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Sensation! :))) For the first time in three years we change the format of Alpindustria Night Trail — and call you to run 15 or 25 miles in the daytime, without the darkness and flashlights. Why? Because we cannot deny the participants in the fun run, enjoying the fall colors and scenic views. Is not only very beautiful — imagine, 30 hectare of forest lost lake among them — but also boring. The route runs through the hills of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge, so get ready to climb. In the main remain faithful to the traditions: the organization level, canteens, provision of track, electronic marker, medals with a unique design for all finishers and prizes for the winners. Read the details under the cut. Well, or just register on the link.

The Passion subsided a little, so let me give an easy review to quality discussion posts "to Contact? Why?" and "the Length of the rope in the bundle - what's it gonna be?", generated a lively public interest. This is of interest, in my opinion, is that any sudden change of postulates and dogmas, are a kind of "revolution" and cause a conflict of views and interests. As a rule, the apologists of the obsolete (?) views - people age, and their adversaries - on the contrary, ruddy and full of hormones. In the scientific environments in which discussions are the main tool of approximation to the truth, long ago developed an algorithm that includes culture, behavior, and "taboo" to some words and actions, which negates the main purpose of the discussion. What to...

At the Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk. Photo: Denis of klero / Red Bull Content Pool Every year a group of crazies (of course, in a positive sense) departs from the center of Moscow on the territory of the Russian geography - to Vladivostok by Bicycle. This summer was no exception, and on July 24 linolevaya of the strongest began to pedal in the direction of Nizhny Novgorod. the Winner of the unequal fight with the road came the German Pierre Bischoff (results). And thanks to the team of photographers we can feel the local flavor, the atmosphere of the race and a friendly shoulder of the opponent close by, from stage to stage!

26 July 2018 rose for Coughs. On the classics, with Krasnaya Polyana. The route itself have been described, so the route, reserve, complexity, convenient overnight stay and other details, may be I will write later when pictures will be taken (I didn't shoot it). In this post about the history. On the pass tourists Maikop (also known as Cuges South) - 300 meters closer along the ridge to the summit from the pass the Transcaucasus - removed the note from 22 August 1958 - almost exactly 60 years ago! I don't understand why no one before us has not found her. The condition is not very good, but it reads: "Vlasov al. Serg., Sysolyatin Nick. You. Sysolyatina Maya Nick. on the way to CPUs." I don't know if they do now, but I consider it my duty to confirm the guys...

This Theme, it would seem, was repeatedly discussed at various schools, courses and topics on the Network, but, it turns out, many questions remain. So I can not to uncover old accordion. the Main inducement was the observation of climbers from different countries and levels this summer, and need to answer and respond to multiple questions sets in different languages. Range of issues is wide, but roughly the content is: - Oh, they go in conjunction at a distance of 2 meters as well? But if the crack is? - Oh my God, five people in one bunch, it's unsafe! - 15 meters between the partners?! What a mess, what are you doing?! - look, they are ligamentous rope knots ponaveshali... did not Do anything. And so on...

Modern climbing shoes are a complex and highly sophisticated product that combines dozens of different materials and technological know-how. But they were not always. Rock shoes, what we used to see her, was the result of a long and quite arduous evolutionary path, which has also had some UPS and downs. Design of climbing shoes was inherited as a brilliant insight, and forced compromises. in order to understand why climbing shoes arranged just so and not otherwise, I invite you, the reader, to take a little trip in the history of the emergence of a specialized Shoe for rock climbing.

Dear Riskovano, tell me about mandatory registration in Tajikistan to 15 days - maybe someone this summer had been the same length of stay? Arrive in Dushanbe on 2 September, go camping for 13 days and 16 September we are planning to go to Samarkand. During this period, placed 10 working days in which you can be without registration + 5 days a week. On the morning of 3 September we are planning to go to the mountains, time to do the registration a bit to take away from the day hike I do not want, to enter and leave the country at the weekend. Can someone say exactly necessary in this case to do the registration or after 10 working days in the output, you can still leave the country without its execution?

