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Appeared details about the firstborn of the P-series, which truck brand Great Wall seriously intends to enter the world top three — along with Toyota and Ford. Already in 2020 the annual volume of sales to reach 200,000 cars. Meanwhile, a breakthrough model only seems new because, in fact, this SUV Haval H9. With him the truck have in common platform (called the modified P71) with mnogorjadnoj back turboservice 2.0 diesel (190 HP and 360 N•m) whose index is different from GW4C20B Kovalevskogo one letter B, eight-speed automatic ZF, interior architecture and more.

Last fall, the company Volkswagen has announced the restructuring of the factory in Emden under electric cars on the platform of the MEB that there prescribe 2022, replacing trade winds in skodowski plant in Kvasiny. And yesterday was followed by a new statement. Plans for the MEB models have not changed for them but in Emden will build an additional workshop. And in the old several years will be produced (to quote) "Arteon, the Passat sedan and Shootingbrake". Last name written as one word as the model name, intrigued. The company has not decoded the message, but suspect that it will be a universal-type Shooting Brake on the basis of Artena (Arteon produced in the Emden).

In the "thirty-fifth" line (35 A, 35 CLA) one motor at all — the two-liter turboservice M260 (306 HP, 400 N•m). And SUV Mercedes-GLB 35 AMG 4Matic also got it. However, it is equipped with vosmidiapazonnym "robot" AMG SpeedShift DCT 8G, whereas the counterparts are satisfied with the seven-speed. To disperse hundreds GLB 35 with launch control Race Start was the most leisurely of 5.2 s. maximum speed Limiter, as usual, works on a mark of 250 km/h. consumption in the combined cycle is 7.5–7.6 liters/100 km. Interestingly, the optional third row of seats available and "loaded" the CD.

Last update of crossover Porsche Macan brought him adjustments in appearance, the cabin and the impact motor. In Europe, the basic two-litre version has reduced power from 252 HP up to 245 (a torque of 370 N•m preserved). With Dipped S went the opposite story: he got a new three-liter "six" and added value with 340 HP and 460 N•m up to 354 HP, 480 N•m. And now the same trick pulled Macan Turbo. He said goodbye with a 3.6 V6 engine (400 HP, 550 N•m at 1350-4500 rpm) and found instead forced V6 2.9 (known at Cayenne by Panameras) returns 440 HP and 550 N•m (in 1800-5600 rpm).

Manfred Fitzgerald, chief of Genesis, in an interview to share Motor Trend said that the Mint concept embodies the best qualities of a city car: its small size, spacious interior and an innate practicality. "This is what awaits us in the future. People, restricting the brand Genesis with cars that I see on the street, definitely wrong, — said the functionary. — After the show-Kara, we received a very positive response of the market. Now you need to choose the right equipment." Question about the power plant remains open.

In several countries In Europe started taking orders for the new Volkswagen T6 van.1 facing in several versions, as Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan and California. Global start of sales is scheduled for autumn this year. In the Russian representation of the company Drive found that in our market T6.1 appear roughly in the first half of 2020. Not all units and options are provided for T6.1 in the European market, will be available. And still we're waiting here two-liter diesel with 110, 150 and 199 forces (updated motor fit in the Euro-6d-TEMP-EVAP). In Europe, in addition to those listed, T6.1 there is another modification of 90 "horses".

About the appearance in the range sedan Kia K3 (known as Cerato) for China hybrid versions with the charging from the network, developers have said immediately, even when the output of the machine in April. Version for China generally scored on a number of parameters from their counterparts in other markets, starting with the changed appearance. And now in China ready to start sales vojodina variation. She got aspirated 1.6 (105 HP, 147 N•m) combined with electric motor (60,5 PS, 170 N•m) and six-speed "robot" with two clutches.

