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Atelier Hennessey on tuning show SEMA 2019 has unveiled its most powerful Chevrolet Camaro coupe on the basis of the version of the track ZL1 1LE. It is an evolutionary development of the project Hennessey Exorcist, the inspiration for which at the time was the coupe Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The new product was given the name Resurrection, which translates as resurrection. Standard LT4 engine (659 horsepower, 881 N•m) lost the seat Assembly LT5 from supercar Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. But after completion of "eight" 6.2 with a drive supercharger gives insane 1216 HP and 1356 nm instead of 765 and 969 respectively.

American office of Toyota announced the four-wheel drive for the "eighth" of the Camry sedan (XV70): sales start in the early spring of 2020 exclusively in the United States. The 4x4 version is only possible with aspirated 2.5 (206 HP, 250 N•m) and an eight "automatic" because this unit has the donor system Dynamic Torque Control AWD is a "fifth" of the RAV4 crossover. Rafig was taken multiplate clutch connecting rear axle, transfer case, rear differential and multi-link suspension components. Driveshaft shared "fourth" Highlander.

Needle bearings that serve as a support for balancer shafts in the crankcase was probably produced with an insufficient force of pressing, as are the shafts. The defect could lead to serious damage to the motor and thereby increase the risk of an accident, so a two-liter gasoline turbochetverku BMW B48 to be replaced. In Russia, the opinion touched ten cars, belonging to the third series G20, G30 fifth and seventh G11 (list VIN — link). The service invited "the Bavarians", which was sold in January this year at the moment.

Japanese electric hypercar Aspark Owl on the way to the series has passed through several stages: from the test of prototype and pre-production prototype in 2017 to the upgraded version in 2018. While growing impact (with 435 HP, 764 N•m to 1166 HP, 885 N•m). But as it turned out, even this was not final figures. Recently, the Japanese showed pictures and revealed all the characteristics of Owls that buyers will start to receive in the second quarter of 2020. Total power of electric motors was raised to 2012 HP and a total torque of up to 2000 N•m. the Final version of the developers yesterday brought at the motor show in Dubai.

Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have jointly patented an innovative material belonging to the class of metal-organic frameworks (MOF, metalorganic coordination polymers). It can significantly increase the working surface area of the electrodes. And they, in turn, can serve as the basis for a new generation of supercapacitors that can replace lithium-ion batteries in hybrids or electric cars. Such drives are yet radically inferior to batteries in energy density, but the new material is able to increase it by half. The main advantage of this technology over conventional battery — enormous power per unit self-weight capacitor remains unchanged.

Department of Mercedes-Benz Cars has announced the world premiere of "new SUV" under the label Mercedes-Maybach, which will take place on 21 November at the motor show in Guangzhou. It is clear that we are talking about SUV Mercedes-Maybach GLS, that is, a more luxurious variation of the model Mercedes-Benz GLS. The car itself is almost already declassified fotosporno, recently caught a Mercedes-Maybach for the final tests with almost no camouflage. However, we still have to see how the Germans will manage to enrich salon "Gee-El-ESA" requirements under Maybach. And gamma engines causing issues.

In Indonesia today began sales of crossway Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, which acts as an isolated model, not the top version monocab Xpander. The price of "premium" SUV start where the price list the usual van ends: 267,7–286,7 million rupees (1.22 and 1.3 million rubles) against 210.3–265,1 million (958 220-1,2 million). The fundamental difference between Expandere — in increased to 225 mm (+20) clearance, and concomitant modifications of the chassis, the strengthened noise isolation and, of course, the decor. Other benefits include visibility, improved due to the high landing.

The Aerodynamic member mounted on the boot door probably is unstable because of variations in the manufacturing process. At high speed the rear spoiler can completely detach from the vehicle, increasing the risk of accident and/or injury to other road users. The danger of found only on the station wagons Mercedes-Benz E-class (S213), and in Russia speak, 383 instance, sold from 2016 onwards. Owners should compare the VIN number with the list or check it on the page

Bearing Swivel on the front axle may not were heat-treated during production, so their durability is questionable. In the event of a breakdown likely to lose control of the car, so in America it is forbidden to drive a car, recalled for this promotion. Rosstandart does not prohibit, but merely informs about the necessity to check the 36 crossovers BMW X3 (G01) and X4 (G02), sold in October this year at the moment. In addition to the list VIN is now possible to "break" the model on the page

The Most extreme "em-second" model BMW M2 CS, as expected, received twinturbocharged 3.0 impact of 450 HP and 550 N•m, which is 40 HP more than the version of the M2 Competition, and identical figures the older M4 coupe Competition. Two gearboxes to choose from: a six-speed "mechanics" (first CS) or seven-step "robot" M DCT dual-clutch. With them the acceleration to a hundred takes 4.2 and 4.0, respectively. Both parameters 0.2 seconds better than the M2 Competition. Electronically limited maximum speed CS is equal to 280 km/h (in Competition — 250).

FCA CEO Mike Manley, introducing the report of the Fiat in the third quarter, stated that "the withdrawal from the segment of minicarb" (class a) and shift to compact cars (class B). According to the functionary, the shift of focus to the sector "higher volumes and margins" will happen "in the very near future" (most likely talking about the year 2024). The publication Automotive News notes: Manley has indicated to analysts on the "commercial problems" of Fiat in Europe arising from the commitment of city-cars and obsolete model range, whose average age is called "the highest in the industry."

Reborn Ford Bronco SUV celebrates its premiere in the spring of 2020, and now the "blue oval" has unveiled a prototype R Bronco built for Baja 1000 rally in Mexico. New "Erk" is intended to mark the 50th anniversary of a unique victory in the Baja crew rod Hall. His granddaughter Shelby Hall will honor the memory of late grandfather, sitting behind the wheel on November 22. In front of almost 1000 km off-road, which "will challenge the serial powertrain and architecture." Between times Ford has confirmed that the T6 platform of a pickup Ranger will serve as the basis for a regular Bronco.

The British company Lister, best known for producing the modified Jaguars under its own brand showed the Network the latest development — Lister SUV-E. While in the status of a concept with a hint of the series. It boosted and improved electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace. In the original car electric motors give a total of 400 HP and 696 nm, and a new number is not specified. However, Lister says that due to the change of control programmes and the other parameters were higher. Acceleration from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h), according to the authors, was reduced from 4.8 seconds to 4.0 s. About the battery, no word yet. In the source — 90 kWh with a range of 480 km along the WLTP cycle.

The European branch of Nissan announced the renewal of vans Nissan NV300 (a clone of the Renault Trafic) and NV400 (turned Renault Master) manufactured from 2016 and 2010, respectively. It included adjustments to equipment and interior, and one of the most important components is the new powertrains that meet the Euro norms 6d TEMP. In particular, the NV300 has a diesel engine in 145 and 170 "horses" (the other two are 95 and 120 HP). Moreover, they can be combined with "mechanics" and "robot" DCT. NV300 previously could only be "on the handle".

Defective airbag company Takata, is able under certain conditions to explode instead of the usual response with emission in the interior fragments of the gas generator, for six years forced the different manufacturers to recall cars. The expense of the pillows has already been replaced or needs replacing, runs into tens of millions. In this piggy Bank was added a new portion. In Russia, for review withdrawn 4144 instance third BMW (E46) and fifth (E39) series, sold from February 2000 to may 2002. They will compare the number of driver airbag and if it will be YOU PT1-1085, — it will be replaced.