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Published dates and lineups of games of the 1/8 finals of the First League, which will be held in Kazan. the First game (March 19): — "Belarusians" (Minsk) — "Suspicious persons" (Belorechensk) — the Team of Voronezh state agrarian University (Voronezh) — the Team of the MAI (Moscow) — "Chicago" (Kazan) the Second game (March 20): — HD (Saratov) — "Name me" (Korolev) — "Original friends" (Almetyevsk) — "the Team of the great Republic" (Ulan-Ude) — "Your style" (Vladivostok) the Third game (March 21): [ read more ]

Command "Vyatka" gave an interview to the Kirov "Komsomolskaya Pravda": – of Course, we are not gone forever, – said Dmitry. – I'm in the jury of the Premier League on the First channel appeared. Well, a lot of work was carried out with other teams. For anybody not a secret: when the Members themselves cease to play in the major leagues, they begin to help others. Over the years we have managed to strengthen give a lot of teams: they have grown up, gone on TNT and CTC, and we came back. this time come just to speak – said, "commander". But this is the magic of KVN: we saw all those faces, all friends and acquaintances and realized that there's no turning back. During the preparation for the game the expression "go in season" was used 20 times in 10...

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was awarded the leadership and participants of the KVN team of the Great Moscow state circus departmental medals for participation in military operations in Syria. We will remind, the team BMGC gave a speech at the Russian air base Hamim. by Order of the Minister of defense of Russian Federation medals for participation in operations in Syria was awarded the Director of the BMC Edgard Zapashny, as well as circus artists and members of KVN. Artists BMTS flew twice to Syria in November 2016 and April 2017. According to the press service, medals were awarded to clowns and participants of KVN Eugene maikhrovsky, Evgeny Minin and Nikolai Konovalov, participants of KVN Anwar Sattar, Artem uncertainty bobtsov Alexey...

Official website of MS KVN reports that a third of the 1/8 finals of the Higher League will take place on March 2 as previously planned, and on March 1. game involved: — "Wrestlers" (Surgut) — "Maritime Academy" (Murmansk) — "Napoleon Dynamite" (Tyumen) — "Raisa" (Irkutsk) — "Russian road" (Armavir)

Periodically in discussions on a variety of topics are beginning to receive comments about the "League of Laughter". We are certainly the most democratic website in the world and pay attention to various Podunavski projects, but sometimes clearly it happens too much. Somehow, fans of "League of Laughter" I believe that this transmission is necessary to discuss in the comments for the broadcast of the Gala concert in Sochi, the trailer for "Members", to the final of the Higher League of KVN, and so on. Fans of the Comedy Woman, "Ural Dumplings" and even "Rossmy come" behave in this respect less aggressive. So we consulted and decided to conduct a survey: [ read more ]

Bishkek hosted a presentation of the new author's project of KVN team "Asia mix". the First was made by the captain of the team "Asia MIX" Eldiyar Kenensariev. Welcoming the guests, he made the most important statement of the evening that their team will no longer play the games in the Highest League of KVN, and in the future they intend to work on a new draft copyright Asiamix Fun. "We in the WHC more will not play, with the exception of the summer cups. Our guys have had a lot of offers to participate in different projects abroad, but we initially had the idea of creating a brand Asiamix Fun. Our new project plans to unite and to give an opportunity to creative individuals from all CIS countries, and his idea is the creation of a new culture that allows...

In Alma-ATA was held a meeting of the team "Sparta" with the fans. the movie Hall was full of fans who came to ostravici Champions with a victory and learn about the team's plans. Note, at the end of 2017 Sparta took first place and became the champion of the Higher League of KVN. Kazakhstan waited for this victory for 17 years. "there is No champion that all could be arranged. For example, in 2010, said after the game that we are unjustly condemned. I want to ask you not to pay attention to the haters, you only add fuel to the fire. The caravan goes, dogs bark," said Kunica Gulnara Silybaeva.

