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From the eighth to the eighteenth of November in Sao Paulo will host the motor show, where Ford will offer the General public to evaluate the prototype sedan all-terrain Ka Urban Warrior. It is based on the production model Ka Sedan (length — 4275 mm, base 2490 mm) and has a plastic body kit on the perimeter, widened wheel arches, silver inserts in the bumpers, and in addition increased clearance. Judging by the related cross-hatch, it should be 23 mm., Except that the roof rails are missing here (the hatchback they are).

Kupeobrazny SUV Audi Q8 appeared on the Russian website of the company, although the official representative of the prices was not announced. Visit the model exhibited a starting level of 5 100 000 rubles (plus allows some extra equipment. another 73 655). And it will be version 55 TFSI quattro tiptronic with three-liter engine in the 340 strength and 500 N•m, 48-volt starter-generator and acceleration to a hundred in 5.9 s. Other units yet. The three-liter diesel Q7, for comparison, is from 4 610 000. But he is weaker than the "ku-eighth": the "seven" only 333 HP and 440 N•m.

Spring inside the ignition switch may have a manufacturing defect, why time collapses. This wear in "limited circumstances" and "rare circumstances" can lead to the fact that the engine will stall straight during the movement. This is the reason for the revocation 375 crossovers Nissan Juke produced c third April to 13 June 2017. Rosstandart is making a list of VIN numbers. The recall is global, and Americans, he recalled the "castles" General Motors four years ago.

Chinese firm CHJ Automotive was going to succeed with two "green" models. However strange project city of Kara SEV had to bury, and a startup focused on big hybrid crossover. Now it invented a new brand Lixiang, whose name is formed by merging name and surname of the company founder Li Xiang. For brevity reduced to Lixiang LI, deciphering the acronym for English-speaking audiences as the Leading Ideal. The concept of algebra has nothing to do with the Chinese really mean the leading (or leading) perfection. Nice to know you ideal. It's Mary Poppins noticed. Meanwhile, the crossover became the namesake of the hypercar from Mercedes-AMG.

The Production of the electric car Tesla Model 3, as it is known, kicked off last summer with rear-wheel drive version Long Range RWD. In may of this year in the range added to the Long Range modification of the Dual Motor AWD and the Performance Dual Motor AWD. And only now the head of the company Elon Musk announced the immediate availability of the simplest versions of the "Troika" — Mid Range RWD for $33 200 (this number is subject to public benefits and fuel savings, and the total price is $45 000). The sister Model 3 Long Range RWD from the directory disappeared. In the companion in Mid Range there are only Long Range four-wheel drive ($42 200) and Performance ($52 200, also with benefits).

The Auxiliary electronics has long played a significant role in setting the aggregate assessment of the model when testing the Association Euro NCAP. We are already faced with situations where flawless automatic braking in front of other cars or pedestrians helps to achieve five stars the passenger car to which there is a claim on part of the front or side impacts. Now the Association has gone further: it began testing the autopilot. However, while it is only a rather simple containment level two SAE, is actually a combination of adaptive cruise control and containment system on the strip.

In India, today presented the Nissan Kicks crossover, which is translated from the "trolley" V Nissan on platform B0 (Global Access) from the Duster and its derivatives. Of course, Kicks are not pulled from compacts to mid-size segment, but the size has increased substantially. Length — 4384 mm (+89), width — 1813 (+53), height — 1656 (+66), the wheelbase is 2673 mm (+63). For comparison, our Kaptur shorter than 51 mm, Duster — 69. The rookie will come to the Indian market in January 2019 and will supersede the Nissan Terrano, has been removed from production. Main rival Kicks — Hyundai Creta.

The lineup of the Jaguar brand in the next decade can be radically transformed — it will be only electric cars, and almost all of them will be crossovers. The plan, according to the publication Autocar, consider the top managers of the concern JLR amid mediocre sales. Like parent company Tata Motors are extremely dissatisfied with the performance of the brand. The Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham has cut production until the end of 2018 went on a three-day working week... This enterprise, apparently, and become specialized EV-factory Jaguar.

In January, the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi created a venture Fund Alliance Ventures to Fund start-UPS who are engaged in various aspects of the transport of the future. Then it was announced that the first ward Fund — American company Ionic Materials, working in the field of high-capacity batteries. Now followed by a sequel: the Alliance stated that the firm invests in Coord (also from USA). It develops a platform of data related to mobility. The Fund led the round of financing in the amount of five million dollars.

In Russia, the Forester is not just the most recognized model of Subaru, but also the most cash, accounting for two-thirds of sales. It is not surprising that the front a new crossover is almost indistinguishable from the previous one. I personally help wheel arches, which appeared in the lining of the unpainted plastic. Alas, it is covered with a wavy embossed, on which are visible the slightest scratch. The designer had the courage at the C-shaped rear lights, they adorned and refreshed appearance. But in the end the easiest way is to allocate a new Forester in the passing traffic.

In the current generation sedan Mercedes-Benz S-class went through the process of rejuvenation last spring, and in autumn 2017, the company showed the new hybrid rechargeable from the wall outlet variation — S 560 e on the basis of the 3.0 V6 unit. But just now it went on sale in Europe. In Germany for a sedan please 96 065 euros. This is almost the same as the German price for brother S 450 L, which in Russia is estimated at 7 020 000. We compared the price is not out of idle curiosity: the Drive was able to learn that the hybrid S 560 e will appear on the Russian market. The mission expects to start deliveries this year.

Bollinger Motors Company moved from new York to Michigan. Its new headquarters is located in the suburbs of Detroit. Out and announced electric truck B2, "using the same DNA" as the SUV B1. The models are exactly the same powerplant with two electric motors. Now the total output is 527 HP, 670 N•m (recently it was 365 HP, 640 N•m). Dispersal to 96,5 km/h needs to fit 6.5 s. top Speed — 161 km/h Battery capacity of 120 kWh provides a range of 322 km. the Truck also got a removable glass roof.

Model Mazda CX-5 updated for the Japanese market. External change is actually there (not counting color changes 17-inch disc with shades of Dark Silver and Gray Metallic). But cooked a lot of new things in the interior and technical stuffing. Important: the crossover got a supercharged gasoline engine Skyactiv-G 2.5 T (230 HP, 420 N•m). This engine debuted on the Mazda CX-9 in 2015, and was later extended to the Mazda 6 family. And here's another one predicted step. For the first time this new engine 2.5 T appeared on the Mazda for the domestic market.

Three-year UK Autodrive programme for the development of drones in the UK this month ends. Thanks to it many managed to look at the Autonomous transport through different eyes, and the concern Jaguar Land Rover has made substantial progress in the development of its autopilot. Like saying goodbye to a project that cost the state and private owners 20 million pounds, the unmanned prototype-based SUV, the Range Rover Sport took place without driver intervention is one of the most difficult routes in the UK — Coventry ring road Ring Road.

Logan Stepway Crossover in the basic configuration (82 HP, "mechanics") are estimated at 662 990 rubles. Since the vehicle corresponds to the second level for a conventional sedan, a difference of 45 000. Similar gap at the most affordable versions with Quad-band "automatic" (102 BHP): two pedal drive Logan Stepway is 752 990. The most expensive execution (792 990 and 990 822) differ only by 10 000. Meanwhile, the initial Sandero Stepway "on the handle" requests 709 990 rubles, and then the difference with "just" a hatch of up to 80 000, with the "automatic" — 70 000 (779 990).