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In Novosibirsk last week arrived the party collectible dollars to bear the Shilka, coins aroused so much interest that the company intends to continue to mint images of animals, Novosibirsk zoo, told the 9th of December the Director of the Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Corp Stanislav Katz.

Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards plan to convert in the far East. According to the site of the fgbi "Land of leopard" has had the appropriate training for inspectors of the national Park, who are going to participate in the census on the territory of this natural complex.

The Number of individuals of giraffes in the world has decreased by 40% over the last 15 years, and they continue to die. At the same time, in Central Africa, the number of elephants has decreased by 60% in 10 years. Scientists fear that both of these species were on the brink of extinction.

TABATA Bundesen called the reports of his earnings "completely wrong", but to report how she got through the replication of the image of my cat, she refused. The owner of a cat, who gained fame in the Internet under the name "Angry cat" (Grumpy Cat) for his gloomy view, has denied reports that earned due to your pet almost $ 100 million, reports the Huffington Post.

On the forum For faith and Fatherland Kuban!" the Governor of the Krasnodar region said that the food embargo benefit the region. "I Remember the days when some laughed at our efforts to revive the agricultural sector, to increase the prestige of the work of farmers. They say, in the Kuban and news really no - one yields yeah yields, - said the head of the region. But today our region is self-sufficient in food supply region.

In the South of England a very interesting thing happened. The man, whose name was not specified, decided an original way to ask the hand of his beloved. A passionate young man he worked as a farmer, therefore, without hesitation, he drew five sheep from his farm for extravagant idea.

Residents of communal apartments in the house on 30 Dostoevsky street rescued cats, TV channel "Vesti". When the fire started, the animals are the first to smell the smoke. Their disturbing behavior attracted the attention of owners, and in time people called the rescue. It turned out the flames broke out on the ground floor, in the room, which usually rent. But now there repair.

Vladimir Putin gave 13-year-old Katya Sheveleva from Tobolsk Labrador. In such a dog - "the President" - the girl dreamed of for a long time. two Weeks ago, the girl wrote a letter to the President of Russia, in which he told that he was on fours and fives and really wants to have a Labrador, as Vladimir Putin.

Irkutsk. 1 December. INTERFAX-SIBERIA - Two lions - a boy and a girl - were born in togalerie Irkutsk, informed the Agency "Interfax-Siberia" coordinator of togallery Lyudmila Ivochkina on Monday.

On 5 December in the Kaliningrad Museum of the world ocean will open the exhibition "the World through the eyes of a mammoth", prepared by the staff of the Yamalo-Nenets Museum and exhibition complex. Shemanovsky. Exhibition project of salejordan is intended to acquaint the visitors of the Kaliningrad Museum with the inhabitants of the ice age. Anyone interested in the history of the planet, will offer a glimpse into the past and look at it through the eyes of the famous mammoth Lyuba, who was found by herder Yuri khudi on the Yamal Peninsula in 2007.

Residents of Krasnoyarsk protest against actions of actors touring circus. On the Internet they published the petition, which calls for a ban rooms with hamsters. the authors write that the artists for several years practice room, which descend in rodents hall on balloons. And in the end, viewers can pick up hamsters with a memory of an unusual presentation. This is stated in the bill.

Command of the Swedish athletes went to another extreme event of the series "the Amazon race. Being away from home, in the impenetrable jungles of the athletes could not even assume that you will meet a true friend, who will not abandon them in times of need.

Crippled bird was hiding in the stands from the Raven Saturday morning before the match fourteenth round of the Premier League between Zenit and Kuban on the podium "Petrovsky" entered uninvited guest. Crouched on the last ranks tenth sector and... zaujal. Unusual fan - plump owl - ran the stadium.

Resident of Canada was fined because she tried to save a baby seal. The animal eventually died and a woman was sentenced to a fine in the amount of $ 230. The fact that canadian laws strictly prohibit to take out the inhabitants of the reserves and national parks outside of these areas.

Invite wildlife to the wedding - it is fashionable the Gypsies with the bear is so old. On the other side of the ocean professional organizers celebrations report about a new trend: to invite to family gatherings as "guests" of wild animals. The joyful atmosphere of a wedding, anniversary or even a bar mitzvah will make even warmer and heartwarming exotic creatures.