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Riding on the crossover BMW X2 along the winding Portuguese roads, we noted in particular the German novelties of two things ― sharp steering and a perfect balance of handling and ride. Agree, a good Foundation for the creation of "charged" modification. But a full-fledged "emka" in the family BMW X2 is not planned yet. But on road tests spotted version of the M Performance X2 M35i xDrive. However, the label sounds more menacing than the harsh truth of life. Usually this index refer to BMW six-cylinder models, but in the case of the top version of the X2 it says four cylinders.

About a potential appearance in the range Ranger "charged" version of the Raptor, created in the image and likeness of it's big brother F-150 Raptor, rumors went a long time. This option we expected from the American Ranger. However, it seems that the first-born Ranger will be assembled in Thailand, designed for the Australian market (where the pickup will appear in the second half). Interestingly, this car predicted gasoline "turborestore" 2.7 EcoBoost, but the Australian Raptor revealed a two-liter turbodiesel, however, is quite capable.

Crossover Vitara Brezza was recently recognized India's "Car of the year". Ahead Cretu, he is the leader in the segment of compacts, and for 2017 140 855 sold cars at prices ranging from 650 thousand rubles. The company Maruti Suzuki has decided to consolidate this success and to release an SUV slightly smaller. His prototype — concept Future-S, presented today at the exhibition Auto Expo in new Delhi. The serial version should appear by 2019.

Company Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic continue the collaboration that began with creating a conceptual sedan H600 and continued the crossovers K550 and K750. New project — electrified sports cars. They say it's not just a two-door version of the "six", although the show car, probably is a hybrid with a microturbine. Expect him to power over 800 HP and a power reserve of approximately 1000 km.

Office Jaguar Classic continues to delight fans of the Jaguars of the fifties and sixties. After re-Assembly, albeit limited, of such masterpieces of the past as the sports car Jaguar E-type and XKSS Roadster, the British returned to the life of a Jaguar D-type. And it's not a stylized replica. The machine is built according to original specifications, and the resumption of the suspended 62 years ago release.

Mercedes Sprinter second generation, launched in 2006, comes to rest. Successor has been declassified, and its appearance in the European showrooms expected in June 2018. But take orders already now: 19 990 euros in Germany. One of the most important changes is the introduction of the Mercedes PRO connect. It is designed to improve the efficiency of corporate parks to reduce the costs of companies through the analysis of driving, to simplify communication of fleet Manager and driver, to establish a more flexible travel planning and remote control of some functions of the vehicle. So this segment is used first.

The Current Mercedes S-class for the balance of handling and ride one of the best in the segment. In the basis of a sedan with an index W222 lies the modernized platform predecessor (W221). However, the next S-Class is already developing more modern modular rear-wheel drive "truck". The scheme will remain the same double-wishbone design in front and memorycache back. Also, according to rumors, customers will be offered two friends suspension type ― standard pneumatic hydroprogne Airmatic and Magic Body Control. From scratch make the body, more than half will be aluminum and will add to the stiffness.

Analysts of Ford estimated that for 2017 sales of passenger cars in the U.S. market fell by 14%. But Ford's crossovers business is booming: over the same period showed growth of 2.9%. Moreover, customers increasingly choose expensive equipment: during the last four years the share of these modifications increased by six percent. And model Ford Edge implementation of modifications of Titanium and Sport increased by eight. Recently Edge has been updated, and now top version called ST. And with it in summer sale and another rendition with a name that speaks for itself ― Titanium Elite.

Hyundai had an unusual run of five machines in drone mode took place almost two hundred kilometres from Seoul to Pyeongchang. The cars were equipped with sensors, computers and other nodes required for the fourth level of autonomy. Of experienced five three instances was a newest SUV fuel cell Nexo, and the other two are sedans Genesis G80. For the first time Autonomous vehicles have passed this distance on the maximum allowed for a given highway speed — 110 km/h.

In December, the Russian office KIA announced that the basic Stinger costs 1 999 900 rubles. Now petrol "turboservice" 2.0 T-GDI decided to deportirovat from 247 to 197 HP, making the price of the initial variant with an eight "automatic" reduced by one hundred thousand to 1 899 900. The "extra" 50 strength did not disappear altogether and are offered at the above-mentioned amount. So where is this sorrow? Rear-wheel drive, which attracts enthusiasts, fans of active driving, was trapped in the starting configuration Comfort. Despite its name, the comfort here is not clear. The list of equipment is poor. Alas, the manufacturer relies on the four-wheel-drive Stingers.

European model Ford Ka+ has undergone restyling, affecting both the design and technical stuffing of piatigorski. In addition, in the range of a city car was added elevated terrain variation Ka+ Active (Active is the second version after the Fiesta, and such modifications will be magnified). By the way, Ferdowsi in 2016, tried a similar technique on the Brazilian model-sister Ka Trail, and this year pseudoclosure A-class will be able to buy and Europeans.

The Wait is long. This year — likely at the Geneva motor show — will debut the sedan of Audi A6 of new generation. Now the intrigue is kept to a minimum: from the outside it is a reduced copy of the Executive model, the Audi A8, inside the realm of touch screens, like A8 or A7 latest generation. And next year, according to rumors, scheduled premiere of "charged" modification Audi S6 and S6 Avant. The wagon, like the sedan, now being tested in the Arctic circle. In the case of "es-sixth" we were most interested in the engine. But here, given the policy of downsizing in the company, the picture is already clear.

FAW Company continues to optimize its numerous brands. After Hongqi came the brand Junpai. Its a new model T086 style strongly and favorably with previous crossovers such as the Besturn X80 (already sold in Russia) and Junpai D60 (soon to appear). The fact that the design was farmed out to an unnamed Studio from Italy. The SUV will enter the Chinese market in the third quarter of 2018.

AVTOVAZ continues to make useful adjustments to the equipment of the popular models of Lada Xray. In particular, the car has a cruise control and speed limiter. These systems are embedded in the Luxe specification 1.8 with Prestige package (788 900 rubles) and "x-yards" performed Exclusive (from 820 to 900).

In Europe last year for crossovers Peugeot was a shock. Older 2008 was able to find 179 529 buyers. Did not disappoint and turned into the SUV Peugeot 3008 and 5008 ― 168 356 46 689 vehicles (in less than a year), respectively. Success is exciting, therefore, according to the rumors, the French prepared for the production of another SUV. It will be called 4008 (as the clone of the model 3008 for the Chinese market), but will do it in the form kupeobrazny crossover. Machine on the basis of "three thousand and eight" will get a lower roof line, the original design of the front and back. This car will we see in 2020.