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Good afternoon, everyone. the Request from the Working group on the updating of the List of passes of the Shuttle Committee of the FSTR. Group E. O. Hrabrovo from the Mountain club of MSU (Moscow) this summer was the Western saddle of the Tuyuksu pass (Pamir, Zaalay ridge). Usually go to the Eastern saddle. The first ascent made by A. A. Lebedev in 2012. But on a Western saddle unexpectedly found an old tour, and in it a note of 1978 with the title "pass the Icy Cape" and the list of participants. Note badly damaged and to take it apart hard. the Accompanying photo of the original and the proposed group decryption (unfortunately not complete). In particular, the name of the club could not make out. The name of the head, most likely, Labunska or Latunski...

Who to Skardu does not know Mr. Agabus? Yes, everyone knows: it is the local mafia that controls the transportation of goods and people in jeeps in the mountains. And who knows Pakistani jeeps? Most often it is an ancient little Suzuki without Windows and doors, against all odds, continues to live and (most importantly) to move. And all these movement commands m-R Agabus. Often when dealing with depraved Europeans and Americans, he tasted alcohol, and, horror of horrors, it pleased him. But to get in the Muslim world alcohol is not easy, and he was looking forward to each arrival of foreigners.

National outdoor award "Crystal Peak" is back in business! Without you we can not do! Together with you, we again summarize the worldwide phenomenon of the year with his most memorable moments and personalities. What climbing was, in your opinion, the most dizzying and technically? Which campaign has raised the bar of sports tourism to the next level? What project have realized the ambitious dream or did the mountains and the people a little closer? Let us remember and call them all! note on the updated Position of the outdoor-award “Crystal Peak” and a new date for the awards now, so you can better know the nominees and their projects, not to Wake the vote, and mark a later expedition, we will be awarding statuettes "Crystal Peak - 2019" February 8, 2020.

Route: the Eastern end of the lake. Khantaika – R. icy – lake. Dupkun - arrow of the rivers of the Kureyka and Anjali – Large Kureiskaya VDP. – rafting on the river Kureyka to Rocky Creek (5 km above the lake. Dupkun) - the rise of the plateau descent from the plateau to the West of the lake. Manually – immediately the rise of the plateau descent from the plateau to the river Kutaramakan (3 km above its confluence with the R. My Hachn) – R. Kutaramakan, alloy lake Kutaramakan – the rise of the plateau slope of the left Bank of the stream a Small Kutaramakan – the upper reaches of the canyon of the river Haikal Ican – upper canyon river, Lower. Haikal – the upper reaches of the river canyon CP. Haikal – the upper reaches of the canyon of the river Haikal...

Friends! We are glad to inform you that on 23 October we were in Moscow arrives Boris Abramov! As you can see from the title of the post, along with it will Flyura Zhirnov. If Boris Abramov in a special presentation at Risk does not need, something about Flure should say a few words. I know that the Old Guard of rock climbers and alpinists of Uzbekistan and the whole USSR, remembers and loves Flury. Those who hears this name for the first time meet! Flyura Zhirnov. The best climber of Uzbekistan. MSIC. Three-time Absolute Champion of the USSR. The absolute Champion of the USSR Cup in 1989 Just won 12 gold medals of the Championships of the USSR. Three golds for the USSR Cup. Won numerous all-Union climbing tournaments. Vadim Ilchibekov even the mountains...

24.11.2019 12:11 – 28.11.2019 19:11 From 24 to 28 November 2019 in the tourism and sport the shelter "Svyatogorovo" will be held all-Russian seminar "Problems of sports tourism" – brainstorming for everyone who has a desire to address systemic problems in the field of active and sports tourism. to prepare For the seminar who wish to participate should be up to 1 November 2019 to submit a preliminary application to write a short essay about the problems in CT and proposed solutions. the Organizers offer to speak at least 5 problems.

I Think that many tourists are already thinking about plans for next year and plan your vacation. Therefore I decided to put already part of his plans at Risk so everyone can see them and join, if desired. Invited participants in mountain trek one of the most beautiful mountainous regions of the Caucasus located on the border of the CBD and S. Ossetia - Spanskom array route: the village of Ahsau – R. Bilyagidon – lane North Belag (2A) - building a Dragon (1A) – lane West Galdor (2B) – R. hares - lane Unmarked (2A) – R. ascha – lane of Rzewuski (1B) – R. rzewski the village of Upper Balkaria.

