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That was Fun, but I'm not planning on climbing under the announcement of our experiments on Pumori. Everything had to happen sooner really. The hardest summer in the juniper today. Each Mountain has to snatch, to scratch, to gnaw at the weather! A month and a half only five completely Sunny days! Instead of the planned twenty Mountains shagena only eleven! We painfully climbed a long time snot on Baichu. We piled snow flow into Korea. We dumped a Baiqi, Boxing, Biljana... I was alone. Insanely tired, has lost almost ten kilos! But I'm HAPPY!

Vladimir Beznosov (03.03.1945 – 02/02/2010). (A photo from archive of V. Beznosova) When I started looking for information about the tourists who went to the mountains prior to 1990, we saw the publication of Andrei Lebedev, "Travers Patriot – Russia – Communism 1973, who knows about this?" as of 19.10.2010 ( It tells about an unprecedented for those times the traverse of the three peaks mentioned Tomsk students. Reading the comments to the post, I wanted to know more about this traverse and its leader – Vladimir Beznosov, as there were many contradictions in the description and the figure head looked odious. Women give birth in 9 months, the African elephant for 22, it took me almost 3 years to give birth to this post. I have...

Friends! Did You go ever to the site and have You seen how many there are down jackets (they call them "jackets")? Go to watch – very instructive story... Consider, for example, "solid quilted jacket with hood" from Stella McCartney. Here is his description: Stella McCartney has included a quilted jacket with a boxy fit spring-summer collection 2018. For her tailoring master brand used a smooth nylon deep red color. The model with hood and stand-up collar fastens with two parallel zippers. • polyamide: 100% Lining: cotton: 100%; • Country of origin: Italy • article: 5230030 • part manufacturer: 502838/SJA34 • model's height 178 cm, wearing size 36. The parameters of the product for size 36: chest Girth 140 cm sleeve length from neck 80 cm, length at...

The Internet is full of different informative articles on various topics, especially about climbing. Especially popular with the fashion clip's mode of perception, the selection type — "the 5 most helpful pieces of iron for life vgorah" or "10 best ropes for mountain climbing". Well, or, at worst, "239 methods to save a friend from the cracks". Some have taken the less beaten path — authoritative convince readers that everything is corruptible, and senseless for our Hobbies is enough to know only one knot. For example, "eight". And throughout the article, we did not get tired to admire the ingenuity and diligence of the author, who, oddly enough, really everywhere costs "eight", no matter how it was sometimes weird and uncomfortable. will Try to step on all...

On the cover of the project Dmitry Mityaev. Photo: Denis of klero / Red Bull Content Pool Man flees, but this time he inside the revolution: from quiescence to the peak of its capabilities, from instant adrenaline rush to long-term euphoria from the tiny resynthesis of ATP molecules to muscle contraction, greedy breath, heart beat... What running does to the human body? Understand our new special project "Chemistry and run"! to make it more interesting to read, the company CEP supported his auction equipment! so we have three lots! Who will run in the next race?

Today Sergey went planning to heal from diabetes in the 64th hospital, diabetic Department, room 402. We think that to strengthen his health there will be about 2 weeks. Due to the fact that I'm flying to Kyrgyzstan until August 19, please the indifferent tourists-Muscovites to come to him, to visit. And not only in hospital but also in the boarding house when he will be discharged until my arrival, on August 19. He, very often, we need different things: Water in bottles with dispenser, Scotch tape, some medications. Before arrival it is advisable to contact him by telephone: +7915-0879791 and ask what to bring.

Yesterday was the birthday of Yuri Vizbor. Yuri Vizbor was born on 20 June 1934. In 1960-1980-ies was popular as a bard. But who in those years could have imagined that many years later in his birthday in the Kremlin Palace of congresses will hold concerts consisting of his songs? With his life in a normal concert halls is not allowed, in the best halls in the regional houses of culture. Although in life he was loved. But loved in a fairly narrow circles. And now on the facade of the building where he lived, a bas-relief. A concert recording of the songs of Yuri Vizbor of the Kremlin Palace of congresses are regularly played on the channel "Culture". Professional actors revealed new facets of his skill. Look great mini-performances created from...

