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Published the schedule of the games of 1/8 finals of the Higher League of KVN: the First game (February 13): — "Planeta Sochi" (Sochi) — Team BMGC (Moscow) — Team UK (London) — the Team of Zabaikalsky Krai (Chita) — "the Theatre audience of the Ural" (Chelyabinsk) the Second game (17 Feb): — "Without preservatives" (St. Petersburg) — "Buns named after Yaroslav the Wise" (Tver) — RUDN University (Moscow) — "the Team of former athletes" (Perm) — the Team of universities of the Chechen Republic (Grozny) the Third game (on March 2): [ read more ]

Every year after the Sochi festival remain the team who have experience of games in telligen and look forward to continuing, but not find themselves in lists of leagues. Some of the teams left behind season-2018, appealed to his fans in social networks: Ural: Over the next Sochi festival. For us, it was tough. A lot of questions, so I want to share the news, our dear fans. the Team "Ural" this year nowhere to play. We go on a holiday, though inglorious, but necessary. May come back, maybe not. Time again will put everything in its place. Thanks to all who 5 years was with us. We love you all and appreciate! "Order 390": [ read more ]

Command "Nate" reported the sad news: today died-witted Sergei Balenko. Dear friends, our team overtook the mountain. Today, 19 January 2018, did not our brother and friend, Sergei Balenko. He died too early and could do a lot more. Thoughts are confused, don't want to believe. We call upon all concerned, friends and acquaintances to help his parents during this difficult time. the Coordinates in the commands group, "Nate".

7 January 2018 29 KVN festival, which is traditionally held in the city of Sochi, took place the premiere of the first feature film about our game. January 9 film "Members" was published in social network "Vkontakte", gathered more than 400 comments. the Editors of our site are unable to leave this event. So we present to you an interview with the producer and Director of the film, a captain, author and actor KVN team "Sega Mega Drive 16 bit" Ilya Aksenov. reference: KVN team "Sega Mega Drive 16 bit" (Moscow) — 2008 — finalist of the inter-departmental CS-League of KVN HSE; 2009 — the Champions League of Moscow and Moscow region, winners of the Champions League KVN; 2010 — finalists of the Premier League KVN; 2011 — Vice-Champions of the Premier League KVN;...

— "Alex S." (Omsk) — "barricade authority" (Moscow) — "Belarusians" (Minsk) — "Brothers Armenians" (Khabarovsk) — "Hollywood" (Voronezh) — "City 313" (Vladikavkaz) — "Name me" (Korolev) — the Nenets Autonomous area (Naryan-Mar) — "Jam" (Kirovo-Chepetsk) — "Suspicious persons" (Belorechensk) [ read more ]

— "Bay barakhta" (Solnechnogorsk) — "breaking bad" (Sosnovy Bor) — "All steel" (Zhlobin) — G-Drive (Moscow) — "GoodZone" (Moscow) — "Dr. Gauss" (Mogilev) — "Cocoa cocoa" (Vladivostok) — "Quartet" (Irkutsk) — ZiO (Podolsk) — "Mother dear" (Moscow) [ read more ]

— "1930 DSTU" (Rostov-na-Donu) — "Actors" (St. Petersburg) — "the Volga region" (Samara) City "Piton" (Volgograd) — "City of dreams" (Elista) — "Thundercats" (Lipetsk) — "team Maiden" (Chelyabinsk) — "In-Yaz" (Minsk) — "Kazan" (Kazan) — "Red fury" (Yaroslavl) [ read more ]

Today Sochi hosts the gala concert of the festival "kivin-2018". Over its course is determined by the list of participants in the League for the upcoming season. In the big leagues-2018 invited: — "Without preservatives" (St. Petersburg) — "Wrestlers" (Surgut) — "Will be friends" (Moscow) — "Vyatka" (Kirov) — "Maritime Academy" (Murmansk) — "Napoleon Dynamite" (Tyumen) — "Nate" (the city) — "Planeta Sochi" (Sochi) — "Buns named after Yaroslav the Wise" (Tver) — "Rise" (Moscow) — "Raisa" (Irkutsk) [ read more ]

Site of KVN in Moscow and Moscow region issued a statement on the situation with the detention of Director of the national team of Tajikistan. Dear KVN, spectators and fans of our game! Not so long ago we learned that the head of the KVN team of Tajikistan Khairullo Mirsaidov was under investigation, arrested and is in jail in the city of Khujand. Information about this appeared in mass media of Tajikistan and beyond. According to media reports, the immediate reason for the arrest was the conflict of the Director of the KVN team with new head of youth Committee of Sughd oblast, which grew into mutual accusations in the public space. [ read more ]

In the second round of the Sochi festival formed part of the participants in the final gala concert are: a Unit of the finalists of the Premier League: — "the Theatre audience of the Ural" (Chelyabinsk) — "Rise" (Moscow) — "the Team of former athletes" (Perm) — RUDN University (Moscow) — "so-and-So" (Krasnoyarsk) Block finalists of the Highest League: [ read more ]

President MS KVN Alexander Maslyakov was among the Trustees of Vladimir Putin in the electoral campaign before the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, which will be held in March 2018. the Presenters of the programmes "Field of dreams" Leonid Yakubovich and the "Club of the funny and inventive" (KVN) Alexander Maslyakov became the Trustees of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the presidential race to the elections of the head of state to be held in March 2018. Only the Central electoral Commission of Russia registered 259 confidants of Putin in the presidential election. According to Russian law, a presidential candidate has the right to appoint up to 600 agents. [ read more ]

In the second round of the Sochi festival was performance of KVN team "Vyatka". We will remind, the Kirov team last competed in season in 2012, reaching the semi-finals of the Higher League. In 2015, the third before the 1/8 finals of the Higher League has discussed the possibility of returning teams, but in the end she was not allowed to participate. Photo From the report on 75. Vyatka (Kirov) Greeted with a standing ovation. 6 years Vyatka sat back and waited for Alexander Vasilyevich over Asians. Bush breaks every sentence! [ read more ]

1. Elista, Republic of Kalmykia, the "City of dreams" 2. Simferopol, "Crimea", the Crimean Federal University 3. Vladikavkaz, the Team sogu "City 313" 4. Saratov, "HD" 5. Krasnodar, the Team of the Kuban state agrarian University 6. Moscow, "G-Drive" team "Gazprom Oil" 7. Samara, "Tumbler" 8. Bishkek–Almaty, "Mol Bulak" 9. Kursk, "my Mother will be happy" 10. Ekaterinburg, "Theorists" [ read more ]

In Sochi festival "Kivinen-2018" is the Cup Champions of the Central League last season. Award expect command: — "Young people" (Irkutsk) — "Suspicious people" (Belorechensk) — "Pozdravljamo" (Ekaterinburg) — the Team of Voronezh state agrarian University (Voronezh) — the Team of the MAI (Moscow) — the Team of the Khabarovsk region (Khabarovsk) — "Sursky Krai" (Penza) — "This story" (eagle) Text on report Cup winner was the team "Sursky Krai".

Website published results of the first round of the Sochi festival: Second round: 1. Moscow, "the First Olympic RSM" 2. Kazan, Kazan 3. Cheboksary, "Chuvash" 4. Krasnodar, the "Summer team" 5. Voronezh, "Hollywood" 6. Chelyabinsk, Maiden team 7. Ivan, the Team of universities of the Chechen Republic 8. Novosibirsk, "I am offended" 9. Samara, "Volzhane" 10. Rostov-on-don, "Royal Flush" [ read more ]