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Fashion clothing brand BAON presents a new collection Autumn-Winter 2018/19 winter collection BAON in the style of smart casual and represents the set of the most relevant images Fashion clothing brand BAON presents a new collection Autumn-Winter 2018. This season the brand has continued their collaboration with the legendary athlete and a popular TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva. the Line was inspired by the city's urban atmosphere, and represents a set of the most relevant images, which are suitable for an active life in the metropolis. Casual model, complemented by unusual elements, classic basic products coexist with things in the style sport chic, favorite and cozy plaid print decorates things with an asymmetrical cut...

Final sale in stores fashionable Finnish Luhta clothing.Finland.Fashion a Great opportunity to update your wardrobe. Discounts on summer clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family from the company Luhta. C 19 June 2018 in the shops LUHTA.FINLAND.FASHION discount up to 70% on summer collection of clothing and accessories for the whole family! you Have a great opportunity to update your wardrobe with benefit! Fashionable and practical jackets, coats, sweaters, pants, shorts, skorts, bags, hats and other stylish accessories to your summer was bright!

Jackets & coats, parkas Peuterey, spring-summer 2018 Peuterey Icon, iconic, innovative collection of stylish outerwear, versatile and functional. Peuterey Project Icon inspired by futuristic flying machines, airships, continues in the spring and summer season. the Main feature of models from the collection of Icon – manufacturability. Seamless cotton parkas made without a single stitch. Parts are held together with double-sided tape, cut with a laser and compressed under high temperatures. As a result, weightless compact things that can fit even in the smallest bag.

Men's and women's clothes Marc O'polo, spring-summer 2018 the emphasis in the collection this season is the contrast and juxtaposition, not only in colors but also in textures, forms and style "Poetry of fashion". Women and men Ernest Hemingway. the Women's collection Marc O'polo. The life of Ernest Hemingway to describe "like a Symphony of movements defined by the women he loved." Drawing inspiration from four wives, which gave Hemingway the power and he served as muses, the brand Marc O'polo in his Women's collections of casual clothes tried to convey the style through the emotions. Changing, diametrically opposed, and sometimes contradictory sentiments of the wives of legendary writer is reflected in the choice of colors, materials, images and textures...

New collection of handbags, clutches and accessories "Econika", spring-summer 2018 the Variety of clutches and small bags of the most unusual forms of soft leather and velvety suede noble shades In the new season the brand name "Econika" expanded line of accessories in the base of the collection, and in premium. the New collection of bags and accessories premium line Alla Pugachova inspired by the luxury of the 70's, bright and brilliant style of disco with a modern twist. The collection is full of different accents, large decorative beads and glass beads, because it is made and costume jewelry: necklaces, brooches and earrings. One of the main focuses of premium accessories pearls became the symbol of femininity and refined taste. The collection includes...

MBT presents the collection of shoes spring-summer 2018! New colors, favorite patterns in the updated version, as well as the increasingly popular light textile shoes Shoes with signature MBT physiological shoes with roll traditionally created to give feet a comfort and make even long trips enjoyable and useful. Since last season MBT produces models with a new type of sole, when the Masai sensor (Masai Sensor) for smooth rolling of the foot inside. Among the models of women's and men's dress shoes Boston. In the new collection they are made not only from leather but also from knitted textile material.

Shoes and fashion accessories "Econika", spring-summer 2018 Schedule signature print summer collection Ekonika, decorated with elegant pumps and ballet flats, stylish sneakers and sandals. the new collection, the brand's designers were inspired by the theme of a big city with its dynamic rhythm and geometry of the skyscrapers, while summer section devoted entirely to the romance of country living. the Spring part of the baseline Ekonika became a kind of reflection of life in megapolis. The dynamic rhythm of the city supports graphics signature print of the collection, embodying the geometry of skyscrapers with millions of Windows. Print is decorated with elegant pumps and ballet flats, stylish sneakers and sandals. In the collection you can find printed...

Cepheya woman collection, spring-summer 2018 Women's clothing "Cepheus" — an organic combination of ornament, texture, silhouette and color a Collection of fashionable women's knitwear for spring-summer 2018 from Cepheya (Cepheus) is a variety of unexpected combinations of geometric patterns, embossed patterns and colors. Modern women are such; the diversity of textures, the layering, but the brevity of images and silhouettes. They don't need to prove something to the world, they know their value. And Cepheya creates a unique product for such lady — business and self-sufficient.