Crossover Opel Crossland X all petrol engines have a single working volume of 1.2 l (three cylinders), but differ in the power supply system. In the range is aspirated with multipoint injection and two versions of the turbocharged and direct injection. Output is 83 HP and 118 N•m 110 HP and 205 N•m, 130 HP and 230 N•m. And for some reason still only 110-horsepower engine was offered with automatic transmission option, and the other two were completed only with the "mechanics" of five - and six-speed. The illogic of this will be fixed in September in Frankfurt. Auto show debuts new top-end variation of CROSSLAND a dedicated six "automatic" and 130-horsepower gasoline unit.

This action does not concern Russia, since it starts only in the US and Canada on October 11. However, even over the ocean every day withdraw 679 027 cars, besides it is noteworthy that the cause of the revocation. A silicate may accumulate on the contacts inside the selector "machine". Consequently, it becomes possible to extract the ignition key when the gear lever "is in a position other than a Parking lot". That is, the owner with the key in his pocket goes off, forgetting about the handbrake, and the car can roll on all four sides. In the States is called the rollaway is a very dangerous thing.

Concept Toyota Tj Cruiser 2017 will turn into a serial coupe already at the upcoming Tokyo motor show (for the press it will open its doors October 23). In the autumn the Prime Minister pointed out to the Japanese magazine Best Car, citing a source close to the dealers. Journalists said most likely, in the sale of this model will appear first in the US (in 2020), and only later — in Japan (late 2020 or 2021-y). And the North American and Japanese versions can be specificities in the range of power units and equipment.

In September in Frankfurt, Audi will show an electric SUV AI:Trail quattro. He will be the last of the planned Quartet "visionary" concepts, which began at eikon in 2017 (see collage). The car will be placed on the stand, along with three battery-brothers in the futuristic series. Will demonstrate four different solutions for four "elements": highway, track, city and off-road. In some ways, AI:the Trail is the answer to volkswagenaudi electric beach "shell" ID. Buggy, the car of the day, helper for outdoor camping.

Racing team Racing Cyan (former Polestar Racing) has announced two new record on the Nurburgring set "at design time" concept Lynk & Co 03 Cyan. Sedan, equipped with turboservice 2.0 (535 HP, 504 N•m) and six-speed sequentially, drove the "short" Nordschleife (20,6 km) in 7:15.123, and "long" (20,8 km) spent 7:20.143. In the first case, beaten Jaguar XE SV Project 8 figure 7:18.361 in the second confounded hot hatch Renault Megane RS Trophy-R (7:45.389). The idea is that Lynk & Co 03 Cyan becomes among the fastest production chetyrehdverny and peredneprivodnogo, but its seriality raises questions. It is unclear whether the achievement counted.

The Family Lada Granta will soon join sportivnoi version Drive Active: today AVTOVAZ began production using 28 new parts and assemblies. The sedan three trump — suspension from office of the Lada Sport (replaced struts, springs, shocks), an aerodynamic body kit and "anatomic" front seats. The motor is offered only single — VAZ-21127 (1.6, 106 HP, 148 N•m), but you can choose between a five-speed "mechanics" and pyatidiapazonnogo "robot" AMT. Dynamics is not a word. Regular Granta with this unit accelerates to 100 km/h in 10.5 and 13.1 s.

Protection Agency U.S. environmental protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that the reserve of the hatchback, the Chevrolet Bolt has grown from 238 to 259 miles (from 383 to 416,8 km). The company explains the progress of "small but effective changes in the chemistry of the electrodes." In the updated characteristics indicated increased battery capacity — 66 kWh (up from 60). This is the main and, alas, the only result of the first significant reforms of the model since its birth in 2016. The increased range included only two new exterior colors: Cayenne Orange Metallic (option) and Oasis Blue.

Split models into independent units occurs more often. So, the three-row Honda Pilot turned into five, but more expensive Passport, and Chrysler Pacifica — in a cheaper Voyager. Now from the affordable compact MPV Suzuki Ertiga spun off "premium" Crossman XL6. Today it has come into the Indian market with prices from 979 689 rupees (903 200 rubles), while the Ertiga begins with 754 689 (696 thousand) and in a comparable configuration requests 909 689. Margin 70 000 (64 500) XL6 diligently fulfills, although it has six seats and seven Artige.