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Russian prices will be announced in the beginning of the year, deliveries will start in April. Will not be cheap: even in Germany, the D4 AWD is worth 44 800 € (about 3.1 million), T5 AWD for 1,300 euros more expensive. With the advent of monoperiodic T3 c "mechanics" underlying price will drop to 350 euros 31.

In Europe, the EcoSport after restyling rose 600-1600 euros, depending on configuration and is at least 18 590 euros. Russian prices, as information about motors, you have to wait at least until the start of 2018. Now for the car with the motor 1.6 and "mechanics" are asking a minimum of 930 000.

The Most sporty version in the family of Volkswagen Arteon ― 280-strong R-Line. Acceleration to hundreds occupies 5.6 s, top speed of 250 km/h And later, if you believe the insider information, will be released a full R-version and the wagon-style Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake.

The Front now-style Dragon Face ("face of the dragon") instead of the complex Asian face, which was earlier (see box, "History"). Seven-Tang significantly increased in size: length — 4870 mm (+55), width — 1940 (+65), height — 1720 mm (5), the wheelbase is 2820 mm (+100).

Our new Duster we will see in two years. And in Europe, the crossover is already nominally safer: there eyrbegi-blind, monitoring of dead zones, auto-switching of light of headlights, the assistant at descent from the mountain. This influenced the opinion of the judges? Of course, but the verdict is relentless.

In the construction of many foreign components. The degree of localization of floats together with the ruble. At the time of launch of the wagon in September it reached 82%. The plant does not disclose projections regarding the share of production of a particular version, if you are going to adjust to demand.

Insiders say that the serial car will be very similar to the show car. Its length — 3999 mm since up to four meters in India is eligible for benefits. Width — 1685, height — 1550 wheelbase — 2450, clearance — 180-190 mm boot capacity — 300 litres.

On the stand with an area of 613 square meters, Mercedes-Benz promises to put the concept of EQA and hypercar Project One. Both cars debuted in Frankfurt, it will be their pure American premiere. The picture shows the Mercedes-AMG GT and GLA crossover, on the left are simulations of MBUX.

The French reported that this motor meets all standards of the Alliance and Daimler. He has accumulated more than 40,000 hours of tests. Among the advantages over the predecessors named high torque at low rpm, good response at the top and reduced fuel consumption.

Flagship SUV Bisu in the top of the T5 is equipped with a 1.5 turbo (150 HP, 215 N•m) and eight-speed "automatic". The T3 (right) with "aspirated" 1.3 (133 HP, 185 N•m) and a CVT. Van M3 1.5 (114 HP, 147 nm), only with the "mechanics".

I Think the teaser was drawn by a pupil of the kindergarten. A simple-minded, naive and self-irony (sin is a "sin", "Vice" in English) corresponding to the company Sin Cars. They did not prevent her to call ourselves the fastest growing supercar manufacturer and its products a success.

Surcharge for 16-valve engine 1.6 (106 HP), regardless of body type — 15 thousand roubles, and it is only with the "mechanics". The most affordable on-Do with such power unit is 515 000, a top — 584 thousand. Hatch 16V considerably more expensive: 566 000-619 000.

The look of Chuck, the Indians shamelessly called X-theme, involuntarily with regards to Steve Mattina, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Chinese plagiarists. The slightly increased dimensions: length — 3715 mm (+20), width — 1635 (+35), height — 1565 (+5) and wheelbase 2425 mm. Tyres: 165/70 R14.

565-horsepower modifications, a curb weight of which is up to 2600 kg, acceleration to a hundred takes 5.5 seconds with a maximum speed of 225 km/h. Similar performance diesel version of the 339 forces is 7.2 s and 218 km\h fuel Consumption in the combined cycle is 12.8 and 8.4 l/100 km.

It is not Surprising that the new BMW i8 coupe and Roadster of the same name introduced in the United States. After all, Americans buy German all-wheel-drive hybrid more readily than in Europe. For 2015 and 2016 in the United States have implemented 3859 machines and in the Old world during the same period ― 3573.