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Brand Volvo has joined forces with Chinese telecommunications operator China Unicom (the fourth largest in the world) for research, development and testing of 5G technologies as applied to the communications between vehicles and the road infrastructure (traffic lights, cameras commit violations, Parking, and so on). 5G network is deployed in large cities of China, and the Swedes need a strong partner who will support their initiatives at the largest market. As a government company for 25 years, China Unicom is the best suited for this role.

Today, the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has officially confirmed that the start of negotiations with the Taiwanese firm Hon Hai Precision, better known as Foxconn, the Chinese assembler of Apple iPhone. It is about creating equal shares of a joint venture which will be engaged in the development and manufacturing of electrified vehicles, as well as "Internet of vehicles" (Internet of Vehicles — IoV). Initially, the products will be focused only on the Chinese market and exports just discussed. However, the partners are in the process of signing the preliminary agreement and there are no guarantees in the transaction is not allowed.

Beijing motor show (21-30 April) will be the premiere platform for new chetyrehdverki BYD Han, which will be released on the Chinese market in the third quarter. Announced two modifications: Han DM hybrid and pure electric EV Han. The first combines a gasoline turbochetverku 2.0 (192 PS, 320 N•m) and electric motor (245 HP, 380 N•m) on the rear axle. The installation follows the X Denza SUV PHEV, but the total output of DM is not named Khan. Electric car can have one or two engines 222 and 272 HP (front/rear). Twin-engine version of the all — wheel drive.

Continuously transforming the form of the seat from Jaguar Land Rover, according to the developers, minimizes health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. His pillow hidden actuators that create microscopic fluctuations and continuously changing parts of the load on different areas of the body. It is important that the adjustment is performed so as to mimic the sensation of walking. Small oscillations of the pelvis similar to natural. In addition, these fluctuations can be reconstructed, based on personal preferences of the occupant.

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation announced a strategic partnership with British startup Arrival and the investment in this project in the amount of 100 million euros (80 million from Hyundai and Kia from 20 million). Firm Arrival known to develop electric commercial vans. From Arrival, the Koreans will get a modular and scalable platform is a skateboard that Hyundai and KIA are going to use in special purpose vehicles (Purpose Built Vehicles, PBV). Specialists Arrival also create original materials, components and software for the electric cars of the future which will be good for the giants.

Conversion of Boxster and Cayman in 2016, accompanied by the transition to four-cylinder turbo engine. In 2017 turbochetverku 2.5 (365 HP, 430 N•m), the Germans dispatched and "charged" versions of the GTS. But if in the basic and medium versions of this pair of the Quartet somehow accepted by the public, in advanced it was a failure, especially in the United States. And now Porsche is pleased with the new 4.0 718 Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS 718 4.0 c atmospheric "six" 4.0 (400 HP, 420 N•m), similar to that used in models Cayman GT4 718 and 718 Spyder (420 HP, 420 N•m).

The First step towards electrification of the brand FIAT made the platform of the hatchback Fiat 500 and Panda, which became mild hybrids (Mild Hybrid). Basic "four" 1.2 (69 HP, 102 nm) was replaced under the hood three-cylinder engine 1.0 (70 HP, 92 N•m) from the family of FireFly, paired with a six-speed "mechanics" C514. Add-on includes 12-volt starter-generator BSG with belt drive and a lithium battery with a capacity of 11 Ah. the brake energy Regeneration allows you to save battery 3.6 kW to restart the engine in a mode of start/stop and help him out during acceleration. Alternatively, when the speed is below 30 km/h you can travel without running the engine in neutral.

Mark Byton brought to the CES show in Las Vegas is not a new car, and new software. Not even one. Helped the company ViacomCBS and Access (the cinema machine), AccuWeather (updating weather maps in real time), Aiqudo (voice control applications), CloudCar (cloud infrastructure with access to different information and entertainment services), Xperi (HD digital radio). One of the new companions Baytona startup with Russian roots Road.Travel. His team is completely domestic, though staff members are now in four countries.

To participate in the world rally championship (FIA WRC), the Toyota for homologation combat vehicles need over 12 months to produce 25,000 copies of its basic version. Opened today GR Yaris — just such a copy. With the standard Yaris she had little in common: the three-door from zero developed of Toyota team Gazoo Racing (TGR) and Tommi Makinen Racing. The basis is sports all-wheel-drive platform architecture TNGA: front suspension — McPherson, rear — double wishbone. All brakes — disc (diameter "pancakes" 356 mm) and ventilated.

Standard Insignia modestly updated in the beginning of December, now came the "heated" version of GSi. The main acquisition — new petrol turboservice 2.0 (230 PS, 350 N•m) and devyatietazhnyj "automatic". As before, the hatchback and wagon boast the FlexRide adaptive suspension is only available with mode Competition and "sports" all-wheel drive (now called Twinster). EBoost system in conjunction with ABS, ESP and Brembo four piston mechanisms with electro-hydraulic power provide the "braking by wire". Meanwhile in the cabin, nothing has changed except the finishing materials.

In 2019, the Chinese brand Hongqi ("red flag") has sold 100 166 car — 200% more than in 2018. therefore, a new brand strategy works. The next goal — 200 000 cars in 2020. the flagship sedan Hongqi H9 (aka "second" H7) may be to make a contribution. The model is based on rear-wheel drive platform with longitudinal engine, fitted with air suspension and autopilot Smile 1.0 "2.5". The engine range includes 2.0 petrol turboservice (252 HP, 380 N•m) and forced 3.0 V6 (272 PS, 400 N•m), is paired with a "robot" with two clutches. The promised acceleration to a hundred in less than eight seconds.

The Bavarians held at the CES show three premieres. With the concept of the BMW i3 Urban Suite we have met. Now is the time to look at interior of BMW i Interaction and Ease chair chaise Lounger ZeroG for the crossover BMW X7. With luxurious seat and begin, because it will be serial "in the next few years." The backrest can be folded back to 40 or 60 degrees during movement, without sacrificing safety: chaise integrated strap and a special pillow in the shape of a cocoon. Impact energy is dissipated efficiently through the guides.

EQ Instead of another car company Mercedes-Benz has unveiled at the CES show divorced from reality the concept of Vision AVTR. Electric UAV "indicates far into the future" to "awaken our imagination, as do a good sci-Fi movies". One of the main inventions — a revolutionary technology of organic batteries based on graphene. The battery capacity of 110 kWh deprived of a rare, toxic and expensive elements (Nickel, cobalt), charged in 15 minutes and always ready to be recycled. The reserve is more than 700 km.

The Company Aston Martin has officially confirmed the imminent publication of a limited open model V12 Speedster. The fruit of the efforts of the offices of Q by Aston Martin and Aston Martin Design. According to the head of the firm Andy Palmer, the new car "not only demonstrates the ambition and imagination of the great British brand, but also celebrates our rich and unrivalled heritage." Promised the latest technologies from motor racing and aviation (Airbus, Aston's friends with), and maximum focus on the driver. The project has already spent a year ahead of the finish line: the premiere of the car is scheduled for late 2020.

Sony Vision Concept-S, a Japanese company presented at the CES show in Las Vegas, has naturally raised suspicions that the electronics giant probes the ground for the launch of their own brand of car. Moreover, it is not the first car concept from Sony. But no: the head of this project in Kawanishi Izumi in an interview with Impress Watch said that Sony has no plans to become a carmaker. And Vision-S is only a demonstration of Sony's contribution to the evolution of the modern car. However the machine worked out very, very detailed. Contrary to custom, was even declared a number of its characteristics.