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The Only way to determine the boundaries of the possible-to go beyond these boundaries, in the impossible. Arthur C. Clarke This story happened 10 years ago. In our club, happened by the summer influx of youth new year 2009 and fours and a few fives were 14 people. But some was not enough, and early fall there was formed a group of young people who want thrills on Katunskom grebe next winter. Spoiler: the group received them. Trip turned out the ice, or rather not happened, but even from the memories of cold today. Beware: under the cut is the white whale wayward from the diaries of the failed campaign of January, 2010. by the Way, some photos were taken on a film camera!

After the "Khrushchev thaw" began in the mid-50s in tourism warming was time-delayed for twenty years. In those days climbing the peaks was the preserve of mountaineers and tourists were not allowed there. But seditious thoughts has wandered into our young and hot heads, and were forced to go on the warpath. Therefore, Moscow Hirnyky sent climbers with their ambition and "blue blood" somewhere ... in ' 78 I took my boys to the peak of the undeclared Fichera 6718 m ( and in urban tourist club knew about it, and for me it was nothing. And in the spring of ' 79 at the Moscow tourists spontaneously had the idea of going to the may holidays to Elbrus. In order to avoid all the obstacles in the face of various KSP and KSS, the...

This article is the final in a series of "LEARN to CLIMB ON ITO". Previous articles: 1. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO) 2. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Creation tools ITO: hooks. 3. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Creation tools ITO: the elements of the mortgage, the adjustable Cam device (buddylist-camalote). 4. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Creation tools ITO: sky-hooks, kahuki, Copperhead. 5. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Rocky fify. The ways and means of movement in the ITO: 6. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). The ways and means of movement in the ITO: the cliffs - pedal, krutonog. 7. The movement on the artificial support...

Recently caught the eye of one latest article (published in the beginning of the year) in the journal International journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IF = 2.9). It is dedicated to the analysis of statistics of accidents (which had to intervene and rescue services) for the last 10 years via ferrata in Austria. As an interesting question, and the phenomenon started to develop and I decided to bring translation of the article with the authors ' conclusions and my own. Podbnye great reviews previously carried out (not seen, at least). Well, who are not lazy to read in English, you can just poke here

Radio "hits" per 1000 km or the Use of short-wave radio in the modern "March" In the second half of August 2019 by a group of enthusiasts, by prior agreement, there were three events. Quite independent, but which had some similarities. All three groups traveled to Karelia and the Kola Peninsula, with various entertainment programs. The common feature of these three trips, was used for communication within groups, between groups and with the "high ground" means. For the decision of problems of a utilitarian when used short-wave radios industrial performance, because in these places there is no cellular network coverage or need a little private expedition in a zone of uncertain reception networks GSM. the first Part. Den and comrades. Denis with friends...

A Documentary about the first ever ascent of mount Elbrus, held against the background of the Caucasian war, when relations between the Russian Empire and the peoples of the North Caucasus was particularly challenging, but that didn't stop the United team, consisting of local highlanders, the Russian military and scientists and academics to achieve his goal. The filmmakers themselves have gone the entire route to the summit of Elbrus and thus able to check and clarify many controversial facts, extant from the diaries of pioneers. In addition to historical analysis, the film also reveals many interesting details about the features of modern ascents on the highest peak of Europe.

What do we do when we meet in the civilian world somewhere in the bath or behind some Desk. Right, we're telling stories about our adventures in the mountains, and we have a small car and truck. And here we are: Nikolay Zakharov, Valery Balesin, Raikhan Galiakbarov (no need to explain what this outstanding climbers of the USSR and Russia) and yours truly after the event the veterans climbing in Sudak, gathered at the dacha of Nikolai Zakharov and, well, what else hunted these same stories under the beautiful Crimean you know what. "Accidentally" my wife was the camera and here you can see how it ended. So, sit back and eat those same stories.

