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Lake Zerker, Invited to hike approximately 1 category of complexity (Hiking) in Karachay-Cherkessia. Time: tentatively third week of June as agreed. Duration about 10 days. Route: Dol. Bolshaya Laba (POS Damkhurts) - R. Damkhurts - lane, East Damkhurts (n/a, 2351 m) - R. Macera - floor Flat (n/a, 2405 m) + Student Zapchstey (1A, 2490 m) (ligament) - R. Sanchara - building Secret (1A, 2800 m) - Dol. B. lab - R. Buren - lane Dorbun (1A, 2882 m) - R. Psych - village of Arkhyz. the Main part of the route passes through long untrodden passes, redcrosse, wild places. Many lakes, beautiful forests, crystal springs, wild rivers and incredible nature!

Good day, I want to share a not entirely successful experience of using the transport bag from a reputable company "Red Fox" in one In-not the shop I saw the bag and remembered how we'd missed him! running with iron and rope in a backpack at the train stations, and throwing off-putting on a heavy backpack on numerous framework with the passage of the inspection there was always a thought, but would feel more comfortable with a bag on wheels. Made my choice in favor of a volume of 70 l, so capacity is optimal, fit all of the iron, two ropes, shoes and something else from obwakabaka equipment, dimensions of the given volume of operation were the most comfortable width, height and length because in the reserved seat fits in any niche exactly and nothing...

26.05.2019 10:00 – 26.05.2019 22:00 26 may 2019 Alpclub MAI holds 25th traditional climbing and Nordic combined. Maiskoe biathlon has been held annually since 1995. Initially, the cross was 10-15 km through the Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo, and the climbing took place in the bouldering hall of the sports complex "Turtle". At the very first competition the prize winners were $ 200 and watches engraved with MAI. Organized combined the main ideologists Alpclub MAI - Misha Volkov and Andrei Fonarev. It is not surprising that at the start there was a huge red banner "N....n participants of the competition", and the running distance quickly grew to a half-marathon.

Do you remember your turbary? Photo. On the pass bottom-Sablinski People have always searched the mountain for the sake of knowledge and self-knowledge for self-development and many more why. And for many the first step into the mountains is a tourist fees. Here young people acquiring skills. The task of a tourist active and veterans is to teach, to share accumulated experience. Training process usually takes place where there is all forms of relief to obtain the necessary knowledge. In Altai, Aktru valley is ideal for such tourism fees. After the charges from here, you can successfully plan future hikes of any complexity. Now, unfortunately, the clubs rarely came to hold such turbary. They were many, therefore, experienced travelers were more. Mentors...

Running festival Run 2019 Rosa at Rosa Khutor is a great opportunity guaranteed to spend the first half of may holidays. Here is the start for ambitious runners with healthy competition and a few days of rest in between them, there starts that will run at your own pace, even far from cross-country records and regular training. You will be surprised, but cross-country festival is not necessary to run the atmosphere of the festival, bursting with energy and enthusiasm extends to all without exception. But once you apply like getting the starter package of the participant, miracles begin to happen...

Soon the Victory day, on our TV tie cranes, daily bearing with the screen muddy streams into the minds of people and what will happen to the traditional return to scrapie. We will again show movies about the war, talk about timed events, good and evil. Again wags unknown adversaries who want to rewrite history, and the vast column of people's "Immortal regiment" will once again preside over all those same people who did not realize that our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died not for a country where we are today through the efforts of our leaders. The powers that be are well aware that in the current situation the memory of war and Victory, perhaps the only thing that is able to unite people in our country. With other foundations, and...

Season 2018-2019 became perhaps the most successful for the team Krukonogi. Nikolay Kuzovlev won gold at the first Combined World Championships in Moscow, won four of the six stages of the world Cup in the discipline, the challenge, becoming the overall winner of the World Cup 2018-2019 and finished the season first place in the World Championship in Kirov. In the discipline of speed in the overall standings of the World Cup, Nicholas was subjected to the second step of the podium. At the national Championships, held in Kirov in the beginning of 2019, athletes team Krukonogi took the entire men's podium in the discipline of difficulty – Nikolay Kuzovlev was the first, Alexei Marshals second and Artem Bazegsky third.

