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20 Oct in road accident near Kiev, killing Ukrainian actress, member of KVN team "Girls from Zhitomir" Marina Poplavskaya. the Bus "the Neoplan" collided with a truck, killing a woman passenger bus, four passengers are injured, they are hospitalized. The accident occurred in the morning on the 28th km of the highway Kyiv — Chop. According to preliminary data, the driver of the bus Neoplan has not coped with management, resulting in a collision with a truck "MAZ". TASS the crash injured four actors, "Diesel show", they are hospitalized in serious condition. [ read more ]

Hello. I make short videos about recurring jokes in KVN, purely for entertainment purposes. Then planned some more videos about the WHC. Can we advertise in your website? For example, you can put at least one video? mkfan video descriptions: This video was created purely for entertainment purposes and no one is directly accused of plagiarism. It's possible that these jokes were acquired legally, respecting copyright. However, according to the rules of the WHC is not allowed to make jokes in the leagues shown on one channel, but as we see, this rule is not respected. [ read more ]

Today, his 75th birthday is the most severe and long-standing member of the jury KVN, KVN real elder Yuly Gusman. Yuly, we wish you good health and success! Recommend you to read the interview with the birthday boy in MK: Now the WHC is going through an incredible Renaissance. Someone loves him, someone-no. As it should be. In my time the WHC was out of the competition, which was not at all. Live a young, perky, student, bold and uninhibited humor. The years have passed. With the help of graduates of the Academy of KVN and Alexander Maslyakov today on all channels, including cable and regional, are a humorous program. There are working actors, producers, writers and Directors emerged from the WHC, which produces not only humorous, but also, as was said at...

Photo: website of government of Kirov region the Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev was appointed his counselors members of the team "Vyatka" Dmitry Bushuev and Nikita Trunov. They will deal with the issues of youth policy in the region. Presentation of certificates took place at the meeting of the Governor with KVN on July 24. – I wouldn't call the WHC just a game. This is a huge community of people who for 57 years of existence, the club game has achieved various heights in art, science, politics. I hope that those young people who will build in the Kirov House of KVN, conduct a serious, interesting and useful activities with the young people, will offer new forms of support of youth initiatives and assist in their implementation, – said Igor...

About the UPS and downs of the team "Ural dumplings" in an interview with the newspaper "Kurgan and Kurgantsy" said the actor, writer, Director Sergey Ershov. — is it True that only Alexander Maslyakov decides which teams get into the League and which are not? — to be Honest, we initially didn't like. Remember, he watched the room before the final concert of the festival in Sochi. Sitting in the audience, arms crossed with a scowl. And next to him his son, San Sanych. he probably was sixteen. Maslyakov‑younger so infectiously laughed after every joke. Alexander looked at him, looked, and then said: "What are you uhohatyvalsya? It's not funny!". And San Sanych replied: "Dad, you don't understand, it's very funny!". Thanks Maslyakov Jr. we were in KVN...

July 14, began the editorial views of the music festival in Svetlogorsk. A preliminary list of commands: — "Wrestlers" (Surgut) — "Will be friends" (Moscow) — "Vyatka" (Kirov) — "From America" (USA) — "Napoleon Dynamite" (Tyumen) — "Nate" (stanitsa Bryukhovetskaya) — "Buns named after Yaroslav the Wise" (Tver) — "Raisa" (Irkutsk) — "Russian road" (Armavir) — Team BMGC (Moscow) — "the Team of former athletes" (Perm) — Team UK (London) — the Team of Children's KVN — the Team of Zabaikalsky Krai (Chita) — "so-and-So" (Krasnoyarsk) — "Smart people" (Ryazan)