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The German company ZF, known primarily for transmissions, many components of the chassis, electric and hybrid drive will soon be revealed in a new role as the provider of the software. This trend is already developing in cooperation with the company Microsoft, and the first major work to be presented on the sixth of January 2020 at the CES show in Las Vegas. This cubiX is a software platform to connect into a single network various parts of the vehicle from sensor steering on both axles, from the engine to the adaptive suspension.

Ettore Bugatti and Emile-Maurice Hermes (the son of the founder of the fashion house Hermes) began to collaborate in the 1920s, but the first joint car Veyron Fbg par Hermes emerged only in 2008. Eleven years later, the second machine — Chiron Hermes. It is built in a single copy to order a California collector Manny Khoshbin who appreciates both the French brand. In 2016, the multimillionaire (and also the star of Instagram and YouTube's) asked Bugatti and Hermes to make him hyperexcursive Chiron, and so he got it. The price was not disclosed.

The separation of the Components of the Volkswagen Group unveiled a concept of a mobile, fully Autonomous robot, able to transform into a charging station anywhere in the Parking lot. The plan involves equipping the Parking lot from several "cabins" with batteries inside, as well as one or more service robots acting in a subservient role. The challenge of such a robot to electrocare is performed via the network such as V2X or mobile app. The robot takes a "wagon" with a charged battery, dropping him to the car, finds the charging hatch, opens it, attaches the cable to the connector and leaves the electric charge, and he goes to charge other cars.

Discovery Sport and Volvo XC60 we drove on the old memory. The previous test with these machines Drive shall be one of the most popular videos on our YouTube channel. Since then, Land Rover only managed to upgrade, but the XC60 changed a generation and has grown significantly. Sport like behind the class, where land Rover nothing else. Although the price of the upgraded Disco is still at the level... the Task of an expensive Mercedes GLC after facelift is not to give a grown-up Volvo to relax, if you fight with the little Landy will be too easy.

The Company Xpeng Motors started in China, selling its second (after G3) model battery door sedan Xpeng P7. The basic version is estimated at 240 000 and 270 000 yuan (of 2.11 and 2.38 million). They have one electric motor on the rear axle produces 196 kW (267 HP, 390 N•m), driving a rear-wheel drive P7 to hundreds in 6.7 s. the Battery capacity of 80,87 kWh and guarantees a power reserve of 550 and 650 km in the NEDC cycle (whereby the difference is unclear). Top Xpeng P7 has two motors and all-wheel drive (Dual Motor 4WD). Power — 316 kW (430 HP, 660 N•m), the spurt to 100 km/h is 4.3 s. the Mileage without recharging — the same 550 km, the price is 370,000 yuan (3.26 million). The results of cars to customers will begin in the second quarter of 2020.

RM auction house Sotheby's put up in Paris on the fifth of February of 2020, a remarkable lot — a replica of the "red pig" (Rote sau in the original, and in English literature Red Pig). This model started the reputation of AMG. Sedan, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, is based on the serial 300 SEL 6.3 in 1971 came the first in its class in the race "24 hours of Spa Francorchamps" and second in the absolute. Such monsters in the end, there were five (three and two road racing) and have one of the originals — a great luxury. But to put in the garage a good copy will be the winner of the February auction.

Audi and Umicore has successfully completed the test phase of an unusual project: the restoration of more than 90% of cobalt and Nickel from old traction batteries for re-use of these substances, again, in batteries for electric vehicles (in the electrodes in particular). In the pilot project partners were dissected blocks from experienced prototypes of the crossover Audi e-tron. In the future, subject to the replication technology we will focus on processing (at least for cobalt and Nickel) batteries from production vehicles, end-of-century. And this technology will still evolve, assured the Germans.

Sales of Nissan in Europe for 10 months of 2019, according to ACEA, fell by 24% (to 505 334 cars). To recover from the recession, companies need to upgrade all of the European SUV range, notes the online Automotive News Europe. The "second" Juke is ready. On turn — "the fourth" X-Trail (aka Rogue), whose premiere is expected in the early summer of 2020. Then, in September, will "third" the Qashqai. Will crown a family of crossovers of Nissan serial Ariya — electric car with a serious price of 50-70 thousand Euro (3,5–4,9 million roubles). He will arrive in late 2020 or early 2021-th.

