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In 2012, Toyota returned to Le Mans after a thirteen year break. However, over the five years of the daily marathon toyotacom did not submit three times the crews of the branches of Toyota Racing and Toyota Gazoo Racing stopped in a step from gold. But the company is not going to leave the top LMP1 class of the WEC series, as did the winner of the last three years, Porsche. Moreover, the Gazoo Racing team has begun work in a new direction ― the creation of road cars based on racing. The first of these will be a hypercar, a harbinger of which was the Toyota concept Super Sport GR.

In the Royal races, Renault debuted 40 years ago. In 1977, Jean-Pierre Gabbi brought onto the Silverstone race car, the Renault RS01. It was the first in the history of Formula 1 racing car with supercharged motor (Assembly of Renault-Gordini V6 1.5) and the first car in F1, equipped with radial tires. Since then it has passed 40 years of age, who fit the change of the names of the team twice champion and less pleasant events. However, to celebrate this date, the French decided modest ― the release of the hot hatch Renault Clio RS 18. Sales in Europe will begin in the first half of 2018, and the circulation will be very limited.

Supergroover Bentley Bentayga, as predicted by the insiders, got gasoline "biturbomotor" 4.0. It produces 550 forces with 6000 rpm and 770 N•m in the range 1960-4500 rpm For a couple with eight-speed "automatic" ZF engine allows to be dispersed to hundred in 4.5 s and reach maximum 290 km/h. fuel Consumption in the combined cycle of 11.4 l/100 km In the city — almost 16 liters.

Looks Like it's time to get used to the new format, test drives and is notorious steering feel develop a sense of autopilot. How well and smoothly it works, there is whether the behavior of the drone special character? Need a rating system for comparative tests of Autonomous vehicles. Journalists Drive already experienced the autopilot Audi A7 and Lexus GS. And I got the futuristic Renault Symbioz. The French took up the subject later, and borrowed computer solutions. Decided to do something special?

The Company Landwind, which disgraced with a clone of the SUV Range Rover Evoque produced at the Chinese market a new model of Xiaoyao. Local media immediately called it "Chinese GLA". This time to do an exact copy of the plagiarists were afraid: the face on the crossover is still original and the interior is original. But the profile and rear not to notice the similarities impossible. Innocent purchaser should be like, because the price of Xiaoyao start with 79 900 yuan (about 700 thousand rubles), while the base Mercedes GLA is 3.5 times more expensive.

Road tests brought us interesting pictures of tiny Hyundai hatchback. Apparently, this car segment And will replace the Indian model of Hyundai Santro Xing, retired in 2015 after sixteen years on the Assembly line. But Santro is the Indian name of the baby, known in some markets as the Atos Prime. What is the symbol for his successor will be chosen by the firm is now unclear. In any case, you should get a small budget car.

In the framework of the exhibition electronics CES in Las Vegas, Nissan introduced the technology B2V (Brain-to-Vehicle — from the brain to the car). However, it does not provide a real driving only one power of thought, and behind the wheel to keep need. Nevertheless it is a step towards such technology. After all, B2V system of the vehicle begins to respond to the control signals of the person before actually coming to the muscle movement of the arms or legs.

Localization of production models Kia Stinger can not be called. We are talking not about the full cycle, and SKD SKD-Assembly of the Korean kits. This method Kaliningrad "Avtotor" has produced ten KIA models, for example, the flagship sedan Quoris. The stinger in Russia plays the role of a halo car, therefore, to "domesticate" it is possible and necessary only to reduce costs when crossing borders.

The British did not get tired to invent new versions of the Evora. Presenting the 2016 Lotus Evora Sport dvuhdverka 410 and then inventing a few rare performances, including a powerful GT430, as well as lightweight and aerodynamically optimized GT430 Sport, the developers have now created a kind of mixed. A newcomer named Lotus Evora GT410 Sport. It is slightly less powerful than the 430, but in all relations balanced. The program marks it needs to replace "just" Sport 410 without the prefixes to a name.

Elements of autonomy and assistant driver (character recognition, adaptive cruise with steering assistant emergency detour pedestrian) introduced on the Mercedes-Benz models in stages. Another increase uptake of electronics can you expect after completion of this voyage the Intelligent World Drive. Since September of last year, Autonomous prototype on the basis of the S-class has already visited five parts of the world. The final stage of the voyage, the U.S., timed to coincide with CES, which is taking place now in Las Vegas.

Name Lvchi (seemingly pronounced "Keys") loosely translated means "green transportation". This is a new company which will be in mid-2019 to mass produce in China, electric vehicles, and only them. Scheduled as many as eight models: sedans, crossovers, minivans, compacts. And start firm Lvchi Auto decided from the conceptual supercar Urano — "four-door coupe" with a capacity of 520 kW (707 HP, 900 N•m). Acceleration to hundreds of deals he's 3.5 s. cruising stretches the truth to the cycle NEDC — 500 km For some obscure Chinese estimates — all 690.

Las Vegas at CES debuted an electric version of the model Vanderhall Venice, called Edison2. Instead of the gasoline engine 1.4 (203 HP, 271 N•m) the tricycle is equipped with two electric motors, which lead the front axle. Total power — 134 kW (182 HP, 325 N•m). The machine accelerates to 96.5 km/h in four seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 169 km/h. Charge the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh should be enough for 200 miles (322 km) on the odometer.

In the field of technical developments of the company Mazda and Toyota collaborate for a long time, but your relationship they have issued only in 2015, signing an agreement to work together in different areas. Two years later, was created the business Alliance in which two of the Japanese automaker bought shares in each other. Emphasis will be given to the development of electric vehicles and systems, auto-pilot, but it's not near term. In contrast to the planned joint Assembly plants. The Alliance finally decided on the location of the plant is the city of Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Crossover Mercedes GLA battle for the European market is losing. In 2016, the Germans implemented 67 070 machines. For comparison, over the same period, middle-aged Audi Q3 and published a couple of years ago, the BMW X1 has sold 92 107 95 380 pieces. While the Mercedes GLA is not the most expensive among the opponents, similar in size and powertrains. But in the next year, the compact Mercedes appears ally is a five ― door Mercedes GLB. He just went on a road test in the guise, not under the guise of "mule". The series will form a modular platform MFA 2, which will soon debut the Mercedes A-class next generation.

Kia Forte Sedan third generation (a number of markets Cerato) will debut next week (late in the evening on the 15th if you count Moscow) at the auto show in Detroit. We can't reveal all the details. And now, just days before the premiere, the company decided to keep interest of the audience through sketches. They already give a good idea of the design of the model, which, by definition of the firm itself, the creators have tried to make it visually more muscular and athletic.