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Sport climbing there for 70 years, but only in 2016 it became an Olympic sport, and it served as a powerful impetus in its development. Where is the train the best athletes? And what tricks are the creators of the climbing walls, to stand out from the rest and attract customers? It turns out that their imagination is practically limitless! You even could not imagine that such centers are climbing there! Below you will learn about five of the most unusual climbing walls in Europe and will surely want to visit at least one of them during your next holiday.

On the vast expanses of our Motherland is hidden an infinite number of amazing places that most do not even suspect. One of them can be considered the GUAM gorge. If you want to get away from the big cities and to touch the pristine nature, the pearl is the ideal choice. And of course, this article would not be in the blog club Igels, if this area is not sought by climbers from all over the country. In the 2007-2008 year, the climbing Federation of Russia in the early exploration of the area, and in may 2008 the preparation of the slopes for the first Russian festival of climbing on natural terrain, which has since been held annually. Every year there are new sectors (currently 14), the area is rapidly developing, punched more than 250 climbing routes.

VSK. So, Tepesi itself potikha in the shop. Behind the baton. And kefir. All so elegant. Deep in the mask. In tennage. Summer whispers. Navy full attention. The sun is in full smile. Branches of the alley agruso, droopy, sebayt on the head, wimout her shoulders. Birds squawking. Life is key, as Abraham at PL... Home... cool. Lepota... And then, nadot! Managed tisnut Wake Up on comp!.. — Red Bull then, as in the arena of the Colosseum, rozhysche has been pushed to the wall: "PA-AGR-THREE! ►"... On the far side - Andrzej Bargiel . Frame from the film "K2: Pierwszy zjazd" on Red Bull TV ↑↑↑ (K likne out )

The Border is closed and I need to get back from Uzbekistan. On inspection of the Bukhara and check in the village Kuvacha for communication with people with whom he was scheduled to meet me one day. How would like to stay in Bukhara. Say goodbye to the hospitable family of Artizona (Auchan), and taxi go to Tashkent (650km.) In Tashkent the building evacuation plan, but not everything goes smoothly.. the Uzbek Authorities were allowed to send in Tashkent only one aircraft per day. Of course flew home a few days later, all's well that ends well. Well, Uzbekistan will remain forever in my heart! I would definitely go back.

Due to the current situation with virus official trail races both in Russia and around the world were stopped, and the accumulated form is necessary to do something with. See where you can run without problems with quarantine and hotels. Native polar Urals was defined by the location of the race because of the available logistics, a clear route and the ability to run solo (more fools was not). Was chosen the popular route to the highest point of the Urals — Narodnaya (1895 metres). The route is quite running, thanks for the track team TransUral from Yekaterinburg. Winter this year in the Ural mountains was snow, so full of water streams and swamps gave the race a special thrill from constantly wet and cold feet. To stay on the ice and the snow did not want...

Good day. The question of physical)) Recent active and long slopes (more than 15-20 minutes and good slope) began to appear weak in the knees. On longer descents increasing. In the past year, down from Elbrus, starting from the beginning of the shelf and to the ski lift was almost with tears in his eyes, especially where the ski trail starts downhill and becomes steeper. Earlier problems with the knees, never was. No injuries, nothing. For 32 years, always actively engaged in the gym (without fanaticism, without killing the organism). All sorts of arthritis and arthritis also definitely not. The last half of the year strengthen the quadriceps and the tibia, the result feels not.

Images All good time of day. This summer I was faced with an unpleasant situation – because of the quarantine in Kabardino-Balkaria, I was forced to cancel a trip to Elbrus with a well-known company. All anything, but the company refused to make a refund to go next year instead. I don't know what is waiting for me in 2021, if I can go or a brick falls on my head, so I decided to check who is wrong in this situation. It may be useful to someone my experience. Looking ahead – I have returned, although the dialogue was not pleasant.

The fact that the person is so easily and naturally succeed, suggests that the ability to climb trees in it "stitched" almost genetically. And if the concept of "drevolagenie" everything seems clear, "recreational" (recreational) or, even more difficult the translation is inspirational, it sounds like something foreign. However, a common one here — the lasagna "for the soul", just like that. And here it is already clear to almost everyone, as it is difficult to imagine a childhood without climbing trees and all that is connected with them — houses, "base", patrol towers, fruit plantations, finally. It is imprinted in the memory of a lifetime and apparently inherited.

