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31.01. Another day of bad weather. Our database is the wind blowing at a speed of about 50 km/h and on the level of camp 2 – about 80 km/h. In such conditions, you cannot work on the route. still awaiting the return of colleagues from Skardu. According to the received weather forecast there is a chance their return to camp tomorrow. the output of the two Artur Malek Marek Chmielarski in C1

Elizabeth Revol told of the tragic events on Nanga Parbat in his first interview for the French news Agency AFP. French confirms the exit to the dome tops and reports about the dramatic details of the subsequent events. Elizabeth Revol (AFP photo / PHILIPPE DESMAZES)

Tuesday, January 30, after lunch, the climber was transported to the ambulance from the airport in Geneva to the hospital in Sallanches at the foot of Mont Blanc. She was weak, legs and arms in bandages, was in a wheelchair. "Now I need treatment," she said, refusing further comment.

Who just want to learn about the results of the 2 stages of the world Cup - the one on the website of UIAA, the climbing section:) And there will be a lot of things, "reflections on the theme of climbing competitions and world cups with lyrical digressions", so to speak. This interesting read. Well there you go...

"they had a good acclimatization, they were fast. Did the work and just" - says Krzysztof Walicki about the group that conducted rescue operations on Nanga Parbat. "Any other team would have done the same thing, maybe faster, maybe not...We switched to rescue operations and the point",- adds the head of the expedition to K2 in conversation with the journalist of RMF FM Michal Rodak.

It looks more like a cry of despair, but... In the Polish media not only appear in the headlines about the organization of another rescue operation on Nanga Parbat. Witold Mackiewicz, father Tomek Mackiewicz does not believe in the son and together with the "group of individuals" trying to organize another rescue works. Father argues that previous winter experience Tomek could help him survive.

As is known, the tourist is a lover of tasty eat in nature. Accordingly, tourist sports - lover of tasty eat in nature in a particularly desirable location. When all in abundance, the task is simplified. But if the food is not enough, the problems begin: how burst and stamped. How is this lofty goal of sports tourism in the extreme conditions of lack of food, under the cut the story with examples from real life stories.

Last Friday departed this life the legend of Himalayan mountaineering to Elizabeth Hawley. Thinking about what you can add obituary from our archive, I remembered that the "RISK on" No. 67, we published a conversation between Sergey Boyko and Ms. Hawley. After going through the materials, I found this interview and short notes published today.

On the website of the Federation of mountaineering of Russia daily, 2 times a day (afternoon and evening) added information on the position of teams on the routes and standings. NEW! THE FIRST RESULTS OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Yesterday, the team St. Petersburg-2 and two teams of Krasnoyarsk: Krasnoyarsk-Krasnoyarsk 1 and a-2 came out on top.

27.01.2018 23:49 – 13.02.2018 23:49 What do you think the athletes and organizers? Read below in the post under CUT-Ohm Yesterday was the first day of "School". It's been 8 teams. Left – 4. last year the School was held on the rocks at the bottom of the array Gicom, and this year it takes place on the array kavdolomit, where in may was conducted by the rocky class of the championship of Russia of last year. According to the results of the School, as usual, chamandy will have the advantage of choosing the first route ascents. Just table ratings this year - 17 routes. Of these, 12 were completed previously, including peritrate, sovershennye within the period of the championship in technical class. This year compared to last year fewer new threads - just five....

The happiest of us opened the ski season well before the new year! A rolled corduroy and forest snow pillow on Christmas vacation. Some trip to the mountains yet! Tell us what ski resorts you choose for this season? And to make it a little easier, we have prepared a short survey!

Tell me what you use in winter hikes in a thermos instead of tea. There is a certain point it ceased to meet as he washes away the water. Berries gala gala Yes, we know. Sea buckthorn here A. Podkorytov recommended, but what else? It is necessary to brew or make a beverage in a thermos in the morning on day shift.

Together with the Frenchwoman Elisabeth Revol Tomek Mackiewicz yesterday made a winter ascent on Nanga Parbat. But this story is still far from happy ending. Tomek received severe frostbite. According to Mary Gordon, the situation is critical, so she organized a fundraiser for rescue operations and evacuation.

(photo According to reports from Kathmandu today, Friday January 26, at 3 a.m., at age 94 years, died of pneumonia in the hospital CIWEC Elizabeth Hawley is a journalist, a legendary chronicler of Himalayan expeditions and Creator of the largest archive of climbing in the Himalayas.

I write articles about ice climbing since 2009. Perhaps they are good and even fully admit, it is interesting to read the passionate fans of ice climbing and the athletes themselves (to read about yourself it is always a pleasure;). But writing about the world Cup, held in the same places, if available, with rare exceptions, the same participants are sometimes incredibly boring and a chore, frankly. Special "joy" gives a description repeated from year to year (well, how can take this "Groundhog day"?!) stupid and illogical judicial "stocks" that are unchanging and immutable, as are incompetent judges. it is Often desirable just hard to fight with dots, "promises" all officials far and long. Or, conversely, to score on all of the incredible seriousness of...