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In the midst of winter, I want to remember about the hot adventures! To present this report on our Crimean adventures. by the Way soon will start our new climbing camp in Turkey, click here for details so, from 10 to 24 September our club held training camp in the Crimea: 7 participants 2! coach-instructor – Efremov Ilya, MS, instructor HEADLIGHTS and Alena Efremova MS, instructor FSR.

Today is the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky. Life, put on the chords so you can say about his work, why 80 years from the date of his birth is perceived as an anniversary, a holiday in honor of the living and very close to me.. We a special sense remember the favorite line of such simple, but such honest songs. Join us! What songs do you like most?

Invite skiers and snowboarders, lovers of ski touring, freeriding and ski mountaineering to take part in the first stage of Amateur Cup of Moscow "warmed up before the mountains, Omori yourself for an hour!". Participants will have one hour to test themselves on professional distance and how to give. All finishers will have to wait for hot tea and buns and raffle prizes. the Competition will be held this Saturday, January 27, at 12:00 on the slopes of the Ski edge. Register >>>

We are pleased to announce that the award ceremony of Golden ice axes 2018, the most significant awards in the world for mountaineers, will take place in September in Longke Zdroju during the 23rd Mountain festival. We hope that in these few days Ladek mountain will become the absolute center of the Earth and that your time here will be remembered forever. We invite you to get acquainted with those who have received the "Golden ice axe":

26.01.2018 00:00 – 08.04.2018 23:00 Photo: Jason Halayko / Freeride World Tour well, I wanted this news to report, together with the results of the first stage of the FWT in Japan, but Hakuba filled up with snow and start is again postponed - this time on January 26 for residents of Central Russia is the night from Thursday to Friday. So on the eve of the competition became known that the star of Russian freeriding Anna Orlova received the Wild Card of freeride world tour this season! Yay! In Japan she has no time, but be sure to speak in Canada and at other stages in Andorra and Austria will fight for the chance to participate in the finals in Verbier!

20-21 January 2018 in p. Kama Mouth was open personal Cup of the Republic of Tatarstan on mountaineering in discipline - climbing "Kama vertical". Specially has natural ice steep coastal slope Volga height of 20 m near the pier of the village gathered 30 sportsmen-ice climbers cities of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, al'met'yevsk, Kirov, Russia to compete in the climbing steep ice.

Continued, part 4 Previous articles: 1. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO) 2. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Creation tools ITO: hooks. 3. The movement on the artificial support points (ITO). Creation tools ITO: the elements of the mortgage, the adjustable Cam device (buddylist-camalote).

From 12 to 14 January 2018 in Tomsk on Ledokol "Big jump" at the same time were three climbing start: - IV stage of the Cup of Russia, - the all-Russian youth competitions, as well as - the championship of Tomsk region for mountaineering. In total in all competitions was attended by about 100 people from 11 regions: the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Krai, Republic of Karelia, the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Kirov, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Tyumen regions.

Is in the mountains of the Ukraine (Carpathians) sacred of the year - PIP Ivan (2028 m). By giving local residents it is considered mystical, is also the beginning of the Montenegrin mountains. For centuries in it the Gentiles and the local Hutsuls held their ceremonies during the holidays. Having been there once, you want more and more to climb on top of it. The spirit of this mountain penetrates into the soul, and each time, having been on it, hochesya to talk to her and share his emotions.

I should Probably start with warnings about the danger. Much has been written about the fact that winter walking is more dangerous than in summer, and alone – is fundamentally more dangerous than a group – and this is indeed so. Expedition, which is described here, is clearly not worthy of literal repetition – so much in her of tension and discomfort and so little of joy and beauty. And yet to talk about it makes sense... the Initial idea, consisting in a complete traverse of the massif of Elbrus with a descent into Ircchat, unfortunately, is not implemented. Starting weight was 39 kg, considering the backpack, all clothing and shoes. Too much. The overload passed a red thread through all tactical decisions and ultimately forced to curtail from a route...

28.01.2018 10:00 – 31.01.2018 19:00 Approved the final list of Russian companies that will participate in ISPO Munich from 28 to 31 January. 28 producers will bring to Germany the updated line of sports equipment and discuss with foreign colleagues the key issues of the modern sports industry.

Anastasia Barefoot and Aiga Rakevich , Latvia was the final evening LAS - Latvian mountaineering Association (Latvijas Alpīnistu savienība). Women's bundle of Anastasiya Barefoot and Aiga Rackevich took first place in the rock-ice class for completing the Black Magic route on Jebel Rum in Wadi Rama (Jordan), which the Regency made the festival JORDAN WOMEN.V2. the same year based on the dialed personal rating for climbing in Wadi Frame and the Caucasus (Bezengi) Anastasia Barefoot was recognized as the best climber of Latvia 2017

Quiet winter night I want to remember about the campaign on the Katunsky ridge. It was in the area of the new 2012, but remained almost not published, and the report he did not even think to appear. Below presents the diary of one of the participants. Led a campaign novel Abildaev. The campaign came out great, you see someone come in handy.

Figure to attract attention! whether you Love weekends as much as we are? The time when you can escape from the computer and look for happiness in the snow. Cross country skiing is not only a great activity for the weekend, but also a great functional exercise. What we offer to the nearest track!

In Moscow on the climbing wall CSKA continues the first training event of the Olympic team of Russia on climbing. Senior coach Sergei Sigov shared impressions about the first training days of our Olympians and talked about plans for the season-2018.