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Here and further, the material archive photo of Pierre Bischoff Six brave and very hardy riders came out this summer at the start of the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme in Moscow. 24 days later some of them received congratulations at the finish in Vladivostok. Another month and a half later we met in the capital with the winner of the race - Pierre Bishopton, who chose not the most trivial way home... he told this at a press conference! As the story was interesting and sometimes with humor, and Russia Pierre liked published the story in the form in which we heard him at a meeting organized by Red Bull.

Foto s interneta Dim the sun illuminated the day this ruined city, which sadly wandered lonely survivors and residents, lost and without a smile on their faces. The strength to grieve for the victims family they didn't have. On a road roadside in a row, standing of mobile cranes, in the cabins which slept the beyond tired operators-drivers, and between the roads were ruins of houses. Above the city stood the stench from the dead bodies. the Stench grew stronger with each passing day, because the dead have decomposed, as they had been laid by nature.

Background. I got into this wonderful company can say casually. All because of a book of Boris Abramov “Notes to the climbing doctor” which had to come to Nikita Stepanov. I was offered tea, I said Yes... So we started this relationship, in which an invitation was received to the Pilaf. Of course, I did not give up. After two weeks after Pilaf, listening to my childhood memories about the meeting, Nikita suddenly asked me to try to write this article. At the same time, he said, will be trained to publish at Risk. I was plagued by vague doubts, but in the end (thank you for your trust!) I decided to try it.

Madagascar is an amazing country. In this report I want to share impressions of the trip to this remote island. Anyone interested in details and technical details, at the end of the post I will leave a link. I would like to tell you about the brightest and memorable events, who knows, maybe someone reading thinks to travel to an exotic country and my post will help with this. On Madagascar we travelled a month, drove 5 thousand kilometers, killed one car, nagladili and fed more than a dozen lemurs, saved suddenly a sick friend, and even looked at the local funeral.

To commit to writing the article forced Orgy that is going on in the market of services on organization of commercial climbing and mountain means of tracking. The impression that anyone who is able to carry a backpack and a Bunsen burner ready to act as a mountain guide and drive customers to the mountain. But not the so-called "firms" that stand behind them, nor the visit is not ready to be responsible for anything. And how to protect yourself from it, health and even life, I did not understand, neither the Treaty nor a recommendation, nor regalia guide nothing, as it turned out to be worthless.

In the Autonomous traveling style fast&light;? A reasonable balance – equipment minimum or maximum security? How to change the "rooster" or what not to save? If you can sleep over in the hut if it has no empty seats? Where to leave the bikes and what to do with extra stuff? What areas in the Dolomites, the most exciting and why? We will try to answer these and other questions on October 25 at Planet Sports in Saint-Petersburg on Bolshoy Sampsonievsky 45. 19:00 Nastya will come to St. Petersburg from Riga. Anyone interested and have the time, please register and come Near CUT-om the diagram from the presentation with a full chronology, including all the technical part of the project

At the beginning of October ended the expedition company "Makalu Extreme" to Manaslu. Our team is almost at full strength, climbed to the top and down safely. It was my first and last eight-thousander, since there, on the mountain, suddenly found himself came to the decision that in future I want to spend more time with the closest people – parents, wife, children, grandchildren. Them I much more than mountains. And the mountains... the Mountains will always remain in my heart. I have completed what started almost 40 years ago, with a 30-year break starting a family and raising children. And now about the unpleasant. This post is about one ugly incident that occurred after the ascension in the village with quite remarkable for the Russian ear name...

Better than mountains can be only mountains... but there is still Everest. / Photo from the archive of the source. to Climb the legendary Mountain of “their company” to do on their own and save on the most expensive commercial climbing world – and that's an option? the Author and project Manager “Everest-2021” Oleg Afanasyev – experienced climber, on account of which the highest peak of the Earth is already there. For three years he is going to form a team of experienced athletes and climbers, “infected hand” to after a series of training climbs and fees to climb Everest from the Nepalese side. We asked Oleg about the intricacies of the project, the style of climbing, “team of friends” (and friends?) and, of course, about the mountains...

