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, Nissan unveiled an electric prototype based on the Leaf hatchback e+. It is equipped with two electric motors on both axles acting in the new system all-wheel drive Electric All-Wheel-Control. This is a race Bodice Nismo RC. Installed power — 227 kW (309 HP, 680 N•m). "Soon, Nissan will launch electric car, which will be a real breakthrough. We are developing new technologies of electric drive and control gear, which allows to achieve a huge leap in control of acceleration, cornering and braking. The result will be comparable with the latest sports cars", — explained the Vice-President research Takao Asami. Apparently, the "breakthrough" should be a crossover based on the concept of Nissan Ariya.

Update for home market will not called any large-scale, but important changes there. For example, from now on, buyers of the Mazda CX-8 can choose between front-wheel drive with either engine: aspirated Skyactiv-G 2.5 (190 HP, 252 N•m), turboservice Skyactiv-G 2.5 T (230 HP, 420 N•m) and diesel engine Skyactiv-D 2.2 (190 HP, 450 N•m). All the engines remain paired with six-speed "automatic" Skyactiv-Drive. Appeared off-road assistant Off-Road Traction Assist distributing traction. The Central diagonal of the display is increased from seven to eight inches.

The new Team boss of Nissan Makoto Utide is to abandon unprofitable products, and to close the Assembly line. This is the "recovery plan performance", which should bring the company out of the crisis. Reform will hit hardest in developing markets, in order to free resources for business at the main stages — in the United States and China. According to Reuters, one of the victims of restructuring is likely to be the budget brand Datsun. Among other things he is charged with "stealing sales": cheap runabout discourage buyers from Nissan.

Tokyo Subaru Levorg debuted the second generation. However, the car prepared for the car show, listed as the Subaru Levorg Prototype, but there is no doubt that the production version will be almost the same. And if the concept Viziv Tourer 2018 only outlined some of the dash design, the Levorg Prototype actually shows the car that goes on sale in Japan in the second half of 2020. Predictably, the "second" Levorg has received universal platform Subaru Global Platform (SGP), known by the whole army of the last generation Subaru from Impreza to Legacy.

Corporation Mazda introduced in Tokyo, its first production electric car MX-30, built on the basis of model CX-30 is equipped with a new power plant e-Skyactiv and improved handling e-GVC Plus. Mazdausa hesitate to call key features of the SUV, and the media indicate power output in kW 105-106 (143-144 HP 265 N•m) and a range of 210 km and a battery capacity of 35.5 kW•h. If the details are correct to be proud of "technique" and really nothing. However, the most notable detail of the beginner is back "Polidori" Freestyle Doors as Mazda coupe RX-8, hatch the BMW i3.

How Long motorists laughed at Audi, which, by ratcheting serpentine electric crossover e-tron, announced the recovery of more than 70% of electricity? Technically, the experience was correct, and the numbers are correct, but still the audience was left with the feeling of the trick. But even more curious way to advertise their technology had chosen the company MINI. She placed it in front of test problem: go through the Northern loop of the Nurburgring without resorting to the brake pedal. The mission assigned to the new electric Mini Cooper SE. Of course, the secret to success again lies in energy recovery due to the treatment of the traction motor to the generator.

All who are tired of the electric and Ford motors, joy will bring news from the Australian company Race Cast Engineering. On tuning show SEMA, which opens in Las Vegas the fifth of November, to debut its so-called "motor out of the box" (crate engine). When I think of this segment of the market, units, adore tuning and enthusiasts of all sorts of hot rods or dragster, most often talking about GM products, while you can find options. But, please, Australians. They offer an atmospheric V12 engine 9.5 with a base return in 765 HP and 941 nm.

In the era of mass electric car brand Skoda took a step this spring with a battery subcompact Citigoe iV, constructed based on the regular Citigo model. But the main hopes in this field are related to electric sepulchrally platform MEB. The first Skoda on MEB in 2020 will be the crossover. A recently discovered application for a trademark has hinted at two variants of his name: Eniaq or Enyaq. The first letter is clearly taken from the word electric and the ending puts the machine in a line of SUV Skoda. And Eniaq/Enyaq already out on the road and on the North loop, however, in the shell of the Tiguan.

The Premiere of the Skoda Octavia family, the fourth generation will be held on 11 November in Prague. Along with the standard liftback and wagon Combi in 2020 are expected to be plug-in hybrids iV, versions RS and Scout. Today the Czechs have published two sketches of "best-selling model in the history of škoda", which promised that the design "radiates more emotional appeal than ever": elongated silhouette, coupe-like flowing lines, a distinctive front section, large wheels, lights with "crystal" elements. Supposedly, the new Octavia combines compact size with "a very large amount of internal space."

Exposition of the Toyota at the Tokyo auto show, opening next week, is almost completely devoted to "green" models, both standard and concepts. We have already talked about the new Yaris hatchback (get under the hood more advanced hybrid setup), the electric concept hatchback LQ, hydrogen sedan Mirai second generation Shuttle and serial offline e-Palette. This series stands out is that the van Granace, which is just diesel. And today the company announced a pair of tiny electric Ultra-compact BEV, Ultra-compact BEV Concept Model for Business and some more unusual devices.

Amazing! Coupe BMW M8 30 kilograms heavier than the super-sedan M5. These machines have a lot in common, in particular, the same V-shaped "eight" with a capacity of 600 horsepower, or, as we do, 625 ― performed by the Competition. They have the same suspension and all-wheel drive drivetrain, down to the gear ratios. Match the size and model of tire. But M8 Competition is gaining 100 km/h one tenth of a second faster than the M5 sedan Competition, just for 3.2 s. the Coupe is the fastest production BMW. And the thing is... the brakes!

Model Audi RS5 Sportback in the second generation for the first time became a five-door hatchback. Although it happened back in March 2018, in our country, "araska" arrived just now, and went on sale in the "exclusive party" of ten vehicles. Equipment — fixed. You can select body color (black, white, gray, red, green, blue) color seat trim (black or gray). The price is high — 7 770 000. Take orders selected dealers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod.

The Chery Tiggo SUV 5x for Russia renamed Tiggo 4, after last year's restyling has lost 1.5 turbo (147 HP, 210 N•m) being aspirated 1.5 (116 HP, 141 N•m), five-speed "mechanics" and CVT. Now came the execution of the Hero, including updated turbochetverku 1.5 (156 HP, 230 N•m) Acteco family in conjunction with the six-speed "robot" Getrag with two clutches. This modification was the most expensive because it requires 89 900 yuan (813 500 rubles) against 59 900-85 900 (542-777 thousand).

Seems to be all the same. Great Gran Coupe from BMW, "indexed" with the change of generations with the sixth series to the eighth, remained tight five-meter sedan with frameless doors. It is all in the same niche between Panamera and more affordable Mercedes CLS, and the external and internal design corresponds to the real "eighth" coupe. But now the Gran Coupe is not expensive, but cheaper for the first time under identical engine range. Choosing the two extra doors, wider body and 23 additional inch of length, you save!

Hatchback Skoda Rapid Spaceback and liftback Rapid is more dead than alive. From Europe they disappeared, even Wikipedia got buried: the period of production specified as 2012-2019. Russia, India and China are the largest countries where Rapid can still be bought. Today Moscow office of Skoda announced that at the end of the year we will host the world (!) premiere of the new Rapida. How new? The official answer is no. The optimistic scenario assumes a full-fledged next (second) generation with the move to the MQB A0. Pessimistic — trivial facelift. Judging by the teaser, the second option is more likely. Moreover, in China, it is slowly implemented.