Dear riskovano! six months ago I asked questions of acclimatization. My confusion was that in traditional programs (Cheget Observatory) is hanging out between 2K and 3K (since it's close to 2K, and three - an hour or two), then immediately followed by overnight stay at 4K. will Report the results, purely on the materials seen firsthand. To influence in a group with a traditional program, my wife and I wandered themselves 2 days, spent the night again at 3K, laminated all the Elbrus cableway. Therefore, on the fifth (group third) day at the orphanage we felt fine. The group, on the contrary, in General, bad. Young boys vomited all over the shelter and not a little tormented minds. Two went down before the climb, there were...

For 19 years, I tried and satisfied deeply immersed in the many interesting mountain activities: mountaineering, climbing, ropejumping, base jumping, dry-tooling, mountaineering, and something else on the little things. the Emotions and the experience was wonderful, several times I narrowly escaped death, and if you now ask me, what you can do in order to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and not too risk it, I say, sport climbing on live rocks and trekking, and certainly not bigotry. This is enough to enjoy the rocks and mountains, travelling, sitting by the fire next to the tent and socializing with interesting people. While not fraying your body, but only its firming, and not too much risk...

Over the years our travel team RideThePlanet a lot of time flying in helicopters using this indispensable transportation to the big mountain to deliver to remote areas for skiing and filming. it was winter freeride-projects with skis and snowboards, we flew with the pilots of the helicopter company Heliaction in various regions of the Caucasus, in southern and Northern Elbrus region, Dombai and Arkhyz, North Ossetia and Krasnaya Polyana, also flew in the Italian and Swiss Alps. Helicopter in the mountains gives you a unique opportunity to be in the areas, where to get and where to escape on foot is impossible or very difficult, only in the format of long expeditions.

Interview with Semyon Dvornichenko May. Elbrus. Morning. Cafe Freeride. Compared to the noisy night, early in the morning in a cafe Freeride silence. And the silence at one of the tables, one can often see the Seeds of listening to the audiobook in anticipation of Breakfast. However, not only in the morning, but in the evenings, among noisy parties and loud bazaars, it emits a meditative calm. And when he spoke to you, his eyes gently smiled and radiated heat. it was like he was in a hurry. And is always in harmony with itself and world around. the Interview was about the festival Red Fox Elbrus Race, as in the current year was held the 10th jubilee festival, and semen – the winner of the very first Red Fox Elbrus Race. But as usual, the conversation always...

Movie Trailer trail of free-solo the route of the "Freerider". Free solo! Today is the birthday notes unique climber, the climber, the legend of our time! the Name Alex Honnold regularly goes together with the words "record", "speed climbing," the "giant monolith", "free solo". His achievements are not always clearly recognized by the public as everything that happens "on the verge". And the birthday of Alex publish his answers to the questions of journalists and guests of the IMS in the footsteps of the resonant free-solo on the wall of El Captain.

– Come to Nepal, said Alex, turning the map showed me where we go. Everything looked very tempting, and I have seen marching through the Himalayas. I have so far not been in the big mountains, but Alex comforted me with the observation that in this campaign, each participant will be the average experience of the five peaks – how can you resist? Therefore, we have compiled a number of lists, fishes set aside a mountain of chicken meat (of which, alas, will be eaten by us), and medicines prepared so that it was possible to open the camp infirmary. And in a way.

"Snow – it is soft and fluffy, until it hits the back" is an aphorism Oleg Ostaptseva said in a warning to skiers and snowboarders. I would have added: or until he doesn't fall, break and strangle. Oleg Ostapiv - professional-avalanche, began to work in this industry back in 1980 and continues to this day. His professional career was interrupted only once in the mid-80s, when he went for two years... in Antarctica. All his life he devoted to the relentless struggle with avalanches in the mountains of the North Caucasus. He shoots them out of cannons in the tail and mane until they are asleep and have not grown to giant size, and its optical sight that never sleeps. Just that: BAM! BAM! And to the point! Now he has decided to share his knowledge and...

This short video, which gathered Jack in memory of her brother, and difficult to watch without navorachivayutsya tears. Here is Sergei up the icicle, then enjoys the view from the top, and already gets honored at the competition medal. Everything in his life sometimes occurred as rapidly. Changed circumstances and plans. Invariable there was one: these plans are built around his family and mountaineering. In the mountains was his place. It is a pity that fate had on this account so literally. We wish to remember the life of Sergei, because published those pictures.