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Swiss company Nestle has launched the sale of chocolate is very uncharacteristic for this delicacy pink color, which was submitted by the manufacturer Barry Callebaut in 2017. Pink tiles already appeared in stores of Japan and South Korea. The choice of these countries was due to the fact that their inhabitants have a weakness for food with exotic tastes – so, in the land of the rising sun is a very popular chocolate with the taste of wasabi and melon. In the spring of novelty must be received at the Australian...

Many people adhere to a typical Western diet, not getting enough fiber. To solve this problem, scientists from the research centre of the CSIRO in Australia developed a new type of wheat, which contains 10 times more fiber than the usual crop. This became possible due to the fact that the experts identified in wheat two enzymes, reducing levels of which in a plant increases the amount of polysaccharide, known as...

According to Rosstat, in recent years, the caloric content of the diet of Russians has considerably increased and peaked in 2003, when this option first started to be fixed. According to the results, this figure in 2016 amounted to 2675 kcal, 16% more than the norm. Experts point out that the daily diet of our compatriots is mainly composed of carbohydrates, whose number is 341 grams per day, followed by the fats in an amount of 109 g, while proteins are used in...

Gastronomic festival "Week of Italian cuisine" will be held in 11 cities of Russia from 20 to 26 November 2017! the Purpose of the "Week of Italian cuisine", which takes place around the world for the second year, — promotion of Italian culinary traditions, style and taste of life of the Italians. To make Italy closer to Russian cities! Russia in action are...

Spanish experts from the hospital of Navarra have determined the optimal daily rate of coffee, which can extend years of life. A 14-year study of lifestyle and health 19986 people showed that drinking four cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of premature death by 64%, three cups – 30%, two cups of 22%. Among those who drank coffee regularly throughout life were most significant.

The Second day of Russian Showmen Week 2016 was a significant VIP meeting with leading businessman, a successful Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Famous guest told the audience about the intricacies of the restaurant business, his achievements and attitude to work.

- What can I make for a romantic dinner on February 14? Of course, the dishes, which will include products, reinforcing male power and female attractiveness. Where can you find them? In any store. About the most famous aphrodisiacs told nutritionist Anna Iwaszkiewicz. ...

Chinese scientists from Zhejiang University have reported that due to the high content of magnesium Mediterranean diet brings great benefits to health. Magnesium contains a large number of greens, nuts, whole grain products and fish included in the diet. Specialists have found that adherence to the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 10%, the risk of stroke by 12%, the risk of diabetes by 26%....

As you know, grapefruit and pineapple help to lose weight, but now experts from the University of Oklahoma has discovered another fruit, regular use of which helps to maintain a healthy body weight, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Ice cream that doesn't melt in this heat is already a reality. Its inventor – 34-year-old American Rob Collington, founder of Gastronaut Ice Cream", stole the idea from the museums of the cosmos, which sell dry-frozen ice cream under the brand "Astronaut ice cream".

While most people are accustomed to using salt exclusively for culinary purposes, the Croatian artist Dino Tomic found her a very unexpected application – a young man creates paintings out of salt, which can be called real works of art.

From 24 June to 10 July in all districts of Moscow will host the festival "Moscow ice", where residents and guests of the capital will be able to try the desserts with the most unusual flavors, for example bacon ice cream, ice cream with dark beer and champagne ice cream with the taste of grass, ice cream halva ice-cream and stuffed with potatoes and fried onions.

Spanish scientists from the University of Barcelona found that a Mediterranean diet rich in beneficial fats found in oily fish and olive oil, can help to lose a little more weight than a traditional low-calorie diet, limiting fat intake.