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In the times of the trains are trains, in times of aircraft – planes. New from Camp this approach in the form of "the invention of the wheel". As well as the long-awaited update of the ascend, which was not this brand for many years. In this review I will not draw conclusions, only will list the pros and cons of that saw. Test model – the ascender Camp TurboHand Pro Left . Conditions: cavern - liquid sticky clay with lots of small stones, 100% humidity. Erboristica – wet small chips in the oil. Trees clean, sometimes wet rope, depending on weather conditions. Copyright photo @outdoor time

Friends. A year after the release of the Diaries Boukreev, and I finished work on a new book "8 years in Tibet" Peter Aufschnaiter. Peter Aufschnaiter (1899-1973) was an Austrian mountaineer, Explorer, cartographer and scientist. The wide public knows him mainly only as the companion of Heinrich Harrer – author of "Seven years in Tibet". After the release of the eponymous film by Jean-Jacques Annaud is the story of Harrer became world famous. The story of Aufschnaiter almost no one knows. Now this gap is bridged. For more information, see the link

Buckwheat cereal, instant potatoes, concentrated soups, noodles, frozen sausage and cheese so bored in the mountains, and on the day the holiday you want to please yourself yum-yum! the Department of sports of the degradation of the Alga has developed recipes that will diversify the harsh conditions of survival during the practice of winter mountaineering. We have carefully tested recipes in March at the Science hut, we picked the perfect proportion of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and sense of humor as an energy boost in the harsh environment of Archie! Just a picture to attract attention. Nothing to do with the power climbers in the area of highlands has

Dalar – in the region of Uzunkol the top of the iconic! Rare climber, takes a step to the CCM have not climbed this mountain. this is for me and the district, and the very top of one of the most favorite mountain in the world. the new routes of our team at the Brick and Chocolate are well known, our route 2012 at Dalar somehow "lost" in the annals of the journal "Risk". But in vain – not a bad thread: left-m-t Kavunenko, right m-t korablina! Great neighbors! All who are tired "to drive through the Warburton" is recommended reading. Well, and to visually organize routes, this material will fit.

23-24 February in Smolensk held already the tenth on account of the "Slavic vertical". Our team of organizers, judges, Directors puts a lot of effort into these competitions were held in a good atmosphere, pleasing parents, coaches, fans and, most importantly, helped young athletes improve their skills, taught them to win and survive defeat. More than 120 participants came from different cities of Russia and Belarus – from Moscow, Yegoryevsk, Orel, Kursk, Pskov, Ramensky, Shcherbinka, Gomel.

It All started with a call to my friend Cyril, a lawyer from St. Petersburg. He asked me to take him to the Elbrus as the higher of the Khibiny hills did not go, and at the height I really wanted. I was terrified again a reluctance to climb this mountain and I began to squirm. And he is like the soldier from a joke, asks to get warm, said that his father Ivan also wants to go. I asked his experience and age. Was 67 years, high-altitude experience is also nothing, and above restaurant at the Ostankino tower is not going up. Feeling adventurous this venture, I immediately agreed. Those who dare to look under the cut and wants descriptions of sharp stories and experiences, is forced to disappoint – the post was written exclusively for fans of the mattress and...

This story is an episode in the life of three characters: Warm, Ant and captain Cookies. And if about first two all clear, the captain of our sbrodnyh was appointed senior trainer by Balasingam VV and characterized as the most experienced. Later, he made it clear that the experience – it is time to ease on the ascent. No, I'm not about that, what do you think! Our captain – he's like a blimp from situation to situation threw that Skalnik, the anchor, the trunk with things. Permanent loss of equipment and inventory called for increased moral standing combat strength and master the techniques of solving problems with minimum resources.

In late January, a popular winter festival celebrated its first anniversary in the mountain resort “Rosa Khutor”, truly lived up to its name “the snow” in the country. Winter this year has stood out warm, and no one was expecting snow in the mountains of Sochi. However, a few days before the start came a snow cyclone, and the resort just filled up with snow. From 25 January to 2 February, the resort was visited by more than 50,000 people, in connection with which the festival has taken the record for all 5 years the number of guests. just A ride, but all active young people participated directly in the program Tinkoff Rosafest 2020.

