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In April, the Chinese market will be electric pyatidverka Maple 30X with a range of 306 km on the NEDC cycle. Its Creator is Fengsheng Automotive Technology Group, which was founded in March of 2019, especially for the production of electric vehicles. Company in the ratio of 78:22 is owned by Geely and KNDI (Kandi Technologies Group, Inc.). Over the next three years under the brand name of Maple ("maple") the partners intend to produce more than five models. Start three is scheduled for 2020. Obviously, electric cars will be versions of current Geely cars, because Maple 30X — copy of the hatch Geely Vision X3.

Company Ruf from the German Pfaffenhausen officially listed by the vehicle manufacturer. In the Arsenal of the company there are models based on the Porsche 911 (yet still, series 991), but the Ruf collects your specimens, starting with a bare unmarked chassis from the companion. In the catalogue of RUF is the car with all original body, apparently imitating 911 mu. To this series applies the concept of Ruf Rodeo, which the Germans had intended to show to the public at the Geneva motor show cancelled-2020. (We briefly mentioned Rodeo in the story of the off-road supercar SCG.)

The Cause was "operator error at the stage of hand Assembly component", discovered during a routine quality inspection in January 2020. An internal investigation showed that the new inexperienced employee improperly installed the cable, causing the mechanism to unlock the door may eventually fail. To raise the "gull wings" from the salon will be impossible, although on the outside they will continue to open as usual. The joke about the driver of the supercar, pleading with passersby to release it is irrelevant because in the US there were a few deaths of motorists trapped in their own car with a weak battery and lack of communication.

Which Debuted in February, the Cadillac Escalade was shown only in the version with standard wheelbase, although the manufacturer immediately opened and the dimensions of the long version ESV: length 5766 mm (+69 to the previous generation), the width of 2059 (+14), height 1942 (+62), the base 3407 (+105). In such a machine by changing the generation of the stock of legroom in the second row has increased from 1008 to 1059 mm, and the third with 876 to 929 mm. it would Seem, that else to wish? But the California company Lexani Motorcars has started to collect applications for even larger Escalade Mobile Office.

In the Spring of 1967 a team of racers led by Bruce McLaren brought on the start of the championship Can-Am (Canadian-American Challenge Cup) new Barchetta McLaren M6A built in less than three months. It differed from other cars of the time not only wedge shaped and aluminum monocoque instead of a steel frame, but a bright orange color. Roadsters M6A not easily won the Cup, and has five victories in a row. Since then, orange became the signature color of McLaren. This is what the Department of McLaren Special Operations has decided to recall a special edition of the Roadster Elva — Elva McLaren M6A Theme by MSO.

Bad tolerances has led to the fact that the rear seat sitting on it a person can put pressure on the cover of the service hatch underneath, and she in turn to the flange of the fuel filter. With such a long exposure there is a risk of cracks on the flange and the connecting fitting of the fuel filter. The cracks can cause leakage of fuel with clear consequences. This cause came up for repair 5114 SUV, the Porsche Macan (type 95B), sold in Russia from April 2014 to February 2019. First hatch they will be modified or replaced.

Batteries in the hatch Tesla Model S are 100-200 thousand miles, while the mileage per charge is reduced against the nominal value for 9-22%. The other day a curious experience held by one of the owners of Tesla from Phoenix, which has the battery worked for a little more than 833 145 miles (234 695 km) for five years of service. To cluster predicted 216 miles of range (the battery level was 99%). When the charge has fallen to zero, the author of the experiment failed to pass 208,2 miles (335,1 km) with an average consumption 267,5 WH per mile (166,2 W•h/km) and the energy spent in the amount 55,7 kWh.

