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In early February of 2017 we were in the area of the highest volcano on Earth, Ojos del Salado, 6893 m. Reached the height 6650m, 250 m altitude before reaching the summit. And since I often use other people's descriptions and advice about a particular place, I consider it fair to share information that will be useful as future self-experienced climbers, so I next time if I forget it. Information in the Russian language Internet about Whose little. I will try to fill this gap. 1. Ojos del Salado, the view from the height of 5100m.

Came Out up-to-date textbook on mountaineering in the Russian language. If you do not take into account cover versions and reprints of Soviet times, this is the first such publication of commercials for 30 years. The text of the book with a volume of almost 400 pages lasted 2 years, from spring 2015, although discussion of the project and "approaches" to it began even earlier.

Another change in Ala-Archa at this time was held under the motto "What am I doing here again?!". This question I too have often asked, and sometimes it was not easy to find the answer... If the first time was just to decide to go into the unknown – in the winter mountains, the second time I knew what I was in for pain and suffering in the cold.

In this post there descriptions of something big, complex, distant, remote. Described here is just one of my ordinary days. But maybe someone will be interested in this story, maybe someone is also spinning in my head these thoughts on walks, and someone was just curious to read it. Why not?

Extreme tourism today held in high esteem by some people. Sometimes I'm surprised to hear when friends say, "let's Go to Alaska?" Always answer the last couple of years — no, and if there is an option to output master Russia — limitless options for any kind of Hobbies and the traveler. Last year he sat on a Bicycle and rode their district, as allowed time. It would seem that you know every Bush, but it turns out that for 50 years, learned about their places very little.

Climbing veterans Say After the completion of the overall competitive part of the so-called "Schools", the sports participants went to the Jabal Rum – Goldfinger (5+) and Mumkin (5+ max), classic routes on Jebel Rum, we can say vizitka card Wadi rum, which crawls, probably every climber who comes here. We're with the veterans and the novices went on the program planned Bedouin route to Kazan, and here happened the most exciting adventures with night gulherme climbing and other pleasures.

Championships Moscow-2017 in the discipline of BOULDERING, 11-12 March, a climbing wall Limestone is the main event of the Moscow history. the Athletes are preparing for the future. Who to play at the coolest commercial competition who are to play at the official national defending sports honor of our capital. Alexey Rubtsov (MAI) and Anna Margolin (SShOR24)! As has been repeatedly, Alex and Anna have proven that are the best to date. Champions. The gods of bouldering!

I Want to talk about a winter campaign on the Western spurs of the Chatkal range of Western Tian-Shan on the territory of the Bostanlyk and Parkent districts of the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan. I was asked why Uzbekistan? For tourism there developed much worse than in neighboring Kyrgyzstan, and interesting places for a lot less (to be precise, all the interesting places simply shut the border). I have no definite answer to this question... Why not?

In the process of working on the list of passes Rushan ridge revealed several dozen (!) passes, about which nothing is known, except the names on the schematics. For a small area it is unusual a lot! Almost as much as the famous passes! Furthermore, according to notes revealed that the district had dusenberry (a lot!), Lithuanians, tomichi. The district is easily accessible, no helicopters are not needed, right off the path to go. A famous report by area - counted on the fingers!

For various reasons, I have postponed a trip to Nepal, the last two years. Now in 2017, was ready to get acquainted with this country, stuck between India and China. Studying videos on the Internet about flying in Nepal, and the terrain of local mountain systems, I more wanted to do an interesting route in this country. The summer season with good weather in Nepal, it falls on February-March. From different countries come pilots to enjoy paragliding flight from the foot of the massif Annapurna. Place-based paragliders and tourists, Pokhara. Great tourist town, where many hotels, restaurants and shops for every taste. if you are Going to visit a new flying place, often need a person knowledgeable about local weather features. That person for me was Eugene...

Spring habit. the first Part. At the beginning of March we have a "window" and due to force of habit acquired from my days in the winter class of the Championships, we (Zagirnyak Mikhail and Sergey Pugachev) going to the Crimea for a week. Now it is rest for the body, and of soul, of course. no Competition and it gives a lot of freedom. Guided by the saying: "the five" and the fool will find, and you make a decent "three", come in foros. His views and thoughts on Metku. The most popular pilgrimage place, is of course the Face of the buttress. Here, despite the efforts of the Crimean climbers of recent years, paving two routes on the left side of the buttress are still problems with security. This whole part of the wall breaks the stones from the Face of...

Recently, in the Internet infa that in the Russian Federation made mandatory the registration in the MOE. Found here the source. the essence of "not later than 10 working days prior to the trip to inform the territorial authority ... about the routes of movement". Applies to all, and Commerce and independent groups. I would like to evaluate the possible consequences. like old times, Mchsniki will wrap naturekenya group? Or the severity of the law kompensiruet the optional performance? Especially as no sanctions and law "nepuschat" this resolution is not provided.

Someone already in the city asphalt and even breaks the grass, and somewhere in the North more serious frosts and lots of snow. However, many are prepared to begin in late April tournament rock class. No exception and Tomsk. Below a little about your kit and a little bit about the stages of the CD and the championship of Russia in Ingushetia.

My personal proofreader drove off on the bike to Tallinn, so posting this without proofreading part of proofreading. Rule nothing will. Before the trip to Jordan I am very worried. As experience shows, it is not necessary to return to those places where it was also fabulous in Paradise. Second time maybe is not the time, not the people nearby, not in the same mood... and... fairy-tale charm that remain in the memory, broken into small fragments. And that's the charm of wonderful moments, sogrevaya many years, disappears, and there is no greater miracle inside from the memories.

On Wednesday 5 April in the lecture hall of the company "Splav" (Moscow, novogireevskaya M., St. ketcherskaya, d. 16) I will give a lecture. the First hero of this lecture - an outstanding Russian traveler and scout Bronislaw L. Grombchevsky who made a fantastic journey across the Pamirs, and the Karakoram Kunlun in 1889-1890. In contrast to the expeditions of Przhevalsky and his disciples, the expedition Grachevskogo had a high degree of extremeness, at times, travelers had to literally fight for life. the Second protagonist of the lecture - rival Grachevskogo, a distinguished British Explorer and spy Francis Amazment. These two gallants gold medals of their loved geographical societies (Russia and Britain) faced in the so-called "Great game" - the...