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In Russia the segment of compact minivans and shrank to the minimum. And in Europe it is still somehow afloat. A pair of Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic, for example, last year found in the Old world 90 680 buyers. It is far from the achievements of past generations (sometimes it reached 300 thousand per year), but still a respectable figure to justify the upgrade. Yesterday, Renault announced about the appearance of this pair new combination units: it is a diesel 1.7 dCi 120 Blue and Blue dCi 150 in combination with a six-speed "robot" EDC dual clutch.

"charged" diesel crossover Audi SQ5 TFSI "turborestore" 3.0 354 HP and 500 N•m appeared diesel kinsman named the Audi SQ5 TDI. Powerplant it is quite remarkable: diesel 3.0 V6 TDI equipped with an electric compressor, and in addition a 48-volt system type mild hybrid. The impact reaches 347 HP and 700 N•m (at 2500-3100 rpm). This is enough to spurt from a place to hundred in 5.1 with (firm gently said to "highway speed") is even less than the petrol-powered twin (5.4 s). Maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 km/h. fuel Consumption in the NEDC is equal to 6.6–6.8 l/100 km.

Aggressive powerful electric car is perhaps the last thing we expect from KIA. And it's not clear where legs grow which model involves a new concept, not from the moon have fallen. Guessing a bit, most likely the versions no. Trivial option: Brenda little crossovers Xceed and Tusker, so here's another one. Exotic: the Koreans have built the same truck. British: sport coupe in front of us, perhaps, akin to the Stinger, Vice President KIA design Gregory Guillaume, he is still the prompter: "When you drive this car, you hair stand on end".

From a marketing point of view to compare products in different price categories is impractical. And it is quite pointless if one of them is on the territory of Russia is not officially sold. But who cares about marketing? We threw in the snow motley crew SUV for fun. See who on going away over the snow: Jeep Wrangler, UAZ Patriot or Toyota Land Cruiser 70. To pay tribute to the classics, which can be in varying degrees, to refer all participants with a frame chassis and low range in razdatki. Push in the suburban career three off-road school. Meet, as they say, the American, Japanese, and Russian...

Is About to release a factory "methane" version Largus named Lada Largus AVTOVAZ CNG was conceived back in 2015, and now this modification got on the conveyor. The company reports that the minimum price of the newcomer is 728 300 rubles taking into account discounts under the state program Ecogas (from Vesta CNG, this subsidy — 140 000). And it will be a van picking Norma Comfort package (heated front seats, air conditioning, two airbags, audio system, fog). The usual van in the same configuration with a 106-horsepower engine is 655 800.

Peugeot Chief designer Gilles Vidal and his head Imparato published in social networks pictures-teasers with the hashtag #UnboringTheFuture, thereby urging to dispel the boredom in the future. Obviously, functionaries warm up the audience for the premiere in Geneva, although the name of the boring model is silent. "On the way something hot," wrote Vidal and got a bunch of identical comments: "the Peugeot 508 R Hybrid?" Of course, the fans much more happy would series coupe Peugeot e-Legend, but sadly acknowledged that at this stage the project unfeasible, and the fans with this thought accustomed.

The Russian office of Suzuki announced the start of sales of the updated model Vitara. For our market left in the ranks of the variation with 117-strong aspirated 1.6 VVT along with more advanced supercharged Busterkeaton 1.4 to 140 horsepower. Specified in the release, the starting price — 1 059 000 rubles (the set GL, 1.6, five-speed "mechanics", front-wheel drive). However, if you go to the website and look into the loan calculator, it displayed the full price tag of 1 179 000, and 40 000 and 80 000 mow program Suzuki Finance and trade-in. However, this price is not much higher than the price on the pre-reform machine (from 1 119 000).

