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The Company AVTOVAZ announced the signing of a special investment contract (SPIK) with the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia. In the contract we are talking about the development of not only a line of Lada, but also Renault, Nissan, Datsun and Mitsubishi. Here, AVTOVAZ emerges as the main investor and the involved parties are CJSC "Renault Russia", OOO "Nissan manufacturing Rus", LTD. "Mitsubishi motors Rus" and LLC "LADA Izhevsk". Simply put, car companies are required to invest in the modernization and expansion of production in Russia in exchange for benefits from the state. The President of AVTOVAZ Eve Karakatsanis said that in the coming years, the model range of Lada will be updated. Earlier it was up a little more concrete: can we expect a new...

Twin compact Opel Mokka, which is known in the United States and China called the Chevrolet Trax in the change of generations will build its second, "more respectable" name of Tracker. From a legacy platform GM Gamma II Tracker and his brother-clone of the Buick Encore, it is time to move out. Probable destination — "trolley" E2XX/S1. On it are going to grow roots, for example, XT3 petrol Cadillac and Buick Enspire. But all the twists and turns of the Tracker happens behind closed in SAIC-GM doors, and while there are only scraps of information from the Ministry of industry and trade of the PRC. But with the pictures, and then in the teaser there is little seen.

The MINI Brand in the current year will be 60 years. More specifically, this date will mark the hatchback Mini, designed by Alec Issigonis in 1959 the British Motor Corporation. The original car was sold as Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor, and also under several names (in different markets) like the little-known Riley Elf. The word Mini is to identify a car brand only in 1969. the Heir of the hatchback — the Mini Hatch, or just the Mini, and with the engine: Mini One, Mini Cooper or JCW Mini. About their shared past, the company decided to recall, releasing the Mini Edition 60 Years.

In the States since summer of 2017 there is a "heated" hatchback Hyundai Elantra GT Sport. In fact, this is a copy of the European Hyundai i30, but not complete. "Athlete" is equipped with the famous turbo 1.6 T-GDI (204 HP, 265 N•m), six-speed "mechanics" and semidiapazonny "robot". Now Sport of the line decided to remove, and in its place put up a modification of the Elantra GT N Line. You would think that there was a trivial rename in connection with the release of piatigorski Hyundai i30 N Line, because the power unit is nominally remains the same, but the changes are deeper.

Russian representation of the Japanese brand has announced the price list for compact SUV Lexus UX. We will sell two-litre petrol version UX 200 (150 HP) and a hybrid UX 250h (178 HP) at prices ranging from 2 to 316 000 3 736 000. In the modification of UX 200 motor powers the front wheels via a new Direct Shift CVT CVT, krasivymi principles of conventional CVT and "robot" (at the beginning of acceleration included a special gearing). The fellow UX 250h engine paired with the traction motor is responsible for the front wheels and the rear axle has another electric motor, which makes this crossover all-wheel drive (E-Four, mechanical driveshaft is not here).

The European business Association presented a report on the achievements of the Russian automotive market in 2018. Sold 1 800 591 cars and light commercial vehicles, a 12.8% more than in 2017. we note that a year ago most of our readers predicted an increase to nine per cent and made a mistake. However, the Association maintains a cautious optimism and 2019 forecasts for Russia's modest market growth by 3.6% (to 1.87 million units). Another year of double-digit growth rate, the AEB considers "unlikely".

In a sense this is a conversation about the irrational. Because all the cars are going not in Russia: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross imported from Japan, the Peugeot 3008 is also the historic homeland and the Toyota C-HR are from Turkey. Running version is estimated at two million, at the level of localized Tiguan and CX-5 or any "Korean". Maybe they're not as original as our heroes today, but the price-performance ratio and the equipment does not cause problems. At the same time Toyota for this price offers only 115 HP motor 150 HP against the rest, and Peugeot — front-wheel drive only.

