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Strong winds do not allow the Sherpas to hang the railing on the classic way to Everest. Among the waiting clients - Steve pleyn (Plain Steve), who is going to climb 7 highest peaks of the Land (called Crown Land) in record time. And, although it is not known if he would be the winner in this race, you can already tell that he is a winner. Three and a half years ago, the Australian received injuries from which he would never be able to walk. Steve pleyn and his life motto (fot. Project 7in4 – profil, FB)

Hello dear community of fans of extreme and active rest. Charge the batteries in my profile, that's enough for one post and few comments, so I'll be brief. Most of you are familiar hut "Crown" on the glacier AK-SAI. This shelter served faithfully for more than one generation of climbers and tourists of every stripe and religion. It is impossible to remain silent about the fact, how important is this hut in terms of logistics, the organization of climbing in the winter. At the moment, "Crown" in a very miserable condition, so we, namely the Association of mountain guides of Kyrgyzstan (KMGA), I decided to seek help from the public. Just answer questions most curious of donation. The amount is relatively large, 2000$, so do not attract public organizations...

At the end of April this year, I participated in a local auction: and won on testing the tent of Khan Tengri from 4 NovaTour! Wanted to start testing before the campaign, in the April hike with an overnight stay in Lada, but the tent came to me just before leaving for the Caucasus... Because the test took place in the Caucasus. Today returned home from the campaign in the Caucasus, which was held from 2 to 8 may. It was five of us from four cities. Went the route of: POS N.Teberda traverse of the ridge of Bald mountain to the ridge. Horta-Guides, through n/a pass descended into the valley of Aksaut, then climbed the ridge Mistibushi, with a small traverse, and descended to the Dol. Maruja, up to XP. Uzum, traversoni it on the...

Three years ago, became Eugene Zavyalova. Yesterday with his wife Rita were at the cemetery. Mentioned... Evgeny Zavyalov unique person - the first mountain tourists, USSR, made the standard “Snow Leopard” in 1978. About the Wife I already wrote. In the comments to that post were discussing the layout of the monument. Last year a monument to him was installed. his wife Rita Zavyalova and myself want to say a huge thanks to Oleg Astapova – author of the layout, Larissa Kudoyarova (Lorinson) for editing and to everyone who took part in the fundraising for the monument. Jack went hundreds of peaks in the Tien Shan, and the big request to anyone who found his notes, send me a scan, and better than the original. Some Zhenya's phtography:

At First I wanted to write "unknown Crimea" and fall according to the usual grammatical rules. Then changed his mind (answers below, though weak, and the intrigue). now, for a very long time, specifically in January 2013, my friend Sergey (who most know as "Terry") jokingly created a Club for lovers of Climbing, Wine and all that is Beautiful (QUIT – abbreviated). It is understandable, displayed in its title purposes. There came up with a program "little known Crimea". But, our "obscurity" refers to mountain climbing. The team is alive and well today, and, slowly, added enthusiasts. now, it's time to make a new "little known" exploits", and I for old not reported! once upon a time, in the book "Alps in the Crimea," I saw a picture of this array: And the...

Did Not have time to subside the emotions that occurred during the winter expedition of Polish climbers on K2, then began the next season in the Karakoram and the Himalayas. in the Spring, as always, is the busiest in the highest mountains of the world increases significantly, and goals of some of the climbers much more ambitious goals of the winter season. the New routes, unclimbed walls, technical difficulties, records, as well as persistent attempts to rise to the top, some climbers have aimed for many years ago. this post presents a brief overview of the climbing that we will be able to follow in the coming season. , Director of Colibasanu (photo

We Invite all not indifferent to the mountains together to prepare for the season — come to lectures, workshops and trainings and join our alesbian this spring and summer: • Lectures on mountain training • Classes on the techniques of mountaineering • the Master-classes on knitting knots, orienteering and first aid • training for the climbing wall Limestone • to do running exercises on the Sparrow hills • Alesbury in the Crimea (may) • Alesbury on the program icon "the Climber of Russia" and the start of training on 3 category in Bezengi (June-July) • the Rate of increase of skill for vtororazrjadnikov in Bezengi (August-September) See the complete schedule of trips to the mountains under the cut or on the website. Lectures and classes on mountaineering are...

