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Today is my birthday! I new today was a year old, and no matter what a month ago knocked tridtsatnik. We all probably there are events that divide life into before and after, I would like to tell about my! Why? For that one prevented error – helped to avoid for some, at least, of the responsibility that had to suffer for the story. To draw conclusions and to prevent possible consequences for others, to tell how it is important not to lose faith in yourself and work on yourself, what would you want it at any cost.

Unfortunately, yesterday, the chief chronicler of the expedition, the author of the journals Rafal Fronia was seriously injured forearm on the way to camp 1 from accidentally kick a loose stone. After medical examination, it was decided to evacuate him by helicopter to Skardu as soon as the weather allows. Soon Rafal back to Poland. This series of diary describes his previous output, which is also not without incident...

From the series "Pictures from a past life". 1963. The last day of December. Tashkent. was a wet snow. No wind. Large snowflakes slowly descended in these early December twilight, covering not yet fully fallen leaves huge plane trees, lawns with green grass, on the roof of the small cafes and on the pavement of pedestrian walkways. On the tracks the snow immediately melted, but still, his favorite Tashkent Park looked fun and pre-holiday... Chimes in the tower struck six. The young doctor stood for hours under these with a small bouquet of flowers and a bag with rice, meat, carrots and wok for pilaf and waited for his least the young friend for the new God... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Robert Szymczak, photos say less About him than about four direct participants of the rescue operations on the mountain, but it is thanks to him Elizabeth Revol received in Pakistan the necessary medicines. I translated an interview with Casper Sosnowski Robert Szymczak that you will certainly be interested. It is published in the Polish edition

What to give the closest? Ahead of a series of special holidays, when it's time to dazzle with originality or to fulfill an old dream, to give something very useful or uplifting each other pleasant thing. Section "Discounts for Risk" to help you – there are many new special offers and discounts on outdoor products! Hurry up, time stock is limited!

The intense battle for the yawning of Champions is between the teams of Saint-Petersburg-1, and Krasnoyarsk-1. The team have already completed three routes. After the first two were leading sportsmen of the cultural capital. But after a third of the route ahead in the standings came out the Siberians. Now both teams showed up on the same route – last year's first ascent 5B+ K. Tr. Abildayeva. Waiting for developments.

Last year in China, I personally did not like. Dark, dank and sad. Strange place for competition, a strange LIDODERM and strange track with a strange clues. This year getting here is hard, especially after sun in Europe. One consoling: thought it couldn't get worse. But my inner optimist asked:"and why not? It's the ice climbing world Cup!"

Don't understand. I really don't understand. How can I go on a ski trip, and in the case of weather not to go back and lay down on the snow and die? How?!? ... These emotions covered me in November, when in mass media there was information about the death from hypothermia of two people, left to walk on scaturisce skiing in one of the resorts of the Low Tatras. Then came the impulse to write about their experiences of survival. But a sincere dislike of public epistolario this impulse buried.

7 February in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc hosted the first press conference of Elizabeth Revol. Mountaineer told about his "anger" due to the fact that the beginning of the rescue work was delayed. According to Revol was a chance to save Tomasz Mackiewicz. Elizabeth Revol at a press conference (AFP photo / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK)

23 Dec 2017 conducted practical testing of portable avalanche of complex Nuris in real conditions on the slopes of Elbrus, on a plot of station "Mir" station "Stariy Krugozor". The weather conditions were that neither is the most suitable for the detection of design flaws. But we can say that the compact avalanche tools small power just need.

Recent days, Pakistanis have been in the first camp, hoping for the appearance of the weather window. However, the weather improved and the end of the expedition, the lack of food and financial resources have forced to turn climbers from the slopes of Masherbrum 2.

Darek Zaluski, Denis Urubko and Marcin Kachan just returned to base. Darek from camp 1 , Denis and Marcin from a height of about 6500 meters. Despite the bad weather conditions, work on K2 continues. February 7, up goes another team. Photo Janusz Golomb

Photo: FB Ivan Malakhov Stream, which was worth the wait! "He's not very fond of turn" - were addressed to Ivan Malakhov from the lips of commentators Freeride World Tour. But for the Russian fans the main result yesterday in the resort of Kicking Horse - Anna Orlova and Ivan Malakhov started the season of the world series on the podium. UPD: IN comments to the post stream the second day of competition February 6! Start at 18.30 Moscow time.

Friends! Meet my new idea - colleagues-athletes at a party on the climbing wall! I wanted to know how athletes from other sports can get through our benchmark for how quickly and in what situation. Each participant will have three attempts + little interview about life!

In this winter season in the highest mountains of the world worked 4 of the expedition. As we know, the expedition to Nanga Parbat ended tragically. Still working 3 of the expedition: Polish national expedition to K2, Alex Chikona winter Everest without supplementary oxygen, and a small, 3 person Pakistani expedition to Masherbrum II.