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Competitors Docker in Russia — the twins Citroen Berlingo (from 1 258 000) and Peugeot Partner Tepee (1 299 000), and bipolar Lada Largus (529 900) Yes Volkswagen Caddy (1 447 600). If you drop Tune, even the most expensive Dokker 1 040 990 rubles looks tempting.

Only the 2.0 l gasoline engine develops 140 HP Naked AX7 with a five-speed "mechanics" costs 990 000 rubles. Feature better 100 thousand more. The car with a six-speed automatic transmission is also two configuration: over 1.15 million and 1.25 million On a test — top model.

"X-second" built on the same UKL platform, BMW X1, shares the same components and assemblies, the wheelbase they have the same (2670 mm). But that's the price of "unity" end where "kopeck piece" is just beginning to bloom. Corridor Junior— 1 888 000-2 590 000 rubles.

Quintuple machine consists of 4,135 mm in length, 1 750 in width and 1560 in height, wheelbase — 2490 mm. Curb weight is 1310 kg. the ground Clearance when fully loaded and 150 mm. Tyres — 205/55 R16. The charging connectors are located on the nose, behind a sliding door under the logo.

To Russia — the only all-wheel-drive version with a DSG. Allspace 2.0 TDI (150 HP) in Germany costs from € 36 875, 2125 euros more than the short Tiguan and 485 — of the Kodiak. Allspace 2.0 TSI (180 HP) — 37,500. Delivery to Russia from Mexico will start only after a year.

Dimensions remain largely unchanged. If the difference is in a few millimeters upward. Length — 4,17 m, width — 1.71, height — 1.48, the wheelbase is 2.6 m. Soft lining Air Bump, blassie body "circle", preserved only in the thresholds and the protection function has lost.

The idea is that the Chinese had to agree on a reform of the land Rover. Changes in appearance considerable, but if this photo is to throw in the image search, Google writes: "most Likely, the picture of Range Rover Evoque". Among similar images Landwind X7 will not meet.

Model of the BMW sDrive20i X2 (weight without driver ― 1460 kg) accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.7 s with a maximum speed of 227 km/h Version xDrive20d (1600 kg) and xDrive25d (1585 kg) reach hundreds in 7.7 and 6.7, respectively (maximum speed is 221 and 237 km/h). The photo ― performance M Sport.

Model of the Toyota Crown was introduced in 1955. The next generation will be the fifteenth. Introducing this concept, the Japanese stressed that the innovations here go side by side with the traditions. Means not a technique, but rather a set of qualities. Because the car is designed from scratch.

In the game, this coupe is endowed with a stuffing from Callaway Corvette: rear wheel drive, V8 engine, 6.2 (997 HP) 10-speed sequential box, lot 1129 kg, acceleration up to hundreds for 2.7 s, the maximum speed 365 km/h. Bureau chief, Andrea Zagato believes that its engineers have enough experience to life was the same.

The Debut of the concept car Mazda Kai was held at the Tokyo motor show in 2017. Length of piatigorski is 4420 mm, width and height ― 1855 mm and 1375 respectively. Wheelbase is 2750 mm. Mazda 3, the third generation is longer, narrower and taller, and the distance between axles is less.

"launching an innovative battery center in Shenyang is an important step in the strategy of electromobility, the BMW Group, said Board member Oliver Zipse. — By 2025 we expect the electrified BMW and MINI will be 15 to 25 percent of world sales, there are a few hundred thousand cars a year."

Taxis will be painted in three colors, but the main will be the dark blue. This deep Indigo (koiai), Toyota emphasizes, has long been a symbol of Japan and will allow cars "to contribute to a beautiful and uniform urban landscape". Also appear black and white cabs.

For their engine control modules G-Power is asking a lot of money. Improving the petrol versions 520i, 530i, 540i and M550i xDrive is estimated at 2159, 2399, 2759 2879 and euros respectively. Optimization of diesel 520d, 525d, 530d, 540d, and the M550d xDrive will need to pay to 2879 2039 euros.

Externally, Carrera T is lip splitter, side mirrors Sport Design, painted in color, Agate Grey Metallic, 20-inch wheels, the design of the grille on the engine cover, shotgun pipes in the centre, inscriptions on doors and nameplates on the rear.