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On the full restyling of the crossover Lamborghini Urus it is not. And it is unlikely he will be ambitious, given the popularity of the model. In the spring of 2018, the world has sold over 8,300 Urusov, the purchase of which people have spent over a billion dollars. And Urus became more attractive, the Italians will expand the program of individualization. In particular, for cars 2021 model year will be even wider choice of exterior colors. And in the line of Urus will appear in a special version Pearl Capsule. Its characteristic two-tone color of the body and original wheels.

Almost simultaneously with the updated BMW M5 sedan debuted with a restyled model of the Mercedes-AMG E 63 and E 63 S. And modernization scheme is similar: in Affalterbach most attention was paid to the exterior, then the interior, and the technique remained the same. From the predecessor novelty is the new led optics, radiator grille with vertical slats Panamericana, the front bumper with larger air intakes, different rear bumper and exhaust pipes. From the new in the cabin ― steering wheel, double spoke, multi-media MBUX and security systems, inherited from the updated E-class.

American Motors company Lordstown released more information on its electric pickup truck Endurance, which intends to produce in Lordstown 2020, on it purchased the former GM plant. Unexpected detail: the car was equipped with in-wheel motors. Such a scheme none of the major players never commercialized, although attempts are available (dump trucks, we do not consider). The advantages of this scheme: reduction of mechanical losses and the release of more space in the back for the battery (at least in theory).

The Company Audi, as you know, is preparing to release the most powerful version of "e-throne", three-engine electric crossover Audi e-tron's, and in two body styles: regular and kupeobrazny. Compared to twin-engined brethren e-tron and e-tron Sportback S-version has changes in appearance. For example, enlarged to 23 mm on each side of the wheelhouse (the track is also increased). Such allowance should, in theory, worsen the aerodynamics, but engineers have adopted a number of measures that it was in the source "and thrones". For the sake of it in the front bumper and wheel arches made system of channels that direct the air to optimize air flow around the wheels.

Technology electric boost is not new, a dozen car companies working on it with the partners, there are production models, albeit they are few. In Mercedes to the topic addressed six years ago. And in 2016, the electric supercharger BorgWarner, help individual turbocharger was introduced on petrol inline six M 256. The next step is the electric turbocharger, which combines a conventional turbocharger and an electric one node. This new product created in cooperation with the firm Garrett Motion and will be used on the production model of the sub-brand Mercedes-AMG, said the Germans.

The Third generation of Mazda pickup truck BT-50 debuted in the Australian specifications. On the continent, the model will be on sale in the second half of 2020. On other markets the company has not yet said (the predecessor were sold in Central and South America, the Asia-Pacific region, Oceania, Africa and the middle East). In contrast to the second generation, based on the Ford Ranger (T6), the third represents an extensively redesigned Isuzu D-Max the latest model. Even to produce BT-50 Isuzu at its plant in Thailand, alongside the D-max.

The Us market for Audi is not the largest. In 2019 in the United States sold 224 111 cars, while in China and Germany — 690 083 271 613 and cars, respectively. However, Audi believe North America is the leading region in terms of development of advanced driver assistance technologies Advanced Driver Assistance Systems based on artificial intelligence and cloud services. A particularly favorable atmosphere for such development — Silicon valley. That is why the Germans have decided to settle here in San Jose built a centre Audi Automated Driving Development (A2D2).

Mustang Mach 1 was a bridge between the GT and the Shelby modifications. However, it was expected that the novelty will come close on the efficiency of the engine. Alas, atmospheric 5.0 V8 produces 487 HP and 569 N•m, which coincides with the return of the Mustang Bullit in performance and slightly more power than the GT version (466 HP). But Shelby GT350/GT350R indicators achieve 532 HP and 582 nm. But Mustang Mach 1 received from Shelby intake manifold, cooling system, engine and basic transmission — six-speed "mechanics" Tremec. Optionally also available desjatilopastnye automatic with an upgraded torque Converter and better cooling.

With the appearance of the redesigned BMW M5 we are already familiar. Led or laser lights as the updated model of the fifth series, a new grille on it, front bumper with enlarged air intakes, while the rear — with a larger diffuser. And we now know the technical details. And BMW M5, and the M5 Competition equipped with biturbomotor V8 4.4, will retain the same charge. The base version produces 600 HP and 750 N•m, and Competition — 625 forces for the same torque. Acceleration to hundred lasts the same in 3.4 and 3.3, and the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h With the package M Driver's Package is 305 km/h in both cases.

In February in the U.S. the Configurator of the electric car Tesla Model S there was a modification of Long Range Plus, replacing Long Range. And even though the battery is 100 kWh is not changed, other improvements in car has raised the reserve according to strict American EPA cycle with 373 miles (600 km) to 390 mph (628 km). Then CEO Elon Musk has announced yet another step, about 400 miles. And now he kept his word: now Model S Long Range Plus is 402 miles (647 km) according to EPA standard. Despite the same capacity battery.

Prodrive — the personification of Motorsport. A British company many years involved in touring car Championships the ring marathons of endurance, and its specialists are competent even in matters of Formula 1. But the special passion of the English to rally with which they are inextricably 1984. At the same time in the rally-marathon Dakar Prodrive never raced. This happens only in 2021. The agreement between Protiva and concern Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company signed in February of this year. Joint venture Prodrive International is already preparing the racing cars of his own design. A couple of prototypes Prodrive BRX put in the class T1.

Toyota January 2021 open a free access to virtual human body model THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety), which is designed for computer analysis of injuries sustained in car accidents. More than a hundred brands, along with other organizations are already using THUMS, buying a license through the company JSOL (Tokyo) and ESI Group (Paris). The price is not as advertised. But Toyota decided "as part of efforts to create a society safe mobility" to stop taking money for a simulator.

Exactly 50 years ago in Solihull began the production of SUV Range Rover the first generation. A sample of style and cross-country for decades has outlined the principles for future models. And the current Range Rover has kept the continuity of generations. And in the anniversary version for the model of the last generation became much closer to classic Range. Palette of exterior colors modern model of the British added the color range of the vehicle, 50-year old blue and Tuscan Blue, gold and white Bahama Gold, Davos White. In addition, to piatigorski Range Rover prepared for the original black color Auric Atlas.

Ford does not hesitate to dilute their lineup vans interesting versions. In 2018, for example, it was possible to increase the speed of delivery of the goods due to Transit line Sport. Now it's time for adventure vans — Transit Trail Trail Transit Custom, Transit Custom and Tourneo Active Active. They all received a special exterior trim and some interior features, and the first two went and interesting technical solutions. For this reason, the Trail, getting limber with the Raptors, by default, available limited-slip differential Quaife mLSD as the Focus RS.

In 2001, Ralf Schumacher brought the team Williams BMW's first win in Formula 1. It happened at the Grand Prix of San Marino at the Imola track. In honor of the event appeared which became a cult later body colour Imola Red, debuted on the BMW M3 E46. And in this bright color in the shoes restyled BMW M5 Competition F90, pictures of which hit the net before the official premiere. From the predecessor novelty features new led optics, grille of a different shape faceted with vertical slats and a redesigned bumper. However, black 20-inch wheels with double-spoke are exactly the same as on the previous M5.