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Ferrari was offered for models of California and California T sportpaket Handling Speciale. At a constant efficiency of the engine the car was fitted with stiff springs, stiffer shock absorbers electronically, keen steering and a louder exhaust system. This version of the successor to the California Portofino as yet, but presumably it will appear in the collection restyled convertible. This suggests the application to the Agency for environmental protection United States on a new car under the code name "2021 Ferrari F164 BCB".

The Complete program revision for the first time C8 Corvette from Hennessey Performance is still in development. Until ready only the exhaust system is stainless steel, which adds 21 HP and 26 N•m and weighs five pounds less than the factory counterpart. But parallel to this was working on a previous production model Corvette Z06 C7. Dealers of new cars already there, but from 2015 to 2019 in the United States produced 39 940 cars. Therefore, the Texans will easily find on your tuning kit HPE850 hundred buyers. That's the number of kits going to do in Hennessey.

Since the premiere of "the fifth" sedan Bentley Flying Spur is a little over a year. During this time, the model managed to produce a welcome edition First Edition. And now the British have brought to market four-seater version, which can be ordered instead of the base option for five people. At the same time, the manufacturer has made changes to the car for the 2021 model year, adding to the catalog a couple of new wheels (matching to the dark exterior package Blackline Specification), several new versions of interior decoration, exterior colours and optional equipment.

Ingolstadt decided nearly all of his crossovers create kupeobrazny version. For Q7 such can with some reservations be considered a crossover Q8 (although he's listed as a separate model). Ordinary SUV Q5 will soon be a "brother" Q5 Sportback. Electrical firstborn called the e-tron is already relative with the highly inclined rear glass is the e-tron Sportback. And preparing to enter the market Q4 of the electric car e-tron will also be such variation — Q4 Audi Sportback e-tron. Today, this model is presented in the status of the concept, however, the Germans immediately clarify: in 2021, this crossover will go into the series (conveyor Q4 e-tron should get there a little earlier, by the end of 2020).

The Upcoming Porsche Macan, the company calls the release of the third generation, believing for the second, apparently, crossover, updated in the summer of 2018. But it's not as important as another reminder that the new Macan will be electric vehicles. Porsche focuses on the drive, as it is for the next makan has now been expanded plant in Leipzig. Recently completed exterior finishing work is built from the ground up body shop. Soon it will start to install the equipment. Summer time will stop and the main shop for the expansion and modernization of Assembly lines. After the implementation of this plan, the plant will simultaneously produce cars with conventional combustion engines, hybrids and electric cars.

That the family of "wild cats" of Dodge arrived, we wrote last week — to scare Americans furious compressor squeal is now possible on the three-row Durango. In addition to new modifications, the model was updated and on the civil level, taking a course on sport in General. However, for a corresponding image producer ready not only to add but also to say goodbye to them. Such a fate will befall minivan Dodge Journey, which debuted in 2007 and has stubbornly remained in the lineup almost in suspended animation. He'll be company for model Grand Caravan, whose production stopped in may.

The Current Land Rover Defender is not suffering from a shortage of brand of chips, but with the old Runicom to compare it does not make sense. The one who misses old school, can wait 2021-th — then the series will go Ineos Grenadier. If the heart refuses to accept it, you can go to the Studio Twisted Automotive, but it will be expensive. For their new model NA-V8 for your old Def with gimovsky motors LT1 or LT4 to choose the British asking $250 000 (18 million rubles). Two hundred cars implements the Texas branch of the Twisted North America — hence the name of the SUV.

A week later, the concern Ford will introduce the successor to the iconic Bronco. More precisely, it will be a separate family of AWD vehicles under one common brand Bronco. Shown Americans teaser confirms these words officially. Bronco is three different models of SUVs. Two of them are direct competitors to the Wrangler. Frame the real "crooks" with two or four removable doors, a short or long base and advanced four-wheel drive transmission. The third Bronco with the prefix Sport represents more of a crossover with a monocoque body, but even he will by default get drive to both axles. Sales of all three cars are expected in 2021.

The Firstborn of brand Lynk & Co debuted nearly four years ago, so planned restyling. Changes in the appearance of the "zero-first" proved to be insignificant, easy to confuse updated the machine with the pre-reform (and other Links too). Meanwhile, the expansion of the range of units is significant — turboservice 2.0 series Drive-E will not only give 190 HP and 300 N•m, as it is now, you will see options at 218 and 254 HP Six-step "automatic" and semidiapazonny "robot" still in the ranks. Hybrids HEV (197 HP) and PHEV (262 HP) is not going anywhere.

Porsche 911 Turbo S last generation just in time for the start of the season. In Russia sales of the top version began in March 2020. Pay 15 450 000 — and give you the 650-strong quintessence of high technologies. Add another 800 thousand and get the same thing, but with a soft top. To save manage with the release of the 911 Turbo without the prefix S in the title. This car has already passed certification for the Russian market, as evidenced by the updated type Approval of vehicles (cu Tr).

Latest Mazda3 MPS left the Assembly line in 2013, and since then enthusiasts are waiting for the successor to the incendiary 260-horsepower machine. And all these years with each successive generation of a regular Mazda 3 with new force has inflamed the rumors about what will be the next "treshka" with the prefix MPS. The answer to this question is no, but supercharged Mazda 3 will debut on 8 July 2020. The day before the premiere, the head of the Mexican mission of the Mazda brand in the video has declassified some information about the new product. For example, under the hood of the top version perched turbo 2.5 Skyactiv-G, which is already placed on sedans and station wagons 6, crossover CX-5 and CX-9.

Office Aston Martin Works in 2018, promised to revive the coupe DB5 (1963-1965) from the film "Goldfinger" James bond. Now ready the first of the 25 copies that will be sold at a price of 2.75 million pounds (247 million). Assembling machine demanded 4,500 hours (187,5 days). Steel chassis and aluminum body panels are considered to be genuine as well as the power unit is a row of the atmospheric "six" 4.0 (about 290 HP) with five-step "mechanics" ZF. Rear — wheel drive. There is a mechanical limited-slip differential.

Scheme owning a new car "by subscription" (it can be estimated as the long-term lease to its specificity) is gaining popularity. Producers react only while the subscription for premium brands — a rarity. The more interesting new offer on the market: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) announced the launch of the service is Pivotal ("axial, Central, rotating"). Under the contract customers can "purchase" Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar F-Pace (£750 per month for each, 67 627 rubles, subscription Blue), Velar Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Jaguar I-Pace (1150 pounds per month, the subscription is Indigo), as well as Range Rover Sport (1350 lbs, Violet subscription) and Range Rover (1,600 lb, subscription Ultraviolet).

Crossover MG ZS for sale in 2017, and in China the model has already found more than 342 thousand customers. In Europe things are much worse, but progress is being made. If in 2018 in the Old world bought 5376 machines in the past year, circulation reached 9872. Therefore, the first SUV has been updated in China, and now restyled cars began to sell on the main market of the MG brand in Europe — in the UK. Cars 2021 model year different grille, bumpers, led lights and lights. Plus richer outer chrome trim and new color — blue Battersea Blue.

Firm Skoda graduated form the family of Octavia. To normal liftbek and wagon versions Scout and G-Tec and hybrid versions including RS iV, added traditional Octavia RS without electric motors. "Araska" new generation outside and inside looks the same as it benzoelektrosila sister, and is available with two body styles. However, the novelty has received two engines to choose from. Petrol 2.0 TSI produces 245 HP and 370 N•m as the top version of its predecessor, but upgraded turbodiesel 2.0 TDI ― 200 forces and 400 N•m instead of 184 and 380.