New collection of spring-summer 2018 from fashion brand BAON Mix of the latest fashion trends, delicately combined with familiar and practical elements the Warm season brings with it not only sunshine and beautiful weather, but also new trends that could not be better reflected in the new clothing collection Spring-Summer 2018 from fashion brand BAON. models of the brand re-introduces legendary athlete and a popular TV presenter Laysan utiasheva with which the brand cooperates. Traditionally, the new line BAON is a mix of the latest trends, which filigree combines with familiar and practical elements. The collection includes both female and male models.

Marciano Los Angeles Spring-Summer ’18. Fashionable clothing for him and her. Light, breathable fabrics are alternated with complicated lace, velvet and metal inserts. No need to choose: "Combine the incompatible" a Celebration of beauty and celebration, clothing collection Marciano Los Angeles spring-summer 2018 is about bright prints and colors, often inspired by the dazzling beautiful tropical motifs. Light, breathable fabrics are alternated with complicated lace, velvet and metal inserts. No need to choose: "Combine the incompatible" — is the name of the game, whose purpose — to create a stunning, unique look.

New collection Victoria Andreyanova Voluminous cloaks and shirts, loose dresses and trousers — the play of textures and intricate detailing Victoria Andrejanova has presented a collection spring-summer of 2018, is inspired by the female characters of Belkin Alexander Pushkin. Drop the idea of caps, podobnikar and tiers. The collection is also far from historicism, as the thoughts of Pushkin's characters travel into outer space. It is a journey of a different kind — the intricacies of female logic, the conflict of desires, and the elements. This is a story that for deep colors live deep meanings. That to be alive means to tremble and give in, then to confirm the good intentions of fate. About harmony in imperfection. Moonlight that will indicate the path to...

Fashion accessories Coccinelle SS 2018 Practical and elegant and refined, imbued with the spirit of the streets, bags of the new season functional and diverse Collection Coccinelle spring-summer of 2018 continues the history of cooperation of two women, heading the creative team of the brand. Weaving together the functionality and design, creative tandem creates not just handbags, but accessories are the keepers of positive emotions. the Combination of style, quality and price ensures that the woman Coccinelle gets the latest fashion trends in the form of durable accessories that are suitable for any occasion. In the collections of Coccinelle presents voluminous casual bags, colorful and comfortable backpacks, clutch for the evening.

New collection Bikkembergs spring-summer 2018 in the style of old-school Collection consists of versatile combined between things and reflects various aspects of life of adolescents Collection Bikkembergs Spring-Summer 2018 reflects various aspects of life of adolescents. Whether wood, creative Director of the brand Bikkembergs, drew inspiration in the images of American youth and old-school (Old school is "old school") culture, is built around a uniform in College. Active recreation and sport played an important part of their lives, and the school locker room was a meeting place.

Women's Fashionable coat. Winter 2017/2018 Interesting models coats and straight fitted silhouette with a fur collar, painted with bright noble color, look very impressive and stylish In the shops of fashionable women's coats "Cashmere Moscow" has received a new collection of coats for autumn-winter 2017/2018. If we talk about the collection as a whole, first and foremost is the variety of interesting and fashionable styles: women coat cocoon length just below the knee with rounded fur collar; long elegant loose coat made of wool and cashmere; coats fashionable A-silhouette with two pockets; insulated coat is of medium length with a hood trimmed with natural fur... the Basic colors of the coat of the season autumn-winter 2017/2018: beige melange, grey...

Graphic, bold and energetic collection Bikkembergs Fall Winter 2017, tailored jackets, tuxedo pants, voluminous jackets and sweatshirts embellished with printed logo of the famous Fashion house a Bright and energetic collection Bikkembergs Autumn-Winter 2017 supports the well-known mantra of the brand "Mens sana in corpore sano": "a healthy body — healthy mind". Tailored jackets, tuxedo pants, voluminous jackets are made in black and white, diluted with flashes of inky blue and orange colors. Knit pants and sweatshirts, screenprinted, logo, invariably present in the collection, reminding about "sports" the brand's DNA.