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In addition, young people whose motives are currently unknown, hung on the gate a white banner with the inscription "love" in red color. Thus, according to Polish media, activists thus tried to draw attention to the military action in Ukraine.

In the Republican emergencies Ministry has confirmed to journalists the death of a firefighter. "In the line of duty, heroically killed the commander of the guard of the Special fire brigade N3 Special administration of Federal fire service of EMERCOM of Russia Eduard N35 Illarionov," - said the Agency. At present the fire is localized.

35 km Domodedovo highway on the way to the airport is unknown, while driving his car, opened fire from a traumatic gun at the car in which there were journalists. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Thus, according to the journalists, the assailant during a traffic conflict as the "FSB".

"the Fire stopped at the Arsenal completely, now there is the elimination of the consequences of fire. In the morning we stopped fighting. We do passes to the storage facilities to hold normal inventory count, to reach the targets that we have in connection with this disaster," - declared Deputy defense Minister of Ukraine.

"the Absence of any reaction to these "revelations" inflicts significant damage to the authority as the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation and public authorities in General," write the MPs and asked to prosecute or "persons appearing in the material or of the persons involved in the publication of materials" if they are not reliable.

According to preliminary data, at about 09:00 local time (16:00 GMT) serving in the capital of the United States, the Amtrak train, moving at low speed, and partially derailed and crashed into another composition, arriving at Penn Station from Boston. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

Around 17:00 the boy put on boots and went outside. When at 18:00 the boy came mother, it turned out that the teacher believed that it is already taken by someone of the parents. The child found a random passerby on a city street and contacted the police.

Applications for demonstrations submitted in 97 cities. In addition to the meetings provided suffici - throwing sneakers on a wire. Police in Moscow and Yekaterinburg have asked residents to refrain from engaging in inconsistent actions, and the Kremlin has called the actions of Navalny provocation.

The Press Secretary of the commander of the National guard confirmed that 28-year-old Paul Parlova, who died in the hospital, had found the certificate of the participant of hostilities issued in 2016, the National guard under Ukraine. According to him, he was sacked in 2016 "for failure to comply with the terms of the contract".

The units of Regardie in the North Caucasus after the attacks were brought to combat readiness. In the command believe that the aim of the terrorists had weapons, capturing which the attackers could deal with living in the town the wives and children of servicemen.

According to the candidate, the money he received from the Lebanese billionaire Fouad Makhzoumi for the "absolutely legitimate professional activities" - advice for the company Future Pipe Industries, carried out "within a few months."

The participants of the attacks for no apparent reason burned a few buildings, leaving many people without work. The streets filled with smoke, recorded numerous cases of looting, shots fired. The capital has suffered huge damage. "The salvation army" joins to help in the rebuilding of the city.

In the Moscow city Duma reported that the demolition of houses is planned to start with five-story panel (the I-510 and I-515) was built in the late 50's-early 60-ies. In such houses it is impossible to build in house counters of hot and cold water, no elevators, garbage chutes, leaky roofs.

Criminals decided to Rob a 24-year-old graduate student Cynthia Osobogo when I found out that it is a private business and owned a store. The girl was appointed a business meeting, and then strangled in a hotel room. The body the General's daughter one more month lay unidentified in the morgue.

"of Course, Kadyrov is in control of the situation in Chechnya. We know that the President also commended the efforts of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies, and efforts by regional authorities to ensure the rule of law, but as the President said, no country is immune from attack by terrorists", - said Dmitry Peskov.