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Today was the 60th anniversary of the first successful expedition the Highest Mountain via the difficult North slope/ridge. Then, at 4:20 am, may 25, 1960, three members of a Chinese expedition team reached the summit when a friendly brave support. * * * * * * * * a Few hours ago I flashed a wave of information about the achievement of Chinese surveyors and mountaineers as an advanced camp at the altitude of 7028 meters this Sunday, and expressed optimistic, but be careful not flashy expectations that the meeting with the top up can happen 27 may. :-) And while writing these lines the new: arrived at the camp at an altitude of 790 7 metres on Monday afternoon! On the link to the picture of the forecast for Windy - you can play it interactive, you can move...

This story, as a continuation of the posts "First class in jarzobski 80 year" and "an Accident in Kulai Javonon". Heroes are all the same. Kharkov 4150m.Photo By Nassim Yarasheva. the First rank -jarzobski 81 Ended 80th year, with him and the season. Again make plans for the summer. Getting first and going to CMSA. 80th was the last in a four-year cycle climbing standards. Expect changes. Go to work on a shot, and then Bulat gives me: --- You're already with the first level! --- This is so? ---4B the User moves to CMSA. This mountain I lacked before the first discharge. After work went to Azarov, to know what and how. Left him a little confused. Do not understand, 4B left on CMSA, adding 3A in the two, it seems to be a trifle, but a bucket of ice water - at...

The campaign took place in the context of the terrible cyclone and bad weather. Old kites, we have replaced the kites of the new generation, but the parachutes towing company "CENTURY" still remains out of competition. Thank you very much "Studio adventure" for film editing! We started from West kavik is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to go the route. Plans were as follows: from West kavik through the village of Kartika to get to the island of Vaygach, to explore its capital, the village of Varnek, "wash feet" in the Barents sea and further through the villages Amderma and Ust–Kara, to return to the city of Vorkuta.

At risk have repeatedly raised the topic of hypothermia. Unfortunately, not all adequately imagine the danger of cold, and when faced with actually hypothermia, are already unable to deal with it. In the above translation - update (December 2019) the leadership of the Society of medicine of wild conditions (WIlderness Medical Society) assessment and treatment of hypothermia. The rules of warming the victim, what not to do, what methods are effective and which are not. Useful information for those who occasionally happen outside your comfort zone.

Information about the Chinese expedition is very scarce. Previously, we reported China, in spite of the prohibitions associated with pandemic COVID-19, provides its climbers an opportunity to climb Everest. So the authorities decided to mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the sixtieth anniversary since the first Chinese ascent (in 1960 through the glacier Rongbuk North pass North Col and North ridge). Everest rises on the Tibetan plateau. The view from Chia At the Lchra. Photo: Xinhua News

All on the anniversary of Victory! will you allow me to inform you that the next update of Caucasology ready! This time it is not very ambitious: added 1.5 thousand photos and 83 new object (passes, peaks, other objects). Update based on my Hiking 2019, and the materials that I sent the other tourists and climbers. Thank you very much! (And, of course, monitoring the most recent reports on the Internet). Also fixed numerous errors and inaccuracies (in a large project can not avoid them). Amended and supplemented by schematic Western, Central and partially the Eastern Caucasus, the mountains of Georgia.

Going on multi-day winter hike, you need to choose tents that can be purchased in the center of ekipirovochnom "AGE". the Winter tent can be equipped with a stove or gas heater, where to dry clothes and shoes. In this shelter are not afraid of any frost, even without the stove it is much warmer and much more comfortable, and if the campaign is long, then three-layered tent is simply necessary. Experienced tourists are advised not to skimp and purchase the equipment produced by "Century", the most popular of which is the winter tent Century Baikal. On the photographs, tents of different years of release. There are guarded tent of issue 1998, more than 20 years of operation. Baikal-2 three-layer

Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) or the Society of medicine of wild conditions – medical organization dedicated to the issues of organization of care, that is, in the wild, in the mountains, in the forest, desert and other settings, in some degree remote from civilization. One of the parties of its activity is the creation and production of science-based practical guidance on actual medical problems with regard to wildlife. These guides generally reflect the existing modern point of view of evidence-based medicine. In 2019 was published updates to all manuals, previously with the new obtained scientific data.

