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The Approach of the Geneva motor show is forcing companies to release teasers of new products, shaded frames or sketches. And the Czechs didn't spare the normal photos of the interior of the Skoda Kamiq crossover on the platform MQB. However, no surprise she did not bring the salon is decorated identical to the displayed hatchback Skoda Scala. Except that there are variations in color of finish (they depend on configuration). To predict such a step was easy, given that Scala made based on the show car RS Vision and the European Kamiq from concept Vision X, which to the extreme is similar (most different front optics).

Italian company GFG Style, run by father and son Giugiaro, will present the fifth of March in Geneva, the concept of Kangaroo — electric hypergroove (Electric Hyper-SUV). Stated that strictly double machine is able to reach a maximum speed of over 250 km/h "in any terrain". Disperse hundreds takes only 3.5 s. the equipment includes not only four-wheel drive, but polnopravnym chassis. Apparently, the Kangaroo is reinterpreted in all-terrain Parcour, Giugiaro shown at the same fair in Geneva in 2013.

Exclusive edition SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition crowned range of Range Rover Velar. The top version will be available to customers only for one year. Price in the UK — from 86 to 120 pounds (7.3 million rubles). Perhaps the main achievement of the special Velara expected was a gasoline Turbomachinery 5.0 (550 HP and 680 N•m), which has the platform of the Jaguar F-Pace SVR. He exchanged hundreds of 4.3 seconds and reaches a maximum of 283 km/h "Autobiographical" Velar not so fast (4.5 and 274 km/h), but it is superior to the Jaguar part of the "sports luxury".

The Official announcement is not even calling the model name. They say that in Geneva the fifth of March will be shown a compact crossover, represents the second model in the line of the new generation. He characterized as "a more Mature design language Kodo", the newest architecture and Skyactiv engines, including the petrol Skyactiv-X cycle SPCCI (ignition from compression "candle" control) and a diesel with the same technology... it is Clear that we are talking about the second generation of the SUV Mazda CX-3. Its current version is based on the Mazda 2 hatch, and the next will be a relative of the Mazda 3 fourth generation.

Toyota Motor Corp. has established a subsidiary company KINTO with headquarters in Nagoya and registered capital of 1.8 billion yen. It will offer in the domestic market a new service: the ownership of the car on the subscription (the high-sounding talk about "a new relationship between car and person"). As a General idea of the system is reminiscent of the recently introduced subscription model Polestar, though differing in detail. Shares KINTO 66.6% owned by Toyota Financial Services (is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota), and by 33.4% — Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company.

Head of development BMW's Klaus frolich in an interview with Autocar was quite Frank: "I don't think you need a ninth series. In this segment of three car — crossover, sedan and sports car emotional. We have: X7, seventh and eighth series. Some competitors are already cutting the number of cars in this segment because the volumes are too small". Alas. It was expected that long "nine" on the CLAR platform will be released in early 2020 as the "four-door coupe" and will challenge the sedan Mercedes-Maybach S 600.

Software in the communication module VCM (Vehicle Connectivity Module) may be in error. Because of her system, telematics, and driver assistance, including the service Volvo On Call to work properly. In case of emergency it will be impossible to determine via the GPS the location of the vehicle to guide for using online services. For this reason, in Russia speak of the 1937 cars sold from 2017 onwards. The defect affected the crossover XC40, XC60, XC90, S90 sedan and V90 wagon Cross Coutry. A list of VIN codes attached.

Flagship Kia K900, the Assembly of which started in Kaliningrad in late January, received the Russian price tag and the start of sales is scheduled for the first of March. The most accessible version will cost 2 969 900 rubles. At the prices it is related to the Mercedes E-class (from 3 150 000 for E 200 d) and the fifth series BMW (2 980 000 for 520i) in the initial trim. However, the wheelbase (3105 mm) and length (5120 mm) K900 enters the segment F. for example, with the Bavarian "seven" (standard base) Kia match by length millimeter mm, and the database is even larger than that.

In 2017, the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi came in first place in the world in sales of cars and light commercial vehicles, and Volkswagen gave him a little lost, beating only on the total amount along with the trucks. In the past 2018, as it turned out, the situation repeated itself. Franco-Japanese giant has sold in the past year 10 756 875 cars (+1,4% by 2017). The Volkswagen group handed over to the clients 10 834 000 cars (+0,9% by 2017) is with the brands MAN and Scania (233 000 pieces in total) and get 10 601 000 cars.

, the Volkswagen Group announced by the Federal road Agency of Germany (KBA) about potential problems with data on emissions, which were provided to the regulators in 2016-2017 brand Porsche. Notifications are also sent to protection Agency United States environmental protection Agency (EPA) and California air resources Board (CARB). According to Reuters, all this happened after the publication in Der Spiegel magazine reporting the incorrect calculation of the fuel consumption for the Porsche 911. "The company continues its internal investigation in close contact with the authorities," the statement says Porsche.

MG Company promised to expand its lineup of crossovers and enthusiastically does it. Ready MG HS mid-size, compact MG ZS with elektroversiya, and on the approach of the model with the "human" name of Hector. It will be released on the Indian market in the second quarter of 2019 and the campaign has just begun. The fool is clear that Hector is destined to become another clone of "Chinese" Baojun 530, already known in Colombia, becoming "the second" SUV Chevrolet Captiva, and Indonesia — Wuling Almaz. But something Hector will differ.

Jaguar E-Pace and Volvo XC40 ― direct competitors and trends. They are close in size, range of options and even a power two-liter gasoline turbo engine ― nearly 250 HP And that this company makes QX30? Based on the Mercedes GLA crossover below the main couple in the 12-13 cm and almost 40 forces weaker. With a choice of power units it does not provide, in contrast to rivals. The main advantage Infiniti — price: for the same 2.6 million, they ask for basic E-Pace or similarly equipped XC40, you can buy almost top QX30. Is it worth it?

When the firm Ginetta once in several years, returns to the news, have to painfully remember that in the office. A .. do not forget, perhaps, only the English fans of Motorsport, because there are many GT5 Challenge and Ginetta racing life. Today the campaign announced the preparation of a new supercar whose chassis and body made of carbon fiber, and aspirated 6.0 V8 paired with a sequential gearbox gives out more than 608 HP Maximum speed 200 mph (322 km/h). The premiere will be held on the fifth of March in Geneva.

Mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 is supposed to be a revolutionary car in the history of Corvettes. However, the current Corvette C7 will long remain a desirable and attractive purchase for many fans of the model. And all the more desirable, if we are talking about some special series. The Americans gave the Corvette Drivers Series, created in cooperation with the racing team Corvette Racing. And today specifically for the European market, the company brought out the Corvette C7 Grand Sport and the Corvette C7 Z06 in variations of the Final Edition.

In August 2018, the "blue oval" introduced Europeans Raptor version of the Ranger that will appear on the market. Along with it, or later on the Old continent will come standard Ranger, updated last spring. Gamma engines for Europe revised, as it reigned EcoBlue 2.0 diesel in three variants forces. He replaced the engines of 2.2 and 3.2 TDCi. At the same time kicked the bucket six-speed "automatic", because there was a ten. "Mechanics" six degrees, and the basic pickup is only possible with her.