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For the treatment of angina and prevention we can use the following recipes. no doubt the first thing You as parents have an obligation to contact your doctor and then go to the treatment of a child,only this algorithm will help to effectively overcome all the disease.

Medicinal herbs on earth countless, many we do not know almost nothing, but sometimes, returning home with nature walks in the vicinity of rivers, lakes, ponds, can be detected on their clothes adhering seeds of various plants including the seeds of succession.

To Grow chokeberry on the site just.... Chokeberry is a perennial shrub of 1.5 - 2.7 m. the Main method of reproduction - seed. There are about 80 species of mountain ash, of which in Russia are cultivated only two species: Rowan garden and mountain ash.

The name of the dish is associated with the speed of its preparation. And that is exactly excluding marinating time, You will be able to cook (fry), the meat for 5-6 minutes, which is very convenient. Prepared meat should be put in the fridge and use when needed.

The video shows the Assembly of an active low pass filter (LPF) for the subwoofer. On-chip operational amplifier BA4558. Active low pass filter for the subwoofer has a low self-noise, small size and power consumption, wide range of supply voltages, the minimum number of external passive elements strapping. The active filter will save you from the installation of bulky passive low-pass filter at the output of the MIND that has low efficiency.

Biscuit Cake with banana to make a very simple, but it turns out extremely tasty. Such a treat to be a great success among adults and children. By the way, children too can be involved in its preparation, they can be charged to crumble cookies and then decorate the cake.

Homemade bacon in German. This recipe will satisfy all lovers and fans of fat. Salting of this fat - secret recipe Germans. It is fragrant and tender calico should always be on our table. The cooking process is very simple and to deal with it even those who generally distant from cooking.

This video shows how to make a homemade antenna for watching digital TV dvbt2 for 5 minutes on the knee. Digital TV (from the English. Digital Television, DTV) is the transmission model of video and audiosignal from the translator to the TV that uses digital modulation and compression for data transfer. The basis of modern digital television is the compression standard MPEG.

How to make a throwing star (shuriken). What is a Shuriken? It is a Japanese throwing weapons concealed carry ( sometimes used for shock). As a rule, in the Arsenal of a warrior throwing stars were an additional weapon that was attached to the sword - katana or spear Yari, but they played a crucial tactical role in battles.

How to make a slingshot for arrows? Firstly our slingshot is designed for shooting arrows, secondly she increased working pull, causing stroke of the object increases, it allows you to increase the power of the slingshot several times.

The video shows how to salt a delicious cabbage fastest way (cabbage white, crispy, not too acidic). Sauerkraut is probably the easiest recipe to preserve this healthy vegetable. When cooking cabbage in it destroyed almost half of such a useful vitamin, like vitamin B9 (folic acid), but during fermentation all the vitamins remain intact and even added!

Culinary arts of China refined over the centuries. For 3 thousand years of its existence it has acquired and, importantly, retains all the valuable knowledge and skills to Chinese dishes as one of the most useful and tasty. We present to your attention a wonderful recipe delicious chicken ' Bay, which translated three glasses.

Sometimes it is a situation where you can't go home, because you slammed the door or you have forgotten the keys. Many people think that the lock is very hard and it can only be done by pros, but it is not so.