Here and further in the post archive photo Ladek Mountain Festival and my Every time, getting into a new place, plunging into a new situation, I feel the excitement, joy and a bit of a panic. Because you know everything got to say. Sometimes events are so many that to include them in one person is unrealistic. Because this photo is not only my photo: mountain festival in lądek-zdrój is more than a dozen sites and dozens of events, so this trip I dubbed the study. Next year I'll see more. And while a little (a lot) photos-impressions from me and the official photographers Ladek Mountain Festival trail event which every year transforms the tiny town of lądek-zdrój outdoorsy in the buzzing hive!!!

The Coast of the Kara sea. Blizzard. Two staggering under the blows of the wind, make their way to the village, its contours are already visible, the device shows a mile. The wind furiously throws in the face of prickly snowflakes, but the smile is visible even from under the mask covering the face from wind, cold breath. To calm the soul and light. Behind hundred of kilometers along the cold beaches of the Northern seas - the Barents and Kara seas. Rocky coast which until the end of days will remain in the memory, disturbing nights of the soul cold austere beauty. In my head spinning poems Kalugin , a very pronounced sound, and maybe it's the Blizzard sings...

Friends, we congratulate you with world Tourism Day and invite you to celebrate this event together this weekend in the Club of Travelers "Sport-Marathon"! Every year, the Day of Tourism, we are preparing something special for which we invite you to gather in our cozy space. On 29 and 30 September, from morning to evening waiting for you inspirational stories, gifts and treats. You will learn about Chukotka and the tundra, the mountains of Annapurna, the tribes of the Amazon, the Putorana plateau and the Shantar Islands. The lecturers will tell you how to organize your travel dreams and to write about your travels that you have read and repost. If you are new beginner, useful tips for assembling a backpack and selection of equipment. We have not forgotten...

In September the French, Liv Sanzo completed the project "82h4000 in the Alps", went up to Aiguille Blanche de Petera (4107 m) and Gran-Pile-D Angles (4243 m). Her partner on these climbs became the Swiss Roger Shawl. I was fortunate to attend the presentation of Liv on this project in the days of the women's festival of mountaineering in Chamonix last winter. She's burning eyes told of his love for the mountains, mountaineering and adventure. The next day we met for a Cup of tea, so I had the opportunity to interview her.

Friends, this year of Alpindustria is 30 years old. We invite all who share our love for the mountains and celebrate with us on October 27 and 28! See the detailed program and be sure to register HERE. Set aside other plans when we all get together and be able to communicate in an informal atmosphere with good music and mulled wine ;) the Program will be interesting and rich. For example: - You will hear the story of the creation of Alpindustria from the creators themselves, Sergei ZON-Zam and Alexander Elkov - Able to ask questions to the President of HEADLIGHTS Andrey Volkov, the President of FAIS Alexei Kotuku, Director of the Bezengi aliyah Anaeva, experienced climbers and mountain guides are members of the RMGA you'll See that behind the scenes the...

Friends, we understand that the appeal of the President of Russian mountaineering Federation Andrey Volkov could cause issues. So we have a proposal for you! If you, members of the outdoor community, want to ask a question of the HEADLIGHTS on the theme of rescue Latke, you can do it here in the comments. Yes, post will be moderated. If you want to review has been published, please specify the question is, given the rules of communication on! We want to weed out emotions. But all the questions that you will hear here, we will give the Federation of mountaineering of Russia! I Hope you get the answers.

Here's to you, grandma, and St. George's day — surprise, failed expectations, unexpected disappointment. At the beginning of summer (02.07.2018) on the website of the HEADLIGHTS was published a new (i.e., corrected on the basis of old taken at different times of amendments and additions) Rules almirati. Of them indicated that now for every category, almost all of the ascent can be made in the Crimea (starred limit to take a deduction on discharge only one climbing in the Crimea). Once the new version posted on the official website of the HEADLIGHTS, and it means that the information is official.