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The Italian container ship Grande America, EN route from Hamburg to Casablanca, March 12, sank in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of France after the great fire. In tanks of the vessel were transported 2,200 tons of heavy fuel oil, also were on Board 365 containers (in 45 was dangerous substances like sulphuric acid) and about 2000 cars. Most of the cars — Audi models (A3, A4, A5, RS4, RS5, Q7), but among them was attended by 37 supercars Porsche. It seemed that four unique Porsche 911 GT2 RS lost forever, because the production of this version ceased in February.

The Company Yandex, has long sought a partner among automakers for the development of its drone program, reported that it has signed an agreement of intent with South Korean firm Hyundai Mobis. It is assumed that they will jointly develop software and hardware for drones fourth and even fifth levels. Contribution Yandex is machine learning and computer vision, and Hyundai Mobis will perform in the traditional role of supplier of equipment, such as radars, cameras and other sensors. As aggregatively will make Hyundai cars, the alteration of which Yandex will be engaged in Moscow.

California startup Evelozcity now well-known units, but promises to become a noticeable phenomenon in the industry. This company opened the "refugees" from the firm Faraday Future, namely former heads BMW's Ulrich Kranz and Stefan Krause, as well as the former Bavarian brand designer Richard Kim. The staff of about 350 employees. Strange name of the company is collected from the words "electric car", "speed", "city" (EV + velocity + city = Evelozcity) and, in the opinion of the team, describes what she's doing. However, in the future the name may change.

A Joint venture of PSA Group, Dongfeng Motor Group (DPCA) has been able in 2018 to implement in China, only 253 of 400 cars (-32,89%). This is the worst result since 2009. Partners lost 3.7 billion yuan ($552 million). In comparison with 2017 revenue fell 31%, to 28.3 billion yuan ($4.2 billion), and losses increased eight-fold, according to Automotive News. Managers wistfully recall a record in 2015 when the demand reached its peak and allowed to implement 704 000 cars on 64% more than now. Since there's a steady decrease, DPCA takes drastic measures to rescue.

A New restructuring plan prescribes: Marche Infiniti need to leave Western Europe in the beginning of 2020 and to focus on the largest emerging markets — North America and China. And in Eastern Europe, the middle East and in Asia position of the brand will remain the same. This means that Infiniti will disappear, for example, from Germany, France, Italy, UK, Holland, Switzerland (the list of countries twice). The reason — "there is no stable economic justification", that is, meager sales don't justify the costs. An attempt at expansion, begun in 2008, was a debacle...

Another service campaign, declared, OOO "Volkswagen group Rus", has affected 431 instance several Audi models. Under the scope got the A6 sedan, implemented in the period from 2014 to 2018, hatchbacks A7 (2014-2018), sedans A8 (sold in 2019), crossovers Q7 (2019) and Q8 (2019), as well as the family A3 (implementation 2018-2019.). The reasons are different. For example, in A6 and A7 socket for additional heating element in the climate unit is not fixed tightly, which can overheat. If you believe the Russian release, this defect threatens to "thermal injuries", and in the same European opinion austere says: "may cause fire", although not mentioned, if there were already such cases. Connector check.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback eighth generation got photographers with a minimum of camouflage and as close as possible. And in parallel head of sales Volkswagen jürgen Stackmann revealed in Geneva some of the details of the upcoming new items. He began, of course, is to be expected for the phrase: "the New Golf will be all that buyers appreciated it for many years, but now it has become digital. People want Golf, it's an icon. Now in digital technology made a huge leap forward. Because the car has retained that fans loved, and moved it to the next level." However, there is information and more useful.

The British company Morgan has introduced in Geneva recently promised a new car. Model Plus Six was very interesting. That only is the newly designed aluminum platform CX-Generation, combined with the traditional Morgan with a body frame made of ash. Motor cars of this brand in a wonder: then came the modular inline-turborestore BMW B58 3.0 (340 HP and 500 N•m), is the same as that used in the M40i BMW Z4 Roadster and coupe, Toyota Supra. By the way, this is the first Morgan with a turbocharger and the first production with row "six".