Set Forth below is rather a continuation of the story of Mikhail Petrovsky about how Porsche goes electric Taycan than an independent material. Too specific winter conditions of Lapland, where the roads are of two types: pure ice and pure snow, and the maximum value of speed on road signs ― 80 km/h are Presented to test the Taycan 4S were equipped with the same 800-volt battery at 93 kWh, and tested by chef Turbo and Turbo S, but here is the option relative to the base 79,2 kWh. morning promise a minus of ten. The cold is not extreme, but for purity of experiment are asked to leave our car at the hotel unconnected to the charge: let them freeze.

Updated last year, the crossover Porsche Macan was originally released in a normal version of two-liter (245 HP, 370 N•m) to S (3.0 V6, 354 HP, 480 N•m), and in August 2019, the company these options was redrawn Macan Turbo (V6 2.9, 440 HP, 550 N•m). And now in a range of restyled models included Porsche Macan GTS. He changed his last turbo 3.0 V6 (360 HP, 500 N•m) for V6 2.9, in this case the return was increased to 380 HP and 520 N•m. to Implement a traction engine helps to "robot" PDK.

Today, the Opel brand is truly back in our country since the start of sales of crossover X Grandland and minivan Zafira Life. The SUV came to us from German Eisenach with one unit — petrol turboservice 1.6 (150 HP, 240 N•m) and six-speed "automatic". Drive only the front. The proposed three configurations: Enjoy — 1 799 000 rubles, Innovation — 2 049 000, Cosmo — 2 199 000. That is Grandland X was cheaper sister models, Peugeot 3008 and Citroen C5 Aircross, but more than all the others.

The founder of the brand VinFast Pham Nhat Vuong going by the end of 2020 to learn in Vietnam the production of electric vehicles to 2021-m to start their export to USA, Europe and Russia. According to Bloomberg, these ambitious goals will require two billion dollars that wyong willing to pay out of pocket (sell up to 10% personal stake). The condition of the magnate is estimated at $9.1 billion, and he is considered the richest man in South East Asia. However, the conquest of America by WinVista analysts seems to be an impossible task. (The same can be said about electric cars in Russia.)

The New head of Jeep brand Christian Meunier intends to make its "most eco-friendly SUV brand in the world." Compiled before his arrival the plan of electrification (run of ten hybrids, Plug-In type electric vehicle and four by 2022) boss not only recognized, but accepted with enthusiasm. "These cars will be the best ever produced Jeeps, — said Meunier in an interview with Motoring. — They are not just going electric Jeeps, they will be the best product of the brand. They will also remain emotions that give SUVs".

Morgan Motor Company is one of the most conservative in the industry. Suffice it to say that three of the five models, 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster V6 used steel chassis which, with various changes of design dates back to 1936, to model 4-4. Besides these, the directory includes baby tricycle 3 Wheeler and the latest Morgan Plus Six unveiled in March 2019, with an aluminium platform CX-Generation. He will share the base with the new models, whose implementation will begin in 2020. In the same year, the current cars Plus 4, 4/4 Roadster V6 and get away from the scene, marking the end of the 84-year history of the classic chassis of Morgan.

Closed KTM X-Bow GT4, which in the world of Motorsport is promoted by the company Reiter Engineering, has been involved in racing from 2016. But this year, the Austrian track car especially good! Pilots on X-Bow GT4 became triumphant in their classes at competitions Australian GT, GT4 and GT4 ADAC South Germany. Amateur racing, but the technique involved is serious. The same KTM built on the basis of carbon fiber monocoque, which is covered with panels of the same composite. Plus forced a powerful motor, mounted between the seats and rear axle, racing suspension, roll cage. And for next season, KTM and Reiter Engineering have produced even more fast car.