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Living in London Indian millionaire Sanjeev Gupta, and led by industrial conglomerate Alliance GFG came up with a plan for revival of the Holden plant in Elizabeth, closed last fall. However, most of the enterprises in December went to the Australian firm Pelligra, who was looking to open a Technocentre (part of the capacity is retained for the production of spare parts). But with new owners, the idea, and you can negotiate.

Crossover Skoda Karoq got on the conveyor main plant Skoda in Mlada Boleslav, where he joined the models Fabia, Rapid and Octavia. It was the second platform for Karaka after the launch of new products on stream in July last year in Kvasiny. Expanding the geography of production caused by the growing demand for this car.

Overheating of the cylinder head could cause cracks and cause oil leaks, probably why the fire in the engine compartment. For this reason, in Russia, under review were crossovers Ford Kuga and compact MPV Ford C-Max sold from may 2012 to December 2014. In sum, the event has affected 15 670 cars. The campaign is global in nature, the fires were really, there are victims.

Bugatti introduced the world's first brake caliper, obtained by the technology of 3D printing. Not only that: it is made of titanium alloy — a material rarely used in the so-called additive components due to the complexity of processing. This vosmipolosnoy monoblock is also the largest in the industry and the size fits coupe Chiron.

The Sixth of March at the Geneva motor show the world premiere of the hypercar Corbellati Missile, which claims to be the fastest in the world. "Byturbulence" 9.0 for a couple with a six-speed transmission supposedly gives 1800 HP, 2350 N•m, so the maximum speed must exceed 500 km/h. It is a challenge coupe Koenigsegg Agera RS, but who left him? Unknown company Corbellati Hypercars. It is difficult to even tell her. Three options: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic.

Tuning house Pogea Racing, citing a "reliable source close to the leadership of Alfa Romeo" has pleased fans of the brand leak: sports coupe Alfa Romeo 6C (a step higher than 4C) approved by the firm. In particular the status of the model will appear on one of the auto show in the present or, more likely, in 2019. Serial production should start in early 2020.

Mercedes A class can only be a hatchback, a Mercedes CLA ― sedan and wagon. But everything will change with the advent of the successors on the modernized platform MFA2. The upcoming Mercedes A class will be not only a five-door hatch, but the traditional sedan. Mercedes CLA a right to be chetyrehdverki will be taken away, and instead in the company to universal, the Germans will add liftback with kupeobrazny roof line. Prototypes of such a machine was first lit on road tests in the Arctic circle. It's going to be a reduced copy of the Mercedes CLS models of the last generation.

Jeep Commander SUV was sent into retirement in 2010. Now his name has received a second life. Seven-seat crossover Grand Commander, based on the concept Jeep Yuntu, will enter the Chinese market in the second quarter of this year. According to unofficial data, the model shares a platform with the Cherokee. For the beginner, there is one petrol turbo 2.0 in two versions boost — 234 and 265 HP In tandem with the aluminum engine is nine-storyed "machine". There are four-wheel drive.

The Concept of restomod is an integral part of the automotive world. Classic style and modern filling is a dream for many. Therefore, such firms as Singer and Ring Brothers, is a successful business. Not far behind, and the company Jensen International Automotive. Take the British vintage sports car the Jensen Interceptor and install a modern GM V8 LSA engine, steering and suspension, and ennoble the interior high quality leather and entertainment system. And now in the portfolio of Studio have the classic Range Rover. And his alteration is noticeably bigger.

The Third generation models of the Mercedes-Benz CLS has found a price list in Russia. The minimum price for kupeobrazny sedan — 4 940 000 286-HP (600 N•m) diesel variant CLS 350 d 4Matic Elegance. Last four-wheel-drive 350 d was worth about four million, so the price hike is obvious, although there are differences in the configuration.

Oncern Volkswagen today at the summit Golf suppliers 8 Supplier Summit has officially announced that the release of the new Golf left 75 weeks. Simply put, the launch of the hatchback, wagon and through their versions into production is scheduled for the end of June 2019. The brand invests in this case is 1.8 billion euros. The factory in Wolfsburg will retain its status as the main Assembly site for the model. He now produces more than 2,000 cars a day.

For automobile manufacturers thought about the prospect of closer integration of electric cars and "charged" hybrids to the electrical network. After all, these cars can change their charge depending on the load or the daily rate, and also act as drives, giving the current back. So Audi has launched a pilot project of this kind: the Audi Smart Energy Network. Here, the vehicles exchange information with local solar power plants and stationary buffer batteries.

Bisu Company, the Auto prepared for the April premiere in Beijing on its fourth model Bisu T6. To be a leader and the most powerful large SUV in the lineup she will not last long, because it should take the place of the seven-seat Bisu T7. But "six" is equipped with a petrol 2.0 turbo engine capacity of 197 HP and an eight "automatic". Maximum speed — 180 km/h.

Cecectomy market of new cars and light commercial vehicles in 2017, have grown by 11.9% (almost 1.6 million vehicles). What's nice: most of the brands finished the year in positive territory. In some segments of the market change too much, although there are a few amazing exceptions. About the change of the absolute leader of sales among models of all classes (Kia Rio) we have already mentioned. Now tell others.

Results from first model Jeep Renegade facelift, we will probably see in March at the Geneva motor show. Reform should not be as modest as the related Fiat 500X, but a deep modernization should not wait. Change grille, bumpers and lighting fixtures. Something can share new Jeep Wrangler. For example, petrol "turboservice" 2.0, which is able to replace naturally aspirated engine 2.4 Tigershark.