After the concept HY-KERS in 2010 and a limited edition hypercar LaFerrari 2013, each of which had a hybrid system with V12 engine at the head, many predicted that the company will build large-scale Ferrari hybrid with the smaller engine. There were rumors even about V6. And yet, as reported by the publication Automotive News, citing an insider, this model will be equipped with a V8 engine. CEO Louis Ferrari, Camilleri recently confirmed its premiere this year and start sales in early 2020, but the technical details were not disclosed.

The fruits of the restyling, which is the crossover Honda Pilot survived last summer in the U.S. will reach Russian customers in a truncated part. We will not touch the program for a new nine-storyed "machine", as the box will remain a six-speed. Modified the software for system start/stop is too wide, it is configured under the motor 3.5 V6 (284 HP, 355 N•m), and our Pilot will continue to use 3.0 V6 (249 HP, 294 N•m). But what exactly are retouched the design of the front led optics "in the database" and some innovations in the cabin.

Beautiful universal type Shooting Brake, Kia ProCeed, was still "us". Russian office KIA announced sales will open in the second quarter of this year. In our market model will be presented in two versions (GT and GT Line) with two supercharged engines: the 1.4 T-GDI (140 HP, 242 N•m) and 1.6 T-GDI (200 HP, 265 nm), both with seven-step "robot". Please note: the GT version in Europe has a capacity of 204 forces, and we have four "horses" of the cut to place the modification in the transport tax "of up to 200 HP inclusive".

Taiwan's Luxgen brand last year sold in China 9362 car is the worst sales in seven years. But in 2014-2016 apart easily at 40-60 thousand cars... to get out of the pit, the company came up with a new strategy "Eight, four, three" (more on that below). A kind of Petrel should be the three-row crossover Luxgen URX, which will appear on the market in the second quarter of 2019. The name of the model, U means Utility (usefulness, usability), R — Recreation (restoration of mental and physical strength), X is the user.

In Russia a couple of "hot" crossovers BMW X3 M and X4 M will be sold in top-end variation of the Competition with a 510-horsepower 3.0 barbastelle. The first model is estimated 7 680 000 rubles, the second — in 7 840 000. In addition, in the form of limited (in time and number of machines) series to our market will be released X3 M and X4 M with motor 480 power, but in the edition of the Special Edition, with extended fixed package (sport seats, M with ventilation, a Harman Kardon audio system, 20-inch aluminum wheels M), in which you can only choose the exterior color and upholstery. This SUV X3 is 6 690 000 and X4 — 6 820 000.

Family of engines Ingenium develops in stages: first, in 2014, there was a turbo for them in 2016, followed by petrol turboservice, and now came the inline "sixes", which will replace the V-shaped. Today presented a three-liter engine with the recoil 400 HP, 550 N•m (motor was a V6 380 HP, 450 N•m). And six-cylinder Ingenium was comprised of 48-volt installation type moderate hybrid MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle). To demonstrate the system in action called "heated" Range Rover Sport HST.

According to well-established, but not the official point of view, the model of the Audi Q4 is the same Audi Q3 on the platform MQB, only kupeobrazny, "crushed" rear roof. But what is Q4 of the Audi e-tron? Obviously, the car on "cart" MEB. And to call "peek-a fourth" sibling crossover Audi e-tron — not because that is based on the platform MLB Evo. At the same time, Q4 electric car e-tron is not alone. His family — volkswagenaudi ID. Crozz, skodowski Vision iV and a Seat. They still concepts, and Audi A4 e-tron is no exception. The show car's "four rings" will speak at the March Geneva.

Concept Kia SP this year will turn into a serial crossover, with a likely Tusker name. The CD will be released soon by at least three market. In India, sales will certainly begin in August, in South Korea in the second half of 2019, and the premiere in the United States allegedly will take place on 17 April at the auto show in new York. Versions for different countries are likely to be equally look on the outside, but the technical stuffing the expected significant differences. Since the show car SP made its debut in India and will be there on time the top model, there is at least some information. For example, the equipment "brand new" petrol engine volume of 1.5 liters.