As in nature, and should be - happened after the Summer - Autumn! And We went to Kry-o-th! To - to heal, to thaw out from the high External. Well, and climb-in to create something! Here (here) I remembered a funny song from Mikhail Kochetkov, Well - very h-tier motivational, if there is any doubt whether a trip: Take a ticket and go to the Crimea! And then everything turned out Well! Obehali the floor of the Crimea: from the Grand canyon to Ordzhonikidze! Parsek-Kai, Sun valley. Syuryu-Kai, the Grand canyon of Crimea. Several (two, for now, will finish the rest after) new course. And the Discovery and Contemplation of the New Crimea! (though I have it not new).

Early winter – a time when skiers and snowboarders warm, two things: choosing the right clothes and bought a ticket to the mountains. The first paragraph will help you understand the consultants in bordshop. We'll tell you where to go in winter to get from a ski holiday the ultimate experience. the real pros of the business, the action sports community SPOTWAY – always many ideas for active holidays in winter. On their account already more than 100 unique camps in the Alps and large-scale festival in the mountain resort of Rosa Khutor. okay, let's go...

Travel would lose half its delights if about them it would be impossible to tell. N.M. Przewalski It would be cool if this post will help those who are planning their trip on the Lycian way, or he will be inspired to buy tickets and fly (not necessarily in Turkey). Moderately frivolous report for the November adventures in Turkey on the famous route! the Idea of a trip has matured in my head for a long time, so since the summer has started to agitate people to join the adventure. In the end, to storm the Lycian way agreed my friend, Natasha and Tanya. There are in fact three, just Tanya behind the scenes ( :

Small Preface. In a future book, which, I hope, will be a large section about the fighting in the Elbrus region, and in her Chapter on the "missing company" in Norway and Denmark. There appeared to have something to add to the already written and said. One part of this Chapter I propose to discuss. It is important for me to read that the men of the mountain community, who gathered at "Risk". For many here, the Elbrus mountain is not a stranger - someone walking, someone running a tour guide and leads groups. The film, about which speech will go, it is better to see to make up THEIR minds. It turned out long, but the topic is serious and the arguments must be relevant. Masters of the flooding, as usual, will be asked to refrain.

Dear readers Risk! In 2019 in Stavropol has published the second edition of an autobiography of Gennady Shatalov, "the Story of a scientist voshoditelja". Unfortunately, her fanbase, and I decided to fill this gap. The author of the first MS of the USSR on mountain tourism in the Stavropol climber pervorazryadnik, instructor of mountaineering, associate Professor North Caucasian State University is bright and interesting describes his way of life. The book is in softcover, a volume of 270 pages, illustrated with many photographs from the personal archives of the author.

Let the red color in the mountains - not only the color of blood. It was another climbing East from the North. The group was lively, the most problematic, but also interesting for this season. All of the boys. The balance of the week the weather was such that this is the third week in a row and the program, the days of climbing had beautiful Sunny weather, and now either the second, or the third group in a row at the beginning of the mid dome I've stayed in some batches, scattering clothes along the route, because it's hot to go and hate when it sticks. Plus - Elbrus this show, and the show I love and the show must go on. Come to the top and there comes the unexpected breakdown of a photo shoot. At the top - a group of girls...and raced...Provocatively...

In 1975, the first mountain hike, which I ran, I saw this top and was fascinated by its grandeur and apparent easy accessibility. Being a frail and sickly child, even in school since the sixth grade are exempt from physical education due to heart disease, dreamed of his Brigantine with scarlet sails. Upon arrival in MAI I had a natural desire to become a man that will be interesting for girls, because growth is 152 and my weight is 48 they are clearly not happy, but my hormones were already torn from the body outward. Skiing has ceased to inspire - I wanted something more serious. Everything was decided by His Majesty the Case. 73-Ohm older brother told me about the two acquaintances of tourists who have died under ice avalanche. "This is for the men...

Good day At the beginning of the year I published a book "the Road to the top. How to become a master of sports in mountaineering", which is now available both in print and in electronic form. One of my wishes is to make the book available for reading throughout the country and for this reason I will send one gift copy of the book in alpkluba. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect with many sections of climbing, or not found contacts, or people simply do not respond. If you are a representative of alpkluba and you have no books, I ask under kat. If you want to buy the book, then the cat also has this information.