Azov-mountain, celebrated by Pavel Petrovich Bazhov in his famous Ural tales, that's more than half a century, populated in the first days of may people the most that neither is real. Initially, the crowning mountain rocks official competition was opened climbing season in the Sverdlovsk region for the coveted free ticket to the camp had to be overcome. Then, as you know, the fight was not for that, and the season opened here symbolically, but to go on may 1 to the Azovka mountain people had a good tone. Here today calling nostalgia – well, what a hundred men against two thousand? But not only is she at the top of many young persons...

When the world flashed the news that a documentary about climbing received the Oscar of the outdoor community were jubilant: finally a wider audience will show the real emotions and the real extent of the human spirit without stuntmen and special effects. Finally, people far from the mountains and pristine nature will marvel at her beauty, which is very close, but from another world... was a show in Moscow, and many of my friends who can't distinguish climbing from mountain tourism, already in eager rivalry discussed the impossibility of the possibilities of Alex Honnold, the recklessness and the immensity of fresolo and much more. I nostalgically remembered the festival, we Risk the same fervor discussed films Monthsago of the festival, and decided to ask,...

Unfortunately, the next news that came from Canada not leave any hopes the Austrians hansjörg Auer, David Lama and American Jesse Roskelly confirmed dead. The Reuters news Agency reported , citing a statement by the spokesperson of the Canadian parks. Everything points to the fact that the climbers got into a big avalanche that likely swept them Tuesday while climbing on the house Peak in Banff National Park. the Eastern and Northern walls of the house of the Peak, divided the North-Eastern edge (photo from archive

March 30-31 in Smolensk were competitions in bouldering "Resin 2019". The tradition of "Resin" takes its beginning in 2008. Then we had no idea how interesting would be the preparation and conduct of the event, how many interesting people it's introduced us much emotions, passions, joys and sorrows it will give us, what memories will be left in memory. still the last weekend in March we gather athletes from many close and distant cities. This year there were 136 participants from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kaluga, Orel, Cherepovets, Queen, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov, Minsk, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Smolensk. Many of them come to us for many years, we all remember and look forward to meeting with old good friends.

Photo: Alexander Yarulin 60 years ago in the gorge appeared Bezengi mountaineering camp. Of course, travelers been here before. History of climbing in the area originates from the 80-ies of the XIX century, when the British came, leaving a legacy to the descendants of the classical line and their names in the annals of Bezengi. Sella, Mummery, Freshfield. Later, in XX century-m, in Bezengi held the first national school of instructors of mountaineering. The name of its leader - semenovskogo - also settled on one of the local peaks. After 90 years old school instructors still takes "Bezengi". And not only school. on the eve of the anniversary, 60 th, summer season on Risk meet Director alpraz "Bezengi" Aly Anew and her supervisor Alex, Lotuk.

In the first publication you read a lot of information. Someone learned something new, someone thought that a lot of information and it is for the medical staff. Medicine and medical training is not superficial knowledge, but more in-depth, not even for medical staff. You don't sit in the office, you don't go with a good doctor, with the modern medical tools, beside you don't go rescue, not ambulance arrives within 15 minutes... Your health and life depends on you, your companions, medical gear, which you took with you!

Everyone who goes to the mountains, sooner or later (preferably much earlier) to think about security. Therefore, texts on the theme "safety in the mountains" is always of interest. But if there are readers and there are writers. Well, when security says people who are experienced, or a good Methodist, able to generalize and to convey the experience of others. Worse, when it takes a copywriter, or ignorant. After the opus of communications, equipment, etc., Shabanov decided to speak on the topic of safety in the mountains. Why this text? to Show that not all yogurts are equally useful. Even if the article is posted on the profile resource, and contains the correct set of keywords, it may be best essay, written by a copywriter, at worst a flight of fancy of...

The ski Season in Livigno lasts until may and the spring months are traditionally eventful. In the near future, Alpine Small Tibet will host stages of the European Cup snowboarding and freestyle, will hold the championship of Italy in Catania on snowmobiles. In addition to the annual shares of "Family Week" and "Ski pass as a gift" will be organized a special "Olympic Week" with the participation of the Italian stars of winter sports. Fans of Telemark from around the world will gather at the jubilee 25th "La SIEDO" and music festival Snowland 2019 re-unite lovers of music and spring skiing.