The Family of the Porsche 911 eighth generation has already grown to ten modifications, but we have a lot of new coupe and cabriolet Turbo without the prefix S, stylish Targa, fast version of the GT3, GT3 RS and GT2 RS. On the imminent appearance of the "Gee-ti-third" recalls not only the advertising of Taikang, but coming Lightweight Package, which the Germans will offer closed for the first time the Porsche 911 Turbo S. At least this information was given to American journalists Frank Weisman, responsible for the communication of the 911 in the North American market.

In contrast to the family of the BMW M5 the AMG line of Mercedes E-class in 1998 were not only sedans, but also station wagons. The perfect combination of speed and practicality! And another "Swabian Express" racing at full speed to the buyers. This is the updated Mercedes-AMG E 63 which pulls the test kilometers in camouflage attire. It is already clear that the front of the car looks like a restyled Mercedes-AMG 4Matic E 53+ with his Panamericana grille and aggressive bumper. Dot matrix led optics will repeat itself from all of the upgraded E-class. Rear Estate will receive a Quartet of rectangular nozzles and a redesigned diffuser.

Today's Chinese Luqiao started production of Polestar ultimately the newest 2. This is the first electric car brand, but more surprising — the European model climbed on the conveyor in the midst of a pandemic. "We will start manufacturing when the world is faced with severe shocks due to the coronavirus. This is a great achievement and the result of enormous effort on the part of plant personnel and professionals to ensure delivery. I have a great respect for the whole team!" said CEO Thomas Ingenlath. According to him, the results of machinery to customers scheduled for the summer. The first Polestar 2 will be Europe, followed by North America and China.

Hatchback Audi RS 3 on the basis of piatigorski A3 of the fourth generation was caught on the tests photographers last fall, but related Audi RS 3 sedan took to the road test just now. Simultaneously, there was more data about the hardware. In the past generation sedan and hatchback RS 3 2.5 TURBOMATIC developed 400 HP and 480 N•m. In the new idea would have to wait for a raise. It is alarming that recently, in the fall of 2019, fellow RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback — exactly the same 400 HP and 480 N•m. This draft is implementing the seven-step "robot" S tronic dual-clutch and permanent four-wheel drive.

The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 carrying the infection COVID-19, Geneva was canceled and moved to the new York auto show. But it flowers in comparison with the crisis that is now facing automakers around the world. The demand for cars collapsed, the showrooms were closed, the global supply chain is disrupted, employees are quarantined, rose plants, the costs of the pandemic are growing... of End-edge of the troubles are seen to predict all consequences are impossible, so it is important to understand what is happening with the global automotive industry now.

This year, the SUV Jaguar F-Pace will be renewed. The usual machine tests photospin already caught, and here came the turn of "charged" modification of the F-Pace SVR. Previously, there was information about the possible replacement of the 5.0 V8 engine with drive supercharger (550 HP and 680 N•m) biturbomotor 4.4 from BMW. However, five-liter unit in "f-pace" might still persist for some time. The Ford plant in Bridgend, South Wales, which produces this unit, will close in the autumn, and before you have time to make a decent stock. In any scenario there's a chance that the impact of the British version of SVR will increase.

Starting in may 2020, the buyers of the Porsche models 911, and 718 can program Tequipment order bucket seats, partly manufactured by the technology of 3D printing. However, the first batch of seats is limited to 40 prototypes for use on the racetracks of Europe (in combination with shestietazhnyj belts). But from mid-2021, the Department Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur put "published scoops" on the flow and will adapt them to the anatomical characteristics of specific clients, providing a choice between three levels of stiffness: hard, medium, soft.

Office Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will present at the fair Techno Classica in Essen 2020 two remarkable electric cars (it was held from 25 to 29 March, but rescheduled for June 24-28, 2020 due to coronavirus). The first is one of the few classic cars, surviving in the world: battery-van T2 Elektrotransporter of issue 1972, received in 1978 the permit to work in public service in Berlin. It was a pioneer small-scale electric model of Volkswagen, anticipating and experimental battery Golf 1976, and the modern business model like released a few days ago ABT e van-Transporter 6.1.