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Presented In Shanghai cityradio BMW of the third series (G20) in the performance of the Long Wheelbase (LWB). The distance between the axes increased to 110 mm (up to 2961), overall length has grown by 120 mm (up to 4829). Version was already familiar index Li. For example, the sedan is equipped with 325Li turboservice 2.0 (184 HP, 300 nm), eight-speed automatic transmission Steptronic rear-wheel drive. To make an elongated "three-ruble note" is a joint-venture BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) in Shenyang. Sales will begin closer to the middle of the year. Outside China, modification of LWB will not get out.

A multi-brand enterprise in luqiao district (city district, Tigo, China), owned by Geely, started production of the Volvo XC40. This is the second site for this crossover, after a Belgian of Ghent. SUV in 2018, which became the "car of the year in Europe," has good demand in different countries, so in the Old world, its production had to increase. Now followed by the launch of the second plant, to meet the needs of the Chinese market. In addition, the "economies of scale" (release side by side series splattermania in large volumes) will help Volvo and Geely to cut costs.

By 2021 the average CO2 emissions of cars in Europe should be reduced to 95 g/km Upper limit of the manufacturers differ, but each gram in excess of the cost 95 Euro fine per car (a total of 300-400 million per model). Therefore, companies are reviewing their product line, getting rid of "dirty" cars. Their number, according to the newspaper Largus, got two versions of the hatchback and wagon Peugeot 308 GT and GTi. The first of June will lose in Europe 1.6 petrol engine PureTech (225 HP), the second issue will be suspended in July and August with the aim of modernization.

The European Nissan X-Trail is now a completely different motor gamma. A gasoline engine 1.6 DIG-T (163 HP, 240 N•m) replaced by turboservice 1.3 (160 HP, 270 N•m). Instead of the diesel 1.6 dCi (130 HP, 320 N•m) and 2.0 dCi (177 HP, 380 N•m) will now be used unit 1.7 dCi (150 HP, 340 N•m). Both new engines are equipped with six-speed "mechanics", and the diesel X-Trail comes only with it, but it has all-wheel drive. Petrol optionally available semidiapazonnym "robot" with two clutches, but the leading can be the front wheels only.

Electric car, which is under development called Geely GE11, April 11, was presented at a special event in Singapore. It turned out, Geely Auto has created not just another electric car, but another brand Geometry. The sedan also received the name Geometry A. Stated that under this brand will go electric "high end model" with an enviable settings and equipment. Controlled by the Geely group innovative brand Lynk & Co jealous, willing to relocate to China Smart alert, and its own electric car brand Geely expect that they will share their innovations.

Model Acura TLX PMC Edition, whose public premiere will be held at the auto show in new York, became the first in a new limited series of cars with a label PMC. These letters should Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville (Ohio), where such versions of the TLX will be assembled manually. Technique used the "maximum" for "ti-al-x" (V6 3.5, 294 HP, 362 N•m, all-wheel drive SH-AWD), it has added a styling package, A-Spec, equipment set, identical to the Advance package, and moreover — a lot of features specific to the PMC Edition.

The First crossover of the brand Aston Martin name DBX celebrates its premiere in October-December this year, and will fall on the conveyor in 2020. the Manufacturer is not something that does not hide the prototypes — it shows them at every opportunity. The interior however, he still managed to hide. Now the paparazzi looked into the room and saw a bunch of components from Mercedes: the steering wheel, buttons, krutilki. Even hanging key FOB with three-beam star... However, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz have partnered for a long time and parts of Stuttgart are found in every model of Aston. They're just not as conspicuous as on the prototype.

Any wash — 15 minutes of fame wagon Kia ProCeed GT. And employees of the tinder so that one is worried about the paint, and customers are watching with interest. Who sneak, who stares. I even caught immediately willing to buy a test machine. In short, the new ProCeed people like. But it could go past Russia: the launch of a niche model is associated with greater risk in the current environment. But in the end we have as many as two Procida: a 200-horsepower GT engine 1.6 and a Lite-version of the GT-Line with a motor 1.4 140 HP familiar to the usual sid.

Loss-making Smart brand, the Germans had almost slammed. Well, the salvation came in the form of the agreement establishing a joint venture with Geely, which will deal with the Smartas. But not yet built a new plant for them in China and created a totally new electric cars (waiting for 2022), Daimler will take care of existing models. He plans to update SMARTS is scheduled for the end of 2019. Restyling will certainly affect three body (closed, convertible and pyatidverka). Well, the prototype model Smart Fortwo EQ a few hours ago was photographed on a road test.

There is no Official information at all, and the Chinese press says that the show car heralds a large flagship crossover, related models Haval H8. Supposedly, the concept may be pure electric. Well, firstly, the flagship of the brand is already there — it's a hybrid Wey P8 and its upcoming GT version. Second, a no-brainer that brand Haval, Wey and Ora closely related to the parent company Great Wall, and their models are somehow unified. Thirdly, on the prototypes Wey-Wey X and XEV even after the Prime Minister did not really know. With the new concept can do the same thing.

Chinese Internet company The9 Limited, has agreed with the firm Faraday Future on the establishment of a joint venture for the production, marketing and sales of electric vehicles in China. The terms of the transaction are simple: The9 invests in joint venture $600 million in three equal parts, and Faraday will provide an exclusive license to its designs plus the right to land for the factory in China. The planned production capacity of 300,000 cars a year. The first prototype should roll off the production line in 2020. Beginning of cooperation will be marked by the concept of V9, which will be revealed on 16 April in Shanghai.

The Sixteenth of April for the press will open the Shanghai motor show (to the public — eighteenth), and it will become clear which model Nissan redrawn from head to toe. In the official release, it just says it's an "all new sedan" and that he carries the technical solutions developed in the framework of the strategy Nissan Intelligent Mobility. So, will connect to the world wide web, the assistant driver of the last generation and all that sort of thing. Maybe the hybrid system at the same time. As for the identity model there are several versions.

Report sales of passenger cars in Russia in March and the first quarter published by the Association of European businesses, allowed Joerg Schreiber, Chairman of automobile manufacturers Committee AEB, to conclude that "the Market chooses a direction this year". In March was a modest improvement (+1.8 percent), after declining in February (-3,6%). The full quarter ended with a small decrease (-0,3%). Recall that 2018 was in solid black (+12,8%), and at that time the Association has predicted the end of 2019 as +3.6 per cent.

Mid-size crossover Chery Tiggo 8 entered the Chinese market in June 2018 with petrol turbo engine of 1.5 TCI (147 HP, 210 N•m), six-speed "mechanics" and "robot". Drive exclusively to the front. There are five - and seven-seat versions. The price range is quite wide: from 98 to 142 800 800 yuan (962 000-1,4 million rubles). Monthly were sold around 7000 cars, and then there was a surge up to 10,000, now the demand has almost halved. Therefore, restyling. Updated Tiggo 8 celebrates its premiere on April 16 in Shanghai.

Volkswagen has started tests of drones than the fourth level on the streets of Hamburg. The experiment involved five electric hatchback e-Golf that has been converted to drones. At first, for the machines will be allocated a three-kilometer area, equipped with a communication system "vehicle-infrastructure" (including control movement), "communicate" with traffic lights. In General, a number of streets with a total length of nine kilometers to be in 2020 turned into a "digital test stand" for the development of automated and connected vehicles.