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The New BMW of the third series (G20) continues to share the details. Today, the Bavarians said about the most powerful "three rubles" of those that do not belong to the "emok." Three-liter turborestore paired with eight-speed automatic transmission Steptronic in the BMW xDrive version M340i produces 374 HP, 500 N•m — 48 forces and 50 Newton meters more than its predecessor. Acceleration to 100 km/h is now half a second faster for 4.4 s. On a mark of 250 km/h limiter activates. Main rivals win a hundred in just 4.7 seconds with is the Audi S4 (354 HP, 500 N•m) and the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4Matic (390 HP, 520 N•m).

In the experimental research center of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg reigns secrecy: the cameras on phones and laptops sealed, not welcome even the slightest deviation from the specified route. Here we will show the latest developments in lighting ― perspective of the headlights, taillights and so on. The first word takes someone from the chief designers. The second is also a designer, but of lower rank. Tell them how important it is to play plastic lighting devices, their content, have the freedom form. Only those in the company involved 15 artists. And engineers on the third cast?

Electric cars for Volkswagen is not unusual. To join the club of their owners Europeans can 22 975 euros (1.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate). So firm asks for city car e-up!. But really the people's battery of the car brand will run on the flow of cars from the family I. D. on the platform of the MEB. Here the Germans are preparing a surprise: after 2020 in the sale should appear subcompact electric crossover with a starting price tag of just EUR 18 000 and a circulation of 200,000 a year, said an anonymous insider Bloomberg. For comparison, the simple modification of subcompact Hyundai cross Kona Electric is in Germany 34 600 euros.

In Russian Configurator Mercedes-Benz without much noise appeared sedan A-class. It is offered in four equipment levels, but with only one supercharged motor 1.33. The initial version of A Comfort 200 is estimated at 1 810 000 rubles, 50 000 rubles more expensive than a hatchback with A 200 Comfort. However, except for a different body type, there is a curious contrast. In the pyatidverka petrol turboservice deforsirovannom up to 150 HP, and the sedan in the plate data are registered full European 163 "horses" and 250 N•m of torque.

In 1948, one of the founders of Jaguar sir William Lyons presented at the exhibition in London the Jaguar XK 120. Index name aluminum model pointed to a design maximum speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). At the time it was the fastest production car in the world (in fact, it exceeded the threshold of 200 km/h), actually marked the beginning of sporting Jaguars. The word Jaguar was used in the title of the individual machines is still the company S. S. Cars to world war II. It changed its name to Jaguar Cars only in 1945, then the "cat mark" and there was. Now the 70th anniversary of the post-war sports cars, the firm said in a pair of unique rally roadsters Jaguar F-type.

The fastest, Most aerodynamically efficient and the most luxurious McLaren named Speedtail will go into production only in late 2019. The first delivery is scheduled for early 2020. All 106 units have already been reserved by future owners who are willing to pay for the miracle machine of 1.75 million pounds (shall be 152.3 million). But before you give 1050-horsepower hybrid in the wrong hands, McLaren will fully test it for a year, and not only on closed polygons. Since December the public will be able to meet the prototypes of Spittal on the roads of Europe, North America and Africa.

In 2014, the "four rings" showed in Paris, the Audi TT Sportback concept with a clear intention to put a pyatidverka on the conveyor. But then broke out "deselect" that made for the savings to roll the many projects of the VW Group. Now the scandal has died down, and the company finally gave (unofficially) liftback green light. Only here edition of Auto Express and Auto Bild, citing insiders claim that the "four-door coupe" will not complement the family Audi TT, and will replace or, if desired, flooded him. If it's going to happen next, the fourth generation by 2020.

In Colombia at the auto show in Bogota took place the premiere of the second generation of models Chevrolet Captiva, which is a turned Baojun 530 and will be released on the local market in 2019. Therefore, the concern General Motors has made it clear that the products of the joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) has started to spread outside of China. (Incidentally, this is a chance for the "second" Chevrolet Orlando.) The transformation of "five-hundred-and-thirtieth" in the Captiva was painless: significant changes neither in the design nor in the power units.

In the certification documents California air resources Board found the parameters of mileage on a single electric range has not yet been declassified models of Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. For the city indicated 41-42 km and for highway 35-44 km Values comparable to the rate charged from the mains hatchback Toyota Prius Prime (40 km in the combined cycle EPA), who shared with Crossstream electrical components. In this connection it should be emphasized that the company Subaru decided to use the notion of a Hybrid instead of PHEV (Plug-in), despite the presence of charging port.

At the end of last week in St. Petersburg was opened a new office of Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE). The building NTCE-Russia area of 4170 m2 began work 120 employees. In the future the state may be increased up to 200 people. And this is a big step forward in engineering companies in our market. The first three engineers worked in the Moscow office of the Russian branch of Nissan, Nissan Motor India, in 2005. In 2011 at the factory in St. Petersburg was added about 15 people, and now self-built engineering centre.

Danish Biomega company, founded in 1998, designs, manufactures and sells urban bicycles, including electric. Biomega is closely connected with the renowned design firm KiBiSi and founder Jens Martin Skibsted is the Deputy Chairman of the Council for the innovative design of the world economic forum. Cars Biomega was not engaged, but suddenly Sin built electric car and presented it in Shanghai. The production version is scheduled for 2021-2023., and has named the approximate price cars — 20 000 euros (1.5 million rubles).

Announced in the Russian service, the action consists of two parts. The first concerns 1152 Mercedes GLC, released from April to July 2018. The problem is the latch of a safety belt which can be driven into the space between the lining and the counter, giving the rear passengers buckle up. The service technicians are going to eliminate the defect through the installation of additional buffer element to the facing of the stands. Note, in North America the same opinion covered about 4,700 cars, and "element" are strips of felt.

Updated Mitsubishi L200 is presented in Thailand, where it is called Triton and is available including for Russia. Key developments — redrawn design limber and six-speed "automatic" instead of a five. In fact it is the same, but upgraded gearbox INVECS II, which now promises a more smooth and precise shifting. Appeared Sport mode. In both all-wheel drive system (Easy-Select 4WD and the Super-Select 4WD-II) from now on, there is a choice of off-road modes, such as "gravel", "dirt/snow", "sand", "stones". At the same time has improved the brakes (larger diameter front ventilated discs), smoothness (the rear dampers added damping fluid), noise and vibration.

Brand Hyundai has officially confirmed the name of its new large crossover. Palisade (Palisade) means the ridge of the coastal cliffs and refers to the heavenly town of Pacific Palisades (TV series of the same name in Russian is called "Pacific Palisades"), a wealthy picturesque area in southern California. World premiere of model will take place on 28 November at the auto show in Los Angeles, and U.S. sales will begin in the summer of 2019. The machine "for parents with growing families and active lifestyles" will be to eight places and the "bold exterior".

Model Volkswagen Virtus, a Brazilian counterpart of the Polo hatchback last generation, at the auto show in Sao Paulo appeared before the audience as a show-Kara Virtus GTS. Cayman, Levante, Panamera and "em-fourth" with the same prefix to the name, don't worry: Sportivny sedan got under the hood turbochetverku 1.5 TSI returns only 150 HP and 250 N•m. However, against the background of previous high-end versions of Virtus (forced 1.0, 115 HP on petrol and 128 HP on ethanol, 200 N•m) before we really "heated" modification, which will be a serial in 2019.