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Seems to be the number of affected cars is small (540 pieces), and the action is limited only North America, but attention to the opinion of crossovers Audi e-tron has given the global media. All because the repair would go the premium electric car, the representative of the "new tribe" in the industry. And it turned out that he is no less vulnerable than its counterparts with internal combustion engines. Because of some bushings into the electrical system can leak the moisture, thereby causing a short circuit and probably a critical failure (fire). Service campaign will start in August.

Ford brand Lincoln suddenly left without a Director of design: 50-year-old David Woodhouse left on their own to who knows where. This publication reports Automotive News. "The completion of a long-term relationship with the Corporation — the same as the gap of personal connections, only multiplied by the number of wonderful friends and colleagues," wrote the designer in his blog, calling the departure "a difficult decision". Press Secretary of the Lincoln acknowledged that Woodhouse "decided to leave the company," but gave no details.

Collection Upgrade Mercedes-Benz GLC is not amazing scale. Here and test drive organized by a moderate acquaintance with six serial modifications of the allotted five hours. Because of the time pressure to ignore the GLC electric F-Cell with fuel cells. The more that it will not sell even to citizens in Europe, only rent. All the attention ― the top-end petrol versions of the GLC and GLC Coupe 300 300 off-road round pass the most powerful diesel engine (300d). All Kia equipped with new engines, but otherwise their changes are minimal.

The British branch of Skoda has conducted a survey of more than 1500 cyclists, inviting them to outline "the perfect support car" for enthusiasts to ride on two wheels. The result was Karoq with the prefix Velo that has an onboard washing machine (dirty equipment) high pressure cleaner (to keep the clean itself is great), magnetic landing pad for the drone (the drone with camera included), a fridge for drinks and a full set of repair tools (primarily, elimination of puncture). Even for three adults.

President of Mazda Motor Corporation Akira Marumoto in an interview with Automotive News, said: "We are developing a new electric platform with Toyota, but first present our own electric car on the architecture of the Mazda in the year 2020." I wonder what brand Subaru, find themselves in a similar situation, turned their research, giving their results to the "common pot". Mazda decided to bring the project to the end. Apparently, the question of principle. At the same time the official confirmed that the EV model will get a motor Wankel: "the Development of the rotary engine continues even after the cessation of production RX-8. His first field of application will increase the cruising range for electric vehicles."

Today Shigeki Terashi, head of research and development of Toyota, at a briefing has told about plans of the company in the field of electric vehicles. It turned out that Toyota, first fixated on hybrids, seriously undertake mass electric cars from 2020 — almost simultaneously with the opening of the Olympic games in Tokyo. To that point, you should be ready solid state batteries (they will present to the public) and electric platform e-TNGA, which will develop a consortium of EV C. A. Spirit Corp. of the nine companies, including Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki and Daihatsu.

Earlier about the "first all-new Lotus since 2008," the company mentioned at the auto show in Shanghai in April. Now the manufacturer has indicated the date of the premiere of this model, bearing the symbol of the Lotus Type 130, — July 16. Place — London, the city where the company was born, although now it is based in Hotele. Return to the starting point intended to highlight a new stage in history. After all, the Type 130 is an all-electric hypercar. (The first generation model Tesla Roadster based on Lotus comes to mind immediately, but there was nothing "Hyper".)

Sedan Jaguar XE emerging in February, the facelift will arrive in our country only in the autumn, but the reception of orders opened today. Powertrains have not changed: 2.0 diesel (180 PS) and 2.0 petrol turboservice (249 and 300 HP) are paired with eight-speed "automatic". Still available rear-and all-wheel drive. Starting price reduced to 2 844 000 rubles (-117 000) by adjusting the trim levels, however, the model still remained the most expensive in the segment. Petrol polnoprivodniki. is worth 3 178 000, top version requires 3 784 000.

American Comedy-adventure television series "the a-Team" (The A-Team) ran on NBC from 1983 to 1987. He gathered a lot of fans, and apparently among them were the heads of Opel. How else to explain that the company decided in some sense to reincarnate the car of the main characters of the series tuned van GMC Vandura 1983. However, instead of the 5.7 V8 engine then synthesized the sound of a V8, and actually created this concept on the basis of a six-seater van Opel Zafira Life, and named O-Team Zafira Life (where "O" means Opel).

General Motors officially announced that in early 2020, will bring to the U.S. market crossovers the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Buick Encore GX. These models are built on the same platform VSS, the maximum unified with each other and had previously been promised only to China. Specifications and prices for the U.S. will be announced closer to start of sales. In the result, Trailblazer is a position between SUV Trax ($27 600) and Equinox ($31 495), while Encore GX will fill the slot between the models Envision ($31 995) and Enclave ($40 000).

In view Hyundai the youth today increasingly wants to own a car and receive service that is no worries to use the machine as needed. Such a request can respond carsharing network or vehicle rental for long term. And this is where the relatively new idea of getting cars by subscription, is included in the tariff services and the possibility of change of model after some time. All of this will be included in the startup of the Hyundai Mobility Lab, which will be created in the framework of the agreement on cooperation between the "Hyundai Motor CIS" and innovative centre "SKOLKOVO".

Hyundai, KIA, Genesis, and their future models in each segment should differ more from each other, to have a more pronounced individuality. This idea the make of the Hyundai Motor Group Luke Donckerwolke told the publication Autocar. "Our main goal is to differentiate the design philosophy of the three brands, or the landscape is too uniform. Last but not least this is because we have a large share of sales in Korea — admitted successor of Peter Schreier. — We give up on global design language, because otherwise it is too rigidly specified, unyielding. The alternative takes more effort but will bring flexibility."

Speaking at the annual General meeting of the company in Neckarsulm, the head of Audi Bram Shot said: "in a few years we will replace Audi TT new emotional model in the same price range — electric". At the same time functionary questioned the future for the first time the Audi R8: "do we Need a successor to the R8 sports car with the internal combustion engine? This corresponds to our vision? The discussion will answer that question." Therefore, regarding the TT response is received, but "several years" (apparently to 2025) the family is still there.

Zetta Group of companies, which among other things supplies manufacturers of automotive components, conceived to bring to the Russian market (and in the future and the markets of other countries) small and affordable electric car with the same name. The project Zetta, OOO, is for three years. The production of a city car should be established in Togliatti (capacity is now being completed). The first few samples, serial Zetty off the Assembly line in December next year edition can be a couple of thousand pieces, and later grow up to 15 000 per year.

Today opened taking orders for kupeobrazny crossover Renault Arkana in the initial version of Edition One, featuring the "maximum" level of equipment. Version with front-wheel drive is estimated at 1 419 990 rubles, with a full 1 499 990. Talking about the lasso with the 1.3 turbo engine (150 HP, 250 N•m) and the new CVT Jatco JF016E (aka CVT X-Tronic). Renault sends customers to an online showroom, promising delivery vehicles in mid-summer. However, Arkana finally unveiled completely, and the big surprise of the premiere to no avail.