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Egor Nigay 5 years. Mom and dad call him "little Prince". They believe that the son understands and feels their care. Their life is obtained, as in the famous tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Parents believe that their boy just hid in a box and not see it all. Yegor was born as a healthy child. But 2.5 months in the dream suddenly stopped breathing. As a result of asphyxia, the baby's brain was damaged. Doctors diagnosed him with a mechanical brain damage. Now Greg is in a coma. His life support ventilator. The level of oxygen in the blood monitors a sensor and aspirator helps to remove the phlegm. The baby on a strict schedule – at six in the morning for Breakfast, then a mandatory procedure. To avoid bedsores, parents turn over all the time son, do...

Kristina Kostyleva – 32 years. Born on Sakhalin, now works as a makeup artist in Moscow. Interested in sports, and it shows in her figure. Understands that looks young, so prefers youth style. Unlike many of your peers can afford to bold combinations of colors and styles. His style is characterized as sports-sophisticated. Alexander Aldobaev for 43 years. Was born and lives in Moscow. As a Secretary in a public institution. Proud of his fragile figure, looking at which many don't believe that she gave birth to three children. Managed to keep the body of a young girl. For her, no matter the brand, the main thing that the clothes I liked. The outfits do not spend more than 5 thousand rubles a month. Girls go shopping with different amounts. Fate will decide...

Ekaterina Rubtsova – 30 years. Muscovite. Studied microelectronics engineering and vacuum technology. But realized it was too boring for her, and became a music producer. Choose a nice style. Buy what you like, not giving preference to any specific brands. On the way to spend about 35 thousand rubles, and the wedding dress cost her 150 thousand. Often sew to order. Proud to be a wife and mother, as he considers it the most important in a woman's life. Sometimes entertains her husband belly dance. Olena Guzhva is 37 years. Was born and lives in Moscow, is engaged in logistics. He is not married, no children. Believes that marriage often makes a woman formless and adult years. Proud to be in your age looks elegant and stylish girl. In clothes prefers the...

New head of the branch office of the Bank Andrey (Alexey Makarov) wakes up in the arms of another girlfriend. So he spends his spare time happily. Young and successful male trying to spoil your comfortable life. Even a casual ride in the Elevator with a neighbor-a mother and three rowdy boys can bring him out of balance, about the children he does not want to hear. Andrew ridicules a colleague who can't go with friends to football, because I became a young dad. He is also a great will not spoil the evening even suddenly fell down on the head of an ex-lover. Oksana (Darina Redlicka) from Bryansk, where he had been on a business trip passing through Moscow. Andrew is going to quickly take her to the airport and catch the beginning of the first half. But there...

Mary gentle 38 years. Muscovite. Works wedding Manager. She helps grooms and brides to gather wedding image. Prefers to dress in luxury stores. No idea how you can buy something for 1.5 thousand rubles and don't look a tramp. Once for 4 days in Germany, pulled on clothes 6 thousand euros. She sure knows how to dress elegant, expensive and luxurious. Despite the fact that experiencing certain difficulties in the selection of clothing because of the different size top and bottom. Olga Ptitsyn – 48. Was born and lives in Chekhov near Moscow. Works as a nurse. Proud of his Italian roots. Hot blood makes her dress up in outfits only bright colors, though classic style. Sure clothing needs to be inexpensive, but feminine. Both participants should be the casual...

Inna Belova – 36. Was born in Chelyabinsk. Now works in Moscow as a teacher of painting. Loves and knows how to sing. Loves his unconventional, yet feminine figure. Although often difficult to choose clothes. Don't spend a lot on their outfits prefers to do the image of luxury with the help of numerous accessories. Isabella Lyubimova – 46. Born in Azerbaijan, but now lives in Moscow. Studied at petroleum engineer and became a housewife. In clothes prefers bright, flashy images – doesn't like to blend in with the crowd. And when favorite budget brands finds nothing interesting, she designs and sews clothes for herself and daughter. Isabella is sure that the money is paper, here today gone tomorrow. But a way and style for a lifetime. Participants should...

Alena Kitaeva, 36, a native of Belarus. Lives in Moscow and works leading the festivities. Custom loves beautiful things, loves watches and bags. Massmarket prefers gourmet expensive brands. Chooses a classic style of clothing, in the spirit of Coco Chanel and Dior. leysan Boe – 30 years old, was born in Naberezhnye Chelny. Conquers Moscow musical Olympus. The girl is not chasing fashion, but it tries to be different and create different from each other images. Prefer Casual, romantic and even a vamp. Keen on sports and healthy eating. Raising a daughter. the Girls have to pick up a casual look, taking the pencil skirt. To find a second way in which you can go to the wedding of a friend. The third task – to outfits in Western style. Who will win and who...

53rd exhibition-fair "Flea market", which traditionally will be held from 16 to 19 may in the "T-Module" will open the door to hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors. On many beloved platform rare items from around the world: lace and porcelain from England, masks and puppets from Africa, bronze utensils from Holland, okimono from Japan, tapestries from Belgium, silver from Spain, the graphics are from Austria, the German furniture – the list is endless, and inevitably something will be forgotten, but in Moscow it is possible to meet anything.

Serious passions flare up on the anniversary of a very rich man after his children learn that he's going to rewrite his will and to deprive them of their inheritance. And when it comes to big money, be sure to expect trouble... Killed one of the members of the seven. This celebration is a private detective, who incognito has invited one of the daughters of the oligarch. He will unravel this tangle of family secrets and figure out who the killer is. Premiere detective "Family secret" on October 25 at 19:00. Get acquainted with the heroes mini-series.

This week the channel will show some of the best melodrama about finding love. Every day at 0030 is a new story about feelings. Today – series "Andrea" on Tuesday – the melodrama "the Ladies 'tango", on Wednesday, the Comedy "Ladies invite gentlemen" and Thursday is a suspense story, "the price paid for love."

In pursuit of a brilliant career, we often become real labour of bees. We strive to be the professionals that absolutely know how to relax. And even in a moment of long-awaited holidays bring a vacation of your labor burden. Christmas holidays – it's time to learn to sit back!

We are waiting for a busy year. To some extent we already have experienced the end of 2017. Over the next 12 months needs to learn not to fear conflict, to argue, and perhaps fight back. Don't be afraid of change – not change, fractures are in the usual course of life. And to bet it all to win.

Glittering balls, colored cones, garlands, tinsel and all this beauty mount on a slender, green beauty, which is breathtaking smell the forest freshness and needles... life Changes, the whole era thing of the past, but the tradition of decorating a tree for the New year remains.

Eggplant with meat are very nutritious, juicy and delicious dish, which is cooked with chicken, lamb, beef or pork. Also to make it, use any vegetables, starting from ripe tomatoes and ending with peppers. In General, for creating this culinary masterpiece is enough to have some free time and know a few popular recipes.

Mussels are delicious marine delicacy, has a delicate and mild taste that cooks emphasize using a variety of spices and herbs. One of the most popular recipes is a cooking mussels in tomato sauce with parsley. It is served to the table with a side dish of rice and a glass of good white wine.