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Hello friends! Summer 2020 was hot on Kvnovskiye events. Child WHC has put a fat point in the question of who is funnier in the final Bush or Yousif? Children's version of "Fighters" took the children's version of "Vyatka" in one gate! (The only thing worse was the children's version of the "Russian Roads", but it's already Sold out... Boy in tights rapping next to a man in a female wig). Game of the Higher League will take place in the Crimea, and this means that Members will delight us with a new batch of jokes about the Crimean Bridge and Our Crimea... Without this drink — not drink! [ read more ]

In 2001, the Finalists of the Highest League "Burnt by the sun" and "Four Tatars" all of a sudden and for themselves — lost beginners! It was a sub for team "CHP" and "MAMI" which just broke at the 1/8, took 1st and 2nd places, and then... Boring flew in the 1/4 (last place)... Probably not enough experience? the Bright opening of the season 2020 — team "Children of Turing", regardless of further seasons, will forever remain in the status of "Legends of Eighths"! "Children Turing" broke all in the 1/8, and... Then there was a Coronavirus Crimean History... (Well, you know?) the Team from Kazakhstan, too, has long been in the status of "Legends of Eighths". The Kazakhs were ranked 1 or 2 in the 1/8 and flew to 1/4... for Example, in the 2007 season in the...

When jury President, Konstantin Ernst at the end of the game stood up and announced: — "the Difference between a winner and second place two tenths... this is not often. We ask this year's two Winners — the Vyatka and the Rais! Dance, girls!!!", but the dance began not only Vyatka and Raisa! you can learn the answer to the Main Question of concern to all Kvnovsky fans: — "Raisa champion?.. Or what?.. Or what?..". this question is answered by knowledgeable Members in various interviews. Dmitry Bushuev, champion, author, commander: - Yes. In my opinion, Yes. Absolutely. KVN is not wrong. I know these girls for several years, they are workaholic. Me as a workaholic, never mind to give the League Title. [ read more ]

Not to be bored until we all #sidengama, our friends came up with a championship at the WHC. Pass the word to Richard: we Offer you to take part in the world Cup games in virtual KVN or just start to watch our broadcast! Restrictions on your location there! the Games are played in the live broadcast at: (provigra) and (regular season). Subscribe! every game involves 3-5 people that are "like" different teams. Restrictions on the number of team members in the same broadcast net. The players alternately connect to the airwaves to participate in contests. At the moment, the most popular competitions: business card (3 jokes in the text, song, miniature format, anything you like) and warm-up (answer...

KVN — this is a good game that was played, played and will play thousands of unnamed authors, like me. My name will never be inscribed in Golden Letters in the Great Book of KVN and Alexander vasilyich not shakes my hand after the game. most of the audience know only frontmen commands. Although... If Herman from Murmansk tells jokes, this does not mean that he wrote everything himself. Or when girls from 2020 say a joke about "battleship", few people know who wrote this joke in 2012... For the other team and another League. Here are the old jokes about the election and about the Constitution may also soon come in handy. Again will sound like aktual! [ read more ]

Official address the Director of television International League MS KVN announced new dates of the games of 1/8 finals. Today at the operative meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation, it was decided to close the border between Russia and Belarus. This is a temporary measure, but it became forced and the final reason for moving the games of 1/8 final of television's International League of KVN at a later date. By the way, the organization of the events, not banned. so, the date of the 1/8 finals are transferred at date 1/4 finals: may 20-21 and 27-28, respectively. The order and subgroups are saved. Paid contributions count towards the games of the 1/8 finals and are a guarantee of your arrival and stay in season.

On the website published an interesting interview with Andrew Borkowski. Some quotes: the Last 15 years the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov – the main drama theater of Russia, and Andrey burkovsky, one of its top artists. He plays the main role in a six-hit performances, including best Comedy "№ 13D". Matches with Putin something different from the rest? – in Front of them Fsoshniki usually warn that crash into Putin's impossible. the Phrase of my life – from Munchausen about stupidity: "Smile." And, of course, attitude. When you're self-ironic, you are free and nobody can hurt. But if you think you're a brilliant artist, and they'll criticize you – you'd be upset. It is necessary to bring the attitude with humor, sensibly to perceive life.

So, this week: every Morning and evening from Monday to Friday — all games of KVN team "Ural Dumplings" (Ekaterinburg). You can enjoy all the epic games of your favorite team :) From the 1/8 finals of the 1995 Cup to the Kremlin in 2016. the Day of the game Moscow KVN: Monday-Wednesday — all games of the team of KVN team of the State University of management. on Thursday and Friday — "the University prospectus" (Moscow state University). At night from Monday to Friday — all games of KVN team "Uezdny Gorod" (Chelyabinsk — Magnitogorsk). Saturday and Sunday — all games of KVN team "Burnt by the sun" (Sochi). Pleasant viewing!

Kseniya Korneva: about yourself, about the "Ural Dumplings", care Mikhalkova and work on the WHC-TV. — we Know that you also work as the chief editor of KVN-TV. What are your responsibilities? I — a kind of bridge between "Ostankino" and "amika", which produces a product like the WHC. We address issues related to the telecasting of games. Much do I settle over the phone, so departures do not interfere with work. When I launched the channel, we discussed a number of times with Alexander Maslakova. Now this is almost not required: KVN-TV running smoothly, it pays off. StarHit

Hi, in far 2012 you first posted the announcement of the Applications. Eight years later, I ask for your help again. Please help us to collect feedback from WHC community: do we need Aplikuju in 2020? the Eight festivals I was designing aplikuju. Now to devote as much time I can not. You decide: do you need aplikuju in 2020 Kivine in Sochi. If you gather the moderators and the money to pay for their work — so Aplikuju needed. If January 10 is not the moderators, and the money — and Applications in Sochi will not. Goal: 19 shifts of moderators and 19 thousand rubles. If not will collect the full amount then all the money will return to the sender. Thank you! Valera

The Court for intellectual property rights (CIP) in Moscow Thursday upheld the decision of Rospatent on the recognition of the trademark "KVN" property of the Television creative Association AMIK (TTO AMIK) which General Director is Alexander Maslyakov, reports TASS. "to Deny the claim of the company "Group 7" to Rospatent concerning the contestation of legal protection of well-known in Russia trademark "KVN", — announced the judge. the Decision has not yet entered into force and may be appealed to the Presidium of the court for intellectual property rights. Source:

On the official website published a long interview with Alexander Shabanov of the KVN team "Napoleon Dynamite." — How did you meet with the team of "Napoleon Dynamite"? Just the circumstances. What you quickly agreed, you told me in previous times. — Earlier, when I watched the WHC, I really liked the team of "Napoleon Dynamite", that is, before I started to play with them. All my friends did too. If at that time I was asked which team I wanted to play, I would say "Napoleon Dynamite". In Sochi, we once again crossed paths. We had been drinking. It was just some kind of frenzy, such as "Healthy! Hi! Wow!" (waving his hands). We had a dance battle on the tectonics with the Theme. It was something like that, loud music, party. Later I just wrote Glory...

Central South-West League International Union of KVN team invites the WHC to conduct a dress rehearsal of the Sochi performances — to take part in the Cup of the Central South-West League MS KVN. 20 Nov 2019 18.30 Concert hall southwestern State University. the Editor of the League Mr tararykin (First League MS KVN, CUSL), as well as the hall filled, will help Your team to properly prepare to participate in Sochi festival Kivinen-2020. the Application form for participation in the Cup of the Governor of Kursk region You can send in the mail All questions by phone: +7-919-218-10-69 (Alexander), +7-908-122-05-38 (Petros).