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Hyundai, KIA, Genesis, and their future models in each segment should differ more from each other, to have a more pronounced individuality. This idea the make of the Hyundai Motor Group Luke Donckerwolke told the publication Autocar. "Our main goal is to differentiate the design philosophy of the three brands, or the landscape is too uniform. Last but not least this is because we have a large share of sales in Korea — admitted successor of Peter Schreier. — We give up on global design language, because otherwise it is too rigidly specified, unyielding. The alternative takes more effort but will bring flexibility."

Speaking at the annual General meeting of the company in Neckarsulm, the head of Audi Bram Shot said: "in a few years we will replace Audi TT new emotional model in the same price range — electric". At the same time functionary questioned the future for the first time the Audi R8: "do we Need a successor to the R8 sports car with the internal combustion engine? This corresponds to our vision? The discussion will answer that question." Therefore, regarding the TT response is received, but "several years" (apparently to 2025) the family is still there.

Zetta Group of companies, which among other things supplies manufacturers of automotive components, conceived to bring to the Russian market (and in the future and the markets of other countries) small and affordable electric car with the same name. The project Zetta, OOO, is for three years. The production of a city car should be established in Togliatti (capacity is now being completed). The first few samples, serial Zetty off the Assembly line in December next year edition can be a couple of thousand pieces, and later grow up to 15 000 per year.

Today opened taking orders for kupeobrazny crossover Renault Arkana in the initial version of Edition One, featuring the "maximum" level of equipment. Version with front-wheel drive is estimated at 1 419 990 rubles, with a full 1 499 990. Talking about the lasso with the 1.3 turbo engine (150 HP, 250 N•m) and the new CVT Jatco JF016E (aka CVT X-Tronic). Renault sends customers to an online showroom, promising delivery vehicles in mid-summer. However, Arkana finally unveiled completely, and the big surprise of the premiere to no avail.

Flagship coupe BMW changed the index, but not the size. The new "eight" is even shorter than the former "six" five cm. Key question: what is the growth of index — inflation or changing to a different level of consumer properties? Space is not exactly increased — rear fit only a child, and then for the low parent and without child seat. But already "in the database" is polnopravnym mechatronic chassis and four-wheel drive. No hybrids, only diesel or petrol engine. However, unlike 840d xDrive, petrol machine has a prefix of M. it Turns out M850і xDrive, and this blue car in our test.

, Hyundai Motor Company created the Smart Air Purification System that not only purifies the air in the cabin, but constantly monitors its quality, exposing one of the four ratings (Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor — "Excellent", "Good", "Satisfactory" and "Unsatisfactory"). The monitoring result may be displayed on a Central screen in the form of 16-band indicator. Measurement of air purity, especially the content of ultramatic particles affects the settings of the climate control system. Electronics for a longer period start heavy cleaning and even to close the window, if necessary.

Volkswagenaudi still bring the "eighth" Golf to premiere this year, although not so long ago, talked about moving it to 2020. The latest file date — October — native Wolfsburg. Not to beat again. Surprisingly, for a few months until x-hour Volkswagen in no hurry to throw us a teaser. But a series of test images in a modest disguise photospin not seen on the roads. But now the Network has surfaced branded the sketch (figure under), showing the design of the Golf VIII. It managed to catch out a multi-page document on the annual General meeting of the company.

Porsche bought a controlling stake in software startup Cetitec from the German Pforzheim. The importance of software in cars is increasing, and Porsche intends to consolidate its position in this area, providing a more intensive development of digital automotive infrastructure. Such developments are almost all. In the automotive industry, you can find a lot of examples of foreclosures of startups, say, drones or establishment of strategic partnerships with small and large software companies and companies specializing in electronic design and artificial intelligence.

The Fifth generation Audi A4 was available in the summer of 2015 and this fall in Europe will start sales of the updated family. Looks like has not changed too radically, but almost all exterior panels are new: they left untouched the roof, hood and trunk lid (five door wagon). "Charged" and S4 cars with the S line package has found an unusual gap between the front bumper and hood that mimic the intake. The front headlights are now led, and for a fee available matrix headlights with automatic high beams. The color palette is increased to a dozen due to a new "Metallica" Terra Gray.

In 2020, the Smart brand will cease production of the city-cars with the internal combustion engine. Parent company Daimler is proud of: "Smart will be the first automaker in the world, who uncompromisingly will transfer its entire range of the internal combustion engine to the electric drive". To mark the end of one era and the beginning of a new, the company has prepared a publication "for the most ardent collectors" — EQ Smart Fortwo Cabrio, painted by the German artist and designer Konstantin Grcica. Mentioned cooperation with Studio Brabus, but what it is here expressed, is not specified.

The Concern Hyundai Motor Group and the Croatian firm Rimac Automobili has agreed a strategic partnership in the development of high-performance electric vehicles. Koreans invest in Rimac 80 million euros (64 from Hyundai, KIA from 16), to 2020 to prepare two prototypes: elektroversiya mid-engined sports car for the brand Hyundai N and "charged" vodorodnoi on fuel cells (FCEV). Both eventually will be available and will contribute to "raising the status" of the Hyundai group, which wants to change the rules of the game on the market "clean mobility".

The First three months of the year ended for the Russian market drop by 0.3%. April went down by 2.7%, and the total result of four months: 539 946 vehicles (-1.0 per cent). The Association of European businesses (AEB) in the beginning of the year predicted the result of all of 2019 as +3.6 per cent. Now the prediction in question. This unstable situation is different companies are perceived in different ways. Someone decided to pause before displaying new cars or even to clean the model with low sales, someone, on the contrary, felt that now is the time to boldly take customers from rivals.

Crossover Opel Grandland X is still considered to be a purely front-wheel drive. However, the twin brother of the compact Opel, Peugeot 3008, last fall acquired the installation Hybrid4, which is now shared with "a colleague". He became polnoprivodniki., and 300-strong! European sales of green Grandlend start "in the coming weeks", and the first deliveries to customers planned for the beginning of 2020 (for Russia information yet). In General, Grandland X Hybrid4 — the first plug-in hybrid PHEV Opel (Ampera hatchback somehow not considered). And although he appeared late in opulency argue that by 2024 elektrifiziert the entire model line.

Officially announced: "the first global compact crossover KIA" debuts in the summer (probably June 20) and will go on sale in some markets until the end of 2019. We are talking about the production version of the concept Kia SP, or rather its updated version of the SP Signature. First, the model starts at home, in South Korea. Followed by India, where the SUV is referred to as SP2i, and Tusker. It was also confirmed that newcomer will be offered in the United States. Well, the Russian office of KIA promises to bring the CD to our country in 2020: we need turned Creta?

Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor entered into a series of contracts prior to the establishment of a joint venture Prime Life Technologies Corporation associated with property development. The partners decided that "future mobility" (the principle of "Mobility as a service", car sharing, different types of public transport, connected cars, drones) can develop harmoniously only in parallel with the evolution of the cities themselves (smart infrastructure, smart homes, Internet of things, energy saving technologies) and decided to take matters into their own hands. The new joint should be established by January 7, 2020.