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Made public all the details of the restyling of the crossover Jeep Cherokee. The new model not only the grille, headlights, hood, bumpers and rear door. The range of engines filled up the petrol "turboservice" 2.0 (274 HP, 400 N•m), and "atmosfernyi" Pentastar 3.2 V6 (275 HP and 324 N•m) and the Tigershark MultiAir2 2.4 (182 HP, 230 N•m) did not disappear, but the diesel can not hear anything. At nine-storyed "automatic" alternative is still there, but soft boxes are updated. In Russia reformed Cherokee will appear in the second half of this year. We have the efficiency of the motors is likely to be modest.

In 1968, screens out the film "Bullitt" (in Russian translation "Detective Bullitt"), in which one of the stars was the car of the main character — dark green "charged" Mustang GT390. A ten-minute chase detective Bullitt (Steve McQueen) for criminals through the streets of San Francisco impress viewers for many years. In 2007, Ford released a special edition Mustang Bullitt that mimics the car from the movie. Now, at the auto show in Detroit, the firm introduced the "third generation" Mustang Bullitt, created for the 50th anniversary of the film. To him we shall return, but first — the background.

Together with the presentation of the prototype of the Acura RDX crossover new generation at the auto show in Detroit Acura's representatives told about the plans for strengthening the sports component of brand image. In particular, it announced the return of "hot" versions of Type-S. These plans are side-by-side with the intention to introduce Acorah new V6 Turbo motor, which will not be shared with any of the Hondas.

In our country started taking orders for the Porsche Cayenne third generation. All versions of it at the moment — petrol, all-wheel drive and is endowed with an eight "automatic". For the initial modification with naduvnoj "six" 3.0 (340 HP, 450 N•m) dealers are asking 4 999 000 rubles. The next option Cayenne S (V6 2.9, force 440, 550 N•m) is 6 521 000. The top-end Cayenne Turbo, equipped with "byturbulence" 4.0. (550 HP, 770 N•m), will cost at least 9 800 000.

The name of the show-Kara Xmotion pronounced cross motion and alludes to the continued evolution of the signature grille V-Motion. The concept as a whole indicates the design direction of Nissan after 2020. As explained by Alfonso Albaisa, philosophy is the unity of opposites: "the study of seemingly disparate elements that co-existence can become purposeful force." In the quest to diversify the SUV segment, the developers decided to make a fusion of Japanese culture and American style. Aggressive appearance needs to be perceived as the armor that protects fragile and sensitive inner world.

The Third generation Kia Forte sedan celebrated its world premiere in Detroit. Audit has been both the vehicle and the power structure of the body, improved electronics. However, the most notable change is the powerplant that enabled the car to become Thrifty ancestor.

Hyundai Veloster new generation, which debuted in depressed Detroit and J built on the modernized platform predecessor, has retained a unique asymmetric body with one door on the left side and two on the right. Visible continuity and in bright design. But the main thing for setting up driving qualities of the Veloster, finally, came a competent person. Former Vice-President of BMW M and the father of the current BMW M3/M4 albert Biermann has already been taught to drive hot hatch Hyundai i30 N. Now the Germans worked on a new Veloster, the predecessor of which was a big problem on the go.

In the United States segment of full-size sedans massive brands is going through hard times. In 2017 sales fell by 11.5%, and for the first time since 1985 the demand was below the level of 400 thousand cars ― 392 129 pieces. In the top ten, headed by the Dodge Charger (88 351), Chevrolet Impala (75 877) and Nissan Maxima (67 627), the fall touched on most models. Especially bad things the Toyota Avalon, whose sales plummeted by 32% and amounted to 32 583 machine. For comparison, last year in Russia, with its difficult situation in the market managed to sell 28 199 Camry sedans. But to establish business in the U.S. will have the new Avalon, which debuted in Detroit.

About the appearance of a "hot" Mercedes models with the index 53, the insiders said last summer. And now the Germans presented at the motor show in Detroit the firstborn of this line. Still unaccustomed to hearing the version found the CLS sedan, and coupe and convertible E-class. Turned out Mercedes-CLS 53 AMG 4Matic+ AMG 4Matic E 53+ and 53 E Coupe 4Matic+ Cabriolet.

Bezlimitnogo stated in the title of the concept Lexus LF-Limitless 1 for Detroit, could mean just the limit. Namely, the limitation of the lifetime of the flagship of the brand, a large frame SUV Lexus LX. After all, in the description of the show car in black and white written: flagship luxury crossover. No vague concept SUV. The survivor of the "El-x", which did not change the generation in 2007, have something to fear. Fans of Iroda in the world day by day becomes. On the contrary, are filled up and the pavement rides, cruise control, choosing the "unbridled luxury". In that audience and Lexus marks.

In Detroit, Infiniti unveiled a prototype of a Q Inspiration Concept. Technical information about the concept a bit. A pity, because Q Inspiration shows General direction of development of corporate design and heralds (with some confidence) the appearance of a flagship sedan that could be on the market in a few years. Key point: focus design on the provision of "stress".

In Detroit, the premiere of the Ram 1500 pickup truck fifth generation. First of all, the engineers pay attention to weight saving. Since the construction is prevalent high-strength steel (frame 98% of it is), and aluminum body, no one dared, the savings amounted to 102 kg. the Truck is now able to take on Board 1043 kg (816) and tow a nearly six-ton trailer (previously less than five). However, the drag coefficient was reduced by 9% to 0,357. Thank you for it "blinds" in the grille, automatic flap in the front bumper and air suspension.

Come to the end of time platform K2XX auto giant General Motors. From 2013 on it is basis for all full-size SUVs and pick-up of the group under the brands of Chevrolet (Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado), GMC (Yukon, Sierra) and Cadillac (Escalade and ESV version). But this year, the Americans launched the process of change "truck" K2XX on the latest T1HH. The first model on this platform was the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck of the fourth generation. The car already shown to the press at the January Detroit auto show. This is an important premiere: the Silverado, which is second in sales among pickups only Ford F-150 for the past three years, has sold 1 761 284 pieces.

Photos sedan Honda Insight Prototype the company issued in December. With the debut of the prototype at the auto show in Detroit the creators of the model only added to the images and told us a bit about the hardware. The information that Insight will be implanted powerplant from the new hybrid Accord, has been only partially confirmed. There really working the latest variation of the twin-engine system. But unlike Chord and, say, the Odyssey, she is friends with two-liter atmospheric engine, and Assembly 1.5 (of course, working on the Atkinson cycle).

In Europe and North America Volkswagen sells different trade winds. Overseas customers are less fortunate: their Passat looks less interesting and is not universal, it is built on the old PQ46 platform, its list of equipment poorer and the range of engines is modest. But the model for the United States is larger and more spacious. Plus it sets exceptionally powerful engines ― naduvnye "four" 2.0 TSI and smeshanno-row "aspirated" 3.6 VR6 FSI. And now from the North American Passat has a new modification of the GT, the donor for which was version R-line.