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And how it all began... well For March shift, the most active participant Israfil went five routes and all together we climbed the first winter of the five Lightyear is a low route on Svobodnaya Korea. I finally found the courage to return to his native Kyrgyzstan, and nothing is foreshadowed. But the first two weeks of June gently patted us on the shoulder and said, "Look, no terapisi, Yes." In the morning, pushing the door the snow from the doorstep, thinking that the universe is still out too far in the past year. And somehow the bat has started to win back lost time.

Nirmal of Purga (Nims) is preparing to implement the third stage of their ambitious project "Project Possible – 14/7", which aims to climb all 14 eight-thousanders in one year. For the successful implementation of this project, Nepalese Gurkha remains of autumn "only" 3 MT. In the spring and summer seasons the ambitious plans of the former commando reached its objective. Moreover, in an interview with Explorers Web, he said: "I will climb K2 in the winter." Nirmal of Purga (photo: Nirmal Purja MBE: “Project Possible – 14/7”)

28 July at about 10.40 am local time a group of tourists from Novosibirsk making the trek 5K.with. got caught in an avalanche in the area between the pass Threat (3A, 5200) and the peak Semenova (5800). The avalanche caught all participants, 2 bundles of 4 each. In the vanishing nobody was seriously hurt. Below is the full description of what happened. I hope this material will be useful for future climbers. Disclaimer: the risk of too tight of pictures, so to better see them it is necessary to press the middle mouse button and look at in a separate tab.

Dip once in mountaineering (three years earlier), I'm hooked on this thing and now come annually in Bezengi for a change, this year on SP1. Of course, I understand that it is time to put together a team that will walk in the mountains, but so far this does not add up. So this time just signed up on August 2 and went. A month before departure, issued the call in the group camp Bezengi "search companion", and contacted two of the guys from Peter, Sergei and Ruslan and Daniel from Hamburg. Previously discussed the equipment that the guys, unlike me, was enough and agreed to place on helpbase.

That ended our incredible and how sometimes it seemed an impossible collection of the Polytechnic club in the fan mountains. In the preparation of the collection we had, as expected, and I was afraid of suffocating from a lack of relevant information on district organization, routes. We have a great club, so many people managed to collect. We thank all who helped us by word and deed from the beginning and would like to simplify the search for those who want to go to the Fans after us. this post will not, unfortunately, the romantic descriptions of the fan mountains and enthusiastic stories about his own exploits. Will dry figures and useful details. Probably useful to someone, but we do not mind. Prices current for the year 2019. Of course, there are other...

"careful planning is a course of fast and safe journey." Ulysses. After last year's fees in Chamonix body begged for a rest in some kind of unproblematic from the point of view of the organization, the district. Preferably, in the Leningrad region. But the mountains in Peter yet did not deliver, so you have to get out... Katya waved his sword with the words: "Long promised collection in Asia! How long?" On my shy otnekivalsya that, they say, to organize much trouble, was cut off the way to retreat words — for you only the mountainous part, household take. the Horror, you got that one at club ads, ekie all grown up and independent. We have to obey.

When the ascent of the Kazbek from the North, from Russia, and when returning from it, climbers always will be a very nice bonus - swimming in the hot springs Karmadonskom (or "top of the baths" as they are called). However, these sources are not only thermal, but also highly mineralized, , and therefore the local population can also be used in medical purposes. this is still and has long been used and recognized as the people's resort. Here I am, visiting has repeatedly blessed this area of the mountain nature when you walking on the Kazbek (last time I was up in 2016) and in his district, when occasionally soaking in a warm "bath", I thought - not to come is there anything here for a longer time and pass in full the rate of prophylactic measures? And that...

"No, nobody died and got sick with a deadly disease, but questionable life unique — "TransUral' – organization of trail and adventure races in the Urals..." – a cry for help has left the organizers and friends of the present Ural miracle, which inevitably leaves a mark in the lives of many fans of trailrunning and the unique nature of Russia. Cancel the race TransUral "Dyatlov Pass - the Manpupuner" was a serious blow for all involved, but bloated by individual members of the scandal was that neither is a punch in the stomach...

