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Instead of several days of trekking on the "Roof of Africa" tourists will be able to get to the top by cable car for a few hours. The ability to easily rise to the top will attract twice as many tourists – this idea has fascinated Tanzanian politicians. the UIAA mountain and local organizations are concerned that such investments will be dangerous to life and health of tourists will damage the environment, and for guides and porters it means the loss of customers. Kilimanjaro, the highest, almost six thousand mountain in Africa, which is affectionately known as "Kili", is considered to be an easily achievable top. It often start your set collectors Crown Land (the highest tops of all continents). Kilimanjaro (photo:

33rd film project RideThePlanet. The film was shot in June 2019, in Catalonia, in the highlands of the Pyrenees – Vall de boí and Vall d'aran, and also in Barcelona. Riders: Petr Vinokurov, Ivan Kuhn and Peter Andreev. the authors of the draft RTP: Konstantin Galat and Daria Pudenko Director and producer: Konstantin Galat Operators: Vladimir Gorlov, Artem Kuznetsov editing and post-production: Konstantin Galat and Vladimir Gorlov Animation: Julia Aronov music Selection: Daria Pudenko, Kirill Pavlov and Konstantin Galat Music: Kuba, Fern, Alcabean, Snow Ghosts, Rare Monk, Underwater Orchestra, Punk Yacht, Snippet Upper Laser

If to be based on physiological timing of adaptation (for beginners) is recommended for the ascent of the Mont Blanc and Elbrus, it will be 14 - 16 days, respectively ( with a smooth or saw-tooth climb). In this case, altitude sickness will be mild or almost unnoticeable. If you wish to significantly reduce periods of ascent (the production is not allowed to miss more than 10 days, etc.) have to accept the fact that horn. The disease will occur in a severe form with risk of pulmonary edema and brain, or to go on luck (could be I have a genetic resistance to hypoxia) will be all right – I get up to the top, and if not – turn back.

Friends, I welcome You!!! first, I can not Express my gratitude to all involved in the production of books of Boris Abramov. Now, as you know, came 3rd!!! the publication of “memoirs...” , but interest in the work of Boris continues unabated, and the geography of mailings expanding. Agree, not a frequent occurrence in our simple life. it is Necessary to stress one point: all proceeds from the sale of books Boris spends money to charity. This time they go to the monuments of his first trainer and friend - Yury Fedotov and his friend and ally on the team - Vladimir Boukreev, who he helped to the end of his days

Updated the map according to the results of our campaign for the Hissar range and various related discussions ( ). the Map can be see here: the Raster file with the anchor and the IMG file for the Garmin GPS are here: Information on the passes and the tops are harvested in the Directory passes Vestry ( ) and then added to the map, so if you want to know something about the pass, look for it in the catalog (e.g., adding the corresponding layer in the Comments and suggestions gladly accepted!

Once all around so lively: ride to the mountains, plan routes, looking for equipment, and most importantly, periodically asked me: "what is there in Ala-Archa?". Me just covering depressed mood, because the next mountains within six months+... now a certain anonymous asked: where it is better summer winter, which camp? And the killer question: "what are your plans for the summer?". From real plans – to survive on the plains, when the mind sounds the call of the mountains. And what is the best cure for melancholy is forced in the offseason? To read the report and review the pictures from previous shifts. Share their Ala-Archa February 2019 with you the mood! This is me looking into the distance from the route, at least drawn... is Dedicated to a tireless...

The Film about our ascent to Sheldo East along the southern ridge 4B. it Seems not the highest peak, but how beautiful she is! In good weather, the South ridge is excellent, both aesthetically and for climbing. This level, when you climb and enjoy the here and now. The entire route is visible a beautiful Ushba. This ascent has left a big warm trace in our hearts. Went in July 2017. We had to wait for the weather window, but it was worth it. The team of four climbers from Ukraine: Didora Sergey (Krivoy Rog), Muravlev Valera (Dnipro), Bogush Roma (Kherson), Lesnoy Dima (Kherson). Pleasant viewing! :)

Less than a year ago, in the summer of 2018, went to fun kids Hiking in Svaneti. Perhaps someone will find useful information before the new season, so post a small photo report here. the First segment of the route ran from masers to Mestia, on the slopes of Ushba. The second - from the village of Adishi to Ushguli with stunning views of the Bezengi wall. altogether there were 26 people. Half the group were children aged 6 months to 11 years. During the week of the campaign were the following thread: POS masers - R. Helical - lane Guli (n/a, 2960) - Mestia - Adishi village (by car) - R. Discala - per Chunduri (n/a, 2723) - R. Halde - lane Lahem (1A, 3031) - R. Enguri - oz. Nunquam - lane Vakhushti (3107 m) - traverse V. 3152 - Cubeisy (3015) to Tan lane...

