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Hyundai spoke about the changes in the lineup for the U.S. market for model year 2020. It turned out, the most significant changes have occurred with chetyrehdverki Hyundai Accent — the twin brother of our Solaris. Instead atmosfernika petrol 1.6 GDI (132 HP, 161 N•m) the family of Gamma and six-speed "automatic" sedan received the unit Smartstream: beznadejnoe the Quartet G1.6 DPI paired with a CVT IVT. The engine produces 121 BHP at 6300 rpm and 153 nm with 4500 rpm. Loss of power should compensate for efficiency. Mixed consumption reduced from 7.3 l/100 km to 6.5. The city is 7.1 compared to 8.4, the route is 5.7 liters instead of 6.2.

Model Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with an index of C8, the eighth generation of the legend, represented the United States at a special event. Say a direct comparison of this sports car with its predecessor is not quite correct: we have before us essentially new machine with the old name. For the first time in its history, the Corvette was mid-engined, although concepts and prototypes with this layout the GM has built in a considerable number since the sixties. Actually, mid-engined could be the last Corvette C7. This option was considered but was rejected for cost reasons. Now, this decisive step has been made.

After the premiere of the A 45 and CLA 45, the hatch and sedan, you'd think that universal CLA 45 Shooting Brake will not differ from the colleagues on technical stuffing. He is no different. Two-liter turboservice M 139 (387 HP, 480 N•m) paired with vosmidiapazonnym "robot" AMG Speedshift DCT-8G dispersing "the barn" up to a hundred in 4.1 s. the S Version (421 HP, 500 N•m) solves the same task in four seconds flat. The limited maximum speed is 250 and 270 km/h respectively. All-wheel drive AMG Performance 4Matic with AMG Torque Control function selectively divides the traction between the rear wheels, including in the drift mode.

Today, Volkswagen and Ford have announced new agreements within the framework of the global Alliance, which is now officially called the Volkswagen-Ford. There are some important news. So, the "blue oval" first among the giants of the industry have responded to the use of the MEB architecture. Ferdowsi will begin to use the platform of the Volkswagen 2023, however, while we are talking about one mass electric car for the European market. Made in Germany machine for six years will disperse a circulation of about 600,000 pieces.

FCA Group invests 700 million Euro in the construction of new production lines at the main plant Mirafiori in Turin. It was here, according to Reuters, in the second quarter of 2020, will start the production of the electric car Fiat 500e of the second generation. The planned volume of 80 000 units per year. "A lot will depend on how quickly demand will grow for electric cars," — said the head of FCA in Europe Pietro Gorlier. To abandon the "five hundredth" with the engine of the FIAT company in the foreseeable future plans: they will continue to meet in Tychy (Poland).

The Tenth of July of the factory Volkswagen in Puebla (Mexico) left the last copy of the compact Volkswagen Beetle, in full accordance with previously announced plans for the retirement model. Successor in the near future is foreseen, neither in electric nor in any other. Well, the released capacity will not be empty. According to Steffen Reiche, head of VW of Mexico, in 2020 there will be prescribed crossover Volkswagen Tarek. This name has already been considered as a variant of the name for the SUV, which later became Tharu. Now it will come in handy.

The Problem, according to Rosstandart, low voltage of battery: because of him, they say, the potential failure of the block of switches on the center console. However, the solution to the problem somehow, not the battery — you need to update the software or replace the said unit. The European Commission and the Australian regulator ACCC indicate another reason for the opinion, more similar to true. Due to a software failure are cut down by a CAN bus and a LIN connecting the control electronics. The result on the console cease to operate security-critical switches, such as button alarms.

As the Buick Enclave (the twin brother of the Chevrolet Traverse) only two years ago moved into the second generation, a big change from him should not wait. Crossover got a new media center with an eight-inch display (screen size not changed) and upgraded cameras. The driver's seat now equipped with lumbar support with four-way electrically adjustable seats and massage function on the front passenger seat. The additional package Sport Touring (ST) will allow you to stand out in the stream due to the decor.

Familiarity with the Toyota Corolla sedan series E210 in European specification left a lot of questions. Machine produced in Turkey especially for Russia, for the first time we see and learn from in the company of more popular classmates in the local Assembly. And since nothing more expensive than a Corolla in that segment, no, different options are used platform "Koreans": we have a Kia Cerato with a 150-horsepower engine 2.0 and Hyundai Elantra with the 1.6 engine with 128 horsepower With the same success can be and Vice versa. Only two-litre Kia always equipped automatic transmission, and Hyundai is able to use the "mechanics".

The Mini Rocketman Concept shown at the 2011 Geneva show, has received from BMW Group the green light, however, on the way to the conveyor the three-door will be rethought. According to the publication Autocar, the hatch will be pure electric, and his production will be engaged in to Spotlight Automotive is a joint venture of the companies BMW and Great Wall. The market debut of the new Rocketmen scheduled for 2022. The little Mini will share key components with the Chinese subcompact Ora R1 to the Great Wall is also repelled invest in the project.

The Concept of Bentley EXP GT 100, by definition of the developers, is foreknowledge "of the future class of Gran Turismo". All-electric vehicle following in the footsteps of conceptual Roadster battery EXP 12 Speed 6e, but significantly differs from it not only in appearance. In the EXP 12, the British only hinted at the range of 460 km (voyage London — Paris route). And 100 EXP dumbfounded: "Promising battery technologies (solid state battery) with a packing density of energy five times more than usual, to make a real run 700 miles on a single charge".

This year Aston Martin celebrates the 60th anniversary of the victory of the DBR1 model in the "24 hours of Le Mans". It was not just a victory and double-podium: first place went to the crew of Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby, and the second to Maurice Trintignant and Fields free on the same machine. In addition, in 2019 we celebrate 70 years since Aston Martin brand for the first time took part in competitions on the ring Goodwood Motor Circuit. Both dates induced to come to this year's Festival of speed at Goodwood with a special series Vantage Racing Heritage Editions for which designed paint schemes, mimicking the six iconic Aston past and present.

The Dutch edition of AutoWeek published the figures, as if he found in the depths of the Japanese patent office (JPO). Whether any description was not, or took up laziness, but information about the model zero. We've dug into the archives and JPO have not met this request. However, much obviously so. Electric platform, which was developed by Honda, proved to be futile, you can say, disposable. It has built hatchback Honda e, which grew out of the show car Urban EV. However, it was in fact the second concept EV Sports coupe, laid out on the same "cart". Probably, its development and shown on the drawings.

Publication Business Korea, citing "sources in the auto industry," reports that Hyundai is preparing the first compact model on the new modular platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). Once the already mentioned "cart", as it turned out, is in the final stages of development. In the end it will be similar to the MEB from Volkswagen and by 2025, will form the basis of more than 20 electric vehicles. At E-GMP is an interesting feature — integrated driving axle IDA (Integrated Drive Axle). Its development is in charge of Hyundai Wia.

Motor 1.0 G-TEC for the hatchback Skoda Scala was announced last fall, even before the official premiere of the machine itself. But now the Czechs have added a modification in the range of piatigorski, telling the same time about some of the new parts. So, the revised returns: 90 HP and 160 N•m (moment higher than announced earlier). Combined motor with a six-speed "mechanics". And of course, an important parameter when choosing a car — supply of methane and mileage only on one gas. It was found in the Rock there are three steel tank for compressed natural gas with a total capacity of 13.8 kg.