Press-conference of participants of winter expedition to K2, 19 March 2018, Warsaw, photo (C) Michał Gurgul we have Recently published a small interview with Denis Urubko. But the picture would be incomplete without the statements of other team members. Upon arrival to Poland, many of them have already managed to give an interview, and now we can listen to the opinion of the leadership of the expedition and its key participants. We also publish a translation of a Polish television interview with Denis Urubko, where he responded to the main discussion questions and readers.

In 2017 in Bakhchisarai there are many new lines. My friends and I were directly involved in the creation of route 41, but was still working and the other routesetters. A good year. a Great help to "iron" was provided by Vento and personally Andrey Vasilyev. we Also constantly helps the unofficial "curator" of the district Sergey Cherevko. He did a lot of "breaks" and miraculously finds the glue for the hooks. Iron and clay was chipped in many indifferent climbers. , We focused on the scarce categories from 3 to 6b. There were photos, there is something to show:

Sergey Kofanov Jeanne, 2007 the holder of the international mountaineering awards master of sports in mountaineering and mountain guide Sergey Kofanov returned to Moscow after three years of living in Australia in order to provide the Russian audience his new project, which is also associated with mountains, like the rest of his life. is a free encyclopedia about the mountains and routes, and also a platform where international online community of climbers, athletes, mountain guides and fans can communicate and share information, making the mountains closer and safer around the world.

Denis Urubko at the meeting in Wroclaw, October 1, 2017, photo (C) Kornelia Głowacka-Wolf / Agencja Gazeta Today returned from Pakistan, the participants of the Polish expedition to K2. This winter they found themselves in the limelight, but the events that unfolded on the mountain and at base camp, as discussed in the climbing community and beyond. On the trail of hot debate we caught up with Denis Urubko to ask about the expedition. On this mountain Denis poles is not the first time tortured luck, so we were curious not only to hear his version of events, but also to draw historical Parallels. Denis agreed to answer two questions.

Already 10 years have passed since that moment in the night from 12 to 13 March 2008 during the descent from V. of tbau killed Sergei Guryanov. When he was 23. And at that time Serge was the unquestioned sports leader Alpclub MEI, was one of the best climbers of Moscow. Time heals, but not this time. Demi Lovato was a model for many reliability, confidence and security. And what happened that day still doesn't go in, someone rolls up to the throat. Dozens of times I re-read the Protocol parsing HC and don't understand why??? Smart, funny, athletic, sociable. Perfectionism in everything — even the razor on the approaches taken) He is 23 years old was very upset that he trains a lot and do not have time to train others myself, believed that he must pass on...

From the series:" notes of a climbing doctor." Foto K. Minaichenko 1986 Spring, Tashkent. Clinical Hospital Of Ministry Of Health №2, Children's Case. Called the black phone. The doctor picked up the phone. "Resuscitator, emergency room" - the voice Mavluda, nurse triage was tired-even... Duty Dolittle began at half past three, and now it was already six in the evening, the peak of all troubles and misfortunes, when hurrying home people hurry to finish all the daily business and begin to make mistakes, and then running for help to the hospital... "there is no Worse punishment to correct the mistakes of others" thought the doctor, going to the emergency room, bypassing the Elevator, the stairs... He heard the row is already in the corridor. Zarifa shouted...

Minutes of elation, bitter disappointment, a sense of celebration and understanding that the international season is over and you can breathe, were filled yesterday at the site under the Kirov springboard. of Course, I'm exaggerating, and in the universal sense, and even for the development of sport exactly who received medals is not the most important, but for those who gathered last night to honor the leaders of the world of ice climbing and, of course, everyone who watched the broadcasts during the season, it's important! So let's call the winners and congratulate!

Denis Urubko and Simone Moro are singing in the General camp of the Russian team, Lhotse, 2001 (video from the movie Victor Kozlov, "the Russian eight-thousander") Single output Denis Urubko on the mountain caused a wide resonance of the global climbing community. We have had the opportunity to get acquainted with a critical sentiment. However, in the Polish press you can find a lot of opposite accents – these are the words of gratitude to Dennis, trying to get away from value judgments and to objectify history. Look at the situation in this perspective, through the eyes of the poles.