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British sports car manufacturer presented the evolution of the plan Track22 — a "road map" Track25 1.2 billion pounds, which reglamentary the actions of the company until 2025. One of its paragraphs directly concerns our country: "McLaren Automotive sees as the expansion of existing markets and the evaluation of several large new ones, including Russia, India, Central and Eastern Europe", — stated in the official report. At the moment, the McLaren offers on the market from 31 to 86 sellers, whose number should increase to hundreds.

The Festival of speed at Goodwood has not been without Lotus. And not because we're really close. This year, the Brits celebrate the three events. The first is the seventieth anniversary of the company. However, officials say not since the official founding (1952), and since Colin Chapman created his first sports car. It happened at a time when the work was done in the garage. The other two events relate to the victories in Formula 1: 50 years ago a champion behind the wheel of a car Lotus Type 49 was Graham hill, and 10 years later ― Mario Andretti, gonawila on the Lotus Type 79. Actually, hence the index of the two anniversary coupe Lotus Exige Cup 430 Type 49 and Exige Cup 430 Type 79.

Hyundai Santa Fe has changed a lot. Crossover is now similar to alien. Common with the predecessor of the outer panel, more rigid in torsion body structure, electric power steering, mounted directly on the rail for the best connection on the road. Inside, too, everything is different: the flaky front panel with the tablet multimedia system, led and clear division between driver and passenger area. And Santa Fe the fourth generation has already started to conquer the world. In South Korea, sales began in the winter of 2018, and recently make the orders began in the United States. Next in line is the European market, where the Santa Fe will have its own range of new motors.

In 2019 Bentley marque turns 100 years old. The countdown started July 10. The festival prepared a special edition of the sedan Mulsanne W. O. Edition by Mulliner. It contains only the initials of the founding father of Walter Owen Bentley, but a piece of his personal Bentley 8 Litre (GK 706) that the owner personally designed in 1930. the Original machine was purchased by the company in 2006 and renovated. Its crankshaft was replaced with new, and old there was an unusual application. He cut into "slices", which are hidden under the glass in the armrests hundreds anniversary sedans. So each of them received a fraction of the true history of Bentley.

Charismatic James bond and cars picked up are appropriate. Often screen hero went behind the wheel of Aston Martins ― DB5, DBS, V8 Vantage, Vantage Volante, Vanquish V12, DB10. Powerful, fast, expensive cars. And what would drive the son of a famous hero of Ian Fleming? The answer to this strange question the British gave at the Festival of speed at Goodwood, where they brought only one instance of the baby Aston Martin Cygnet with V8 guts from the V8 Vantage S sports car of the previous generation. This crazy idea called for the head of one of the owners turned the hatchback of the Toyota iQ. The embodiment of her life doing office exclusive projects Q by Aston Martin.

In the block of the electronic Parking brake control error is detected. When the engine is restarted from the idling system start/stop, voltage can fall, and the Parking brake to stop working. You need to update the software. Opinion in Russia covers 271 minivan Toyota Alphard, released from October 2017 and February 2018. This global campaign. For example, in Malaysia, she raised 1900 machines. A visit to the dealer will have to pay the owners of four crossovers Toyota Highlander produced at the same time.

The Hummer H1 is not available for twelve years, but worldwide the legendary SUV remained fans. There are those who are ready to meet the extant demand. For example, the firm Kreisel Electric, which was prepared for Arnold Schwarzenegger's electric Hummer H1 pickup truck. You can also contact the company Humvee Export, which together with VLF Automotive makes replicas based kit cars. And these kits are procured from the maker of the original Hummer from AM General. But this is not the end of the list: in the U.S. the company operates Mil-Spec Automotive, which makes restomod Hummer H1. We have already presented a variant of the Launch Edition in the form of a pickup truck, and in turn the version with the sloping roof.

