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The Russian branch of Volkswagen has stopped the implementation of the Tiguan with the diesel 2.0 (150 HP). The release of such versions in Kaluga, respectively, is stopped. In the catalogue of the brand this car is still listed in the Configurator, but in fact the orders are no longer accepted, and the dealers sell the latest samples from showrooms, confirmed to Drive at the office. The reduction in the number of versions, according to the official explanation, will help to optimize production processes and to reduce costs. But it is clear that it is in line with the General trend of rejection of diesels in the passenger car (sometimes radical, sometimes compromise, partial) observed in Europe.

Official details about the flagship model of Tata Harrier, released on the eve of the January sales start in India, did not bring good news. So, the architecture of OMEGA-Arc (modified platform of the land Rover) instead of an independent rear suspension provides the beam. At the stern are drum brakes instead of disk. A six-speed "automatic" from Hyundai on the launch would not take place because the negotiations with the Koreans is not completed. On gasoline engine still can not hear anything. Wheel drive Harrier yet to be offered.

Concept Aiways U5 Ion, presented last spring in Beijing, was formed in serial mid-size crossover. However, the Chinese market it will be released only in the second half of 2019, at an expected price of 200,000 yuan (1.9 million rubles). An electric motor mounted on the front (leading) axis, generates 140 kW (190 HP, 315 N•m). Located in the bottom of the battery with a capacity of 63 kW•h promises a range of 460 km on the NEDC cycle. To increase the mileage of 100 km is possible at the expense of battery 18 kWh in underground trunk. This is not the limit, because earlier it was announced the option of 80 kWh.

The Full name of this masterpiece — Police BMW i8 TUNE IT! SAFE! by AC Schnitzer. Allocated capital letters call for safe tuning — the name of the initiative of the German Association of automobile tuners VDAT supported by the Ministry of transport of Germany. In this project, VDAT collaborates with different studios to promote proper tuning and, consequently, eliminate unsafe and illegal. Well, the company AC Schnitzer is not the first time refers to the hybrid BMW i8: you can think of a few examples (first, second) for the last year.

Pedestrians are accustomed to looking for eye contact with drivers to ensure safe crossing of the roadway. Such interaction they expect from drones. Researchers from Daimler talking about "informed trust", and devoted a Cooperative project Car. "People should be able to quickly and accurately assess what will make the Autonomous vehicle. Therefore the vehicle must provide information about their intentions so that people could immediately understand everything intuitively," says the futurologist of Daimler Alexander Mankowski. This can help circular light alarm turquoise color.

Initially, it was clear that the Honda Pilot with something to share with the model Passport: platform, engines and transmissions. But nobody could have predicted that the Pilot will give a whole, i.e., will turn into a Passport. To hide the outward "sameness" and no one tries, because the same is too much of the hood, headlights, most body panels, glass and so on. The company is recognised cloning "a large part of the basic structure" and the use of a common platform of Honda's Global Light Truck (front McPherson front and memorycache back). However, according to the Honda Passport is a unique crossover. It will be released on the US market in early 2019.

Sports Car Porsche 911 eighth generation (factory code 992) declassified by the Germans just in time for the opening of the auto show in Los Angeles. Before us is a alloy of the newest technologies and the 55-year evolution of the legends found worldwide of over one million buyers. Modular boxer turboshesterki 3.0 revised: upgraded injection with piezo injectors, blowers grew in size, optimized cooling system charge air applied diesel particulate filters. At the opening of the sales modifications of the Carrera S and Carrera 4S impact increased by 30 HP and 30 N•m to 450 HP and 530 nm.

Vazovtsy emphasize: for the first ten months of 2018 pyatidverka Lada Xray is among the most popular models in Russia. They "forget" to clarify that demand from buyers Xray lags behind not only families Vesta and Granta, but even Largus. Worse among Lad sold by one of the ancient Lada 4x4. To spur demand, launched a crossover version of Xray Cross. Now for the usual hatch decided to ease the empty set, and at the same time to shake up the rest, banged the top Exclusive with the exorbitant price tag from 835 to 900.

