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Officially announced: "the first global compact crossover KIA" debuts in the summer (probably June 20) and will go on sale in some markets until the end of 2019. We are talking about the production version of the concept Kia SP, or rather its updated version of the SP Signature. First, the model starts at home, in South Korea. Followed by India, where the SUV is referred to as SP2i, and Tusker. It was also confirmed that newcomer will be offered in the United States. Well, the Russian office of KIA promises to bring the CD to our country in 2020: we need turned Creta?

Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor entered into a series of contracts prior to the establishment of a joint venture Prime Life Technologies Corporation associated with property development. The partners decided that "future mobility" (the principle of "Mobility as a service", car sharing, different types of public transport, connected cars, drones) can develop harmoniously only in parallel with the evolution of the cities themselves (smart infrastructure, smart homes, Internet of things, energy saving technologies) and decided to take matters into their own hands. The new joint should be established by January 7, 2020.

S-class for the 2018 model year (W 222) is a function HoD (Hands-off Detection): electronics, by sensor, in the steering control determines whether the driver's hands on the steering wheel. If you remove them more than 10 seconds, alerts will not be gathered. Depends on the work of two assistants active — Active Steering Assist and Active Assist Distronic Distance. Because of a defect made in the build process, the system may "mistakenly believe" that the hands are on the handlebars. Accordingly, the assistants will work as if nothing had happened in the case of the risk of an accident will not bring the S-class to a complete stop.

Electric car from the British manufacturer of household appliances was three piece crossbeam. "Patent, of course, did not disclose how it really will look like our electric car, but it gives an idea of some inventive steps that we make, said Dyson, the edition of Auto Express. — It is important to remember that we don't always produce the products based on the patents that have received." Note "dishonorable" is created under the control of former Infiniti chief Roland Krueger. The model is expected in 2021 to stand on the conveyor in Singapore.

The CEO of Honda, Takahiro, Hachigo made a number of programmatic statements on the future of the brand. As it turned out, the company has set two priorities: strengthening the business structure and increase the speed of his transformation for the next generation of consumers. Put simply, the company wants to cut off all the excess and focus on its core products in Japan and in six regions abroad. By 2025, the Honda is about 60% will reduce the total number of versions of their cars, that is to go under the knife many configuration options.

Road Cayman with the Boxster in his last incarnation have lost a number of fans because I broke up with the six-cylinder units. That's why Porsche fans looking forward to the release of a couple 718 Porsche Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder, which should be opposed atmospheric "six" 4.0 like Porsche 911 GT3, only derated to about 410-430 HP. But that's not all. According to unofficial data, the same motor, but with even less power, engineers will give the Cayman and Boxster with the Touring Package prefix to the name. These machines are available in the latest spy photo shoot.

Crossover Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLC Coupe in this year was renewed with a break of a month, but Russia will come at the same time. Orders are already being taken and the first cars will appear at dealers in July. The range of modifications has changed due to new engines. Is "two hundred and fiftieth" (204 HP) is now available 4Matic GLC base 200 (197 HP) 3 650 000 rubles. Thus the initial version of petrol rose by 80 thousand, and 220 d 4Matic diesel (194 HP) — 120 thousand. Adding, however, 24 "horse".

Model Haval F7, as we said earlier, must stand on the conveyor of the new plant in the Tula region. It will happen in the next month or two. SUV H9 F7 will join in August, said the "Russian newspaper", and kupeobrazny crossover F7x will be added to the range of Russian plant in the fall of 2019. Well, in 2020 still one localized Hawala may be compact H2 (or H2S). In any case to such decision the management of the brand while leaning more than to other potential options (say, to H6, as it can take away customers from F7).

The Lexus NX Crossover produced since 2014 and the only Japanese factory Toyota in Miyawaka. But in 2022 a production of "EN-x" and its hybrid version will deal with a canadian enterprise TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) in Cambridge (Ontario). This turn will be possible thanks to the modernization of the plant under the TNGA architecture and generous investment, which exceeded $ 1.4 billion canadian dollars ($1.04 billion). The local Assembly for the North American market demanded and diplomacy: the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was in talks with Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and separately with the boss of Toyota, Akio Toyodas.

The First Land Rover celebrated its premiere on 30 April 1948 at the motor show in Amsterdam. It is interesting that then it was not any special model designation. It was the "simply Land Rover", subsequently gave rise to all the variety of the cars of this brand. That is why the British considered the April 30 world day of land Rover (Land Rover World Day). A gorgeous gift to him today could become the premiere model Land Rover Defender new generation. But, alas, the manufacturer has pleased fans with only a story about his extensive tests and a series of brand new photos of the car in camouflage.

Group, Hyundai Motor has developed the first, she says, technology can modify the basic functionalities of the electric vehicle from a smartphone (or tablet). We are not talking about banal already monitoring the charge level or time, start charging, and to change seven parameters related to the dynamics of movement and energy. Instead of switching some of the selector in the cabin Koreans offer through the app to create your own personal profile the main characteristics of the machine, upload it to any electric car compatible with the technology to share these settings with other drivers and so on.

Appropriate way to talk about the new Soul would be a copy-paste of the article on the precursor with point edits style and fresh photos. Becoming more colorful and slightly bigger crossover (i.e. a car at the junction of genres) has not undergone fundamental changes. Simplified Russian gamma power units, adjusted price, but the positioning of the peredneprivodnikom still inaudible. From the first seconds of meeting Soul to read, or rather, is re-read as a learned book. And from one edition to another wander as the good ideas and questionable.

Benzoelektrosila version of the MG6 sedan, named eMG6, appeared just a year ago and already earned upgrades. Yes, kind of rare in these times, the increase in working volume of the motor. The previous version was completed turbotrans 1.0. Due to the extension of an electric power overall performance was impressive 228 HP and 622 nm. But now the manufacturer has decided that the idea of a powerful, but still three-cylinder models like not too many buyers. And here in sedan eMG6 2019 appeared turboservice 1.5. And loud a prefix to the title Trophy.

"Probably in two years we will make a car without a steering wheel and pedals," said Elon Musk. The adverb "probably" he used because it recognizes: ambitious promises Tesla is often late. Earlier, the businessman predicted that its electric cars will be fully Autonomous by 2018, but they have not yet reached the fourth level. Nevertheless, the drone, Tesla will be able — confidence this gives the onboard computer upgraded FSD (Full Self-Driving Computer) with a new circuit that Tesla has created their own.

A half-century anniversary of the sports car Z series, Nissan started to prepare even in 2017, when reminded fans "setok" about the heritage, releasing a version of the 370Z Heritage Edition. Now same birthday present: the first "disconnect", a Nissan Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z), entered the Japanese market in October 1969. Well, a commemorative series 50th Anniversary Edition 370Z, the company has in store for the new York auto show. North America is one of the most important markets for the model. Last year in the United States and Canada were bought more than four thousand copies of the 370Z.