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The Court for intellectual property rights (CIP) in Moscow Thursday upheld the decision of Rospatent on the recognition of the trademark "KVN" property of the Television creative Association AMIK (TTO AMIK) which General Director is Alexander Maslyakov, reports TASS. "to Deny the claim of the company "Group 7" to Rospatent concerning the contestation of legal protection of well-known in Russia trademark "KVN", — announced the judge. the Decision has not yet entered into force and may be appealed to the Presidium of the court for intellectual property rights. Source:

On the official website published a long interview with Alexander Shabanov of the KVN team "Napoleon Dynamite." — How did you meet with the team of "Napoleon Dynamite"? Just the circumstances. What you quickly agreed, you told me in previous times. — Earlier, when I watched the WHC, I really liked the team of "Napoleon Dynamite", that is, before I started to play with them. All my friends did too. If at that time I was asked which team I wanted to play, I would say "Napoleon Dynamite". In Sochi, we once again crossed paths. We had been drinking. It was just some kind of frenzy, such as "Healthy! Hi! Wow!" (waving his hands). We had a dance battle on the tectonics with the Theme. It was something like that, loud music, party. Later I just wrote Glory...

Central South-West League International Union of KVN team invites the WHC to conduct a dress rehearsal of the Sochi performances — to take part in the Cup of the Central South-West League MS KVN. 20 Nov 2019 18.30 Concert hall southwestern State University. the Editor of the League Mr tararykin (First League MS KVN, CUSL), as well as the hall filled, will help Your team to properly prepare to participate in Sochi festival Kivinen-2020. the Application form for participation in the Cup of the Governor of Kursk region You can send in the mail All questions by phone: +7-919-218-10-69 (Alexander), +7-908-122-05-38 (Petros).

Friends, we have a problem: Eugenia Zharikova, the team and the wife of the captain of Snezhnogorsk, was diagnosed with sarcoma of the stomach of 4 degrees. Eugene already completed the first course of radiotherapy and she has all the chances to win. Sergey and his Wife needs help to continue the struggle. Now Eugene is in Israel, and Sergei and his two daughters in Snezhnogorsk, and he seeks money for surgery. All who want to help can directly contact the details below, or, for example, to take part in tomorrow's charity stream Crafty Sound (Related to the WHC) and Philip Voronin (dals). Details: 5469 1255 4100 6076 Contact: +79216644784 Sergey Zh.

Coincidentally, ethers went in a row, and is forced once again to compare these two different WHC. A big difference in the WHC is only between Svetlogorsk and the festival of lights. Moreover, both – it drink. Just one thing he is from the past, and in the second of a possible future. To help you understand the audience in Sochi, imagine, Friday, 19.00, you drunk tourist from the province, the hours waiting at the entrance, street 29, 29 in the hall, though the walls and there, but wind also. Was told that last year in the hall who had friends, next to them sat three with fumes that fell asleep on the cards woke up in muzykalku. The three of them clapped the whole competition, the choir of Russian roads do not listen to what they sing and say. Also works...

In Moscow, the continuing disassembly of the WHC. A couple of weeks ago "Sobesednik" published an article under the headlines: "Frightened Maslakova decided to pay off the court of KVN". in short: the Story that seemed unrealistic due to the overall performance on movementtaste clan Maslakovic, develops, and more – according to the "Companion", Alexander seems nervous and tries to hush up the conflict with money. on 22 August 2019, the intellectual property rights Court will consider termination of legal protection of trademarks one of the "KVN", which belongs to Alexander Maslyakov – the senior in 1997. We will remind, to sue Maslakovic right to the WHC is trying to "Group 7" that in 2017, has received exclusive rights on results of intellectual activities...

KVN again appeared on the pages of all media. the Company OOO "Group of 7", on behalf of the heirs of one of the founders of KVN Sergey Muratov, trying to prove that Alexander Maslyakov has acquired the right individually to dispose of the brand "drink" illegally, as the game was not invented it, and Muratov, Axelrod and Yakovlev. the conflict between the "Group of 7" and LLC "TTO "AMIK" began in 2017, when a documentary film "drink: the birth certificate". Then the General Director of TTO "AMIK" Alexander Maslyakov wrote a letter banning the screening of the film based on the ownership of trademark №127 "KVN". Now AMIK filed a counterclaim, requiring "Group 7" 3 million rubles for the mention of the trademark "drink" in the title of the film. The film is...

Eugene Zamaliev — member of the team of KVN "Baikal" and the national team of Buryatia. He is also known as the Creator of the films "Tea", "Decided" and "Elastic". Eugene Zamaliev — left currently, Eugene is struggling with a terrible disease — he had bone cancer (osteosarcoma). You want to organize a trip for treatment in Korea. For treatment you need to collect a total of about 3 million rubles. Friends of Eugene on the WHC organizes a charity event in Ulan-Ude and announced the collection of social media. Chingis Bolotov, the head of the team "Hara Maureen": - Jack Zamaliev — Director of the KVN team of the national team of Buryatia, member of the Premier League, one of the founders of KVN "Baikal". My predecessor, Chairman of the regional youth...