About the car McLaren 600LT (Longtail or "long tail"), we already know something. This is the fastest and most expensive model in the initial family Sport Series. Mid-engined rear-drive coupe built on the basis of the first time McLaren 570S and is equipped with a modified 600-strong unit 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo (620 N•m). Dry vehicle weight does not exceed 1247 kg. McLaren 600LT will be releasing exactly a year (from October 2018) and the initial price will be 185 500 pounds. The essentially similar Porsche 911 GT2 RS is more expensive ― 207 506 pounds. And today at the Festival of speed at Goodwood British supercar debuts live, after which the creators revealed new details about "longtale".

Disconnected cruise control has already led to the service 246 crossover Fiat Freemont and 14 of the Jeep Wrangler. Now announced a review more 6509 machines. 5988 of them is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 461 — Jeep Cherokee, 60, an ancient Crossman Crysler Pacifica. We are talking about cars sold from March 2003 through December 2015. Briefly the essence of the problem: short circuit leads to cut down "cruise" can only shift into neutral or hit the brakes. No one was hurt, but it's dangerous. By the way, just recalled 6510 machines, only Liberty has its own reason.

A year ago, VW Group and the Chinese company JAC established in the PRC joint venture JAC Volkswagen Automotive Co., to develop electric vehicles, autopilot and online services. At the start, the partners have not invented anything better than to take the ready electric car JAC iEV7S, little to reshape it and provide for a new model. For her it took the brand in China is not represented. I remembered the SEAT, but quietly implement it failed. Then was coined a "pseudo-seat" — mark Sol. What happens now is unclear, since SP joined a real SEAT.

The Fruits of modernization of the Logan family, which was carried out in 2016, the first under the brand of Dacia, and later under the brand Renault, became available to the Russians. Opened taking orders for the restyled Logan sedan and Sandero hatchback (regular not Stepway). Both were imitated by ten thousand and now stand from 544 000 (1.6, 82 HP, five-speed "mechanics"). For Logan with a Quad-automatic transmission (1.6, 102 HP) I 697 990, Sandero will cost 709 990, but for hatch's progress, because before two pedal drive he was only at the very top for 767 990 (+58 000). "Live" cars will appear at dealers in late July.

The Geography of sales of the sports car Ariel Atom modest as its exterior plumage. Introduced in 1999, the car is produced and sold all my life in the UK. Plus a track car by license produced in the United States: in 2005, the company Brammo Motorsports have done ten cars, and since 2008 this continuing concern TMI AutoTech. Anywhere else to buy the Ariel Atom officially does not work. But with the release of the new model generation, the British only introduced, everything changes. Annually planned to do 100 double machines that will be sold in the United Kingdom and the United States, but in continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Large SUV Volkswagen Teramont arrived in Russia only in March this year and has managed to get under revocable campaign. However, the reason is quite specific: no damage or manufacturing defects, but instead discovered "unsatisfactory description of the installation of child seats in onboard documentation". Explains, OOO "Volkswagen group Rus" in case a child seat on the middle row are installed correctly, buckle the adjacent seat will be blocked and will be damaged.

The First thing we checked, not fake it all. The firm Alieno actually find in the phone book. She was in a Bulgarian village Slasten, workshop located in a nearby village Tuhovishta. Ahmed Marchev, who founded the company in 2015, is a real character, regularly leads Facebook. On the official website posted a detailed 17-page press release. However, from him we learn that the company is ready for 1.5 million Euro within 18 to 30 months to build an electrical hypercar with 24 motors (six wheel) power BHP 5221 (8880 N•m). And its maximum speed was dreaming, except that the firm Koenigsegg — 488 km/h.

This year, Paris and its surroundings will lose one of the biggest operators of car-sharing Autolib. The autumn service, four thousand electric cars Bluecar and 150 000 subscribers will cease to exist. Lost the competition with other transport modes, the need for Parking only at charging stations, crap salons of the Parisian homeless and 293 million euros of potential losses in the next five years ― the reasons for the collapse. But this piece of the market will not remain unattended. According to the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, to offer the services of car-sharing in the French capital for many companies. And some of them are domestic ― PSA Group and Renault.