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KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

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Party Tambov "Player" Ilja Elagin commented on the prospects for further commands: that team in the best case can change its name, and at worst — to be disbanded, Ilja Elagin admitted at a meeting with journalists in the press center of Pushkin library. "Player" was not in the top League in 2018, a chance to return there, according to Elagin, minimum. "This season we are missing. Will we still be in the Premier League, this question is difficult to answer, because as long as the prerequisites are none. Most likely, this project is complete. Probably will need something else. We are frustrated, taking a break from each other. Will the team continue to exist, to answer this question it is impossible", — said Ilja Elagin. Examples of when after you are...

Hello! Our friends printed bright quarterly calendars with the logo of "KVN for all". We love them, we hung the calendars in all the rooms, kitchen, closet and another hung up in the housing office. Still a few calendars left and we would like to send them to everyone, but not enough at all. Therefore, let the calendars will get only the most cheerful and resourceful. to identify the most, we decided to conduct the workout. Let's start with the collection of questions, create and send, this can be a variety of questions from text to photos or even video. the First calendar will get the author the best, in the opinion of the editorial Board, issue. Or two, we'll see. And then collect the questions together and have the workout. [ read more ]