I Want to remind and show the routes of the South wall of the massif of Dombai-Ulgen. once upon a time my partner (Zagirnyak Mykhailo) decided that the worthy completion of the more first will be the publication in the journal. Well, at least the guests show at least grandchildren. The reverse side was a temporary delay of publication in networks. And then it's done, routine, things of bygone days...anyway - not before. One of these reports, see network world recently. And even though the area of the peaks of Dombay is not as popular as the Uzunkol, and logistics "is higher, longer and harder" in the early 2000s, there had been three initial passages. unfortunately, none of the teams do not have a photo of the array of Dombay...

Camp "Moskvin's Glacier", the peak of Communism. "The Borodkin's edge", Photo Vt1980 Author Tony Hiebeler. the Text: yn Nemirovsky (Moscow), Evgeny Ustyuzhanin (Moscow). "in the Autumn of last year employees of our company from Irkutsk was in Japan at the tourism fair. Two days before it I went online, looking for Mr. Nakagawa Condo, but unfortunately, shortly before the opening he went to the Himalayas (78 years old at the time of the trip!): obychnoe travelled to the Himalayas, Pamir, Tien-Shan from the "Japanese Climbing Workers' Federation (JWAF, Japan Worker's Alpine Federation ). With the help of his climbing companion, Mr. Condo gave our staff an article from a Japanese climbing magazine 1992 interview that he gave Yuri Borodkin August 22, 1991 the...

At the end of March this year, to quarantine, managed to escape in a simple, but beautiful solo-hike for 10 days in the Midlands North Ossetia, mainly on the southern slopes of a Rocky ridge. a Technical report with maps, thread, etc., can be found here: this Thread: the Area of the village of Karmadon, the southern slopes of the array Digitick - village of Dargavs - the southern slopes of Bauhof - the village of Upper Fiagdon - southern slopes and Kariuk, Gassar - Aronski pass - POS Unal - nameless left tributary of the Ardon - sat. Carta - the southern slopes of "Kyonshi arc" of the Rocky mountains with a visit to the building of Volovsek - sat. Hanes - sat. Zadalesk - sat. Denisar - Eastern slopes of Wasahof...

Testing the kites in various field conditions, we began to wonder, is it possible to think of a more interesting, more meaningful, more ambitious route and on what ground it lay. In the end, agreed that there is nothing more beautiful in the Urals: on the one hand, there is the Yamal Peninsula, the Taymyr... And we traced the route from Berlin to Dixon, from Dixon to Norilsk. The route is a little more than a bypass of the Yamal — somewhere in the 1300-1400 km Route went perfectly: via the Gulf of Ob, we are going to the Yenisei Gulf on the water surface, moving in the Yenisei Bay, going to Dixon, and then on the Yenisei Bay, and then down the Yenisei river to Norilsk. And all this on the kites.

13.06.2020 18:30 – 13.07.2020 18:30 Chimgan. Alpiniada 89. The saving works. Big Chimgan As always alpiniada began on 30 April. Former "Mekhnat", and now "Alvaston" stood in the old place. The weather was good, unlike ' 88, when the snow was rain almost every day. Converge 1B, 2A and 3A, I was thinking about the future. Whether on the 4B to go, whether to relax. Extreme mountains I came a little tired, went for five hours, seems to be not running, and the pace was very fast. The evening was going to sit with a Cup of vodka, the more the reason was an old friend from Magnitogorsk arrived, Jack Seledkov, and chief, Ilya Galati, needs from Tashkent to drive. But all this evening, now to dry things, to give rest to the body. See to me Boris is Blostein, M. from...

Invite the participants trekking in the Caucasus. the route: the village Hurzuk - Dol. Uluguru - lane Red rock (1B) - Dol. Catches - lane Roundabout (1A) Dol. Uluguru - per Curso bottom (1A) - micro-Free wind (1A) Dol. Kishkenekol - lane. Cigital (1B) - Dol. Chigusa - Dol. Kuban - Dol. Paralegal - Dol. Cherenkov - lane Plevako + Nevsky (bundle 2A) - Dol. Galpamol - lane Aktur East. + the top of Aktur (sum 1B) - per Curso (2A) - Dol. The Mursalov - lane Peacock (1B) - Dol. Occurance - aul Uchkulan. Dates: 4 - 18 July 2020.

"Why do you climb the mountain?" – perhaps one of the strangest and most difficult questions for those who once left there heart. Nevertheless, swatting or immersed in the many thoughts that anyone has ever tried to formulate a response. otherwise, for us to do other – romanticizing or, conversely, condemning unconditional passion to go beyond conventional notes: possible and impossible, acceptable and unacceptable, dangerous and non-hazardous, possible and impossible.... In come to light and books about mountain climbers, they are answered by the memoirs of other climbers, and others pick up dots of history and peer into the context. So the same story shatters into a dozen others, each of which could be a new beginning, the climax or even the end. The book...