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I'm a fan and the experience isn't great, so classic routes. Sporting purposes no. One does not want to go, will have to take a guide. As I understand it, the classical routes are not very difficult, so would be happy to cooperate with someone more experienced and go on their own. Plans to start on June 15th from Grindelwald. In the first half of the day to try on Monch if you get the 16 - Jungfrau. If not, then only Monch - the 16th day. Overnight from 15 to 16 in the shelter Monchjohhutte (or something like that, but it is basic on these routes). Here's a little video about these climbs

Came to you with a new videocom about the mountains. This time the story about the climbing trekking peak in the Everest region — island Peak (6189 meters). What is meant by "trekking peaks"? It is moderately difficult and accessible mountains, which can rise with some basic climbing experience. From the point of view of technique/height is harder than Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Kazbek... but easier than the South face of K2 :) If you are already addicted to the mountains and want to continue to develop as a climber, the island can become a fascinating place for a new experience. Here you can feel the impact of the new heights to your body, to wander through the glacier with a shaky ladders to protomerite 150-200 meters on the railing and walk along the snow ridge...

That, in addition to oil, Chavez and the military coup most of us know about Venezuela? Probably, little. And Venezuela is also a great sandy desert, scattered in the South Corot, beautiful Amazon jungle – the largest tropical forest on our planet. This heavenly azure coast of the Caribbean sea, secluded coves and Islands where you dream to get thousands of fans of island vacations. And, of course, Venezuela is Amazon with its insane cycle of flora and fauna. Here is the highest waterfall in the world – angel falls, or Kerepakupai Meru (in the language of the pemón), and Gran Sabana with its lost world of Roraima. That's about it in this story and will be discussed.

Photo in publications: archive Kirill Ivanov this year we are celebrating the anniversary of the camp. 60 years of "Bezengi" welcomes climbers – Russian and foreign. Over the years, the fate of many people was closely intertwined with the life of the camp. About these people and their ascents we want to tell in a series of materials here at And let's start with the interview's publication with almost permanent Deputy Director on educational work of the Bezengi mountaineering camp and head the PCB by Yuri Saratov on 5 January celebrated its 85th anniversary. to Illustrate the material managed beautiful pictures of Kirill Ivanov.

Among the best family resorts in the Italian Alps, Livigno is not difficult to notice. For children there is a "family Accommodation" with free services. At the children's ski pass, rental equipment and lesson of the child with the instructor, there are special prices. For families with children up to 12 years annually held event "family Week," when the little skiers relax free. And fun for children of all ages and levels created playgrounds, amusement parks, snow parks and fun zones. And most importantly – Livigno is a duty-free area, and the prices of everything including accommodation, food and drinks are much lower than most other resorts in Italy and Europe.

Finishing last year with our 10th anniversary season Snow Sense (it was on Elbrus) I felt something wasn't completed yet. Wandered in the darkness of the soul, and finally understood, "Uncle, after all, was not Antarctica, but you have long dreamed about it!". Dreams can come true, I said to myself and immediately wrote to a friend the Arctic yachtsman and then away we go... just a couple of weeks had settled all the details and we began to prepare. What was the result — the first fully Russian backcountry expedition to Antarctica. A report about it — below. Caution! Antarctica "adopted" even once is addictive!

A New big update of Caucasology ready! 1. The site is fully moved to . No advertising banners. 2. Significantly updated database of photographs: added 281 new object 2112 photos - the few lit areas to the West of the previously Arkhyz, Svaneti, Egrisi range, Chaukhi, etc. 2.1. Thumbnails of photos into database increased for greater convenience. 3. For the same subareas updated scheme of the Western, Central Caucasus, Ossetia ("to the East from Bezengi"), Georgia (South of Russia's border). 4. The old site on the frozen and is automatically redirected to the new one.

2019 ISPO Munich, West entrance. Photo: 2019 Messe Munchen GmbH traditionally, in the middle of winter in Munich brings together key figures from the world of sports and outdore to visit the largest international exhibition ISPO. Numbers and scale are amazing, from the organizers, 2019 ISPO Munich attracted more exhibitors than ever before. Four days the halls of the Messe München was inhabited by numerous sports stars, journalists, bloggers and young professionals eager to learn from colleagues and to build a strong business relationship. "It's a real feast for the sports industry!" stronger thoughts in my head.

