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Director of Kia Motors Europe Emilio Herrera gave an unexpectedly candid interview with Automotive News told about the electrification of the line for Europe. It turned out that at the end of November at the plant in Zilina (Slovakia) will start production of two to be connected to the outlet of hybrids: cross-hatch XCeed and wagon Ceed SW. Both will be available to buyers in January 2020. Hatchback Ceed from November will also be a hybrid, but only moderate. "We are also considering a pure electric version of Sid, explained Herrera. Next year will be a new Sorento, which will offer current diesel plus two hybrid versions".

When something is supposed to happen, and now we know when. Until March 2020 the legendary oppozitnik Subaru EJ20 fully leaves the pipeline after 30 years of production. Last for a well deserved engine will be the special version of sedan WRX STI, the only models that still use this motor. Moreover, the "poems" are equipped with them just for the home Japanese market. So for the rest of the world, which uses a EJ25 volume of 2.5 l, the output of the farewell modifications WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition — just the opportunity to recall the good old days.

SUVs UAZ can be called somewhat conservative. Still, the progress passes them by. Examples: belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters, rear differential with electronic locking, electronic service book and all-round visibility (the experience), a multimedia system for Android with access to the Network navigation and Wi-Fi module. Next step: add function connectivity involving the next level of "connectedness" — remote control for a number of functions and settings, specific network services for owners.

An Impressive number of instances in 4635 van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic (909 type), sold in Russia from August 2017 to may 2018, has been recalled to the test due to incorrectly routed wiring harness in the engine compartment. It rubs against the adjacent bracket and is liable to peretiraetsya. Among the possible consequences: failure in the electrical system, stopping the engine and the occurrence of sparks can cause fire. A list of VIN numbers of cars affected by the recall, published by Rosstandart. Wiring check and, if necessary, repaired.

The electric Motor on the rear axle capable of developing 304 HP Battery capacity of 80 kWh and promises a range of 250 miles (402 km) on the tough EPA standard. All technical stuffing Packed in the platform of the skateboard, which has a volume bodies of thermoplastic material on a steel frame that offers more than five cubic meters of space for seven passengers. Autopilot second level relies on seven cameras, five radars and a dozen ultrasonic sensors, but will be added soon to the lidar, other sensors and new software. Test the Shuttle will start at the end of the year. The production version will enter the markets of USA and China in 2021-m.

Toyota believes that fuel cells can benefit not only in cars. They are able to move court so as to power locomotives, to play the role of auxiliary electricity generators for houses, shops or factories. And the more widespread this technology, so it is more profitable scale production of fuel cells has beneficial effects on the cost of one unit. To demonstrate this perspective, Toyota has installed new stationary FC-generator at its plant components Honsha Plant in Toyota city.

The Head of Tesla Elon Musk in his Twitter revealed the date of the start of serial production of "charged" piatigorski Model S Plaid — October-November 2020. At the same time, new data on time prototype of this car at the Nurburgring. The official announcement from the company was not. But observers with a stopwatch in hand to assure that the best rate was 7:23 (in particular, this was reported by the publication Auto Motor und Sport). These messages reacted and Musk. He did not name the exact figures, but said: "This is just the beginning. We expect that this time will be beaten in the serial version."

In the title, of course, there is a certain conditionality, as applied by the firm Electric GT electric motors are quite familiar cylindrical body. But they are linked, together with supporting electronics in a single "Large Block V8" (take the place of the crankshaft), also known as e-Crate. And its appearance is intended to cause buyers associations with a well-known "motors out of the box" (crate engine), so beloved by fans of garage and tuning. The idea of the project is similar: to offer a conversion kit out of the box for converting old cars into electric cars. How it works Electric GT is going to show on the example of the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 1970.

From Now on, Kia Stinger in Russia is offered in six trim levels: Comfort (2 074 900 rubles), Luxe (2 284 900), Prestige (2 604 900), Style (2 639 900), the GT Line (2 834 900), GT (3 404 900). The new version of the Style moved away from the "Prestige" only 35 000, but the next more expensive GT Line 195 000 — a chance to nip off a bit of options. They will be put to ultimately the newest four-wheel-drive with turboservice 2.0 T-GDI (247 HP, 353 nm) and an eight "automatic", and only from the outside. In the interior is still Prestige.

The Most powerful production car with a folding hard top is now called Ferrari GTS 812 and represents a modification of Berlinetta 812 Ferrari Superfast. An engine 6.5 V12 (800 HP, 718 N•m, no change) located under the hood and allows the Italians to talk about returning to front-engined layout on open vehicles exactly 50 years after the debut of the latest Spider 365 GTS4 Daytona. Seven-step "robot" with two clutches helps to accelerate to hundreds in less than three seconds (acceleration 0-200 km/h in 8,3 s). The top speed exceeds 340 km/h. the Roof retracts in 14 C at a speed of 45 km/h.

In late August, a 49-year-old Karim Habib has gone from Infiniti, where he worked as Executive design Director in 2017. In the message of the Japanese company said: "Left to use other opportunities." What became known now Kia Motors has appointed Habib senior Vice President and head of the design centre in Namyang. In the post he will assume in early October. Informed shared leadership was engaged in Vice-President Gregory Guillaume, and Namanga the Studio was directed by Pierre Leclerc, chief stylist. The company does not specify, will replace Karim Leclerc or just going for a new boss.

A Modern mid-engined sports car Alpine A110, as you know, is the successor model of the same name A110 sixties and seventies and even imitates her looks. And that became widely known thanks to the successful participation in the rally. Including in 1973, she brought the Alpine-Renault in the constructors ' championship in the first championship WRC. The French decided to continue this tradition and built A110 Rally, based on the version A110S, but with elements of a lightweight chassis from racing counterparts A110 and A110 GT4 Cup. This modification was developed with the assistance of partner Signatech.

In the project presented today e-Beetle the Volkswagen Group Components used stuffing from the hatch of the Volkswagen e-up!. Before we discuss the car, as the Germans told about the key moments in modernization of the "e-up". The stated capacity of the traction battery at 32.3 kWh (until JB was 18.7 kW•h). Strange, because the e-Beetle is the value of 36.8 kWh, the same that announced the project Gemini model e-up!: E iV Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii electric. Or "e-up" engineers have removed a couple of modules, or, more likely, moved to a designation is not the full capacity of the battery, and used. There are other differences.

Volkswagen Group Components is not a unit, and "independent" company, which the group itself deems an umbrella brand. From the title it is clear that the company is engaged in supply of automotive components. His new partner was the German firm Murschel Electric Cars from Renningen, literally just renamed the eClassics. The business idea is simple: VW Group delivers eClassics components from the electric vehicle Volkswagen e-up! (motor, gearing, battery), and that "planted" classic cars on the money of their owners. By the way, the same is already doing an Aston Martin.

Previously, the performance of the Monte Carlo was only four compact Skoda — Fabia and Rapid, Yeti and Citigo. After the auto show in Frankfurt will get a new model — Kamiq and Scala. Cars are changing, and the package Monte Carlo, unfortunately, no. Although the top version is dedicated to the success of the brand in the rally, the designers could not come up with anything better than "black elements making the image more sporty". Therefore, black grille surrounds gloss black frame, with black splitter, side by side black skirts, and black exterior mirrors, spinning black alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 or 18 inches.