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Circles from disilicate go industry for several years. The scandal with the program that had an impact on the emissions of diesel engines when testing, career cost the head of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn and Audi chief Rupert Stadler. VW group has incurred billions of dollars in costs for fines, and redemption machines. Audi and moreover shell out separately. It would seem, what else? But no. Americans (the scandal began in the United States) unless another member of the forgery — German engineering company IAV. According to Detroit News, she has agreed to plead guilty in U.S. district court on charges of conspiracy to commit violations of the clean air Act and to pay as a result of this $35 million fine.

Electric car Nissan Leaf in the new version of E-Plus (the name is hypothetical) will get the battery increased from 40 to 60 kWh of capacity and electric motor producing 200 HP (150 now). Premiere this modification though was to be held in November at the motor show in Los Angeles, however, the arrest of Carlos Ghosn was forced to postpone the event. Now it makes sense to wait for the presentation on the eighth of January on electronics show CES in Las Vegas. However, the screening of "Bodice plus" in the official announcement does not appear, but there is a line "Performance of a new car".

Sports cars Nissan GT-R is a true survivor. On the conveyor model is already eleven years old, of course, with lots of upgrades. But before the new generation yet to walk. In such a situation, a special model is a proven recipe to attract the public's attention. Of course, not everybody can buy some Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign with a circulation of 50 pieces, original bodywork and a price under a million euros. But in Japan, released a special edition are modest: in honor of the new Ambassador of the brand Nissan Naomi Osaka, the first Japanese winner of one of the Grand slam tournaments in singles.

During the presentation of the BMW the third series index of the G20 do not sound words with the root "electro", and "hybrid" is pronounced once or twice. Without these versions, of course — nowhere, but they will appear later, and the locomotive will be conventional gasoline and diesel. Diesel? "While there is demand — make it clear in the BMW, we will be offering diesels because they are good". And we are talking about the best-selling model of the group, keeping the leadership in spite crossover expansion. Side trends. How much it says about the company and its consumer.

Rosstandart reports that the West identified equipment that is not certified. And the machine it sold as much as half a year, because the review is Way, implemented c July 2017 at the moment. Probably here it is necessary to shrug and say, "Well, nothing terrible happens". As it turned out, a spare tyre Formula Energy (185/65 R15) is not colored disc from the main wheels with tires Pirelli Cinturato P1 of the same dimension. For this reason, a service called 41 507 West. For comparison: for the first 10 months of 2018 buyers found 86 857 cars.

Giovanni Battista Farina in the family was the tenth child of eleven and was nicknamed Pinin ("younger brother"). In 1961, five years before the death of Saint John the Baptist with the permission of the President of Italy changed his name to Pininfarina. Now the name of the founder of the company named "the most powerful and fastest car of Italy" coupe PF0. Firm Automobili Pininfarina has given a lot of official information about this car, which will be submitted in March 2019 at the Geneva motor show. Power four-engine power plant — 1926 HP (2300 N•m). The electric car sprints to hundred in less than two seconds and reaches maximum speed of 402 km/h. cruising range exceeds 483 km.

British project to establish a new speed record on earth, the Bloodhound, came to an inglorious finale: the company went bankrupt Bloodhound Programme. In October was appointed as external managers, who at first tried to find new sources of funding to save the program. This was not possible. Now announced: the assets of the firm will be sold for the benefit of creditors, reports Evo. In particular, the unique vehicle is offered for sale at a ridiculous price 250 000 pounds. The BBC said a military pilot Andy green, who owns the current record speed, and which was to install a new one.

Can't distinguish the restyled Porsche Macan from the previous ones in the front? Search for fog lights. You will not find — so, before you new. Their function is now carried out by the led headlights without washers with the new light pattern, all the required versions. Whether it's in the back! Led strip across the entire width of the trunk lid draws attention to itself. In this perspective, updated Macan not to confuse. Especially if he is in one of four fresh colors for optional glossy side moldings. Before black plastic was unpainted, and a set of colors was already.

According to the latest estimates, volkswagenesque family I. D. will be nine models (previously it was five). And at the European patent office registered trademarks with the numbers from one to nine, for example, I. D. 1 and I. D. 9. It is not excluded, such simple names and prepared for serial electric. Meanwhile, there are a few "reserved" names of concepts designating what is unknown: I. D. AEROe, I. D. Cruiser, I. D. Freeler and so on. Of special note is the I. D. Lounge, and a resource Autocar says that this is a large seven-seat crossover the size of a Touareg. If its premiere will be held in April 2019 at the Shanghai auto show.

McLaren created an open version of its supercar 720S — 720S Spider. Thanks to the carbon fiber Monocage monocoque II-S, evolution of the framework from the coupe, the Roadster did not need additional amplifiers to achieve the necessary rigidity of the body. The result dry weight 720S Spider (1332 kg) was only 49 kg more than the MacLaren closed 720S (mainly increase due to the folding mechanism of the roof). The British also claim that it is 88 kg less than the "nearest rival in the class." The name is not directly named, but the 1420 kg of dry weight is the Ferrari 488 Spider.

Created by Indian Mahindra Automobili Pininfarina is working not only on Hypercam PF0, but over the three crossovers (or SUVs) — by itself, pure electric. Publication Autocar reports that the most powerful SUV of the trio goes by the code name PF1 and will be able to compete with the "bull" Lamborghini Urus. Firm Automobili Pininfarina runs projects alone, and if the partnership with the Croatian Rimac is previously known, the cooperation with the American Rivian — news. Pininfarina for the model need iwianska PF1 platform is a skateboard.

Talk about creating "the most expensive BMW" — X8 — emerged in the industry before the presentation serial flagship crossover X7. Now resource BMW Blog says: the idea may well get the green light, and then the model X8 (code G09) will appear in public somewhere in 2020. The car will quadruple. The main difference from the platform X7 — a high level of luxury, a more expensive finish and rich equipment. For the price and target audience X8 will fall into the gap between the X7 (at least 84 300 euros) and rolls-Royce Cullinan (approximately 280,000). That is, the X8 runs the risk to be more expensive than the i8 Roadster (155 000).

The Russian branch of Volkswagen has stopped the implementation of the Tiguan with the diesel 2.0 (150 HP). The release of such versions in Kaluga, respectively, is stopped. In the catalogue of the brand this car is still listed in the Configurator, but in fact the orders are no longer accepted, and the dealers sell the latest samples from showrooms, confirmed to Drive at the office. The reduction in the number of versions, according to the official explanation, will help to optimize production processes and to reduce costs. But it is clear that it is in line with the General trend of rejection of diesels in the passenger car (sometimes radical, sometimes compromise, partial) observed in Europe.

Official details about the flagship model of Tata Harrier, released on the eve of the January sales start in India, did not bring good news. So, the architecture of OMEGA-Arc (modified platform of the land Rover) instead of an independent rear suspension provides the beam. At the stern are drum brakes instead of disk. A six-speed "automatic" from Hyundai on the launch would not take place because the negotiations with the Koreans is not completed. On gasoline engine still can not hear anything. Wheel drive Harrier yet to be offered.

Concept Aiways U5 Ion, presented last spring in Beijing, was formed in serial mid-size crossover. However, the Chinese market it will be released only in the second half of 2019, at an expected price of 200,000 yuan (1.9 million rubles). An electric motor mounted on the front (leading) axis, generates 140 kW (190 HP, 315 N•m). Located in the bottom of the battery with a capacity of 63 kW•h promises a range of 460 km on the NEDC cycle. To increase the mileage of 100 km is possible at the expense of battery 18 kWh in underground trunk. This is not the limit, because earlier it was announced the option of 80 kWh.