Exactly a year ago, the company Tata Motors revealed show cars H5X and 45X, built on architectures OMEGA-Arc (a simplified platform of the land Rover) and ALFA-Arc (self-development). At the same time was presented to a design philosophy of Impact 2.0. Today H5X become a serial crossover Tata Harrier in five - and seven-seat versions, and 45X directly in Geneva was transformed into a hatchback Tata Altroz and acquired conceptual elektroversiya. In addition, at the stage H2X prototype, destined for the premium subcompact.

Updated Elantra Kaliningrad Assembly offered in four trim levels: Start from 1 049 000 (+30 000 to morestyle), Base— 1 120 000 (+30 000), Active— 1 190 000 (+20 000), Elegance — 1 315 000 (+5000 to the no longer existing version of the Family). The first half of the options comes with aspirated 1.6 (128 HP, 154 N•m), the second with naturally aspirated engine 2.0 (150 HP, 192 N•m). A six-speed "mechanics" combined with both engines. The minimum price of a dedicated six "automatic" — 1 155 000 (+25 000). Extra charge for color "metallic" and "pearl" — 10 000 rubles.

British firm Eadon Green, positioning itself as a boutique car manufacturer, first appeared in the sky in Geneva in 2017, with a 12 cylinder retrocam Black Cuillin. There's also a year later, she surprised the audience Zeclat coupe based on the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, with its same "eight" 6.2. Find out the Corvette was absolutely impossible, because the machine received the body style of the cars of the 1930s. Now, in 2019, the "ears" of the original model stick out clearly: quadruple indoor unit with a dry marking ZRR built around open models of Rolls-Royce Dawn. And let back out so the original headlights, the frame of the windscreen and sculpted bonnet give the basis.

Mid-engined supercar Aston Martin AM-RB 003 was created with an eye on the Valkyrie. And the "zero-zero three" influenced the development of a parallel project, also mid-engined Aston, but is intended as a more affordable model. Along with AM-RB 003 Junior Vanquish Vision Concept car has arrived at the Geneva motor show the status of the show car. However, both will be serial (in 2021 and 2022 respectively). And in the case of Vanquish, the British Vision to mention a full-fledged mass production (in contrast to the model 003, which will have a limited edition of 500 pieces).

Exactly two years ago, the crossover Subaru XV (Crosstrek he is, he's raised hatch Impreza) moved into the third generation. To change something early. However, the show car Viziv Adrenaline — that altered the XV, although the Japanese keep quiet about it. And they say about newborn concept Bolder, whose name calls for courage and dash: "With the new design philosophy we aim to expand the horizons of the brand, to define more clearly the characteristics of Subaru cars and create more enjoyment for all passengers."

Made its debut yesterday in Geneva the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SVJ — menacing appearance, the phenomenal characteristics. But the second debutant of the current spring show — Huracan Spyder EVO — tried not to get lost in the background of the older brother. Let the appearance here is much quieter, and the motor on a few cylinders less, but in the spurt of up to one hundred (3,1) this Huracan loses model SVJ Roadster only 0.2 s, and up to two hundred (9,3) yields only half a second. At a price of 202 437 Euro EVO Spyder is an attractive option Roadster from Sant'agata is for those who have a dozen cylinders does not matter. Recall SVJ Roadster valued at Euro 387 007.

Model, which appears in the production plan alpha as C UV, was not only the first compact crossover of the brand, but its first plug-in hybrid. The name is taken from the Tonale mountain pass Passo del Tonale in the Alps, which is adjacent to the Stelvio pass. If you believe the roadmap, the machine will be the only serial in 2022. However, the schedule was imposed under the late Sergio Marchionne, and the new FCA chief Mike Manley optimizes processes. Anyway, the technical characteristics of the Tonale, the Italians do not indulge, even silent.