Originally for trekking in Nepal was considered two areas: the Lower Langtang and Mustang. Long chose, since each area was a relatively simple top of the order...6700 6800 meters, which was planned as the main goal of the trip. And each district had its own advantages and disadvantages. Langtang – there is lower, but there the weather is more unstable, Lower the Mustang is high, but better weather, as from any cyclones – monsoons protects the wall of the Annapurna massif. Therefore, it was painted and crafted two versions of the campaign, and as a result thought the scales tipped to the Lower Mustang...

This summer, the team of MAI Tourclub went trekking in the Turkestan range. the Districts are trying to choose, alternating activity. After the height, followed by romance, followed by the rock. So this time, after a winter of Pamir, like the sun, rocks and green valleys. And that was an interesting and sportsmanship, decided to include in the route a few technically difficult obstacles. the plan was passage of a route along the main ridge from West to East and rise to visible peaks. We defined them as Sabah (5282) to Ushatskas the wall, Aksu SEV. (5217) and the Block (5229) in Leiske and Pyramidal (5509) in the Karavshin. Plans almost implemented, at least all the mountains felt.

Confidence in the future. Plans for life. Security. Warranty. Happiness according to plan. Joy at the plan. The whole scheme is usually with a childhood focused on that. As if that were possible. Like it's great. Birth. Kindergarten. School. The future of the institution. Work. Salary. Family. In the sense of "Family". And people unhappy with it in the end. Because this whole scheme is far from how nature works. The world is changing. Constantly. Every day, every second. Everything flows. Flows. Melts. Collapses. Is growing again. Constant game. The constant variation. Cannot be plans. Can't be happy and harmonious life according to the plans in the world who doesn't know what tomorrow will certainly not like yesterday and like yesterday, it will never...

We modestly call today Dimon, the highest command: 1. Now and forever call us Dimon First, the best of the best, Great and Greatest. I'm cool! I'm really cool! I megakrut! In spite of my modesty. 2. All others, by definition, considered not cool, ie shit. Base: see paragraph 1 3. Henceforth and forevermore, what would I do, be considered the coolest. Base: see paragraph 1 4. Henceforth and forevermore, that would not do the other, take shit. Base: see paragraph 1 5. Edition exult, admire me, and be glad that I write my great revelation on this wretched resource (contempt for the site and its readers, I wrote many times before, scaring the you – poor to leave the site once and for all, however, a change of heart, returning again and again)

Was in Sverdlovsk, the singer, who went every year on Ushba. And now, somehow, one of my friends mentioned that as he says he's tired, all of Ushba Yes Ushba.... Looking at the big photo of Ushba hanging in our climbing corner in the main building of UPI, I thought, yeah it' never get bored! For me, this "boring Mountain" became a Free Korea, I fell in love with ,having studied the book "Defeated the top", which describes the ascent of the team Bezzubkin. Yesterday, going after his twenty-fifth ascent of Korea, remembered the old conversation and smiled. How could you tire of SUCH a MOUNTAIN?! After all, even climbing on the same route are always different. This time traverse here for Barberey pleased with his interesting mixed doubles, and in June...

Frankly didn't really want to publish this text, too personal, but those who have read it said that it is necessary.. it has been a year life goes according to this principle, to work and live for two. This is a particular pain that does not go away. Which will not help ordinary medicines. Now for a year this is my pain! Almost every morning, it makes itself felt in a difficult moment pulls a stone, or in places that are vividly etched in my memory, this problem is particularly acute. But it's my pain and nobody else's – leave it to me! The world needs to live, it must grow and develop, and after leaving it, is his law. We are guests here.

This is the twelfth year the veterans of mountaineering and climbing, to participate in international competitions. In 2019 in the Championship of the veterans came 117 people from 6 countries: UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Donetsk national Republic. Photo: Lyudmila Don the Competition was held on the rocks of Sudak Fortress and was included in the program of the city of Sudak. Opening with a welcoming speech of Deputy head of administration of the city of Sudak Ablyalimov Amiraali Sattarovich for many years to help in organizing and conducting our veterans ' events. Thirteen representatives from the cities of the Republic of Crimea and the DPR was awarded the medal "the Participant of liquidation of consequences of earthquake in Armenia...

And how it all began... well For March shift, the most active participant Israfil went five routes and all together we climbed the first winter of the five Lightyear is a low route on Svobodnaya Korea. I finally found the courage to return to his native Kyrgyzstan, and nothing is foreshadowed. But the first two weeks of June gently patted us on the shoulder and said, "Look, no terapisi, Yes." In the morning, pushing the door the snow from the doorstep, thinking that the universe is still out too far in the past year. And somehow the bat has started to win back lost time.