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In 1969, Dodge created a model Charger Daytona for NASCAR racing. Not so much through power as streamlined nose and huge rear wing (that was a true innovation for NASCAR) Daytona won the first race and the first exceeded the average speed of the round at 200 mph (322 km/h) at the Talladega oval. The record held for 17 years. In addition to the samples racing Dodge built road 501 instance Daytona for homologation. Now, in the memory of those events created a 2020 Dodge Charger sedan SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition.

Toyota waited so long with the development of new Supra that was in a situation of "now or never". Deputy chief designer Masayuki Kai admits: no matter how wanted to do everything yourself, the deadline for such decision was passed. The Japanese were hostages of their own Canon, according to which Supra A90 should certainly be six-cylinder in-line engine. But to devise and implement their own "six", promising to meet standards for noise and emissions, is impossible. At least for reasonable money.

In the manual showed the incorrect instructions. For example, the statement assures that upon activation of the differential lock stabilization system continues to work, although the ESP is completely deactivated. Confusion can occur with the kung: there is no information on what the maximum load on the car roof and the roof of a shelter it is impossible to summarize, but the overload threatens to crash ESP. In addition, the complex security Pre-Safe fault can issue messages that are not described in the instructions and therefore incomprehensible.

The concept of the Masterpiece, shown in the spring in Seoul, was completely devoid of logos KIA. Now the exterior of the production version, and she doesn't have a signature icon of the brand. In South Korea, the new SUV will be sold from September under the Mohave name of The Master, and is "independent brand". The isolation did not appear yesterday. After restyling 2016, the manufacturer has released an ancient model in the free swimming, with its own logo with the squiggles, but only in the domestic market. The truth is, the machine does not fit into the current KIA lineup, because Mohave is already 11 years old is in the first generation, and second in his life, it seems, will not.

In the line of road models of Mercedes-AMG GT is the most extreme option called the AMG GT R PRO offers biturbomotor 4.0 output 585 HP and 700 N•m. This sports car rides the Nurburgring in 7:04.632. And I want to catch up with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2) — 6:47.25 in the basic version and 6:40.33 in the performance of the 911 GT2 RS MR. On the preparation of a response to the opponents became known in June. And here on the North loop seen the second prototype of the Mercedes-AMG GT R EVO (or Black Series). From June he is even more aggressive aerodynamics.

In comparison with the United States or China, the Russian market of electric vehicles just ghostly. And yet there is something to be happy about: the positive dynamics of sales, and excellent. According to the Agency AUTOSTAT, in the first half of 2019 in the country sold 147 new electric cars, which is 2.8 times more than in the same period last year (52). The market of electric models run on the volume exceeds the market of new and also growing: in January-June 2019 were sold in Russia 1395 electric cars with mileage, which is almost 56% more than in the first half of 2018 (896 units).

Plastic fender liner inside the wheel arches can be insecure. There is a possibility that they are completely disconnected during the movement, will take off on the road, endanger the safety of people and provoke an accident. If from the arch sticks out of the edge of the sheathing, and the trip annoying wind noise from the wheels, this is a sure sign of defect. You need to give the car the service technicians, so they tightened the wheel arches with additional screws. In Russia, the opinion swept 6679 crossovers Audi Q5 sold in the years 2017-2019. The list of VIN codes attached.

Selling minivans in America last year fell to its lowest level in 30 years: sold around 364-thousand units. In the first half of 2019, the demand decreased by 16%, reports Associated Press. But in 2000, at the peak of popularity of "buses", were sold 1.33 million cars held a market share of 7.2%. Now it shrank to 2.5%, and many automakers (e.g., Ford and GM) left the segment MPV. But those who remained in the game full of optimism. "No other car can compete with a minivan — I am sure Tim has Kunickis of the FCA. — For the transport of people and things in the future, there is nothing better".

The Situation when there are simultaneously two generations of the same model, more common in developing countries. However, here's an interesting example from the USA. The concern of the FCA is selling there truck Ram 1500 as the newest, fifth generation (introduced in 2018) and the preceding "fourth" Ram (debuted in 2008). To distinguish the latter to his name this year added the word Classic. Recently FCA CEO Mike Manley in an interview with Motor Trend, not only stated that the end of the release RAM Classic is not yet in sight, but hinted at an update this model, so it still happily lived in the 2020's.

American branch of the company Lexus has announced the release for sale special variations of the SUV LX 570 — with package Sport Package. This upgrade will only be available for a three-row version of the car. Estimated LX570 Sport Package $99 300 (6,3 million), or $7920 more expensive than the original LX model year 2020 with three rows of seats. Interestingly, with the design of the package the manufacturer is not much wisely: set Sport de facto follows the modification of Superior, published in Russia in 2017. we have Only the mirrors were black, and in "American" they are in body color. Even the frame is attached to the official release (photo under) is edited the sample machine of 2017.

Drag Coefficient "sixth" hatchback Opel Corsa is 0.29 with a frontal area of 2.13 m2. The result is stated as one of the best in the class. Well, the figure is not a record, but quite decent. Better than the Audi A1 (0,31) and Mini Cooper (0,30), but this is the same pyatidverok Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and Nissan Micra. Other brands, unlike the Opel, do not advertise coefficients if particularly nothing to brag about. So we can't add a hatchback Volkswagen Polo and Mazda 2/Toyota Yaris. Well, the achievement Corsi, presumably, is automatically transferred to the related Peugeot 208.

On the first of August in India will change the tax rate on goods and services (Goods & Service Tax — GST). To charge electric vehicles will be reduced from 12% to 5%, whereas for petrol and diesel cars will remain level at 28%. On the charger and station for electric vehicles, the GST will be reduced from 18% to 5%. Authorities believe that these measures should encourage buyers of battery cars, although in the best case manage to reduce the gap in prices between cars with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, which would still be considerably more expensive. However, other measures are being taken.

Fall on the Indian market will be a new compact SUV based on the concept of Future-S. the Local newspaper The Economic Times says: the model is called S-Presso (and code Y1K), and built the Indian Department of research and development with the support of colleagues from Japan. The younger brother of crossover Vitara Brezza is aimed at consumers who can afford to sit in the driver's seat from the saddle of a motorcycle or scooter. It is expected that the initial price will not exceed 500,000 rupees (461 thousand rubles). Main competitors — the Renault Kwid and Mahindra KUV100.

Supplies the smallest model, the Ford of piatigorski Ka+, to Europe from India will be officially discontinued in September. As reported by Automotive News, warning about the dealers received back in April. The reason, according to a company representative, that the hatchback in 2020 will be subjected to penalties for CO2 emissions in excess of, while the low price of the machine makes it impractical expensive vehicle technology to reduce those emissions. Coincidence or not, but just in September, the EU market comes the latest SUV Ford Puma.

Australian online CarSales spoke to Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmarked and made sure that the Bentayga will be the only crossover of the brand, at least in the short term. Wait kupeobrazny version Bentayga SUV and smaller while does not make sense. "If we consider other SUV models now? No. Can we imagine that in the future the situation will change? Yes," said the functionary. According to him, the Bentayga has not yet disclosed its full potential and will develop rapidly over the life cycle.