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The Phrase of Henry Ford's "the color of the car can be anything as long as it's black" does not mean that a hundred years ago there was no other car coatings. Say used on the Ford black paint dried faster than others, and Ford's innovation — the Assembly line — demanded speed. And this color was just cheaper. In our days, the search for "the deepest black" have been the firm of McLaren, has created a series 570GT MSO coupe Black Collection. There is not the pipeline, and the manually production, not considerations of economy, but rather the desire to do something special for connoisseurs and collectors. And edition — only 100 copies.

After the sedan Mercedes-Maybach S-class facelift was the Pullman limousine with a length of 6.5 m. It also received a new grille with vertical slats, "inspired by" a business suit, pinstriped and Vision concept Mercedes-Maybach 6. For the longest Maybach is now available two-tone paint scheme. Updated design 20-inch wheels with ten holes. Taking orders in Europe opened today. The base price has not changed — about half a million euros. Thus, the restyling of all possible "Asok" was successfully completed.

Mazda Motor Corporation, company ELIIY Power and Ube Industries (both partners Mazda — also from Japan) concluded an agreement on cooperation in research and development for 12-volt lithium-ion starter batteries. Moisture-proof, heat - and impact-resistant, maintenance-free and very compact units are useful to replace conventional lead-acid. They will help to reduce the curb weight of the car. The intention of the initiators of the project, such replacement on conventional machines may occur by 2021. (ELIIY produces batteries for vehicles and stationary drives, and Ube is a specialist in the field of electrolytes and separators for lithium batteries.)

Firm Rimac Automobili created the Concept_One electric coupe with insane performance (1088 HP, 1600 N•m) in 2011, when there were no acclaimed Tesla Model S. Since then, the Croats brought the supercar to the small series of eight pieces and created a boosted version of Concept_S (1384 HP, 1800 N•m, two copies). But truly a new step in the history of the brand will be a coupe C_Two presented today at the Geneva motor show. Unlike its predecessor, it will be released much more mass circulation: it is planned to make 150 copies.

The British company Sin Cars, led by Bulgarian businessman Rozenom Daskalovi brought to Geneva its second after the Sin R1 supercar and the hybrid version of the model. To choose for the project Sin S1 a precise definition is difficult because it's not just the car, and the designer of the modules. The chassis remains unchanged, everything else (body type, powertrain, interior) are free to choose the client. And to change the configuration during operation. For example, summer Sin S1 will turn into a convertible or Roadster, and in the fall will result in the compartment. In racing season you'll have a powerful sports car, then a utilitarian machine.

Mercedes-Benz CLS will go down in history as the founder of the crusade in all market niches, crevices and prolazit Koch. Today is the idee fixe of all major manufacturers. And until 2004, even the term "four-door coupe" nobody came to mind. The latest, third CLS solved in the same form-factor: in a technical sense is a four-door sedan with a slight touch of sportiness, frameless doors, and this time ― five-and not four. In artistic terms he boldly combines predatory shark front end with the Baroque back, leaving plenty of occasions for discussions about the design. That like the Chinese and Koreans?

Hong Kong's Hybrid Kinetic Group has already received from Pininfarina three prototypes: H600 sedans and crossovers Yes K550 K750. The fourth was HK GT coupe, which, as noted by the Italians, two souls. There are driving modes — casual Cruise and racing Race. Dogdore is also a hybrid. It is equipped with four electric motors with total capacity more than 800 kW (1088 HP). They are powered by batteries with a capacity of 38 kWh that allows you to drive on pure electric range of 160 km. Then comes the onboard generator, increasing the range of up to 1000 km. it can be a gas microturbine, internal combustion engines, or hydrogen fuel cells. Such a variety offered for the first time.

