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The Ministry of environmental protection of China (MEE) to protect the health of drivers is going to impose strict air quality standards in the cabin of a new car, reports Reuters with reference to anonymous sources. During the test, the machine should be within a few hours to stand with closed Windows and doors. Then regulators will study the contents in the "atmosphere" of such compounds as formaldehyde and benzene. In 2011, the MEE has already released rules on air quality, but they are Advisory in nature, that is non-binding.

Happened a landmark for the brand Aston Martin event. From the conveyor of a new plant in St. Athanasios came first in the history of the brand crossover — DBX. He also was the first Aston Martin with the brand "Made in Wales". Experts say a British company, up to 80% of the issued all-wheel drive pyatidverok will be exported, but only Assembly plant is capable of doing annually for 4,000 vehicles. The first deliveries to customers will begin later this month, at this point in the company's portfolio of over 2000 orders for the Aston Martin DBX.

In the last generation Bentley Flying Spur sedan version with the console Speed to the name was not (only sportivanya options with the letter S), but it was present in the last generation (modification of Speed appeared during the restyling 2008). Now, such a variation must return, raising the concept of "charged" to new heights. According to unofficial data, the Flying Spur Speed based on the latest generation of the "Spur" should be a hybrid-type Plug-In. If the forecast is accurate, guess about the hardware will not have long: the platform pyatidverka Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid will share benzoelektrosila system based on Turbomachinery 4.0 with a combined output of 680 HP and 850 nm.

In Brazil, as in Russia, the range consists of Mitsubishi SUVs, crossovers and pickup. But customer demand in this southern country is significantly lower: in 2019, the Brazilians bought 11 655 machines, and the Russians over the same period — 39 938. And yet, for the Brazilian market, the Japanese prepared the crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in two versions, which are sold only here. First — Outdoor. She is of the black plastic covers on the front bumper and rocker panels, as well as brutal arches with open fasteners. Complete the look additional towing lugs and wheels Goodyear Wrangler SUV.

Bernhard Mayer on 31 July will leave a post of the General Director of Skoda, which he held for nearly five years. The reason for withdrawal is not specified in the official statement is filled with rave reviews of his "many years of successful work" and "outstanding contribution to improving the reputation of the brand." VW Group boss Herbert Diess called Meyer "one of the most experienced automotive managers" and thanked "for almost two decades particularly successful years, first at Porsche, then at the Skoda". Apparently, Bernhard goes not only Skoda, but also from the entire Volkswagen group. A successor will be appointed by the Board of Directors in August. Who will it be — is unclear.

Selling crossover Chery Tiggo 7 Pro in Russia will begin this summer. The model will be sold in parallel with the predecessor of Chery Tiggo 7, which came to us relatively recently — in the spring of last year. But if the crossover without the prefix Pro is available in our market with two engines (atmospheric and supercharged), the new dispatched only one engine — four-cylinder working volume of 1.5 l, supplemented by a turbocharger Honeywell and BorgWarner phase shifters at the inlet and outlet camshafts. The efficiency of the unit reaches 147 HP at 5500 rpm and 210 N•m at 1750-4000 rpm same engine is equipped with a Junior SUV Tiggo 4.

Hybrid van firms LEVC, named VN5, finally declassified. The British revealed the key parameters of the machine, which is the closest relative of the black London cab LEVC TX. The hybrid system eCity means that the movement of the van is driven only by an electric motor (drive wheels — rear). Available on-Board gasoline engine (Volvo turbotron 1.5, judging by the relative) is needed only in case, if you have to travel far. It drives a generator and recharges the battery. Such a purely sequential hybrid scheme is quite rare on production machines. You can think of Ford Transit Custom PHEV, Karma Revero Nissan Note or e-Power.

