered at the festival in Odessa. What first spoke with authority, and the second between them? In Studio PC special correspondent Mumin Shakirov, a student of the Moscow College of entrepreneurship No. 11 Atanas Matskyavichyus, Leonid Shvets (Kiev, Ukraine) and Evgeny Gendin (Dnipro)

In Italy the court of cassation banned restaurants keep the lobster on ice before cooking, so as not to cause yet sentient beings unnecessary suffering. Thus, the court satisfied the claim of defenders of animals against the owner of the restaurant near Florence and sought him for two thousand euros as a penalty and three thousand to cover legal costs.

A Jury in the us state Minnesota was found innocent in the murder of the police officer who shot and killed a black driver on the road between Minneapolis and St. Paul a July 2016 . In court, the police officer Jeronimo Yanes asserted that he opened fire because he feared for his life when Filanda Kasteel, reported that he had a gun, reached into his pocket. Video of the incident posted on the social network the girl of Castile, who was sitting in the passenger seat. After this story became known throughout the country, in many cities a few days have passed protest actions against police violence.

About the confederations Cup, the 2018 FIFA world Cup, football and human rights – football player, coach, Manager, Andrei Kanchelskis, football expert and lexicographer rumen Pitalev, sports journalist, teleradiocommunication Alexander Smirnov, head of St. Petersburg branch of Transparency International, Dmitry Sukharev, sports observer of Radio Liberty Alexey Kuznetsov.

Moscow court to 10 days arrested the Director of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) of the Novel Rubanov. He was accused of disobedience to police.Rubanov was the organizer of the rally against corruption on June 12 on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow. On the eve of the campaign founder FBK Alexei Navalny announced the cancellation of the event due to pressure and obstacles from the authorities. The opposition leader urged his supporters to go out on Tverskaya street. Rubanov in this case, as the applicant for the meeting, remained on the Avenue Sakharov, where he was detained. June 12, in dozens of Russian cities have been mass protests against corruption. In Moscow, according to "OVD-info", were detained about 900 activists in St. Petersburg is about 600....

On the 6th of June, foreign currency mortgage holders of Raiffeisenbank wanted to meet with his leadership to find a compromise on debt repayment. Getting no response from the Bank, they began an indefinite hunger strike. The third day the participants carried out at the Bank's office on Smolenskaya-Sennaya square, the hunger strike held seven people.