This spring I had an internship in edition, attracted by prospects to learn about the world outdoor and meet famous athletes. And here at the end of may I was sent to the first exit editorial assignment. Trainee dreams of major competitions and events all around the world broke on a business trip to Plesetsk – the village in the Arkhangelsk region, which even on the map almost invisible. I went to the opening of the climbing wall at the Church, which pastor Alexander Korsunsky built for the local children. So I met people for whom a miracle can be simple (by the standards of cities) joy. This is their story.

This year marks 40 years of its triumphant and tragic ascent of Annapurna in 1978 American women's Himalayan expedition this year marks 40 years of its triumphant and tragic ascent of Annapurna in 1978 American women's Himalayan expedition (“Ten women challenge the tenth highest peak of the Earth”) the expedition – 10 female mountaineers, two of cameraman and assistant Manager (also a woman) Expedition leader Arlene Blum writes: “ In January 1977 a group of like-minded girls from Bay area San Francisco- gathered... We have created an organization Himalayan Expedition American women (AWHE) to attempt to climb Annapurna and to provide support and financial assistance to women climbers. But how to earn $ 80 000 that were needed for climbing? We started...

Silver medalist of the European championship on ice climbing in 2018, the number four in the world rankings, Katya Vlasova is rightly one of the strongest legalizar Russia. When it's too hot for ice curtains and barrels, Katya can be found on the rocks, for example, in Indian Creek or on the wall of El Captain. The ice is underestimated in Russia, the sport and ice-climbing organization, we are accustomed to read only for a season. I decided to continue the tradition started a few years ago, and produced several interviews with participants of the world Cup ice climbing. I will post one a week! Start with Kathy. Talking about the competition, the rocks, motivation and future.

Routing working group of the Committee of the Federation of sports tourism of Russia reports significant updating of the List. Now on the website, FSTR is the newest at the moment version of the List - Including 11 sections updated in 2018. Over 9 sections now active work in the near future they will also be updated. Also soon will be prepared introductory articles on areas with a brief description of the areas of check-in options, featured categories and timing of trips. Over the rest of the sections work is also being done. In addition, it is planned to implement the ability to output the List in the form of online maps.

For our team's first experience organizing trips in the club format. The background began with the launch of the training and course on mountaineering training in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh. Then we realized that they are ready to recruit a group to travel, the main part formed as one of those who passed training in the gym has the basic skills and are already familiar with instructors. it Turned out in two shifts: from 5 to 13 may Volodya Kazartseva and from 12 to 20 may, Vanya Alencia and Andriyan Matches. What happened, says watching young climbers, a photographer and legalise and rock climber, with experience Eugene Alexeev.

More news ahead of the season! Disclaimer — the article is full of incomprehensible numbers, it lacks the intrigue of human relationships at a height of 8K+, carefree girlish laughter and hedonism in all its forms - which, of course, saddened by not only readers, but authors. It is recommended to read before bed to combat insomnia. Speaking dry language of the Protocol, in the framework of updating methodical recommendations UMK HEADLIGHTS, with the use of modern materials and equipment, with the support of companies VENTO , SingingRock and Lanex ( Tendon ) conducted a series of tests, involving the use of some popular knots. to put it simply, we spent a few days checking out General considerations and rechecking a number of foreign sources. Careful...

Strong winds do not allow the Sherpas to hang the railing on the classic way to Everest. Among the waiting clients - Steve pleyn (Plain Steve), who is going to climb 7 highest peaks of the Land (called Crown Land) in record time. And, although it is not known if he would be the winner in this race, you can already tell that he is a winner. Three and a half years ago, the Australian received injuries from which he would never be able to walk. Steve pleyn and his life motto (fot. Project 7in4 – profil, FB)

Hello dear community of fans of extreme and active rest. Charge the batteries in my profile, that's enough for one post and few comments, so I'll be brief. Most of you are familiar hut "Crown" on the glacier AK-SAI. This shelter served faithfully for more than one generation of climbers and tourists of every stripe and religion. It is impossible to remain silent about the fact, how important is this hut in terms of logistics, the organization of climbing in the winter. At the moment, "Crown" in a very miserable condition, so we, namely the Association of mountain guides of Kyrgyzstan (KMGA), I decided to seek help from the public. Just answer questions most curious of donation. The amount is relatively large, 2000$, so do not attract public organizations...