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The network got preliminary pricing on the modification of the electric car Porsche Taycan specified in the letter of the Porsche to one of my customers. It turned out that the machine will have three versions: Taycan just over $90 000, with a small tail, Taycan 4S price under a hundred and Taycan Turbo for $130,000. Yes, despite the all-electric propulsion system, the company decided to designate the version of Taikang similar to other Porsche modifications, including the word Turbo for the most powerful option, even there is no turbine and no smell. Now it's just a reference to the most advanced Taycan.

Hello, Lexus, New year! Maybe to Drive this is the first car brand in a long time, and I have the LS AWD 500 for the second time this season. A few months ago, while working for another publication, I met with the "driving" version of the F Sport. Now, once the new team, learn a "driver's" option. And let me tell you with knowledge of the case: this LS — it's this. With a full rear row, with all sorts of curtains and Ottomans, "five hundredth" logical fits in a segment of representation sedans.

The Ninth of June, 1968, new Zealander Bruce McLaren in the fourth (and last) time in his career won a stage of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium. More importantly, this was the first victory was founded by a pilot of the team McLaren. The past half-century anniversary was an excellent occasion to release some special series. And here it is officially presented. This supercar McLaren 720S 68 Spa Collection, which will be released edition of just three copies on order dealership of McLaren Brussels. By publishing the news about the car, the company said: "Two samples are already sold, so hurry up". While we write these lines, it is highly likely, and the third found of the owner.

Exhibition of electronics CES in Las Vegas, held in January, every year more and more transformirovalsya in a car. Even the Detroit motor show had a competitor, to migrate to the June 2019, the salon will be held in January for the last time, and BMW will not be there. And all because of the popularity of the theme of the interfaces "man — machine" automated driving, connectivity, car to the Network. At the next CES show the Germans brought the already known concept Vision iNext. Only not lonely. The stand system will be created a mixed reality in which visitors will be able to try Next like on the road.

Taking pre-orders for the "second" Range Rover Evoque opens the third of January, but commodity cars will appear at dealers in April. Today announced prices, and there are no surprises: as the Evoque was the most expensive in the segment, and left. The basic version of the standard with a 150-horsepower two-liter diesel is 2 929 000 rubles (+86 000 to predecessor). The following equipment's is estimated at 3 000 337, SE — 3 746 000, R-Dynamic S — 3 471 000 and so on. The most expensive today, the crossover is performed by First Edition 4 637 000 rubles.

Now it's my turn. Nikita reported on the new Ceed hatchback, Kirill Vasiliev — related Cerato sedan. Purely in a friendly should I accept the invitation to meet with the wagon Ceed SW in Sochi. Recently I drove there the other Sportswagon, Fret. In fact, a year passed, during which the five-door Vesta took 54% of the Russian market wagons. Share Sid SW according to KIA does not exceed 13%, which nevertheless makes it the best-selling car among cars of this type. And from year to year SW increasingly popular: today it is chosen by 47% of the audience SIDA.

The following year, the Lamborghini company should declassify hypercar LB48H that this summer was shown to a limited number of customers. Various data about the machine was gradually leaked, and here's another curious detail. According to the publication's Road and Track, this machine will glow in the dark. Details insiders did not disclose. Would it be luminescent inserts on the body, unusual lights in addition to the standard, or maybe the paint with the effect of phosphorescence, which absorbs daylight and then some time giving it at night?

The Germans brought to market a complex Classic Porsche Vehicle Tracking. In full accordance with the name of the system tracks the movement of the classic models of the brand, of course, is equipped with a special set of satellite navigation receiver, the number of sensors and communication devices. On its establishment, the company told a year ago, promising in 2018, spring or summer, start into action. And in several European countries it already operates, and after installation requires a monthly subscription payment, and where not. And we have to catch up and talk about the details.

The Customer of this car wished a special way to celebrate 30 years of the first world title of the legendary Formula-1 Ayrton Senna. In 1988, the Brazilian won his first (of three) title driving a McLaren MP4/4 in the colors of the then team sponsor Marlboro. Now the same red-and-white coloring, along with several other changes were given a unique sample hypercar McLaren P1 GTR. Of course, on the transformation of the car with chassis number 12 conjured the Department MSO, known great potential for the personalization of McLaren.

Fourth generation Santa Fe will be released to the Chinese market in March 2019. Announced that owners will not have to carry a car key, because there is a technology of fingerprint recognition. Biometric data of the user of the vehicle (owner, family members, friends) are logged in the cluster, and further work scanners, access depends on the result of reconciliation. "Fingerprint" opens doors, starts the engine, adjusted the seat, mirrors, navigation and so on. It is more about comfort than about safety.

Circles from disilicate go industry for several years. The scandal with the program that had an impact on the emissions of diesel engines when testing, career cost the head of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn and Audi chief Rupert Stadler. VW group has incurred billions of dollars in costs for fines, and redemption machines. Audi and moreover shell out separately. It would seem, what else? But no. Americans (the scandal began in the United States) unless another member of the forgery — German engineering company IAV. According to Detroit News, she has agreed to plead guilty in U.S. district court on charges of conspiracy to commit violations of the clean air Act and to pay as a result of this $35 million fine.

Electric car Nissan Leaf in the new version of E-Plus (the name is hypothetical) will get the battery increased from 40 to 60 kWh of capacity and electric motor producing 200 HP (150 now). Premiere this modification though was to be held in November at the motor show in Los Angeles, however, the arrest of Carlos Ghosn was forced to postpone the event. Now it makes sense to wait for the presentation on the eighth of January on electronics show CES in Las Vegas. However, the screening of "Bodice plus" in the official announcement does not appear, but there is a line "Performance of a new car".

Sports cars Nissan GT-R is a true survivor. On the conveyor model is already eleven years old, of course, with lots of upgrades. But before the new generation yet to walk. In such a situation, a special model is a proven recipe to attract the public's attention. Of course, not everybody can buy some Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign with a circulation of 50 pieces, original bodywork and a price under a million euros. But in Japan, released a special edition are modest: in honor of the new Ambassador of the brand Nissan Naomi Osaka, the first Japanese winner of one of the Grand slam tournaments in singles.

During the presentation of the BMW the third series index of the G20 do not sound words with the root "electro", and "hybrid" is pronounced once or twice. Without these versions, of course — nowhere, but they will appear later, and the locomotive will be conventional gasoline and diesel. Diesel? "While there is demand — make it clear in the BMW, we will be offering diesels because they are good". And we are talking about the best-selling model of the group, keeping the leadership in spite crossover expansion. Side trends. How much it says about the company and its consumer.

Rosstandart reports that the West identified equipment that is not certified. And the machine it sold as much as half a year, because the review is Way, implemented c July 2017 at the moment. Probably here it is necessary to shrug and say, "Well, nothing terrible happens". As it turned out, a spare tyre Formula Energy (185/65 R15) is not colored disc from the main wheels with tires Pirelli Cinturato P1 of the same dimension. For this reason, a service called 41 507 West. For comparison: for the first 10 months of 2018 buyers found 86 857 cars.