Toyota Auris ― Asian's best-selling hatchback in the European market. The car is among the ten most popular models, taking ninth place in the ranking. Over the past two years, the Japanese have implemented in the Old world 243 011 cars. Volkswagen Golf, of course, unattainable (973 858 for 2016-2017), but for the Auris and this is a good result. In many respects it managed to achieve thanks to the wide range of engines. Toyota offered several gasoline engines, a couple of turbo diesel and hybrid powertrain. But this policy is now in the past. In Geneva debuted the third-generation model, which was developed on new templates.

Bentley Bentayga is no longer the most expensive English crossover. No, a six-meter giant Rolls-Royce Cullinan has not yet entered the market, but without it Bentayga shifted from the place of honor. Made a stir firm Land Rover, which is brought to the Geneva motor show three-door Range Rover Coupe SV. The car made on the basis of the standard Range, but the conversion required significant improvements. The novelty of the original appearance, low roof, redesigned door openings and glass without frames. But the most impressive starting price ― 240 thousand pounds sterling. The same Between a 550 horsepower V8 will cost 136 200 pounds.

Now in the Mercedes range, there are two models of the Mercedes-AMG GT. Both very powerful, fast, and initially worked on them specialists AMG Department. That's where the similarity ends. After all, one of them is a stunning double car built on the platform of the SLS AMG coupé on the circuit transaxle. And the second is a five ― door hatchback with a four - or five-seat interior, folding rear sofa and a very roomy trunk. The car is built on a modular "trolley" MRA, which is based on the new Mercedes CLS, but unlike his debut Geneva motor show will not be low-powered and rear-wheel drive versions.

Geneva motor show served as the venue for the premiere of the show car Porsche Cross Mission E Turismo. The Germans themselves define the concept as the Cross Utility Vehicle (CUV), although in appearance it is closer not to the crossovers and wagons, even upbeat. Compare the lines Cross with Panamera Turismo Turismo Sport (by the way, it the company prefers not to use the word universal, too utilitarian nature of it implies). In any case, before us the development of a conceptual electric vehicle Mission E presented in 2015.

No concepts, the Koreans announced. And then suddenly surfaced secretive prototype, and Hyundai speak French? In Geneva, Switzerland Francophones do not dominate, they are about the fifth part. Apparently, the Koreans have called the new concept by the name of the Le Fil Rouge just for beauty. Loosely translated this means a General trend, an important theme that runs through the life and times. The status of such a magical vein claim new Hyundai design philosophy called Sensuous Sportiness ("sensual sportiness"). If your head is from the high praises of spinning yet, know that Le Fil Rouge is based on the concept of Hyundai Pony Coupe issued in 1974 from Giugiaro.

The appearance of the compact Lexus UX firm revealed before the start of the Geneva motor show, and now shared the full set of images, and most importantly — talked about filling the car. As it turned out, there will be new engines and transmissions. Not surprising, since the UX was the first production Lexus to the new "truck" GA-C (McPherson strut front and double wishbones at the rear). Promised a low center of gravity in its class, and driving dynamics as the hatchback. (GA-C is one of the platforms architecture TNGA and is used in the Prius and C-HR future Auris a Corolla.)

Instead of the production version of the coupe, Toyota Supra Japanese brought to Geneva concept GR racing Supra Racing, which transmits the virtual greetings to show Kara Super Sport GR. As usual, the acronym GR stands for Gazoo Racing team. Not wanting to lay out technical specifications track-Kara, the Japanese decided to re-scroll through all the pages of the history of the Supra, which now would have turned 40 years old. They say, we returned to the turnover glorious name (video). The drive also will publish a detailed timeline, but only after the debut of the road for the first time the fifth generation. And yet...

This year, Groupe Renault will present a series of concepts on the theme of new urban mobility. A string of show cars will follow the prototype of Symbioz. Today in Geneva, the French showed one of them — a six-seater Shuttle, Renault EZ-GO endowed with the autopilot of the fourth level. The car is no steering, no pedals. The only motor installed on the rear axle. Top speed is limited to clear around 50 km/h. There are polnopravnym 4Control chassis and its own charging station as a platform (aka "bus stop").