American company, Rivian Automotive, contrary to expectations, did not become intriguing concepts. Their model, it was decided to provide in full combat readiness. The first went to pickup R1T (soon it will be followed by the crossover of the twin-R1C). In each wheel of the electric vehicle placed on the motor 147 kW (200 HP). The total capacity is about 800 forces, and torque can reach 14 000 N•m Acceleration to 96.5 km/h lasts more than three seconds. The cruising range depends on battery capacity: 105, 135 and 180 kWh provide 370, 483 and 644 km. the Truck will be released to the U.S. market in 2020, with a base price tag of $61 500 (4.1 million rubles). Accepting orders with a Deposit of $1000 is open.

Of Course, the design and the technical part repeats the Convertible version of the Bentley Continental GT coupe the third generation. Convertible is presented with the flagship 6.0 W12 TSI (635 HP, 900 N•m), which is paired with eight-speed "robot" propels the two-ton colossus up to a hundred in 3.8 s (one-tenth slower than the private option) and allows to reach a maximum of 333 km/h (parity). The most interesting newcomer is the roof of the Z-fold, folding over 19 with at speeds up to 50 km/h, Thanks to improved sound insulation noise "under the hood" is reduced by three decibels from now on in the cabin as quietly as the previous coupe. The soft top will be available in seven versions, including the first introduced a tweed version.

In Seoul at the press event were shown the redesigned Genesis sedan G90. By the way, along with updating the car in Korea and changed the designation: house it was sold as EQ900, and now bears the same index as in the global market. Externally, as say the developers, the flagship brand, develops the language of "Athletic elegance" by topic "Horizontal architecture". Especially notable was the front optics with a horizontal strip running lights in the middle, which after the wheel arches visually moves into a new pad on the wing. The shape of the grille evokes the concept of Essentia and have not yet released the G80 sedan next generation.

The pieces of the inflator from the airbag company Takata, according to latest figures, killed all over the world 24. Us regulators from the NHTSA installed the latest deadline for reviews of deadly airbag 30 September 2020. In the amount of service shares should be covered by more than 100 million cars, but many owners ignore the calls, complicating the already breath-taking situation. Especially bad are things with old machines. Mazda now calls for repair of this Mazda 2, Mazda 6, CX-7 and BT-50. They were sold from may 2006 to November 2014. The list of VIN codes 62 357 units posted Rosstandart.

Department McLaren Special Operations (MSO) continued the creation of "designer line" machines in special versions, the appearance of which differs from the serial McLaren even with the options. After performances (the company says "themes") Velocity, Carbon, and Pacific Track light appeared coupe MSO 720S Stealth Theme, built in a single copy. Its main color is Sarthe Grey MSO Defined is an allusion to the color of the coupe McLaren F1 GTR that won Le Mans in 1995. And I must say, this color is hard to call catchy.

The Swedes issued an unusual teaser news which was prepared for the motor show in Los Angeles. The idea of the message — "you think You see the phone, but the reality is...", and then you can try to think logically. Gradual evolution autopilot on production machines Volvo and experiences with a fully Autonomous movement, as well as the latest unmanned concept 360c indicate that to find the answer you need in this area. With the smartphone can be connected for remote control of the machine from the outside, including the traffic on the Parking lot. The same smartphone is associated with a mobile service, for example, call a taxi (in the future — Autonomous). And also the phone as the key to keep in mind.

The public Prosecutor's office today arrested Carlos Ghosn on suspicion of financial fraud. Nissan has officially said that in the past few months, is leading an internal investigation. It has already shown that the gon is hiding the real size of their income from securities on the Tokyo stock exchange. In addition, the functionary capable of numerous other significant violations, such as personal use of company assets. It is emphasized that the accomplice Rutting in illegal operations had been authorized Director Greg Kelly.