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Startup Lightyear from the Netherlands with a delay of one year presented a running prototype of the electric vehicle Lightyear One. Liftback "faced with" solar panels and because it has the highest reserve of 725 km on the WLTP standard. Each wheel is driven by a separate motor, but the power is unknown, as the capacity of the battery in the bottom. It says only that the acceleration to a hundred takes 10 s to 20 000 Promised "Sunny" (read, free) miles a year. The serial version will appear in 2021-m with an immodest price tag of 119 000 euros (8.5 million rubles).

Mercedes-Benz "successful discussions" have signed a Memorandum of understanding with the government of Egypt. Thus, the Germans agreed to the local Assembly in the Republic of passenger cars, which will be organized by an unnamed local partner. In addition, the planned creation in the special economic zone of the Suez canal logistics and training centres, which will require new investment. Also casually mentioned electric vehicles and drones: Mercedes is ready to share with the Egyptians their knowledge and experience.

To Find, reserve and pay for Parking with a Central screen, choose restaurants and book tables, order food and beverages, get discounts on fuel and pay for refills, enroll in service — all through the multimedia system display allows the Uconnect platform Market created by FCA in cooperation with the firm Xevo from Seattle. Such systems are gradually introducing other companies, such as GM and Honda. Well, in the FCA Uconnect machinery Market will be introduced in the second half of this year.

Roadster Porsche 718 Spyder (not Boxster) and Cayman coupe Porsche 718 GT4 for the first time got the same powertrain — atmospheric "six" 4.0 (420 HP, 420 N•m) and six-speed "mechanics". Contrary to expectations, the engine taken from the Porsche 911 GT3, and "based on the same family as the turbo engine of the 911 Carrera" (9A2). As a result, both rear-wheel drive for the first time dispersed to hundred in 4.4 s. Shot up to 160 km/h in nine seconds, to 200 km/h is 13.8. The maximum speed of a Cayman GT4 — 304 km/h, Spider — 301 km/h Sports cars consume 10,9 l/100 km in the NEDC cycle. "Unprecedented sound remained intact," says Porsche.

Strictly speaking, the Renault Zoe stepped into the second generation (see box, "History"), but the manufacturer knows best. The main acquisition of the new hatchback — the battery capacity of 52 kWh (+11), guaranteeing a power reserve of 390 km (+73) in the WLTP cycle. The second most important event — the 100-kilowatt electric motor R135 (136 HP, 245 N•m), which will complement the engine R110 (108 HP, 225 N•m), and the other will be no more. Thirdly, the electric car has got mode energy recuperation braking B mode allows you to control Zoe one pedal. Well, look pyatidverka to become more modern both outside and inside.

In the Spring of 1979 to the market first came the civilian Mercedes G-class, which was destined to become the most long-running car brand and the ancestor of all "three-prong" crossovers. Now celebrated not only the 40th anniversary of the G-Wagen, but also the 20th anniversary serial the AMG version (G 55 AMG). The double anniversary was the occasion to release special editions of Stronger Than Time ("stronger than time"), which includes several modifications. Of particular interest is the new G 400 d is the most powerful of the diesel. The three-liter OM byturbulence 656 paired with a nine-storyed "machine" produces a maximum of 330 HP, 700 N•m (y G 350 d "only" 286 HP and 600 N•m).

A Lot of car for a modest sum ― alluring formula. In the absence of a recent image of large Korean sedans is interesting is price. As indicated above, flagship K900 and Genesis G80 in the test specifications are comparable money (which is why we take the G80 and G90 do not). They splattermania and equipped with all-wheel drive. But there are two important differences. Kia wheelbase almost ten inches long, respectively, and the dimensions more. And "almost 250 forces" achieved in different ways: under the hood of the Genesis two-liter turbo engine and the Kia K900 is driven aspirated V6.

Pickup truck Mitsubishi L200/Triton are very likely to be a more advanced variation on the grounds of the show car Triton Absolute, which would be a kind of answer to the Ford Ranger Raptor or specially prepared for the off-road version of the Toyota Hilux. This conclusion was made by journalists CarAdvice, find interesting patent drawings. One of them shows the car, almost exactly mimicking the Absolute, the second one was a pickup truck with a similarly decorated bumpers, sides and sills, and grille, but without the add-in in the back and on the roof.

World championship endurance races, including the famous marathon "24 hours of Le Mans", will soon undergo significant changes. The organizers (Automobile Club de l'ouest, ACO) officially announced the introduction of the class Hypercars from September 2020. At the same time Aston Martin has released a curious release: the WEC season 2020/2021, the British put this new class has at least two race of the Valkyries, determined to win the absolute competition of the whole championship, and the "24 hours of Le Mans" 2021. The date chosen is symbolic: in 2021-m will celebrate 100 years since the day when Aston Martin first started in Le Mans.

In anticipation of the world premiere of Kia SUV XCeed to be held on 26 June, the manufacturer announced that the model will be equipped with a virtual instrument panel Supervision with a diagonal of 12.3 inches and a resolution of 1920×720 pixels. It will have to pay extra, because "in the database" the analog instruments will dilute monochrome screen is 3.8 inches, and the average versions of the supposed color TFT display of 4.2 inches. Company so enthusiastically paints a Supervision panel that looks like you just invented it, although exactly the same tidy is the K900 sedan and the flagship of Telluride. However, the advent of this option in the segment of mass of the compacts cannot be overstated.

After Bentley Continental GT coupe new sedan the Flying Spur is moved to the platform MSB from the Panamera. But the technical stuffing cityradio gone much further than the coupe. Exactly Flying Spur Bentley got a driven rear axle. Another change: all-wheel drive system. In the past generation she shared traction between the front and rear axles in the ratio of 40:60, and in the new Spur normal movement is designed to supply a 100% pull back and, if necessary, a special clutch throws of the torque to the front wheels.

At the end of April, the group PSA has filed an application for conclusion of an investment contract (SPIC). This contract provides for certain benefits from the state in exchange for investments in local production. At the end of may in the press there were reports of differences between the group and the government concerning the details of Spica, the level of localization patterns, in particular. Now Yanik Besar, Executive Vice-President of the PSA and operational Director of region Eurasia, has released a statement in which he dotted all the i's.

The Most practical member of the family of compact Mercedes — SUV Mercedes-Benz GLB — was born in serial form (in April, he was shown dressed in the robes of the show car). In the crossover range, the car will occupy a position between the models GLA and GLC. As predicted by the concept, the GLB will come with a five (default) or seven-seat (option) interior. On the third row capable of comfortably accommodate adults increased to 1.68 m, says the manufacturer. At their disposal is a pair of Cup holders and two boxes of tripe with rubberized bottom and USB ports.

Seems to be the number of affected cars is small (540 pieces), and the action is limited only North America, but attention to the opinion of crossovers Audi e-tron has given the global media. All because the repair would go the premium electric car, the representative of the "new tribe" in the industry. And it turned out that he is no less vulnerable than its counterparts with internal combustion engines. Because of some bushings into the electrical system can leak the moisture, thereby causing a short circuit and probably a critical failure (fire). Service campaign will start in August.

Ford brand Lincoln suddenly left without a Director of design: 50-year-old David Woodhouse left on their own to who knows where. This publication reports Automotive News. "The completion of a long-term relationship with the Corporation — the same as the gap of personal connections, only multiplied by the number of wonderful friends and colleagues," wrote the designer in his blog, calling the departure "a difficult decision". Press Secretary of the Lincoln acknowledged that Woodhouse "decided to leave the company," but gave no details.