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A Small edition of hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie at the price of the basic configuration of $2.6 million means that each buyer will have a real unique thing that is configured in accordance with his whims. Really, who in such prices will have a "basic version"? But one of the lucky ones will stand out even against colleagues: the instance will be painted with a mixture of moon material. For this millionaire bought a genuine stone, taken from the satellite of the Earth: the boulder will crush into powder and mixed with paint. Such outer coating was first used in the industry.

Chinese company Hongqi (Hongqi "Red flag") officially announced at an event in Beijing to restart because the parent FAW group has set new ambitious goals. Now the brand has only one mass model, sedan H7. In 2016, managed to sell 4,800 vehicles (2017 statistics yet). Within two years the company will have to change everything: the design language, platform, powertrain, marketing policy and so on. By 2025, in its portfolio there will be 15 electrified models and two petrol. The beginning of the revolution marked the unnamed concept, which showed a new corporate identity and brand logo.

Office of the company hung ruble price tags on the updated coupe BMW i8 Coupe and its newly open fellow BMW i8 Roadster. For the first you must pay a minimum of 9 490 000 rubles (before the restyling was 10 040 000), but a basic Roadster — 11 150 000. In addition, the Roadster appeared in the welcome publication of the First Edition (it is distinguished by black accents in exterior and matte black wheels Radial Spoke 516 at 20 inches, plus the kit includes a booklet about creating a machine with the autographs of the leaders of the project). Global circulation i8 Roadster First Edition will be only 200 pieces.

Nissan has announced the arrival of the show car 370Zki at the Chicago auto show, which opens to the press the eighth of February. Index 370Zki should read 370-Ski, explain the authors of the project, but did not say whether to wait on the coupe skis instead of wheels. In any case, it will be unexpected and amusing variation of the serial car. Hardly we will see the forerunner of a new generation "setki," as it is too far away.

Paparazzi first noticed in tests, the prototype model of the Cadillac CT5, which in 2019 will replace the sedans XTS, CTS and ATS. The machine can be chetyrehdverki, and ultimately the newest or liftback. Images the diagnosis is difficult. But it is clear that CT5 will inherit design elements from concept Escala. First of all it concerns the face with narrow headlights.

About the possible presence of the crossover Kia Soul AWD rumor was even at the moment of release of the current generation model. However, it did not happen. Now grounds for more optimism. The next Soul will change the platform, example of subcompact Kona from parent company Hyundai indicates what units we can see the new shell of the Soul, which should debut by the end of this year or in the first half.

The Range of the Californian firm Rezvani Motors, recently replenished Rover Tank, going through one reform after another. At the moment the model without the roof called the Beast (from 405 HP, $179 000) and a Beast X (608 forces $225 000), and the closed cars of the same power are called Alpha Beast ($129 000) and Alpha Beast X ($179 000). Now, the latest sports car appeared a special version of Blackbird, is dedicated to the spy plane Lockheed SR-71 nicknamed Blackbird. From the party, limited to five copies at the cost of $225 000, one is already sold to the mixed martial arts fighter and actor Quinton Jackson.

Last autumn Studio Brabus has presented a model Rocket 900 Cabrio open "Eski" and said that it is currently the fastest convertible in the world (not to be confused with two-seater Roadster). With this thesis could argue back then, and now even more so. In any case, the dynamics of dispersal to hundred recent 12-cylinder monster easily bypass other industry product tuning: "card" C 63 Cabriolet in the treatment of the Bureau Väth.

The model Toyota Fortuner in Russia to this day was only the 2.8 turbo diesel (177 HP, 450 N•m) and six-speed "automatic". For this option the dealers are still asking 2 599 000 rubles. But now Fortuner appeared petrol "four" 2.7 (166 HP, 245 N•m) mated to five-speed "mechanics", so the price is the initial "Standard" is 1 999 000 rubles.

Among versions of the model Mitsubishi Outlander in Russia front-wheel drive was only one, it's very simple, Inform 2WD CVT 2.0 for 1 529 000 rubles. And if someone needed equipment more rich, had to only choose AWD variants (1 689 990 and above). Now at the plant in Kaluga, the company launched production of two new versions monoperiodic Outlander: 2WD Invite (1 579 990 rubles) and Intense+ 2WD (from 699 1 990) with the same 146-horsepower gasoline engine (196 N•m) and a CVT.

A seven-seat Kia Sorento Prime managed. I confirm it our tests, and the results of sales. Over the last year, sold nearly six thousand of the Primes is more than an inexpensive five-seater crossover of Kia Sorento of the previous generation of XM (released in Russia on a full cycle). Prime UM series is collected in Kaliningrad SKD method based on Korean body. Therefore, the world came to upgrade of Russian machine without delay. Now they are the factory code UM PE (PE ― product enhancement, improved).

Young mark Lynk & Co, a subsidiary company of Geely, confidently follows the path of line extensions, albeit to sales ready only one the firstborn, the crossover 01. But on the tests I have crossover 02, 03 sedan, and now for the first time the photographers captured and hatchback Lynk & Co 04, which can be formally presented before the end of this year or early next (mark can completely change the order of the models on the market).

The Sixth of March in Geneva, the premiere of the show car Skoda Vision X. It will turn into a serial urban SUV, which will stand in the line of Skoda on the step below models Karoq. It is clear that a compact, beginner — Czech interpretation of Arona and Seat crossover Volkswagen T-Cross, although the manufacturer about this, of course, does not speak. He wants to remind you about the "Strategy–2025" and the upcoming "greening" of all their cars. Therefore, the concept of hybrid.

The Company Ares Design from Modena unveiled the long-awaited "revival of the Panther". Recall, the Panther Project is a modern interpretation of the Italian supercar De Tomaso Pantera seventies. However, Ares has no trademark rights of Pantera, and therefore Panther. However, nobody has been able, at least in some form to bring the legend to life, but such attempts have already been made.

Unfortunately, the "Russian" Cadillac Escalade is not as fast as SUV in other markets. And this is a step forward. The 6.2 V8 engine now produces no forces, 409, and 426. In Europe and the United States the power to this level increased for a long time. A six-speed "automatic machine" gave way to vosmidiapazonnoy. But in the Old world, such a change did not occur yesterday, and the Americans are already using a box with the ten steps. Encouraged by the fact that the local update of an Escalade is not in any way affected prices. He stands from 4 990 000 rubles.