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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

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As a possible candidate for President of Russia, the founder of prokremlevskogo of the movement "Nashi", the former leader of his "Orthodox corps" historian, associate Professor of PFUR Boris Yakimenko involved in the program "Face-to event" with the political scientist Evgeny Iloveim.

Photojournalist David Frankel and volunteer "group of aid to the detained" Marina Bukina remember the events of 7 October in St. Petersburg. That day at the protest in downtown was detained 64 people, some injured. Marina Bukina's head was injured. Despite overwhelming evidence of media workers, also illegally detained during operation on shares, Regardie deny officers the use of force.

It is very advantageous to be a confidant of Vladimir Putin. The weekly "Interlocutor" considered what they cost the country. Discuss: analyst Carnegie Andrey Kolesnikov, the financier Sergei Pugachyov, the correspondent of "Companion" Sergey Yezhov, the politician Sergei Markov. Leading Elena Rykovtseva

On 10 October in St. Petersburg held a series of pickets in support of the European University (EUSP). Former students came with placards to the buildings of the University, the Russian national library, library. Mayakovsky, the Palace square, the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Seating yard and the Smolny. In Moscow was also supported by EY – one of the pickets took place in front of Rosobrnadzor, the Agency, which adopted a decision on revocation of an educational license of the University.

In Yekaterinburg, the court suspended the case of termination of the guardianship with Julia Savinovskih, who previously had surgery to remove the breast. The defense asked the court to stop the "absurd" case. According to attorneys, the guardianship shall not be entitled to assert such claims. Previously, Ordzhonikidze district court of Yekaterinburg refused to return Yulia Savinovskih two adopted sons. This decision has not yet entered into force. Sverdlovsk region authorities have recognized the legitimate actions of authorities. In response, the regional Ministry of social policy argues that the basis for removal of foster children from a family were "some inconsistencies" between the interests of the children and guardian. What they are, neither the...

In the Basmanny court of Moscow considers the complaint of the journalist of "Novaya Gazeta" Ali Feruza the refusal to grant him in Russia temporary shelter. Sep 26, interior Ministry spokesman, referring to the attached letter from the FSB, said that in the case of Feruz is the information containing a state secret. The court adjourned the hearing until October 6, demanding the interior Ministry to submit a certificate of existence of state secrets. In early August, it suspended the execution of the decision on deportation Feruza before consideration of the complaint of the journalist in the European court of human rights. Currently, Feruz is in the center of temporary detention of foreign citizens. The journalist was detained on 1 August in Moscow on...

In Moscow "Gogol-center", the premiere of a new play by Kirill Serebrennikov "Little tragedies" the plays of Pushkin's "Mozart and Salieri", "the Miserly knight", "the Stone guest" and "Feast during the plague". The Director and the artist Kirill Serebrennikov is now under house arrest. He is accused of embezzlement of budget funds.

About Kim Philby and his colleagues in the profession, their contemporary followers and fight for the bright future of all humanity - the victory of the world revolution and dominance of the "Russian world" - the journalist said bitsoev, human rights activist, researcher intelligence Sergei Grigoryants, a journalist, a historian of the secret services, Nikolai Dolgopolov.

Brought to court live in the villages, near which, in accordance with the investment agreement between the government of the Ulyanovsk region and the Chinese company "Anhui conch" plans to build a cement plant with capacity of 5 thousand tons of cement per day

In Moscow, opposite the Kremlin opened the Zaryadye Park. The city authorities have built a new tourist facility on the site of the demolished hotel "Russia". One of the excursions for the guests and journalists was held by the head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky. The cost of construction of a Park in the historical centre of the capital is estimated at 25 billion rubles. The construction of the Philharmonic is not complete.

Residents of Yekaterinburg for the third time hugged the pond in the center of the city, thus expressing the protest against the project of construction of the reservoir. Two thousand people, holding hands, human chain up along the banks of the pond. The restoration project of the temple of Catherine, erected in the year of Foundation of Yekaterinburg, and demolished in the Soviet time, a year, much debated by citizens, officials and experts. Many Ural residents are outraged that the Governor has approved the construction of a Church on an artificial island at the only pond in the city center. The 62-meter Church will ruin the view of the waterfront and the lake itself, according to opponents of building. For the project and its investors, "Russian copper...

Listen to the letter written and sent, on order, to the beginning of the school year. "Dear Anatoly Ivanovich, for fifteen years I have been working at various construction sites of the Caucasus, but before that was a teacher, a school teacher, so not completely lost interest in what is happening in our school and around it. In the summer I stumbled on the Internet on an interesting school essay. Topic: "the Image of Gerasim in the works of Turgenev". Don't know who the author is and where it came to light. Imagine only conditions that had impact on the teenager, who gave such an interpretation of the landmark work, which forced me to think hard, like Turgenev, about the fate of my country. I was not just interesting, but extremely important to know whether...

In the program "Face to the event" talking with the former Prime Minister and leader of the people's freedom Party (PARNAS) Mikhail Kasyanov on Putin's wars in Syria and Ukraine, municipal and gubernatorial elections on 10 September, the presidential campaign in 2017-18. and economic crisis in Russia. The program is Mikhail Sokolov.

Presnensky court of Moscow extended the house arrest of mathematics Dmitry Bogatov until 7 October. He is accused of incitement to terrorism and mass riots during uncoordinated protests in the Russian capital on April 2. The investigation insisted on the continuation of the arrest due to the fact that it is not ready the results of the examination. Friends Bogatov sure that he did not commit the crime his IP address could be used by any user of the Tor network.

In Moscow at the agreed rally "For free Internet" about 20 people were detained. These include LGBT activists and members of the column in support of the journalist Ali Feruza. Before the rally, the police massacred on the scene of a banner with an inscription "the Internet is not going to take..." the word "reptiles," which was considered offensive. The demonstrators protested against censorship and the prohibition of anonymity in the network, the blocking of websites and harassment for reposts, likes and entries in blogs and social networks.