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Just since March 1 of this year revealed 20 alleged radicals - mostly men from Afghanistan and Iraq, which showed clear signs of radicalism during the stay of the refugee center. Among found radicalism three Russians (including Chechens).

Fire in a medical office was preceded by a quarrel between two patients. One of them, harboring a grudge, brought to the clinic with a bottle of fuel, which splashed on the opponent. In the beginning of the scuffle, the attacker was able to strike the lighter, then the fire spread to the arsonist, his victim and two female patients.

As assured pianist, while he is the organizer of the event, Pskov as the birthplace of the festival and the city of Sochi as a summer residence will be in graphics forum. Symphony gala concert on Wednesday together with Denis Matsuev will perform with young musicians, laureates of international competitions. The festival will end on July 28 in the program "Classics and jazz".

"I urge you to cease hostilities throughout the world and to proclaim the Olympic truce during the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2016, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, says a special address of General Secretary. - May the light of the Olympic flame will silence the guns".

Allusion was made in an interview with the Turkish Prime Minister the Guardian. The politician reminded that Turkey and the US for many years remain allies, and expressed the hope that Washington will not stand for the "leader of the terrorist organization". The Prime Minister also announced that Turkey will send a request for the extradition of Gulen, once fully completed the investigation.

In addition, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party brushed aside suspicions about the fact that the Pro-Kremlin hackers hacked e-mail of the National Committee of the US Democratic party (DNC) for denigrating the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and support him in the struggle for the highest post of the country.

According to investigators, the former Director of the Agency of regional marketing of Lada Yurchenko and Director of marketing Agency "B-52 Dmitry Petrov stole the budget money allocated for carrying out in Novosibirsk forum "Interra-2012". Initially, the suspect also took another ex-head of the arm Anna Dinelt, but her case investigate separately.

"Everything is possible", - said the acting President, asked the host about whether Moscow to interfere in the election in the United States. In an interview with NBC News, Obama also said that, in his opinion, Russia is more favorably covered the election campaign of Donald trump.

As explained by the head of MTSPZ Andrey Kondakov, in Germany, the arrests of Russian assets could not be made until formal recognition of the Hague Tribunal. However, because at the moment they are canceled by the circuit court of the Netherlands to admit actually was nothing, and the representatives of Yukos appears to have finally realised this."

House official, who for ten years headed the Federal customs service, found a 9.5 million, 390 thousand dollars and 350 thousand euros in cash. He said that it was his private savings. According to "Kommersant", investigators questioned Andrei Belyaninov, then released as a witness

Ukraine has received from Russia three billion dollars in December 2013 during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. The funds were given in exchange for sovereign Eurobonds of Kiev. Just then for Ukraine expected $ 15 billion, but after the overthrow of Yanukovych, the transfer of funds from Russia were frozen.

The Victims of the attack in the village of scarlet shelkovskogo area were 15 soldiers, another 28 were injured. Three of the defendants received seven to nine years of strict regime colony. The court also has in full satisfied civil suits for compensation of moral harm to victims.

She became the first woman candidate for the highest office in 240 years history of the United States. After counting votes from all States and territories, Clinton received the support of 2821 delegates, whereas for a victory it was enough 2383 votes.

"the validity of the conclusions of the judge (of first instance) that the criminal case against White, filed by an authorized officer and in the presence of sufficient grounds, and the detention of a suspect produced lawful and justified, no doubts", -stated in the decree of the Moscow city court.

In the Svyatoshinsky district management of police explained to reporters that the column of the procession from the West came to Kiev from the campus and will stay overnight in the city in the Church of St. Theodosius of Chernigov. It is expected that before the sleeping believers will hold a prayer service.