Alex CEN presented reflections at the end of the Sochi festival. It was a unique festival! Now, in order. forgive me, people writing-playing-in the League's fall, the main event of the festival did not they, the film's "Members" Ilya Aksenov and producer Vlad Malyshev. Two hours of "usable video" is a film about the Members, the feelings of many very close to how it is actually happening. At the end of the festival the premiere I would say that "Sega Mega Drive 16 bit" returned no worse "Vyatka". And I think that in the future the 29th Sochi will be "the festival, when..." released film "Members"... back "Vyatka" and went to "Radio Liberty". in Addition to the unusual early timing has changed and the order of appearance of teams in the first round. If we...

The first month of 2018 and remains little more than a month before the Festival leagues of Moscow and Moscow region, delay further the selection of the League for the upcoming season is not worth it. In the Lamp this season will be a jubilee, the 15th! the Season of the Central League of Moscow and Moscow region begins with the FESTIVA, which will be held 9-12 March 2018. Participation is open to teams from other countries and cities that participated in the XXIX International festival of KVN teams "kivin-2018" and passed to the second round or received an increased rating or a rating, as well as all the teams from Moscow and Moscow region, regardless of experience and achievements. If you still doubt, then we present 5 reasons why you should choose...

Became known to date, which in Svetlogorsk will be a music festival of KVN. It is reported "AIF-Kaliningrad". Music festival "wailing kivin" in Svetlogorsk in 2018 will be held on 20-22 July, the information center of tourism of the Kaliningrad region. "Teams will compete in only one contest – music. The audience will see a bright musical show, you will hear sparkling jokes. The jury members are prominent figures of television, film and music", — say in the Center. On July 20, the scheduled dress rehearsal for TV-shooting, 21 July – the most crucial time for stand-up comedians a day of television shooting, during which will be awarded cups. July 22 will be held a concert of KVN.

All my student years, I played in the WHC and was even a leader of the team, which is very honorable and responsible. Years passed ,and the habit every year to go to Sochi, left. In this issue, the editors of the Higher League Dmitry pegs and Aidar Garayev will tell the truth about modern KVN. In the first issue, I visited one of the best corporate University of Sberbank. Of course all the beauty I took, while still not very experienced vlogger, but honestly. Wait for the third edition. Let's shoot better. But in the meantime get into the spirit of Sochi and the unbridled joy of thousands of people! — writes on his channel LIVE SHOWMAN Nikita Andrienko.

Published information about the games of the 1/8 finals of the International League in Minsk: the First game (March 17): — "GoodZone" (Moscow) — "Dr. Gauss" (Mogilev) — "Mol Bulak" (Bishkek-Almaty) — "the Village Narimanov" (Astrakhan region) — "the Team of police officers and other residents of Ryazan" (Ryazan) "I'm offended" (Novosibirsk) the Second game (March 18): — "breaking bad" (Sosnovy Bor) — "All steel" (Zhlobin) — "the Crimean bridge" (Novorossiysk-Kerch) — "Team works" (Lipetsk) — Team sgskha (Ust-Kinel) — "This story" (eagle) the Third game (April 6): [ read more ]

Elena Gushchina presented his new musical project and debut track: lelikguschina Friends! PREMIERE!!!

Last week in the media appeared information that the TTO "AMIK" sent an official letter in which the company "Group-7" claim their rights "resulting from intellectual activity — KVN". According to representatives of the "Group-7", they protect the interests of the descendants of the creators of the game KVN. In a letter quoting a news magazine, "Amica" offered "to cease production of TV shows KVN without the consent of the right holder". [ read more ]

Published the schedule of the games of 1/8 finals of the Higher League of KVN: the First game (February 13): — "Planeta Sochi" (Sochi) — Team BMGC (Moscow) — Team UK (London) — the Team of Zabaikalsky Krai (Chita) — "the Theatre audience of the Ural" (Chelyabinsk) the Second game (17 Feb): — "Without preservatives" (St. Petersburg) — "Buns named after Yaroslav the Wise" (Tver) — RUDN University (Moscow) — "the Team of former athletes" (Perm) — the Team of universities of the Chechen Republic (Grozny) the Third game (on March 2): [ read more ]