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Once in Georgia, I could not understand why all those who have been there, write a solid praises, and went, felt a nostalgia and a desire to return. overall, this trip was not athletic, and restorative. Last year was rich in different action. Week climbing in Spain, the traditional may Red Fox Elbrus Race, Biking-climbing project "Eight peaks of the Dolomites", lądek-zdrój and the Piolets d'or, week velioglu in Finland. After returning from the Alps, we are constantly told how we lost weight, so I decided to finish the past year, take a culinary trip to Georgia to stock up on subcutaneous reserves for future extreme-active travel.

In a series of new year holidays, summing up the expiring year, among the news about the preparation of the international expedition to K2, we somehow missed some "news from the field", and one little news. After waiting for a gentleman's week-long pause, during which this little news noticed and published by the American Alpine Journal (and some other media), I had the audacity and dared to present it to the readers Risk. this is the new line to the peak of Ordzhonikidze in the North wall, which was Kirill Belotserkovsky.

When I was preparing to hike the GR20 in Corsica, it was found that there Risk about it, nothing is written. The track is incredibly beautiful (and I have something to compare on 4 continents) - it is a pity that its so little of our walks. I 2 weeks never met anyone Russian. What is the GR20? This is a Hiking mountain hike, 180 km, 12,000 m swings up and down. It is considered the most difficult of long treks in Europe (the toughest long distance hike in Europe). When I was planning the track, then why not just read :) Some wrote that they wanted to lie down and die. Others say they have previously used on camping and didn't know what there is to do. the Reality was somewhere in the middle :) the Distance and the elevation difference is not so great, but...

Old Billi anywhere after dark. The bulk of the Matterhorn was still covered half of the world dark pyramid. Soon her top will be painted red. Bisli, the time will drive your tram. All his life he did. Year after year, all his life he kept the tram from Zermatt, between two glaciers to the Gornergrat station. He loved the first flight. At this time in the valley it was quiet and deserted. Tourists enthusiastically as he surveyed the neighborhood, rarely travelled on the first flight. Unless climbers. Bisli half a century carried them to Dufourspitze and Liskamm. Changed their clothing, but did not change their faces - the old man respected them. Passengers daily flights were different. They spoke different languages with each other, and with the mountains...

Nothing 2018 year tropic wool with its powerful paws the way out! Say that at the end of each stage of life often think about the beginning. Believe that the year could easily pass for a stage. And at the end of each year I go back to how it started, what hopes entertained of myself, my colleagues, friends. Then think about what we have come to the end of the year! And so I thought about picking the post with the most memorable publications. each of you your hit parade posts. And the list below, rather, not the hit parade, and a cut of what I saw during the year. Perhaps after reading it, you decide to flip through nearly 100 pages of Risk.for PY 2018 and to remember those items that are memorable to you personally. The more that you have walked, climbed...

This year is known to many people climber from Belarus, instructor, and long-term employee some climbing camp/bases, Valentin Ivanovich Litskevich would have turned 75 years. I would Like to wish him a happy birthday, but alas: you have to write in the memory of this man. On "Risk" there is already a post about Mickevicha - From the comments to this post and it became known that Valentin Ivanovich went on this day, December 22, 2015. the author of the post (proklovvalera) is a very interesting photo and the material is at a relatively early period in the life of Valentin, and I want to tell you about my impressions from the meeting with this man, and in the later period.

Garmin has released a new model of its best selling Navigator – GPSMAP 66s (and GPSMAP 66st)! We kind of already talked about him in our project "Rock dreams" . Because we believe that in today's world it is almost impossible to live without checking with the satellites, especially if you're in untrodden places. as for cool new rocks now we need to go and go further and further predicted an increasing proliferation of these gadgets in the climbing community. In fact, there are already a number of rocky areas, where no Navigator features a leg break. An overview of these places we will soon introduce. in the meantime, read what we had to endure from a brief acquaintance with GPSMAP 66st, which we have supplied Garmin.

In the Turkish Bodrum at the end of November last race Bodrun Ultra, which has landed our climbing landing – Ivan Baryshev Natalia Siniavskaia. In General, the guys we are attracted to the project because they represent a unique example of the great climbing family with a passion for ultra-racing. And of course, we puzzled them to write an article for our project "Rock dreams" – specifically about running. And while the material is being written, read Vanino experience hours Garmin Instinct , which we, with partners, provided him to race.