A Completely new type of entertainment in the car, Audi announced before the opening of the CES show-2019 in Las Vegas was not even one, but several developments, which we describe in detail. First and foremost, is a game in which a car plays the role of a spaceship of the heroes of the marvel "Guardians" and "Avengers". In particular, the companion of people there will be a Rocket. This is a reasonable raccoon, one of the characters of the universe Marvel, which will appear, in addition to "Detention" in the movie Avengers: Endgame ("the Avengers: Finale"), coming out this spring. The game is called Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run ("the Avengers Marvel: rescue Rocket") and created by such companies as Disney Games and Interactive Experiences.

From 2010 to 2018, Volkswagen has implemented in Russia, 57 pre-production car, in fact — prototypes built for testing. They were all imported and sold, although the documents confirming conformity of the machinery with the requirements of the technical regulations, no. Now Volkswagen is Recalling these dubious instances to buy out their owners and disposed of. The press will go model Golf, Passat, Polo (hatch or sedan — unknown), Scirocco, Tiguan, Touareg and Touran. The list of VIN-numbers — click here.

The Company of Subaru will present at the auto show in Detroit sportsedan WRX STI S209, continuing the line of special modifications 2015 S207 and S208 2017. Both these versions used a two-liter "four" with a turbocharger. The same engine was used in the performance of the WRX STI Type RA-R 2018. Judging by him, in sedan S209 must be at least 329 horsepower. Although Car magazine indicates 325 "horses". However, the exact value of the power is not so important. It will differ from not only the serial engine.

Externally, the reshuffle looks harmless. Roland Kruger, who stood at the helm of Infiniti in 2014, "decided to leave the company to exploit new opportunities". His place was given to the senior Vice-President for sales and marketing of Nissan in the USA and Canada, Christian Meunier. "It has brought success in previous roles. We are fortunate that we can welcome him to a new trial," said the CEO of Hiroto Saikawa. The decision on the appointment Meunier came into force "immediately" and was enthusiastically greeted us dealers: "For us it is a breath of fresh air", — quotes the representatives of the publication Automotive News.

Premiere sports car Toyota Supra will be held in Detroit on January 14, and to her we promise to show racing concept GR Supra Super GT. "Fifth" Supra wait for many people, therefore, with the advent of pictures sum up all currently known. About the model much told the BMW Z4 Roadster, are technically unified with "Japanese". Bavarian motors — turboservice 2.0 (197 HP, 320 N•m and 258 HP, 400 N•m), turborestore 3.0 (340 HP, 500 N•m). Their settings and return to Supra are likely to vary. The company eightfold "automatic" ZF seems to be one day will be "mechanics".

From the first of January of 2019 a division of the Volkswagen Group Components will be the concern of an independent business unit. One of the main objectives of the "unit" will deploy mobile charging stations operating on the same principle that external battery power bank for smartphone. The mobile terminal can be temporarily installed anywhere, for example at major events, public Parking lots, on the premises of the companies, and so on. Use for expansion of charging infrastructure is obvious, for example, the city authorities the project will help to identify the most suitable locations for permanent items.

In China, the real boom in electric mobility. For eleven months of the outgoing year, it sold 1.03 million cars of the so-called "new energy" (NEV), reports Quartz, where to consider pure electric cars, rechargeable from the mains in hybrids and cars running on fuel cells. It's 68% more than in the eleven months of 2017. Now note that according to the Association of Chinese automakers, the entire automotive market in China has fallen over the same time 1.7% (25 million units). Now I understand how important it is for companies without stopping to release electric new? Such as SAIC Datong EV30.

The network got preliminary pricing on the modification of the electric car Porsche Taycan specified in the letter of the Porsche to one of my customers. It turned out that the machine will have three versions: Taycan just over $90 000, with a small tail, Taycan 4S price under a hundred and Taycan Turbo for $130,000. Yes, despite the all-electric propulsion system, the company decided to designate the version of Taikang similar to other Porsche modifications, including the word Turbo for the most powerful option, even there is no turbine and no smell. Now it's just a reference to the most advanced Taycan.