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You Have 12 450 000. They can buy a 18 sedan Hyundai Solaris or Kia Rio, and open your own taxi company. Or, you can dress up a mechanized infantry company in the Brioni suits. And for the money the Russian dealers have started offering SUV Mercedes-AMG G 63 new generation. World debut of brutal piatigorski was held at the March Geneva motor show, and in June to customers from Russia will arrive first ordered the car. We will remind, "sixty-third" is equipped with a four-liter V8 biturbomotor, which took 585 HP and 870 nm. For comparison, the predecessor was forced 5.5 V8 engine with 571 HP and 760 Newton-metres.

Model of Ford Mondeo of the current generation in Europe is sold in 2014, and it's quite a time for the planned restyling. Especially that from 2015 to 2017 in the Old world have implemented more than 200 thousand cars. But this year, the Europeans facelift just will not wait. But Americans lucky: double Mondeo sedan Ford Fusion, located on the pipeline already for 2012, is logical because of the age of alternation of generations survived the second modernization. Recall first happened a couple of years ago and brought the Fusion altered appearance, improved interior and forced V6 EcoBoost family.

Most of the information about the updated sedan and wagon Mercedes C-class, we learned back in February 2018. Then the Germans declassified retouched exterior and interior, told about the optional Multibeam headlights with 84 LEDs c and a virtual instrument panel, and entertainment system of new generation with a larger Central display and poluavtomati, like the Mercedes E-class. The secret remains the most important range of engines. This gap mersedesovsky partially made up for just now, when I showed the redesigned coupe and a convertible C-class.

Positive from our encounter with the SUV Haval H9 you don't seem to share. Last year, the seven-seat frame of "Chinese" was chosen by less than two hundred buyers. Pumped up needs a slight restyling, the petrol turbo boost 2.0 up to 245 HP and the emergence of a pair of transmission "automatic" ZF. And most importantly ― out the diesel version, also two-liter. In the only the rich design with 120 thousand more. Haval H9 Elite Diesel is the most expensive Chinese car on the market. Although frame Toyota or Mitsubishi at least 200 thousand more.

Model Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion — the most simple example of a hybrid system, which volkswagenaudi referred to as micro-hybrid. It uses a-liter unit comes in versions with 130 forces (200 N•m), which was announced back in 2016 when the facelift of Golf, but the range came later. The Germans remembered microhybride, since it is now declared that the authors of motor 1.5 TSI ACT created a "basic matrix" that allows for this common basis to build the power plant different types — mild and full hybrids, benzoelektrosila modification with charging from the network and release methane.

The Company Toyota has presented in Sao Paulo first, how to assure the developers, the hybrid-type flexible-fuel, that is translated to ethanol. A prototype of a Hybrid FFV (flexible-fuel vehicle) is based on the Prius and uses all the advantages of benzoelektrosila power plant. But now it is possible to refuel bioethanol (E100 fuel) produced from plants. And in this case, the total CO2 emissions are minimized. Indeed, during growth, for example, sugar cane absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, correcting the balance.

Information that Ingolstadt will waive the Audi R8 at the end of the life cycle of the current generation, confirmed at the Geneva auto show Audi head of development Peter Mertens. Though not in categorical terms. On the issue of publication Car and Driver "so the next generation won't?" the boss answered evasively: "I'd say Yes." However, he also promised "er-eighth" "long life", without specifying the timeframe. The current coupe, introduced in 2015, even through the restyling has not passed. And here we have the first spy shot of the updated supercar.

Revolutionary changes in the BMW associated with the transition to front-wheel drive, already touched on the models of the first series. While in Europe still sell RWD "unity" in China since last year of the same name is already available front-wheel-drive sedans. The Chinese market took cityradio carefully ― from February 2017 to February 2018, the Chinese bought 40 659 machines. For comparison, the long-wheelbase "treshka" has sold 135 of 259 pieces. But the irreversible process has already started, and in 2019 BMW of the first series will be front-wheel drive, even in European markets. However, the novelty is developed on a new modular platform FAAR.

In 2017, the Chrysler company has managed to sell four of the minivan Pacifica. And the specialists of KIA seven years ago realized that our market with such models is nothing to catch and was removed from showrooms going "Avtotor" pyatidverka Carnival. In 2011, this family car has stopped supply to Europe ― also due to low demand. But Kia Carnival continues to be present on the markets of North America (under the name Sedona), Middle East, Asia and Oceania. And the sale has already received a restyled version of the minivan. However, while only in their native South Korean market.

It Sounds ridiculous, but we were lucky that the winter was delayed. With the launch of the first of March and the total test period of several months a small chance to assess winter operation. But drat! A thousand miles of break-in gained a decent amount of impressions and observations that we will soon share. However, the first thing rushing in Myachkovo on the reconstructed for the new season, the autodrome of ADM Raceway — on the ice. Let civil the spikes do not allow high speeds, the conditions are good for experiments with electronic systems. Look!

The Phrase of Henry Ford's "the color of the car can be anything as long as it's black" does not mean that a hundred years ago there was no other car coatings. Say used on the Ford black paint dried faster than others, and Ford's innovation — the Assembly line — demanded speed. And this color was just cheaper. In our days, the search for "the deepest black" have been the firm of McLaren, has created a series 570GT MSO coupe Black Collection. There is not the pipeline, and the manually production, not considerations of economy, but rather the desire to do something special for connoisseurs and collectors. And edition — only 100 copies.

After the sedan Mercedes-Maybach S-class facelift was the Pullman limousine with a length of 6.5 m. It also received a new grille with vertical slats, "inspired by" a business suit, pinstriped and Vision concept Mercedes-Maybach 6. For the longest Maybach is now available two-tone paint scheme. Updated design 20-inch wheels with ten holes. Taking orders in Europe opened today. The base price has not changed — about half a million euros. Thus, the restyling of all possible "Asok" was successfully completed.

Mazda Motor Corporation, company ELIIY Power and Ube Industries (both partners Mazda — also from Japan) concluded an agreement on cooperation in research and development for 12-volt lithium-ion starter batteries. Moisture-proof, heat - and impact-resistant, maintenance-free and very compact units are useful to replace conventional lead-acid. They will help to reduce the curb weight of the car. The intention of the initiators of the project, such replacement on conventional machines may occur by 2021. (ELIIY produces batteries for vehicles and stationary drives, and Ube is a specialist in the field of electrolytes and separators for lithium batteries.)

Firm Rimac Automobili created the Concept_One electric coupe with insane performance (1088 HP, 1600 N•m) in 2011, when there were no acclaimed Tesla Model S. Since then, the Croats brought the supercar to the small series of eight pieces and created a boosted version of Concept_S (1384 HP, 1800 N•m, two copies). But truly a new step in the history of the brand will be a coupe C_Two presented today at the Geneva motor show. Unlike its predecessor, it will be released much more mass circulation: it is planned to make 150 copies.

The British company Sin Cars, led by Bulgarian businessman Rozenom Daskalovi brought to Geneva its second after the Sin R1 supercar and the hybrid version of the model. To choose for the project Sin S1 a precise definition is difficult because it's not just the car, and the designer of the modules. The chassis remains unchanged, everything else (body type, powertrain, interior) are free to choose the client. And to change the configuration during operation. For example, summer Sin S1 will turn into a convertible or Roadster, and in the fall will result in the compartment. In racing season you'll have a powerful sports car, then a utilitarian machine.