First off-road TRD Pro package from the Department of Toyota Racing Development appeared in 2014. And since the optional kit evolyutsioniruet together with models to which it is put, is the Tacoma and Tundra pickups and Sequoia and 4Runner SUVs. This time the hero news about — 4Runner, which got the updated kit TRD Pro in the full scale. The whole line of TRD Pro 2021 model year dispatched a new cool color Lunar Rock colour is Army Green, which of the scales was removed. But only 4Runner got alloy wheels of a different design (with the Nitto Terra Grappler tyre dimension 265/70 R17). But that's not all.

Devoid of road restrictions supercar should bring the owner a lot of fun on the track, and here it is impossible to dispense with the developed aerodynamic elements. Lamborghini model SCV12, which should debut this summer, have repeatedly flashed even on brand images and a few videos taken during testing of the entire vehicle and its motor. But, of course, the car was plastered with colorful film that prevents a good look at the details. Now imagine a coupe without camouflage can be due to the discovery in the European office for intellectual property. They found the patent drawings of the model showing it from all angles.

Between models of the Toyota C-HR and RAV4 have free space for another compact crossover that could compete with the popular Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage. Now this niche is occupied — new model Toyota Corolla Cross. And this is not the kind of wagon Corolla Trek, and the self-vehicle with the original body. Its length is 4460 mm, width and height -1825 and 1620, and wheelbase — 2640. The Cross dimensions of the Corolla is much larger than the C-HR, although the distance between the axles is the same. In the heart of the model is a simplified version of the GA-C with racks McPherson front and semi beam rear. Drive — only the front.

When it comes to the development of traction batteries usually begin to talk about the reserves of lithium. But no less an important raw material for modern cells is cobalt. Is no accident Volvo recently decided to implement blockchain technology to trace the origin of cobalt in batteries, and Audi has even developed a closed cycle for the cobalt. BMW felt that by 2025, their need for cobalt will grow three times, and thought about the sources. Only that the BMW Group signed a five year contract for the supply of cobalt from the Moroccan mining company Managem Group in the amount of EUR 100 million. The contract will close a fifth of the needs of the group in this matter, and yet four-fifths will come from Australia.

Lamborghini was founded in 1963. This year the Italians are reflected in the latest edition of the supercar Lamborghini Sian. First prepared the coupe, which is only 63 pieces. And the missing number 19 — the number of the eponymous Roadster. Outdoor Sian debuted only that, but all the copies are already sold out. I wonder how the richest of the world react to the fact that the Roadster has no roof at all? And such option either. But the Central vents of ventilation are made on a 3D printer and the client can choose the texture of the material and to engrave their initials. Perhaps it is even steeper than a roof.

Adjustments to development plans and the crisis in the market forced some companies to optimize production, and sometimes even to sell the plants. And someone, on the contrary, expands. That Lotus Cars has announced the creation of a new enterprise on the street Hurricane Way in Norwich, 16 km from the headquarters in Hotele. The new site will be transferred to the manufacture of steel parts and assemblies, are currently based in Vulcan Road in the same Norwich, and factory alloy designs, yet located in Worcester. The last will close in may 2021, and its employees will have the opportunity to move to Norwich and Heel.

Falling market, usually forcing carmakers to cut model line, so as not to lose money on marketing and certification of unpopular models. I am glad that KIA retains the optimism ― or far-reaching plans to settle in Russia as the most popular foreign brand. So we still bring in such Exotica as sporeniverse ProCeed, although buying it is not more than 30-50 people a month. Most likely, quasinational hatchback XCeed from the same family will also be offered cool reception: prices start from only half a million.

Sedan Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport — closest relative modifications of the WRX STI and the outgoing generation. Japanese sports series, it also divides the model BRZ and Levorg. All of them are developed jointly with the Department of Subaru Tecnica International (STI), and differ from the versions of the WRX S4 is mainly advanced suspension. The newest edition of the WRX S4 STI Sport # to this "Verse" is even closer — the car had chips in the external design and technical enhancements that affect handling. All five hundred cars destined for the Country of the rising sun, and they were all reserved within 14 days.