31 may and 1 June in the House of KVN passed the semi-finals of the Premier League. the Results of the first game (31.05.2019) "+7" (Tver) — 10 "I am offended" (NSU, Novosibirsk) — 9,9 "the City of Python" (mfyua, Moscow) — 9,7 "Station Dynamo" (REU them. Plekhanov, Moscow) — 9,7 the Armenian team (Moscow) and 9.6 the results of the second game (01.06.2019) "Royal flush" (Rostov-on-don) — 9,9 "Dr. Gauss" (Mogilev) — 9,9 "the Ryazan prospectus" (sum, Moscow) — 9,8 "the Buryats" (Irkutsk) — 9,8 "this" (Moscow) — 9,7 the results of the two games jury get 4 more commands: "City Python", "Station Dinamo", "Ryazansky prospect", "Buryat". Thus, in the final of the 4th September will meet eight(!) commands.

Hello! We decided to change the comment system on the website. The previous comments were comfortable, but did not require mandatory authorization, the result of which was a lot of abuse. Sometimes a lot. Now we have mapped a web service Disqus. A bit unusual, there are pluses and minuses, but is inadequate in the comments will be much less. Log in directly to the diskus, and through Facebook, Twitter and Google. Also, there are some new features, like the ability to vote "for" or "against" specific review, branches in a discussion format. All the old comments are available for reading. In them the history of the site and the history of KVN. While view. I hope that overall it innovation for the better. See, visit, comment. AleXX

Not had time to subside scandal because of the stupid jokes about the General Karbysheva, how did the following. This time with a statement to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation plan to appeal the grandchildren of Soviet marshals Bagramyan and Konev. On the whole story told by the grandson of Marshal Bagramyan, Ivan Sergeevich. According to him, his behavior the participants of the show insulted the memory of all who made this feat during the great Patriotic war. The disturbance caused by the room, which Natalia Medvedeva talks about how he buried a rat in the Kremlin wall between Yezhov and Konev. [ read more ]

From 7 to 10 March, a festival League system of Moscow and Moscow region. The teams were distributed into leagues for the upcoming season: the Central League of Moscow and Moscow region: "Children Turing", Minsk "Almaty", Almaty "Commissioners of the capital", Moscow national Team of Altai, Moscow state University, Moscow, Russia Team of the city of Yegoryevsk, G. O. Egor'evsk "summer in the capital", MGIIT them. Senkevich, Moscow the Team of VSAU VSAU them. Emperor Peter the great, Voronezh "the team is Very REU them. G. V. Plekhanova", Moscow "Yura, Prosti", Sevastopol "the face of the Republic" of Bashkortostan "Serpukhov", Moscow, Vladimir "From the heart", Almaty WE, the Team of RSSU, Moscow [ read more ]

Published dates and lineups of games of the 1/8 finals of the First League, which will be held in Kazan. the First game (March 16): — "Charge" (Vladimir) — "Quartet" (Irkutsk) — "Lilya Brik" (Kaliningrad) — "the national Team of KVN cold cities" (Nizhny Novgorod – Severouralsk) — "ignition System" (Elabuga) — "Ulitsa Plekhanova", REU them. Plekhanov (Moscow) the Second game (March 17): — "Give a laugh" (Ekaterinburg) — the team of SFU "RRR" (Rostov-na-Donu) — "Tumbler" (Samara) — the Team of Universities of the Chechen Republic (Grozny) — "TT", ITMO (Saint-Petersburg) — "Chicago" (Kazan) the Third game (March 18): [ read more ]

Published information about the games of the 1/8 finals of the International League in Minsk: the First game (March 9): — "Belarusi", MTZ (Minsk) — "Donetsk ridge" (Donetsk) — Women's team "Bridget Jones" SPSUACE (St Petersburg) — "Green suitcase" (Kemerovo) — "Kantiana" BFU them. Kant (Kaliningrad) — Rus, OOO (Tyumen) the Second game (March 10): — "Vologda dew" (Nizhny Novgorod) — "Factory" (Taganrog) — "Kolosok" (Mikhailovsk) — "Nettles" (Jerusalem) — "Swallow" (Gomel, of BTEU, PC) — "former Team" (Tula) [ read more ]

Konstantin Raven summed up the results of the last Sochi festival. There is a feeling that is compounded by a fault on the line of the party Telecon. One less trying to get along with others and this process is bilateral. For example, take vnutryak. Why is it so much? But because vnutryak is the most urgent, that is, at the festival, because who else would appreciate the joke about the Rubik's cube, Yarchenko, Tune, diner, etc.. And any urgency, especially where you face from year to year, automatically creates a bunch of humor. Before for their discharge was the teams ' performances in the crystal, music Cup, black biathlon, night black humor. Today, everywhere there are analogues, but not really. Today all the fun of a festival is organized and top-down...