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Elements of autonomy and assistant driver (character recognition, adaptive cruise with steering assistant emergency detour pedestrian) introduced on the Mercedes-Benz models in stages. Another increase uptake of electronics can you expect after completion of this voyage the Intelligent World Drive. Since September of last year, Autonomous prototype on the basis of the S-class has already visited five parts of the world. The final stage of the voyage, the U.S., timed to coincide with CES, which is taking place now in Las Vegas.

Name Lvchi (seemingly pronounced "Keys") loosely translated means "green transportation". This is a new company which will be in mid-2019 to mass produce in China, electric vehicles, and only them. Scheduled as many as eight models: sedans, crossovers, minivans, compacts. And start firm Lvchi Auto decided from the conceptual supercar Urano — "four-door coupe" with a capacity of 520 kW (707 HP, 900 N•m). Acceleration to hundreds of deals he's 3.5 s. cruising stretches the truth to the cycle NEDC — 500 km For some obscure Chinese estimates — all 690.

Las Vegas at CES debuted an electric version of the model Vanderhall Venice, called Edison2. Instead of the gasoline engine 1.4 (203 HP, 271 N•m) the tricycle is equipped with two electric motors, which lead the front axle. Total power — 134 kW (182 HP, 325 N•m). The machine accelerates to 96.5 km/h in four seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 169 km/h. Charge the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh should be enough for 200 miles (322 km) on the odometer.

In the field of technical developments of the company Mazda and Toyota collaborate for a long time, but your relationship they have issued only in 2015, signing an agreement to work together in different areas. Two years later, was created the business Alliance in which two of the Japanese automaker bought shares in each other. Emphasis will be given to the development of electric vehicles and systems, auto-pilot, but it's not near term. In contrast to the planned joint Assembly plants. The Alliance finally decided on the location of the plant is the city of Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Crossover Mercedes GLA battle for the European market is losing. In 2016, the Germans implemented 67 070 machines. For comparison, over the same period, middle-aged Audi Q3 and published a couple of years ago, the BMW X1 has sold 92 107 95 380 pieces. While the Mercedes GLA is not the most expensive among the opponents, similar in size and powertrains. But in the next year, the compact Mercedes appears ally is a five ― door Mercedes GLB. He just went on a road test in the guise, not under the guise of "mule". The series will form a modular platform MFA 2, which will soon debut the Mercedes A-class next generation.

Kia Forte Sedan third generation (a number of markets Cerato) will debut next week (late in the evening on the 15th if you count Moscow) at the auto show in Detroit. We can't reveal all the details. And now, just days before the premiere, the company decided to keep interest of the audience through sketches. They already give a good idea of the design of the model, which, by definition of the firm itself, the creators have tried to make it visually more muscular and athletic.

The Top specification model of the Ford Edge in the US now will not be called Sport, and ST. This crossover AWD by default. It is, as before, is equipped with a "byturbulence" 2.7 EcoBoost, however, its impact increased by 20 strength and 40 Newton metres (up to 340 HP, 515 N•m). To replace the six-speed "automatic" came vosmidiapazonnoy with the selector washer instead of a lever. And it's not all the results of the restyling, which the audience will be able to assess at the auto show in Detroit 13-28 Jan.

In 1948 at the motor show in Amsterdam was presented with three pre-production land Rover. With them began the history of the brand. This year on the 70th anniversary of the brand Land Rover, the British are preparing many activities. Including carried out the restoration of one of those three cars, breed and brand, and a series of models that led to the creation of the famous Defender. A new generation of SUV Defender will be released in 2019. And now it first showed up on the tests. However, it is still "mule", that is, to redraw the shell of a Range Rover Sport.

The Germans introduced at CES in Las Vegas announced earlier user interface MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), serial debut which will take place on the hatchback Mercedes A-class. The interior of this car company Daimler have shown. Now told more about what is hidden over by the displays.

Last year, the Association of Euro NCAP has tested almost 70 models. This is a record number in the 20 year history of the organization. For comparison: in 2016, the checks were only 18 cars, although in 2015 there were more than forty. Seemed received this time a huge array of data will allow experts to assign the title of "Best in class" representatives of each segment. But no, we have only six cars, and half of them are released by Volkswagen. King of the hill is marked in the category Executive — congratulations liftback Arteon. He will soon arrive in Russia.

It is Expected that in 2018, the company's lineup, BMW will be enriched by a pair of expensive two-door models. We're talking about the coupe the long-awaited eighth series of the same name and convertible. Platform Executive sedan of the seventh series, powerful supercharged engines, including the flagship V12 6.6, the latest technology of the group from Munich. And we expect a captivating appearance that hinted to us BMW 8 Series Concept. However, you can look at the production car with closed body. Spy shots that have front and back and interior, posted on the web.

Last September in Europe adopted new rules of certification of cars. Changed the procedure of measurement of emissions and fuel consumption. First, bench tests will be conducted according to the usual cycle NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), and more close to the reality of the WLTP cycle (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure). Secondly, it introduces a traffic check using portable gas analyzers. Producers will become more difficult to comply with economy. Unlikely to cheat, as before, adjusting the motors under the cycle. Convicted of similar frauds Volkswagen introduces us to the new rules. Look!

The compact MPV BMW Active Tourer second series and his brother seven-seat Gran Tourer appearance changed slightly. Modified grille, bumpers and lighting fixtures. In the interior, too, the revolution did not happen. But on the technical side there are important innovations. The engine line-up re-engineered to improve efficiency and better environmental performance. First came a seven-step "robot" Steptronic dual clutch and vosmidiapazonnym "automatic". Mechanical box remained in the ranks.

In the first half of January in Las Vegas is the international consumer electronics show (CES). A car company where guests frequent. For example, their autopilot technology will tell the experts of Ford, Nissan, Daimler AG and Toyota. And yet the bride appeared Henrik Fisker with his next creation of electric vehicles Fisker EMotion. Detailed specifications have not been disclosed, but we can get in line behind the car, making a prepayment in the amount of $2000. With a manufacturing facility of the firm will be determined in the course of this year and production will begin in 2019.

Global auto giant with a triple name Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi announced the formation of a venture Fund Alliance Ventures. The task of the new structure — to invest in promising projects and startups associated with the automotive industry. These developments, in turn, should find application in machines of the Alliance. Impressive planned amount of investment — billion dollars over the next five years (an average of $200 million annually).