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Leaving the rest of the Audi A6 fourth generation lulls the vigilance relaxed appearance and a respectable and comfortable interior, but it was a driver's car, pure and simple. Powerful engines, modest curb weight, tight chassis and four-wheel drive differential, with emphasis on the rear axle could get sophisticated driver any star from the sky. But whether this enthusiasm of the model of the new generation? We until it went, but judging by the official information, the future debut of the Geneva motor show 2018 will remain true to himself. Despite the fact that now every modification "and the sixth" is the so-called "mild hybrid".

Want to bring Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI and the diesel BMW X3 xDrive30i — two-liter, four-cylinder with a close impact. The catch is that the press Park Audi — only machine with pneumatic suspension. And among test BMW X3 petrol with passive struts, and besides, tightened the sportpaket. But the cars family, and we first and foremost it is important to compare mechatronic chassis. So agree to xDrive30d with adaptive dampers — but with petrol "six". Thus the X3 gets a head start of a couple of cylinders and as many as 250 N•m...

Peugeot is associated with a lion. Or not? Looking for a new Peugeot 508 will remember not only the king of beasts, but saber-toothed tigers, elephants and a walrus. Painfully typical got sharp led fangs (or tusks) coming from the headlights to the lower bumper. Sad old sedan gave way to the spectacular five-door liftback with a sloping raised hood, a beautiful roof line and frameless doors. Given the drop in demand for European sedans of class D+, the French made the right decision. And the official rhetoric now is different: in the competition "five hundred eighth" recorded a premium hatchback Audi A5 Sportback and BMW Gran Coupe fourth series.

A Senior Volvo V90 wagon in Russia is only offered in all-terrain version of Cross Country. For models of the Volvo V60 such modification is not yet announced. If it appears (in the first generation there is one), "shed" sixtieth series will be sold by us, and otherwise, the way he ordered. The European market model, built on the platform SPA, will be released in September and will enjoy a large selection of powertrains. Suffice it to say that she has two hybrid variant with electric motor: T6 Twin Engine (340 HP, 590 N•m) and T8 Twin Engine (390 HP, 640 N•m).

Two Storey front optics, which was so abused Jeep Cherokee, hood with longitudinal ribs, "double" wheel arches, the small triangular Windows in the glass front doors, mirrors, Cheval... the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover of the previous generation remained absolutely nothing. Model of the fourth generation is very different from its predecessor and, in General, and on specific details. Length gained 70 mm (up to 4770 mm) and the wheelbase is 65 mm (a total of 2765 mm). Width changed more modest (only 10 mm to 1890), and the height remained the same (1680 mm). High strength steels hot stamping in the body became more in 2,5 times, and the rigidity in torsion increased by 15.4%.

Recently, the 720-strong coupe Ferrari 488 Pista is undoubtedly impressive and appearance, and stuffing, because it's the most nimble Ferrari with a V8 engine. And what is the model of the brand from the now sold generally the most powerful? Of course, this 812 Superfast with the 800-strong "aspirated" V12 6.5. And you can imagine buyers who it seems is not fast enough or dramatic? If there are, they go straight to tuning, for example, the Germans at Wheelsandmore. The firm recently presented its program completion of Berlinetta 812.

About the new Porsche 911 family, we know a lot. We saw a slight disguise the closed version of the coupe and even a convertible. To it recently added Turbo-version, and recently the Network has floated the 911 even without any camouflage. However, the car is only shown from behind. But here you can see how they look without stickers lights, United into a thin strip, looks like a lifting wing in the retracted position and as cunning in the new grille of the engine compartment integrated third brake light (on the demo machines at the same location holding a temporary "flashlight").

Get it together the top managers at Audi during the new year's table, surely we all have one desire ― to quickly conduct 2017. He the Germans was intense not only on innovation but also on revocable campaign. In February, the service invited the owners of 576 000 cars due to fire risk and potential problems with the side airbags. In the summer talking about the recall of 850,000 cars in the framework of "desligada", and in December received information that, under the quarantine were still 52 thousand Audi due to faulty fuel lines. There would be 2017 to end, but no new attack.

The Ford Edge Crossover of the second generation entered the European market with a two-year delay in 2016. But in the case of a restyled version of the output to the markets of the USA and the Old world will be held simultaneously. The machine States showed last January at the Detroit auto show, and its sales start in the summer. And the Euro-Edge presented today. It starts in the middle of this year. On both sides of the Atlantic, the SUV looks the same both outside and inside. The main difference lies under the hood. Gamma engines have a European model consists entirely of diesels. Among them wormed his way into the new unit, which not even a single Euro-Ford were not fitted.

Creator of the alien robot Grendizer Kiyoshi Nagai would let a nostalgic tear, seeing how the Toyota Alphard minivan and restyled. It would seem that the more challenging the car can not look, but the Japanese designers made the grille bigger and fully led front optics is still more complicated than that. And let the tears Russian buyers — mostly due to the fact that upgraded Alphard new at our market, has grown significantly. If at the end of 2017 for the van asked from 3 578 000, and now the starting price raised to 4 396 000.

Latest Porsche on heavy fuel crossover Macan S Diesel — off the line, and the story of diesel engines in cars over (in some future company theoretically can change her mind, although it would be expensive). According to the publication Auto Express, weak demand for such versions, coupled with growing interest in hybrids has pushed Stuttgart to the decision. There will be no diesel Panamer or Dipping. However, the Russian office of Porsche said that the new Cayenne will get a diesel version.

Among the SUV B-class we have the undisputed leader is the Kia Soul. By the end of 2017, the Russians bought 10 of 652 cars. More than all other competitors combined. It is for the soul of the Soul came the new crossover Citroen C3 Aircross. He came with two three-cylinder petrol engines PureTech 1.2: atmospheric power of 82 HP (118 N•m) and a turbocharged 110-HP (205 N•m). Also suggested that the 1.6 BlueHDi diesel (92 HP, 230 N•m). Dedicated six "automatic" is combined only with the most powerful engine. The rest are aggregated with five-step "mechanics". The initial price — 1 069 000 rubles. The sales will start March 12.

The Fiat Doblo first generation since 2008, acquired in Russia, more than 23 thousand customers. But sales could be better if we just brought the generation of the number two (she debuted in 2009). The second generation Doblo in 2014, has undergone restyling. And now the representative of the company has announced the release of this "heel" on our market. A cargo version of Doblo Cargo (payload of 900 kg) estimated at least 1 030 000 rubles, while its five-seat passenger sister Doblo Combi starts from 1 120 000.

Last Summer, for this reason was withdrawn 227 814 cars in Japan and 228 000 cars in the United States. Now service campaign has reached us, but got under it just 1758 of Mazda 6 sedans, while "nesting dolls" somehow left behind. Recall that the problem in that a mechanical Parking brake with cable actuator may be activated during movement, and in the Parking lot, on the contrary, to act in full. Several accidents in Europe and America have already occurred. Fortunately, has done without victims.

Diesel "Quartet" 1.4 TDI (75, 90, 105 BHP) removed from the scheme. Obviously, the role played and "deselect" and the tougher economy. So the updated Skoda Fabia can be only petrol and liter. "Aspirated" 1.0 MPI (60, 75 HP) and the turbo engine 1.0 TSI (95, 110 HP) retained their posts. The most powerful of them is aggregated with semidiapazonnym "robot" DSG, other satisfied with the "mechanics". But, they say, Fabia appeared first led headlights and rear lights.