Night Aksu. Petrogradets 5160m. the Night walking in the mountains is not very nice.And if the lantern is not,in General, sad.Now a little bit easier,the lights have become cool and battery long serve. But in 1996, Aksu I had a four night adventure. The first was during Spasovka. On the Block,according to Valiev,the Perm had fallen out,team it under the wall lowered,and in the transportation we developed helped.Our all-came - Fedorov, Usaev bunch Shabalin-Tukhvatullin tightened. True, I wasn't.My arm ached.The Home went on 4B,a rope and a rock dropped and I have not seen.Hematoma goose egg and the bone hurts.Under the wall, I also pinned,though, backpacks will help bring.Rather to pull down.Took the backpack from Shabalina,even someone that and down.Pounds...

Today's post inspired. Denis Urubko was an ensign in Almaty CSKA. I ran to him passing through. He dressed in a soldier's elongated sweater not transferable brown met me at the door. -I Sedelnikova now the food. Went together if you want. -And convenient? -I hesitated. Victor Sedelnikov was a legendary climber of the 60's-70's. the Master of Sports of international class. Honored trainer of the USSR. The renowned master of mountain photography. I mean he read the book, and here so, simply, like snow on the head. Urubko person vicinity of: -good day Viktor! This is Dima - climber from Tomsk. -Go! We walked into the room, Sidelnikov wife brought us coffee. He walked over to the closet and pulled out boxes and folders with photos. Basically the Himalayas...

Previously in full running and working out. Now only a daily walk either along the coast and in the city or outside the city; from 5 to 30 km a day. Sometimes, in low mountains. Age: 40 years. On the front of one calf appeared prominent under the skin Vienna, "a little curly snake", with a length of about 5 cm On the soles veins are visible, but they are "straight" and it seems to be fine (never before their status is not tracked). A question to experienced people. I guess I want to begin once more to take care of the legs to avoid varicose veins, etc. will it be Enough to cool shower in the morning and after exercise or need something else? (Previously, I haven't done that.) Do not damage quite a cold shower for the legs in this situation? Thank you.

On 29 may 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first who climbed Everest. Since then, the situation on the highest mountain in the world has changed dramatically. Commercial expeditions on Everest have become a lucrative business. Besides experienced mountaineers, to the top of the climb tourists who use oxygen equipment, porters and a well-developed infrastructure. A growing number of attempts and ascents to the top, and with them grows and the number of accidents with a fatal outcome. We present statistics of the spring season this year. Photo

At the beginning of may, 2019, we passed a 9-day route in the area of the Teberda Uchkulan on the route: village lower Teberda – Sentinsky temple – G. Brush-Certy (2361 m) – traverse Giganskogo ridge – RV Guides – lane Achitara (1A, 2750 m) – R. Agutter – lane Bald (1A, 2650 m) – river Fly – Teberda town – Dumagat R. – R. Epcic – lane Epcic (1A, 3060 m) – R. Daut – lane Ubcic (n/K 2542 m) unnamed peak radial (2820 m) – S. Uchkulan. a Detailed technical report with a map, etc. here: offers 83 best pictures from the campaign with comments. Pleasant viewing :).

Lake Zerker, Invited to hike approximately 1 category of complexity (Hiking) in Karachay-Cherkessia. Time: tentatively third week of June as agreed. Duration about 10 days. Route: Dol. Bolshaya Laba (POS Damkhurts) - R. Damkhurts - lane, East Damkhurts (n/a, 2351 m) - R. Macera - floor Flat (n/a, 2405 m) + Student Zapchstey (1A, 2490 m) (ligament) - R. Sanchara - building Secret (1A, 2800 m) - Dol. B. lab - R. Buren - lane Dorbun (1A, 2882 m) - R. Psych - village of Arkhyz. the Main part of the route passes through long untrodden passes, redcrosse, wild places. Many lakes, beautiful forests, crystal springs, wild rivers and incredible nature!

Good day, I want to share a not entirely successful experience of using the transport bag from a reputable company "Red Fox" in one In-not the shop I saw the bag and remembered how we'd missed him! running with iron and rope in a backpack at the train stations, and throwing off-putting on a heavy backpack on numerous framework with the passage of the inspection there was always a thought, but would feel more comfortable with a bag on wheels. Made my choice in favor of a volume of 70 l, so capacity is optimal, fit all of the iron, two ropes, shoes and something else from obwakabaka equipment, dimensions of the given volume of operation were the most comfortable width, height and length because in the reserved seat fits in any niche exactly and nothing...