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Amazing! Coupe BMW M8 30 kilograms heavier than the super-sedan M5. These machines have a lot in common, in particular, the same V-shaped "eight" with a capacity of 600 horsepower, or, as we do, 625 ― performed by the Competition. They have the same suspension and all-wheel drive drivetrain, down to the gear ratios. Match the size and model of tire. But M8 Competition is gaining 100 km/h one tenth of a second faster than the M5 sedan Competition, just for 3.2 s. the Coupe is the fastest production BMW. And the thing is... the brakes!

Model Audi RS5 Sportback in the second generation for the first time became a five-door hatchback. Although it happened back in March 2018, in our country, "araska" arrived just now, and went on sale in the "exclusive party" of ten vehicles. Equipment — fixed. You can select body color (black, white, gray, red, green, blue) color seat trim (black or gray). The price is high — 7 770 000. Take orders selected dealers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod.

The Chery Tiggo SUV 5x for Russia renamed Tiggo 4, after last year's restyling has lost 1.5 turbo (147 HP, 210 N•m) being aspirated 1.5 (116 HP, 141 N•m), five-speed "mechanics" and CVT. Now came the execution of the Hero, including updated turbochetverku 1.5 (156 HP, 230 N•m) Acteco family in conjunction with the six-speed "robot" Getrag with two clutches. This modification was the most expensive because it requires 89 900 yuan (813 500 rubles) against 59 900-85 900 (542-777 thousand).

Seems to be all the same. Great Gran Coupe from BMW, "indexed" with the change of generations with the sixth series to the eighth, remained tight five-meter sedan with frameless doors. It is all in the same niche between Panamera and more affordable Mercedes CLS, and the external and internal design corresponds to the real "eighth" coupe. But now the Gran Coupe is not expensive, but cheaper for the first time under identical engine range. Choosing the two extra doors, wider body and 23 additional inch of length, you save!

Hatchback Skoda Rapid Spaceback and liftback Rapid is more dead than alive. From Europe they disappeared, even Wikipedia got buried: the period of production specified as 2012-2019. Russia, India and China are the largest countries where Rapid can still be bought. Today Moscow office of Skoda announced that at the end of the year we will host the world (!) premiere of the new Rapida. How new? The official answer is no. The optimistic scenario assumes a full-fledged next (second) generation with the move to the MQB A0. Pessimistic — trivial facelift. Judging by the teaser, the second option is more likely. Moreover, in China, it is slowly implemented.

CEO of Lynk & Co Alain Visser told the British press about European expansion, which is scheduled for the end of 2020. It turned out that the range of the brand will consist only of a single car, although in China it includes SUVs, 01, 02 and 03 sedan, and a 04 hatch, coupe 05 and a seven-seater SUV. "We decided to offer Europe-only crossover 01. The less we will have models, the better," said Visser. Priority named subscription: "the Fundamental difference from other brands in terms of subscription. We set a minimum of one month".

Do you Think that detach 420 "horses" Volkswagen Polo or the Fiat 500 410 — means to come nearer to madness? If so, you are mistaken. Engineers from Romanian Atelier DOP Motorsport created 1824-strong Volkswagen Lupo. He's got a front and rear set turboservice 2.0 TFSI from the Golf R, and each boosted to 912 forces. In September, the car made in the desert drag racing on the British circuit, Santa Pod Raceway. There the "shell" clearly showed that power is not the most important. How to implement it — that's a real challenge for the authors of this car.

Making dies for body panels — the most expensive stage of the model to the stream. The stamp allows you to produce hundreds of thousands of standard parts, but first you have to fork out. And if the model is long discontinued, and dies for it no longer exists? To release for this car body parts are the problem. Even for punch manually need some kind of form, blank to the support sheet and get the desired line. But Nissan has invented a modern way to circumvent these difficulties: double-sided molding die by using a pair of simultaneously moving robots.

The Carbon balance of the planet can be improved in different ways. For example, to obtain electricity from hydro, wind and solar installations and spend it in electric cars. And it is possible to think of alternative fuel for conventional internal combustion engine. Audi pays a lot of attention to this topic. The latest example: the ring-taxi Audi RS 5 DTM is running on a low-carbon fuel, produced by a German fuel company Aral. It consists of about 50% renewable ingredients derived from various wastes, and is capable of approximately 30% to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Mid-engine coupe Hennessey Venom F5 launch in 2017, and only now approved specification located in the base of the engine. Officially confirmed that the hypercar will receive a V8 engine displacement of 6.6 liters with two turbochargers ball bearing. Architectural nizhnevolga "eight" related gimovsky motors LS series. The eight-cylinder monster is equipped with a lubrication system with dry sump and is named Fury, which can be translated as "violent or fierce." Is justified, given the demonstrated at the bench scale 1842 HP and 1620 nm.

Corrected Russian nomenclature powertrains for the SUVs Tucson and Santa Fe. Sale Toussaint's turbo 1.6 T-GDI (177 HP) and a seven-step "robot" will be phased out. Instead, it will be a new modification of the atmospheric "Quartet" 2.4 with a capacity of 184 HP This engine is equipped with the American version of the crossover. Earlier aluminum engine family Theta II with direct injection and a variable geometry intake has adopted the Sportage. Aspirated can be combined only with the six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Within a few days three a premium brand launched in Russia revocable campaign. The service invited 922 crossover Mercedes-Benz GLE of the latest generation (type 167), sold in 2018-2019, 37 coupe Bentley Continental implemented in 2019, and 287 of the BMW sedans of the third series (G20), released from July 2019. With Mercedes and start. Especially because they have the most innocent: might be improperly installed drain hose for condensation from the air conditioner. Hoses check and, if necessary, establish properly.

In the Russian office of Kia has revised the composition of most of the trim of the Cerato sedan. The easiest Comfort not touched, but other versions will become richer. The main news connected with the emergence of a new multimedia with sewn in it services Yandex: it is a popular browser and voice assistant Alice. In addition, the second package Luxe rose by 30 thousand rubles, received in addition a rear view camera. Slightly more expensive Prestige has got Keyless entry, electric folding mirrors and added 20 thousand.

Simultaneously with the start of production in Shushary crossover Toyota RAV4 of the fifth generation Russian office published the price list for pretty expensive new. The choice of modifications dropped from the lineup disappeared-wheel-drive car with a manual transmission and diesel versions. A pair of petrol "fours" belongs to a new family Dynamic Force: a two-liter (149 horsepower) provides a choice between six-speed "mechanics" and CVT, and 2.5 (199 HP) is equipped with vosmidiapazonnym "automatic".

Chaslovtsy say that the upgrade of software to version 10.0 is the most significant in history. Most of the functionality is entertaining, but plenty serious. On Tesla with the autopilot earned Smart mode Summon that would remotely cause the electric car, "heel", if he is in the line of sight. Regular Navigator improved with the card. Videos taken automatically in modes Dashcam and Sentry Mode is now stored in a separate folder on the USB drive and the old video with time yourself killed.