Heated tent at night (i.e., during sleep) at low temperatures relevant in cases where thermal insulation properties of the sleeping bag largely do not correspond to the temperature of the air in the tent (half asleep in the "patiently waiting for the dawn"). Or when accumulated over several days of cold, fatigue begins to affect the well-being in the daytime. Heated single tents in field conditions has a number of features due to its size. Thus, the heating device must be safe in terms of carbon monoxide, as well as having small size and low fuel consumption, good stability or support fixture to the ceiling, low fire hazard. However, note that the use of heaters during sleep implies the cessation of control over these devices.

It is Psychologically very difficult to go through difficult passes near the tops, which are "at hand" and not go to the top. Pursuing tourism as the sport, rating the hikes in difficulty, tourists have invented all sorts of artificial "passes", for example, "pass" between two peaks of Elbrus, "pass" through the plateau of Truth near the peak of Communism and even seem to "pass" through the saddle between the two peaks of Ushba. The development of such passes has a large and technically difficult part of climbing the mountain. However, tourists tops are prohibited. Bans are bypassed as they can: for example, include in the route "exit to the panoramic point for photographing", or just to climb on the sly, away from prying eyes, greatly increasing the risk...

Large rocks on the lake the hawk. My first free solo. the Desire to write this article appeared in the beginning of 2019, after a conversation with Catlica – boyfriend stormed into a climbing party of St. Petersburg. By the time he was only two years old, but already showed good results and was training as an athlete. Here I mean that he is not lazy to do all kinds of physical fitness, which I never got around. We went from climbing the night Peter, and he told how come to the climbing, and I remembered funny stories from those times when I was starting to climb. When they didn't category, and adventure. When our lives were no climbing walls, no coaches, but there was unrestrained desire to climb. Then I decided to transfer those memories "on paper", which...

Cassin Yury Petrovich - the first tourist who climbed the peak of Stalin in 1959. Friends, I welcome you! Six years ago, in 2015 for the 120th anniversary of Amateur tourism, I was asked to write a Chronicle about climbing mountain hikers on the peaks. In the preparation of this material in my hands was so much information that the idea all to fix it, and, most importantly, organize. Thus, there are three components: 1. A list of mountain tourists, who rise to the peaks in the period from 1959 to 1991. 2. The chronicle of ascents 3. The list of the dead tourists

Route to North Ushba from the Ushba plateau, on the North East crest (4A) is now very popular, it is called "classic", but last summer I was surprised to find that not everyone knows the story of his passing. Some young climbers assumed it was a large team, provesiv hundreds of meters of rope, and was surprised to hear that the route Autonomous deuce Chisel-Aleynikov in 1935 in pure Alpine style. And they cut steps in the ice! I Wonder what Cisely at that time was 22 years, and the first mountain-climbing lessons he received at Abalakova three years earlier.

Are Not afraid of them either Pechenegs or Cumans or infection coronavirus! For those who have been in the "zone of death" and came back alive - I'm afraid of only one! the Fact that you can't watch a movie about their incredible adventures in the most dangerous "killer mountain" Nanga Parbat! the Film, winner of Russian and international film festivals, which waited and which was planned to be shown in theaters Karo, - Oh oxygen-free ascent and ski descent from one of the most dangerous 8-thousanders of the world, Nanga Parbat, released on April 18 in free access on the Youtube channel "the Mountain territory" !

Is the First-class jarzobski.80 a year. so, the new reading from Katakana. My journals of that time for 40 years, they all write with a pencil, in the dim light of the lamp burning in a canvas tent for four, the mountaineering camp "Varzob", and time has not regretted them. Difficulty sorting the erased scribbles, I got to the bottom, but not to the direct transmission of the text of the diary. Remember this as the best time in my climbing life, with its excitement voshoditelja seeking to quickly close their ranks. With inexpressible camp life, with its paper biurokratiia, following which, we filled a lot of route sheets, route description, fellowships for food for the exit to the mountainous area. To paraphrase the legendary Czech goalkeeper Ivo Viktor, I...