Mary Tolokonina returns a "crown" of the world Cup. The past two years, high competition from the Koreans prevented her to world Cup in difficulty at the end of the season. This year Masha was stronger, completing the circle of six stages double victory - in the difficulty and speed! That "big Cup" men in difficulty will get Nikolay Kuzovlev became clear after the stage in champagne. And even the victory of Yannick Glatthard in Denver situation has not changed. Kohl was able to create a great groundwork in the previous steps.

Wrote an article, a lot of letters - but it is thought that very long wanted to publish! Notes senior coach, or why it's time premen! the Cellular mountaineering kills Article under this title was released in 2011 after one notorious accident, when a combination of different factors led to the fact that the person died. Then I first time thought about what it really is. Then there was the work directly in the mountains, with a variety of situations. Want to tell here what by came to a denial of cellular systems. What you can do with it in the current environment. Write it all, because by force of circumstances, have the experience of travel in 20 cities of Russia and CIS, and communication in large and small clubs, in fact facing the same problems of...

In this small article I will talk a little bit about how to walk climbing routes a little faster. This article is intended for novice climbers, experienced consider it too obvious. And they must be experienced. However, comments are welcome in case I forgot something or didn't know. Climbing routes can and should go quickly. Time is one of the elements of security: the less time you are in a dangerous environment, the mountains, the safer your climb. At first glance it may seem that “fast” is equivalent to “danger”, but you can walk quickly and safely. In addition, many routes need to go either fast or nothing. When you read reports from experienced climbers, you wonder: “HOW do THEY SUCCEED?!” And one thing Daniel Arnold - skyrunner, ski-mountaineer, which...

Many novice climbers for a number of reasons were wrong (false, distorted) perspective on how to prepare for mountain climbing. Most often it is caused by a misconception about climbing, imposed by the community of novice climbers in recent years is. Therefore, for many mountaineering is climbing on easy routes with guides, in groups, and commercial expeditions, Elbrus, Kazbek, Lenin peak, etc. to mount Everest, where the most important is good sportsmanship, proper acclimatization and the ability to climb difficult sections of fixed rope (the handrail). Even the minimum skills of using equipment. In this and built the preparation of these climbers to these mountains. We are in the concept of "Mountaineering" put a different meaning. For us, mountaineering...

I Recently got pictures of L. A. Skuratov, a member of the Tadjik complex expedition of 1932, transferred to the friends of his family. CTV-32 - this is the expedition, the purpose of which, among other things, was the identification of the highest peaks of the USSR - peak 7495 m (peak harmony) - the eventual name of the peak of Stalin. L. A. Skuratov was part of the squad, CTV-32, which under the leadership of N. P.Gorbunova moved to the peak district 7495 via Sarytash - daraut-Kurgan - Altyn-Mazar - Fedchenko glacier Camping. some of the photos were supplied with captions. Scans of signed photos (and also some others that also seemed interesting) is presented in this post. Please be lenient to quality: because these pictures are more than 80 years!

With the increase of the height of the nights the temperature sank lower. Now we were already at the height of 4900 m, and I began to feel that not only overestimated the capabilities of your sleeping bag, but also your own. In our tent triple the pleasure of sleep received, it seems only Yura, whose sleeping bag weighed more than 2 kg (for a sleeping bag look - and getting warmer). As for Messner, that, if to describe our night of feeling in one succinct word, we languished. I nostalgically remembered the store "The North Face" in Kathmandu, where went just before going, felt good down bags, but whether to splurge on Finance, or relied on the vitality of the body - and left with empty hands. Now I'm saved only by the puff, which I hid at the top. Here it I...

I often say that with me interested in the mountains that I have encyclopedic knowledge that I know every mountain the story. Wonder where it is? But really it's simple. Ask me, I'm looking for answers to questions. Sometimes it can be just the answers, sometimes they inspire me very much! Such as this time. Anastasia Volobueva asked me about the first woman on the North wall of the Eiger. I remembered that it was in the 60-ies. "Some golangco" climbed the mountain. I don't remember. But this time I dug a little deeper and the light surfaced interesting a story.