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Serious passions flare up on the anniversary of a very rich man after his children learn that he's going to rewrite his will and to deprive them of their inheritance. And when it comes to big money, be sure to expect trouble... Killed one of the members of the seven. This celebration is a private detective, who incognito has invited one of the daughters of the oligarch. He will unravel this tangle of family secrets and figure out who the killer is. Premiere detective "Family secret" on October 25 at 19:00. Get acquainted with the heroes mini-series.

This week the channel will show some of the best melodrama about finding love. Every day at 0030 is a new story about feelings. Today – series "Andrea" on Tuesday – the melodrama "the Ladies 'tango", on Wednesday, the Comedy "Ladies invite gentlemen" and Thursday is a suspense story, "the price paid for love."

In pursuit of a brilliant career, we often become real labour of bees. We strive to be the professionals that absolutely know how to relax. And even in a moment of long-awaited holidays bring a vacation of your labor burden. Christmas holidays – it's time to learn to sit back!

We are waiting for a busy year. To some extent we already have experienced the end of 2017. Over the next 12 months needs to learn not to fear conflict, to argue, and perhaps fight back. Don't be afraid of change – not change, fractures are in the usual course of life. And to bet it all to win.

Glittering balls, colored cones, garlands, tinsel and all this beauty mount on a slender, green beauty, which is breathtaking smell the forest freshness and needles... life Changes, the whole era thing of the past, but the tradition of decorating a tree for the New year remains.

Eggplant with meat are very nutritious, juicy and delicious dish, which is cooked with chicken, lamb, beef or pork. Also to make it, use any vegetables, starting from ripe tomatoes and ending with peppers. In General, for creating this culinary masterpiece is enough to have some free time and know a few popular recipes.

Mussels are delicious marine delicacy, has a delicate and mild taste that cooks emphasize using a variety of spices and herbs. One of the most popular recipes is a cooking mussels in tomato sauce with parsley. It is served to the table with a side dish of rice and a glass of good white wine.

Green peas is an excellent base for salads. In canned or fresh form it can combine with different ingredients and make delicious salads. By the way, canned peas contain a number of nucleic acids and vitamins.

On virtually every kitchen wall was covered with the typical Wallpaper and the Windows were hung the same type of curtains, and kitchen sets were traditionally white or the color of the wood. But now everyone chooses the future interior of your kitchen, not afraid to experiment with colours. One of the most courageous decisions is to place the kitchen in purple color.

Croquettes of fish – dish is insanely delicious and in no way inferior to meat analogues, and in that case, if they are prepared with canned fish, it also allows you to save a lot of time. This ingredient is delicious and hearty meatballs is a perfect solution for busy Housewives, which will be enough to open the jar and drain it from the brine and then taken to the cooking.

Meat salads – a great addition to the busy holiday feast. This hearty meal for the guests, and the perfect appetizer for alcoholic beverages. Depending on what kind of meat salad choose a dish you can make as a dietary and nutritious.

Since ancient times the main way to prepare the apples for the winter was the preparation of dried fruits. Grandmothers in villages cut Apple slices and dried them in the open sun or in a kiln. Then used dried apples for making jelly or compote. Modern analogue are chips made from apples. Very healthy and tasty, they become a substitute for the harmful potato chips, crackers, or seeds.

Love Story heroes of the next edition of the show "Wedding size" could be the plot of the popular series. Met at 16, fell in love, broke up foolishly tied their lives with other people, had children... And 16 years later was found again, never to leave. However, the characters love not only one another, but also plenty of delicious food and alcohol. All anything, but the wife already hates himself for what fatty. The way of life of a couple does not bring them satisfaction and happiness. And most importantly – have an impact on health.

Vitaly Yegorov Fame brought the role of a stylish designer Milko in the series "Not born beautiful". Characteristic appearance and ability to play the emphasis often led to the fact that the actor chosen for the role of aliens, a little bit confused in a strange environment, but very cute.

In weekend "Home" prepared for audiences of two magical stories in one story. On Friday 17 November at 21.00 and Sunday, November 19, at 8:15 we will see a Hollywood movie with cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter, and Sunday, November 19, at 10.15 – Italian mini-series about the adventures of a poor orphan in the modern world.