In the upper margin of southern Inylchek glacier after climbing to the top. In the background the pass High and solid Victory. Photo by the author - Dmitry Bochkov. "Information for those wishing to repeat. Windy day on 6 August 1990 caught us on the pass of the Wild. My friend nick Shchetnikov, Nasonova Ale and I, along with a group of clients from Czechoslovakia, waiting out bad weather, expanding cramped snow cave. Such "pareidolia" pass accumulated about three dozen. In rare breaks in the clouds lurks the glacier Star, for passing up a wide snow ridge of chalk drifting snow cheerfully. Upstairs, apparently, purile. The tops of the mountains were hidden solid grey...

This peak, often called "the Matterhorn of the Dolomites" rises in the Northern part of the Pala group forming its Eastern cornerstone. Saddle "Passo del Travignolo" 2925 m. divides the array into two separate peaks. On the Eastern slope of the mountain is a box "Bivacco Fiamme Gialle" (3005 m), from which the East ridge leads to the top. On the West side of the mountain broken in the valley of Primiero viceministerio wall -one of the most impressive walls in the Dolomites. On the slopes of this mountain there are even glaciers. One of them — Ghiacciaio del Travignolo is one of the last ice age group had Fallen, he lies in the shade of North canyon. View from the North-West from Passo Rolle and Byte-Segantini is One of the most popular fotomotive, filmed in...

Ironically, the Millennium coincided with the age of my daughter Natasha, who is more to blame: Christians invented the calendar, or my wife, are difficult to establish now, but I personally err on the Christians. In the beginning of the year she pulled me by the sleeve, and satanical: "Dad, p-a-a-p, well take me on Elbrus!" The surprise was not the limit – after all, she the mountains the feet did not feel, only downhill skiing and snowboarding. But at her request I heard iron notes, which could experience only before the peak. I have previously noticed that there is a competitive spirit. A few years before this, we once again were going to go to France to go skiing, but she insisted to change them on a snowboard. After much persuasion, she agreed to a...

Let this information will be at Risk. The book "place Names of the Caucasus nature reserve" is a dictionary that contains about 500 articles. In the North-Western Caucasus toponymy and complicated: Circassian, Ubykh, and Abkhaz-Abaza Abkhaz, Russian names. Work on the book lasted about 3 years. The author of the dictionary Dmitry Andreev — historian, active traveler in his native land, and a keen photographer, closely associated with the Caucasus nature reserve volunteer and academic work — has processed about 200 sources, including old maps, evidence of the first explorers of the area,archival documents, memories and notes of the employees of the reserve, reports sports groups.

There are mountains that are more attracted to, and there are those that do not cling to the soul. The mountains of Pamir, Tien-Shan me just not much for me. As, for example, have left special memories Zamin-Karor and championship in Ala-Archa in 2016 not much would be remembered. If not... if not for Dan. Dan Odintsov. I'm more interested in other mountains, other tops, but right now I would like to be in that moment in the hut Science. Breathe in the smell of pipe tobacco. To exchange a few meaningless phrases. In that moment, when it seemed that time stopped briefly. And then, going again to look back and wave goodbye with the hand...

In the last week of August now last year went great pohodik in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia: R. Sofia, R. AK-airy - lane Ercis (n/a, 2871 m) - R. Kasha-Echki-Chat - R. Sofia - St. Sofia saddle (1A, 2571 m) - R. Kizgich - lane Bugout (1A, 2873 m) - R. maruja - lane Chalega (n/a, 3027 m) - R. Aksaut - moving - Chalet Edelweiss – crossing – the village of Dombay - moving to the mouth of the river Ptysh; radial Ptysh valley; up the lane under Chuchur; radial lane of Chuchur (n/a, 2712 m) - descend to the settlement of Dombay; radial Amanauz valley. the full technical report here: Photos from each day of the campaign in LJ here: Here I would like to share the 52 best...

Ceremony of the national award "Crystal Peak", on the one hand, something similar to the Oscars for achievements in the field of mountains and new heights, for the best scenario in which developed one of the strongest projects of the year, for the role played by one person in the lives of many and a little bit, but changed their lives for the better. on the other hand, "Crystal Peak" is the opportunity to meet, learn among the guests of ruskovce, long-familiar by the publications and nicknames of the heroes of the adventure, enthusiasts, tangible legends outdor, which suddenly is a lot in common. the names of the winners of the popular vote and a picture story by Aleksey Evdokimov in the evening of the award ceremony directly under the cut!