It is hoped that these periods happen in life, the vast majority of people. Although, judging by the constantly gloomy faces of the citizens, Russia and here in special way. Well this is the problem blacks. That's caught in a year is inexplicable, permanent and dizzying happy coincidence. Could I imagine, begging for the leadership of a sabbatical under its own anniversary, the king's gift will result in the most enchanting season in my biography. Not only in terms of climbing.

Penza – Kizilyurt – oaks -: - Top of karanay - Gimrinsky tunnel - Ahulgo - Untsukul - Shamil'kala - Gergebil - Levashi - Kulecma - Paraul - Manas - Kayakent - mountains. ist. Alagamento - Novokayakent - mountains. ist. on the shore of the Caspian sea - Novokayakent - mountains. ist. Segler - Derbent - Yarag-Kazmalyar - Khachmaz - Hilesi - Sumgait - Mushvigabad - Kyzyl-dash - Alat - Atbulak - Alat - Mushvigabad - Ismayilli - Gabala - Kerimli - Khaldan - Agdash - sarahan - Sheki - Gakh - Balakan - Lagodekhi - Kvareli - Telavi - Tetri-Tsklebi - Tbilisi - Kojori - Manglisi - Tsalka - Tambovka - Ninotsminda - Akhalkalaki - Akhaltsikhe - Borjomi - Akhaltsikhe - Vale - Posof - Ardahan - Savsat - Meydancik - Artvin - VDP. Tortum - Coşkunlar - Paşalı - Akşar - Oltu...

They were the first. From left to right: Vyacheslav Tsirelnikov, Valentine Bozukov, Kirill Kuzmin, Oleg Kulikov, Nikolay Alkhutov. In 1964, the group of Kirill Kuzmin, which was part of the expedition Evgeny Tamm, made the first ascent on Khan-Tengri peak via its North ridge. This was the first ascent to the summit from the Northern Inylchek glacier. on Sunday 9 December at 16.00 in the Club of Travelers "Sport-Marathon" will be held a meeting with Valentin Bozukova, Nicholas Alkhutova, William Smith (participant of group Evgeny Tamm). With the third member of the first ascent – by Vyacheslav Tsirelnikov will have a teleconference with Seattle (if technically feasible). The evening leads Nikita Stepanov.

UPD: the Vote is in. The choice is made! Thank you all! Waiting for 8 December in the cinema "Victory". Don't forget to register! my Friends, we must gather strength! For technical reasons we have only 3 days to vote! It starts now and will end on 4th December at 13.00! the Strongest ascent and cool projects this year in the voting list. a Total of 31 nominees in five categories. to Present the award we will be in the cinema "Victory" on December 8! But in the meantime remember, who is nominated for the "Crystal peak" and the bottom of the post to vote!

Tourists "Amber" informally in the framework of the campaigns already done in 1974, climbing to Lenin peak in 1978 to the peak of Communism. Another top-seven thousand drew their eyes to himself. Peak Korzhenevskaya is the fourth highest peak of the Soviet Union (7105 m). It is located in the North-Western Pamir, in the North-Western tip of the ridge of Academy of Sciences. the Desire was to pass a beautiful route through the Pamir glaciers, and passes, and at the end of the route to climb to the top. But not just turned out as planned. Pamir attracted by its beauty, Majesty. Its severity and the gravity it showed immediately – gave time to assess the danger. Two years of attempts. In 1987 two members still climbed to the top of Korzhenevskoy.

Not long ago I read on the "Risk" ( ) on the first and the last descent by paraglider L. Martynova from the peak of Communism in 1991 year, and I feel like I got electrocuted. "But I have photos of that flight and not only flight!". In July-August of that year I had a chance to join the "Three peaks of the USSR" in the team, the personnel of which you can see in the pictures in the text. I used to think that nothing much to share with the readers of "Risk" this month, held in the Pamirs, no. But after reading about the last flight (before the collapse of the USSR) and a small revaluation by the time I digitized the slides of the climbing and I would venture to say .

We finished training and sports activities of the School in 2018 and I want to share with the community our modest achievements. During the year organized a series of classes on rocks, snow, ice, and made a number of ascents 1B-6A SL in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Done for the year 193 of the ascent, (910 people/climbing). All school activities prouchastvoval 557 from Lithuania, Tajikistan, France, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, from znachkistov to CCM. The most "distant" students from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk!