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In recent years, the Association Euro NCAP tests machines in large quantities. Sometimes, at one time was divided 15 models. Velar acted alone, and the testers did not regret for his warm words, calling "British" one of the best crossovers in all aspects of security.

Involved in the project a couple of vans Mercedes-Benz V-class differs from the usual only in the presence of a rooftop platform for precision landing of a quadrocopter Matternet M2, and coloring. First experiences with drones set Renault, Nissan (twice), Rinspeed and Jeep.

Input the price of the Sonata 2.0 AT ― 1 245 000 rubles. The base Hyundai on 150 thousand cheaper Camry 100 thousand ― Mondeo, 65 K — Optima with the same powertrain. The ceiling is 1 460 000 rubles per 150-strong two-liter sedan and 1 810 000 for version 2.4 c motor (188 HP).

In the Arsenal of the brand Changan in China, there are two pickups: Shenqi F50 (pictured) and Shenqi F30. Both are technically close to the model of Isuzu D-Max. They are rear-wheel drive, five-speed "mechanics" and weak petrol engines of 2.2 (105 HP, 190 N•m) and 1.5 (110 HP, 142 N•m).

"This is not a sports car and not a cheap car like a Nissan Leaf. What we do is pretty radical. Makes no sense to build something like this at all," explained 70-year-old innovator. Help manufacturers Dyson does not need, because they "can not offer anything useful."

Toro offered from 2016 and only in Latin America. He has become the most popular truck in Brazil, and in the overall ranking of the "Italian" is in seventh place. Every month, sold more than 3500 machines at prices from 88 980 reais (1.6 million rubles).

Show car Viziv (the name is derived by the combination of the words Vision and Innovation) at Subaru a lot, and all they talk about crossovers. The previous Viziv-7 SUV Concept 2016, announced the Tribeca model. Previously played Viziv Future (2015), Viziv2 (2014), The Viziv (2013).

The Japanese speculative imagined how it will look like the all-terrain vehicles in 2030. The dimensions of the machine comparable to the current Jimny: length is 3460 mm (-235), width — 1645 (+45), height — 1655 (-50) wheelbase — 2300 mm (+50). Ground clearance is obviously huge.

Sonata left the Russian market in 2012. The new generation debuted in 2014, the restyling took place in the spring of 2017. In Korea the sedan is equipped with a turbo engine (including diesel) and eight-, not six-speed "automatic" — our marketers do not consider them popular.

Most expensive Diesel with a CVT debuts on the British market in October 2017. The starting price is 26 015 pounds against 24 715 per car with a manual transmission. The qajars with the 165-horsepower turbo engine in the main European markets already sold.

The Display Device BMW Key with a color touch screen is something between the key and the smartphone. It can be used to monitor the status of the car remotely turn on the heating and ventilation and even Park the car. We experienced this key in.

Aspen is the first SUV in the history of the Chrysler Department. However, it was only the result of badge-engineering: the body structure, chassis and power unit model was harmonized with the Dodge Durango. Five-meter Aspen was produced from 2006 to 2009, and sales during this time did not exceed 64 724 pieces.

Ratcliffe posing against the backdrop of the London pub, the Grenadier, who shared a name with the upcoming model. It was here that Jim was born the idea of a private the Rover. The school is open since 1720. Name it must Marines Grenadier regiment, who beat the French at Waterloo in 1815-m.

The Return of Mercedes to the inline "sixes" not only due to the beautiful balance of such engines, but increasingly stringent environmental requirements. The engine of this type Converter is able to supply closer to the exhaust valves to get hot.

In the base CR-V 2.0 (150 HP) 1 769 900 roubles, eight airbags, climate and cruise control, rear Parking sensors and even the little things. With the motor 2.4 (188 HP) Honda is at least 2 109 000, and our top-end Prestige version (2.39 million) is available only with him.