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About the appearance of a "hot" Mercedes models with the index 53, the insiders said last summer. And now the Germans presented at the motor show in Detroit the firstborn of this line. Still unaccustomed to hearing the version found the CLS sedan, and coupe and convertible E-class. Turned out Mercedes-CLS 53 AMG 4Matic+ AMG 4Matic E 53+ and 53 E Coupe 4Matic+ Cabriolet.

Bezlimitnogo stated in the title of the concept Lexus LF-Limitless 1 for Detroit, could mean just the limit. Namely, the limitation of the lifetime of the flagship of the brand, a large frame SUV Lexus LX. After all, in the description of the show car in black and white written: flagship luxury crossover. No vague concept SUV. The survivor of the "El-x", which did not change the generation in 2007, have something to fear. Fans of Iroda in the world day by day becomes. On the contrary, are filled up and the pavement rides, cruise control, choosing the "unbridled luxury". In that audience and Lexus marks.

In Detroit, Infiniti unveiled a prototype of a Q Inspiration Concept. Technical information about the concept a bit. A pity, because Q Inspiration shows General direction of development of corporate design and heralds (with some confidence) the appearance of a flagship sedan that could be on the market in a few years. Key point: focus design on the provision of "stress".

In Detroit, the premiere of the Ram 1500 pickup truck fifth generation. First of all, the engineers pay attention to weight saving. Since the construction is prevalent high-strength steel (frame 98% of it is), and aluminum body, no one dared, the savings amounted to 102 kg. the Truck is now able to take on Board 1043 kg (816) and tow a nearly six-ton trailer (previously less than five). However, the drag coefficient was reduced by 9% to 0,357. Thank you for it "blinds" in the grille, automatic flap in the front bumper and air suspension.

Come to the end of time platform K2XX auto giant General Motors. From 2013 on it is basis for all full-size SUVs and pick-up of the group under the brands of Chevrolet (Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado), GMC (Yukon, Sierra) and Cadillac (Escalade and ESV version). But this year, the Americans launched the process of change "truck" K2XX on the latest T1HH. The first model on this platform was the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck of the fourth generation. The car already shown to the press at the January Detroit auto show. This is an important premiere: the Silverado, which is second in sales among pickups only Ford F-150 for the past three years, has sold 1 761 284 pieces.

Photos sedan Honda Insight Prototype the company issued in December. With the debut of the prototype at the auto show in Detroit the creators of the model only added to the images and told us a bit about the hardware. The information that Insight will be implanted powerplant from the new hybrid Accord, has been only partially confirmed. There really working the latest variation of the twin-engine system. But unlike Chord and, say, the Odyssey, she is friends with two-liter atmospheric engine, and Assembly 1.5 (of course, working on the Atkinson cycle).

In Europe and North America Volkswagen sells different trade winds. Overseas customers are less fortunate: their Passat looks less interesting and is not universal, it is built on the old PQ46 platform, its list of equipment poorer and the range of engines is modest. But the model for the United States is larger and more spacious. Plus it sets exceptionally powerful engines ― naduvnye "four" 2.0 TSI and smeshanno-row "aspirated" 3.6 VR6 FSI. And now from the North American Passat has a new modification of the GT, the donor for which was version R-line.

The Association of European businesses has published the final data on the Russian market over the last year. Indicator 1 595 737 new cars 2017 we were pleased with the sales growth of 11.9% compared with 2016. in addition, recall that the results were negative (-11% by 2015). To the top of the last so get there soon. For example, in 2012 were sold in Russia of 2.93 million vehicles. But the beginning of the upward movement is expected. And December separately encouraging: implementation of jumped 14%.

Of generational Change did not happen. This is another update of a series of 463 of the sample in 1990. But the word "restyling" is inappropriate, because the style carefully preserved. Looking at the appearance SUV Mercedes-Benz G-class, shown today in Detroit, it is easy to confuse with its predecessor. New — everything else. The stiffness of the frame ladder-type torsional increased by 55%, 6537 162 to 10 N•m/deg. The work on the chassis has actively involved the engineers at Mercedes-AMG, has withdrawn from the subframe. Now the front suspension is independent double wishbone. The back is still solid axle, but with four trailing arms and Panhard rod.

Seventh generation of the Volkswagen Jetta sedan debuted in Detroit. As previously predicted, the model moved from the old platform PQ35 on the modular MQB. Compared with the predecessor, the car became not only more spacious and better equipped. In particular, he's one of the few in the segment that offers a fully digital tidy.

Young Chinese brand Xpeng Motors, has already unleashed a small-scale SUV Identy X in version 1.0, took the next step and showed a mass model 2.0, which will hit the market this spring. Demonstration of the crossover Xpeng G3 took place not just anywhere, but at the CES show in Las Vegas. The letter G in the name of the machine means geek, "computer fan". Technical characteristics of the new electric cars the makers did not disclose, but we remember that the predecessor was 190-strong, with a range of 300 km.

In the model range of the company McLaren is easy to get lost. Faceless digital indexes in combination with one or two letters, similar in design and the interiors... And then there's customers to be kidding! Buyers asked to have the McLaren 570GT, originally focused on comfort and luxury, there sportpaket, making the car tighter. The comic situation is that in the range of the British company McLaren is 570S, which is essentially a more sporty analog version of the GT. However, the customer is always right, so now for the first time 570GT the default plerodomiana brakes and the options list is a performance Sport Pack.

At the end of September last year and the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero, electric car i-MiEV has massively responded to Russia because of incorrect operation of driver's airbag. Now we are talking about arbage front passenger, and again blame the manufacturer Takata. New service action affects 16 515 machines. Among them, only 21 instance of the model i-MiEV. Owners should check against lists VIN and arrive to the dealer for a free replacement cartridge.

In 2012, Toyota returned to Le Mans after a thirteen year break. However, over the five years of the daily marathon toyotacom did not submit three times the crews of the branches of Toyota Racing and Toyota Gazoo Racing stopped in a step from gold. But the company is not going to leave the top LMP1 class of the WEC series, as did the winner of the last three years, Porsche. Moreover, the Gazoo Racing team has begun work in a new direction ― the creation of road cars based on racing. The first of these will be a hypercar, a harbinger of which was the Toyota concept Super Sport GR.

In the Royal races, Renault debuted 40 years ago. In 1977, Jean-Pierre Gabbi brought onto the Silverstone race car, the Renault RS01. It was the first in the history of Formula 1 racing car with supercharged motor (Assembly of Renault-Gordini V6 1.5) and the first car in F1, equipped with radial tires. Since then it has passed 40 years of age, who fit the change of the names of the team twice champion and less pleasant events. However, to celebrate this date, the French decided modest ― the release of the hot hatch Renault Clio RS 18. Sales in Europe will begin in the first half of 2018, and the circulation will be very limited.