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Speciale On the track literally heals the soul. In the city I took a few hours but I forgot right. Without the police there were, but the inspector turned out to be a user of Drive: instead of a fine he chose to read and watch about the Ferrari. Video this time — at the end of the text.

The Third degree of autonomy means there is no need to constantly look at the road: you can go about your business. For example, in Germany the driver of the Audi A8 will be allowed to watch in motion TV or a movie on DVD. Although the person needs to take over if the autopilot will ask him about it.

Machine based on "Taipa" the so-called series 1.5 1968. The appearance has been fully preserved, fragments of the XXI century is only noticeable in the cabin and under the hood. However, there is one concession time outside: vintage look headlamps equipped with LEDs instead of lamps.

Starting in 2014 Ford sold in Europe for more than 150 000 Ecosports. In Russia in the first half EcoSport failed to enter the top 25 most popular cars. In 2016, the "blue oval" sold us 4520 instances is second in the segment after the Kia Soul.

It is not Yet clear, concept or production-ready version. Assembly the Japanese want to establish in Taiwan or in the UK. The head of the firm Aspark emphasizes that the project is not a hobby, it's about serious business entering foreign markets, e.g. middle East.

At home, "third" Rexton posing as "four," debuted in March, so the Russian presentation is complete without a solemn breakdown of the skin. Scrubbed to a Shine machine greets us in the darkened hall on the third floor surrounded by UAZ and Tivoli.

Chief designer Laurens van den Acker recently started a new series of concepts, which reflects the next step in the development of the appearance of Renault vehicles. This means that the Symbioz will be quite futuristic as, say, best wallet. And after Zoe e-sport, you can count on interesting solutions for electrical.

Exterior features: aerodynamic package of carbon fiber and forged wheels Brabus Monoblock Platinum Edition 21 inch with tires Continental 255/35 and 295/30 (front/rear). Optionally you can order wheels Monoblock G Platinum on 22 inches. Suspension lowered by 15 mm.

Stephan Winkelmann was born in 1964 in Berlin, but grew up in Rome. There he studied political science, after which he continued his studies in Munich. From 1994 to 2004, Winkelmann worked in the marketing departments and sales companies Mercedes-Benz and FIAT. And from January of 2005 to March of 2016 Stephen managed the firm Automobili Lamborghini S. p.A.

In the European market Dacia Duster will appear coming in the winter, but the analogy with the emblem of Renault, will presumably be released closer to the second half of 2018. Such cars will sell in Russia, South America and Asia, and their differences boil down to different engines and a retuned suspension.

Racing rear-wheel drive R8 was created in the past and in the current generation (photo — GT4 R8 LMS). For the road model scheme is unusual, if not considered small-scale electric R8 e-tron. But time is relative — Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2, why not?

Sportively model variant is distinguished by a glossy black U-shaped section in the front bumper, the same color ring insert in a decorative top grille and fender flares. At the bottom of the bumper "wings" colors of BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey.

The Starting price for the Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200 with a "double" cabin is similar ― nearly 1.8 million rubles. The expensive models L200 pulled forward: 2.4 million for a top Instyle vs. 2.2 million for D-Max Energy ― these versions and participated in the tests.

Diesel 180 forces involves a choice between rear and all-wheel drive and 240 HP comes with all-wheel drive by default. In petrol engines the balance is: 200 power — rear-wheel drive; 250, 300 and 380. All versions of our market — with an eight "automatic".

V8 Engine produces peak thrust in the range 1800-5600 rpm From standstill to 200 km/h BMW M5 F90 shoots for 11.1 V, whereas the machine of the previous generation spent 13 S. passport, the model meets the standards Euro 6 fuel consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 10.5 l/100 km.