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Split models into independent units occurs more often. So, the three-row Honda Pilot turned into five, but more expensive Passport, and Chrysler Pacifica — in a cheaper Voyager. Now from the affordable compact MPV Suzuki Ertiga spun off "premium" Crossman XL6. Today it has come into the Indian market with prices from 979 689 rupees (903 200 rubles), while the Ertiga begins with 754 689 (696 thousand) and in a comparable configuration requests 909 689. Margin 70 000 (64 500) XL6 diligently fulfills, although it has six seats and seven Artige.

The Volkswagen group has a tradition of setting bizarre records. The electric Audi e-tron on the icy ski slopes with a gradient of 85% will climb, then Skoda RS Kodiaq will show on the Nurburgring best time (9:29.84) for seven-seat crossovers. In this direction, and is a new achievement: the lap record at the ring road of Gotland, located on the Swedish island. It was recorded at his own expense a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, showing 3:51. And all would have been boring if not for one detail: more than half of the ring (4.2 km from total 7,375 km) is still under construction and there is no asphalt, only sand with gravel, and sometimes grass.

Porsche acquired a minority stake in the Israeli startup TriEye, becoming its strategic investor. TriEye firm has developed a touch technology based on shortwave infrared radiation (SWIR). These cameras can detect objects in fog, dusty air, and under heavy rain. Michael Steiner, Executive Board member for research and development at Porsche AG, said: "We see great potential in this technology, which paves the way for the next generation of driver assistance systems and Autonomous driving functions. SWIR sensors can be a key element because they offer an enhanced security at a competitive price."

Today, Hyundai illustrated the phrase "the Left hand know what your right hand does". European office has published a design sketch of the new hatch i10: divorced from reality the picture only added fuel to the fire. At the same time, the Indian office took and declassified the entire car as a whole. And the Indians did not wait for the date, they have installed — a full premiere is still scheduled for August 20. Information about the third generation of "Ah-ten", however, has not increased, but the idea of it can make.

Because the brand Exeed came up with Chery, the Legal crossovers can be considered as turned Tiggo. From this perspective Exeed TX — Tiggo is 8, and Exeed LX unified platform and body structure with Tiggo 7. Don't forget to mark Jetour walking the same fairway with the upcoming model X70 and X60. It is clear that the cloning needs to be designer, able to visually distance the same machine from each other. And the all-new LX suggests that Kevin rice does the job. We still have to check it "live" because in 2020 Exeed launched in Russia.

In anticipation of the world premiere of the second generation of the Juke, which will be held on the third of September, Nissan gave to ride a pre-production prototype to journalists (two circles on the ground Millbrook) and posted an "official spy photos". About their experiences told British publication Autocar and Auto Express. It turned out that after the move, on the platform CMF-B, the length of the SUV increased by 75 mm (to 4210), width 35 (1800), while the wheelbase has added 106 mm (2636). Thanks to high-strength steel the body is now at 13% stiffer and 6% lighter (dropped 23 kg).

The British announced the release in 2020, the lightest car ever produced by McLaren Automotive. This is the Roadster with an open cockpit (Barchetta), by carbon fiber body and twinturbocharged 4.0 coupe McLaren Senna, only in a new version (Senna 800 HP, 800 N•m and 825 HP in the performance of the GTR). The new model will enter the top of the range Ultimate Series. Only 399 will be made of these roadsters. In sale they will arrive in late 2020, and estimated the machine will be somewhere between supercars Senna (750 000 pounds) and Speedtail (2.1 million pounds).

Brand New Kia Seltos fifth of September will celebrate the Chinese premiere at the auto show in Chengdu as the second generation of the SUV Kia KX3. Saying goodbye to the current "ka-IKS-third", remember the concept of 2014, the debut of cars in 2015, restyling 2016, a meager upgrade in 2018 and electroversion, never to see the light. The most successful were 2015 and 2016, when sales amounted to 432 and 47 913 68 units. Then demand collapsed. Why — is unclear. However it is strange that the venture Dongfeng Yueda Kia has assigned Seltso the model name for the loser.

The CEO of the company Automobili Pininfarina Michael Pershke in a telephone interview with Automotive News said that his company is going to do after the launch of the hypercar Battista. It turned out, the first thing is the platform skateboard for future models, which could be a sedan and crossover. Negotiations on the establishment of a "truck" being with multiple partners, but to call them Perske refused. (It is known that Pininfarina interested in the development of Rivian.) To buy rights to use the electric platform PPE, cherished Audi and Porsche, the firm will not be exact.

In 1969, Dodge created a model Charger Daytona for NASCAR racing. Not so much through power as streamlined nose and huge rear wing (that was a true innovation for NASCAR) Daytona won the first race and the first exceeded the average speed of the round at 200 mph (322 km/h) at the Talladega oval. The record held for 17 years. In addition to the samples racing Dodge built road 501 instance Daytona for homologation. Now, in the memory of those events created a 2020 Dodge Charger sedan SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition.

Toyota waited so long with the development of new Supra that was in a situation of "now or never". Deputy chief designer Masayuki Kai admits: no matter how wanted to do everything yourself, the deadline for such decision was passed. The Japanese were hostages of their own Canon, according to which Supra A90 should certainly be six-cylinder in-line engine. But to devise and implement their own "six", promising to meet standards for noise and emissions, is impossible. At least for reasonable money.

In the manual showed the incorrect instructions. For example, the statement assures that upon activation of the differential lock stabilization system continues to work, although the ESP is completely deactivated. Confusion can occur with the kung: there is no information on what the maximum load on the car roof and the roof of a shelter it is impossible to summarize, but the overload threatens to crash ESP. In addition, the complex security Pre-Safe fault can issue messages that are not described in the instructions and therefore incomprehensible.

The concept of the Masterpiece, shown in the spring in Seoul, was completely devoid of logos KIA. Now the exterior of the production version, and she doesn't have a signature icon of the brand. In South Korea, the new SUV will be sold from September under the Mohave name of The Master, and is "independent brand". The isolation did not appear yesterday. After restyling 2016, the manufacturer has released an ancient model in the free swimming, with its own logo with the squiggles, but only in the domestic market. The truth is, the machine does not fit into the current KIA lineup, because Mohave is already 11 years old is in the first generation, and second in his life, it seems, will not.

In the line of road models of Mercedes-AMG GT is the most extreme option called the AMG GT R PRO offers biturbomotor 4.0 output 585 HP and 700 N•m. This sports car rides the Nurburgring in 7:04.632. And I want to catch up with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2) — 6:47.25 in the basic version and 6:40.33 in the performance of the 911 GT2 RS MR. On the preparation of a response to the opponents became known in June. And here on the North loop seen the second prototype of the Mercedes-AMG GT R EVO (or Black Series). From June he is even more aggressive aerodynamics.

In comparison with the United States or China, the Russian market of electric vehicles just ghostly. And yet there is something to be happy about: the positive dynamics of sales, and excellent. According to the Agency AUTOSTAT, in the first half of 2019 in the country sold 147 new electric cars, which is 2.8 times more than in the same period last year (52). The market of electric models run on the volume exceeds the market of new and also growing: in January-June 2019 were sold in Russia 1395 electric cars with mileage, which is almost 56% more than in the first half of 2018 (896 units).