I was born fifty years ago. For almost fifty years and two weeks to that. I was born on the day of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface. And yet, thirty-seven years ago, I learned that in the month of my birth-or rather, 17 days before his Civetta crashed Soviet legendary climber Michael hergiani . He was climbing su Alto - Eastern summit of the massif and died in the collapse. It is not clear what caused the rotten stone had fallen out of the fireplace at "the Gabriel-Livanos" and killing his rope. Rockfall-whether flown from the top. This more not to know. It only remains to honor the memory. My photos are buttress su Alto sunlit against the grim, the Northwest wall of Civetta.

Hi everyone no see! I write because it burns and I want to fix. a Couple of strokes, without attempts to raise global issues. The plot in General is not sharp, but in terms of ignition, ahem, sufficient. We went to Dombai to walk around. Among other things found on the map gorge, coming out of the village, which is "the Sukhumi military road" in Abkhazia. Abroad, we, of course, was not going, but on the way to the cordon wanted to see three attractions found on the map: 1) some lake to which all the type of drive 2) North haven 3) Kluchinskoe lake, the most interesting for us, but beyond the border checkpoint (gaps exist). the day before this outfit traffic police stopped us for checking, certainly is advised for all to see and not to regret.

It is interesting to watch these expeditions? ..... If Fowler didn't go to 2002m its "Hidden line" when would we know about Siguran? If Martin Moran, ever gone this year, showed a photo of Mick Fowler - probably would not be climbing Sarsank in 2016m. and so on. There are many examples. Information gradually catches the eye of the right people. Someone comes, someone on nykat. one could write that this picture is to attract attention, but it is there now expedition over the glacier, over the ridge. The view through the upper Lachit glacier.

In General, need advice, bought a rope with hands, said the new, in appearance it is. All this happened in another country, when I came home, took the label and turned out to be BEAL DYNAMIC 2005. Engaged in assault climbing, is it possible to dolerite? Much where searched, some say the shelf life of 5 years, other if new is possible. Also on the forums often seen that the firm BEAL gives their products a guarantee of 10 years storage + 5 years of use and 15 years. But on the original their website to find it could not. What do you say?

With proper desire on the Internet easily is not a single report with wonderful photos of people who felt the desire to carry through mountain of "SLR" and to make those interesting images that you find in those reports. Significantly harder but also are much more disparate separate photographs made on film devices, both color and monochrome, on this mountain in a far more distant (for my generation) years. And on even more interesting. Especially pictures with still in effect in those years MAL and Achik-Tash E. Although the mountain itself, of course.

New age classification who convinced me that sixty years is the period of youth. I'm naive. I believe in my sixty-four... DREAMS come TRUE - and RUSSIA- a COUNTRY of CONTRASTS (ON BICYCLES ALONG the SAIMAA CANAL). Dream is useful, so say the psychologists. And for the life of me it became clear that the dream is still that the wings gain (at least for a while). One of the ideas of his youth was to drive a bike (well, Cycling) along the Saimaa canal. Even though I knew that in the times of developed socialism it was impossible. Difficult perceive my brain "iron curtain" is somehow closed to us young students not only the stage but the whole auditorium in which we were. In short, it was impossible for the Saimaa canal and to the point! And like, no matter...

Instead of several days of trekking on the "Roof of Africa" tourists will be able to get to the top by cable car for a few hours. The ability to easily rise to the top will attract twice as many tourists – this idea has fascinated Tanzanian politicians. the UIAA mountain and local organizations are concerned that such investments will be dangerous to life and health of tourists will damage the environment, and for guides and porters it means the loss of customers. Kilimanjaro, the highest, almost six thousand mountain in Africa, which is affectionately known as "Kili", is considered to be an easily achievable top. It often start your set collectors Crown Land (the highest tops of all continents). Kilimanjaro (photo: