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In Sochi continue watching performances of the teams in the first round of the festival "kivin-2018". the Text stream on Photos and voting of spectators on the special page "Vkontakte" Sochi "Aplikuj" Comments editor Dmitry Shpenkov in the "Telegram": the Text broadcast of the channel "Textop" in the "Telegram":

On the first day of the Sochi festival will come on the scene team, who played in 2017 in the two main leagues club. The presentations will be highlighted on the special page "Vkontakte": bill: Premier League: 1. "The theatre audience of the Ural" (Chelyabinsk) 2. "The first Olympic" (Moscow) 3. "The team of former athletes" (Perm) 4. "Kazan" (Kazan) 5. "Chuvashia" (Cheboksary) 6. "Rise" (Moscow) [ read more ]

Editor of the Higher League Dmitry pegs promised to share considered views on the teams during the Sochi festival. Comments by the editor will be available in his telegram channel: 4 January, officially begins the Sochi festival of KVN teams. Come a lot of teams from all over the country and not just our own. And every team, even one that did not make it to the second round, and received a rating, an increased rating or did not get anything, he wants to hear at least a few words about the performance from these (who do not understand, just we have not taken in the second round), who is sitting at that big table and makes a decision. It is clear that to realize this is almost impossible! But never say never! I'm in my telegrams-channel will try...

Gone in 2017. During these 365 days there have been many important events that we observed and which we discussed. This is another issue "the other day" — events, people, phenomena in the world of KVN in 2017. Cm. takie: "Namedni-2012" "Namedni-2013" "Namedni-2014" "Namedni-2015" "Namedni-2016" Ostorojno at the end of the spoiler material! Aidar Garayev — new editor [ read more ]

Moscow KVN has published a detailed article with tips and recommendations for participants of the festival "kivin-2018": to the XXIX International festival of KVN teams "kivin-2018" remains exactly a week. And before it we still have New year celebration. So it's time to gather your thoughts and analyze how you are ready for the festival. To this end, we published a memo on Sochi. Recommended reading for all beginners, and experienced teams will not be superfluous. the material affected preparations for the festival, essential items, transport, rules of conduct and other important aspects. Read here:

Vlog Irkutsk "Baikal gnilka" in early December announced the intention to go to Sochi for filming the festival editions and began collecting money for organizing the trip. At the moment, the creators of "Gilgi" announced that the trip will definitely take place, but the fundraising continues to achieve the required amount. All the details in the group in the meantime, you can refresh your memory issues "Gningi" with the "Kivin-2016" one, two, three, four.

Alexander Maslyakov in an interview with TASS commented on the news of the death of the famous composer Vladimir Shainsky: the President of the International Union of KVN Alexander Maslyakov has called the death of the composer, the author of the legendary music "We begin KVN" loss to the Club of cheerful and resourceful. "It's a loss to the Club of cheerful and resourceful, and the millions of guys that are under his music kvnovsky go on stage and compete. It is music Shainsky gives a boost at the beginning. Very sorry and sad," admitted Maslyakov. the leader of the movement, the KVN stressed that the work of Shainsky "will live, including in our Club." "A huge thank you to him for everything he did. May he rest in peace," — said Maslyakov.

December 26, left the life of the famous composer, people's artist of the RSFSR Vladimir shainskiy. He was the author of many famous songs and pieces of music. In particular, he wrote the music to the song "We begin KVN". It was first performed in 1986 on one of the first games of the revived KVN. Vladimir Yakovlevich was 92. a Fragment of the premiere performance of the song: Vladimir SHainskij sings "We begin KVN" in 1996 on the 35 anniversary of the club: [ read more ]

The Game was held December 21 in IMC "planet KVN". the Teams played four competitions: greeting, warm-up, the Comedy blog, music room. End game: 1. Team MAI, Moscow: 4,8 + 4,8 + 0,8 + 5,0 = 15,4 2. "PTZ", PetrSU, Petrozavodsk: 4,8 + 4,4 + 1,0 + 5,0 = 15,2 3. "City of dreams", Elista, Republic of Kalmykia: 5,0 + 4,8 + 0,8 + 4,4 = 15,0 4. "Street Kazakova REU them. G. V. Plekhanova", Moscow: 4,6 + 4,4 + 0,6 + 5,0 = 14,6 5. Team NAO, Naryan-Mar: 4,2 + 3,8 + 0,8 + 5,0 = 13,8 6. Team University named after O. E. Kutafin "Barrikadnaya authority", Moscow: 4,4 + 3,6 + 0,7 + 4,8 = 13,5 [ read more ]

All the secret becomes clear, this was written by Dragoon "Deniskin stories." In the Internet era these words are as relevant as ever. I would like to from the next case learned, not only students. In the Belarusian city of Slonim passed the school of KVN. KVN team "grow together" won the event, making his speech from the creativity of teams-participants of the project "Children's drink". Immediately struck by the material commands of KVN "School team of the city of Khabarovsk", "I am beautiful!" Surgut "Extremely North" Yamal and many others, even the initial song command "Leninsky prospect", Moscow. the Attention it drew the leadership of the Junior League of KVN after the young Members began to send links to their jokes appeared on the Internet with a...

Official website of MS KVN warns about fraudulent mailings via e-mail, which spread false information about stocks from the WHC. Users are encouraged to ignore such letters. currently, it is known that Internet users receive emails about special new year offer from CCR in which they won a cash prize. To obtain the scammers offer to go to a fake website. Is the text of the letter something like (may be possible): You are the winner of the Christmas promotions from KVN. Your winnings made 26376 ₽. Receive your prize on the official website of our partner [website address]. Attention! To win only in 3 days, hurry up! Attention! Don't react to letters of criminals, don't click the link!

1961/62 — IISS (Moscow) 1962/63 — MIPT (Moscow) 1963/64 — MHI (Moscow) 1964/65 — Team Fryazino 1965/66 — "Volga-66" (Bitter) 1966/67 — Team of Odessa; MMI (Moscow) 1967/68 — Team Baku 1968/69 — rkiiga (Riga) 1969/70 — Team Baku 1970/71 — BPI (Minsk) 1971/72 — OINH (Odessa) [ read more ]

Today will define the new champion of the Highest League of KVN. Your name in history will enter someone from the five finalists: — "Bun" (Tver) — "Radio Liberty" (Yaroslavl) — "Raisa" (Irkutsk) — Team BMGC (Moscow) — "Sparta capital" (Astana) End game: [ read more ]

Friday, December 15, will be the final major League KVN 2017. It involves five teams: — "Bun" (Tver) — "Radio Liberty" (Yaroslavl) — "Raisa" (Irkutsk) — Team BMGC (Moscow) — "Sparta" (Astana) Photo the Materials about the preparation for the game: a report from the editorial view pictures collection Video editing ( [ read more ]

Official website MS KVN has published a calendar of events of the Sochi festival: 04.01.2018 — Thursday the teams ' Arrival, the total settlement 12.00 – 22.00 — registration of the participants of the Festival. the registration of the participants of the project "Warm-up". Where: Headquarters of the festival, "Pearl". [ read more ]