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Group MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, which includes Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea), will release a new work entitled, I See What I Became, this fall on Neurot Recordings. The producer of the material was Seward Fairbury (Corrections House) and Negative Soldier, spent mastering Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, woven hand, Voivod), and registration answered Thomas Hooper (Neurosis, Harvestman, Boris, Tombs, Doomriders): “Animal Coffins” “Tomb Puncher” “Body Ash” “Flat Rats In The Alley” “the Thing Of Knives” “Crooked Teeth” “Death Cart” “Coward Heat” #Mirrors_for_Psychic_Warfare #MirrorsforPsychicWarfare

"Reaper's Hourglass", novoe video gruppi LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Etot trek vzyat iz alboma "Shadows From The Past", vihod kotorogo namechen na 24 avgusta: "Death Dealer" "Zero Hour" "Tormentor" "Burn It Down (With Fire)" Feat. Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers) "Figaro" "The Party Has Arrived" "Brothers Of Cain" "Reaper's Hourglass" "Chasing Shadows" "The Nameless Tomb" "The Gatekeeper" Japanese bonus tracks: "Cross The Line" "Desolation (Haze Of The Battlefield Pt. 2)" #Lords_of_the_Trident #LordsoftheTrident #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal

"Redefine", novoe video gruppi TENGGER CAVALRY, dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Eta pesnya vzyata iz vipuschennogo 23 fevralya na Napalm Records alboma "Cian Bi": "And Darkness Continues" "Cian-Bi (Fight Your Darkness)" "Our Ancestors" "Strength" "Chasing My Horse" "Electric Shaman" "Ride Into Grave And Glory (War Horse II)" "Redefine" "A Drop Of The Blood, A Leap Of The Faith" "The Old War" "One Tribe, Beyond Any Nation" "Just Forgive" "One-Track Mind" "You and I, Under The Same Sky" "Sitting In Circle" #Tengger_Cavalry #TenggerCavalry #FolkMetal #Folk_Metal

"Try As I Might", novoe video gruppi THE PINEAPPLE THIEF, dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Eta pesnya vzyata iz alboma Dissolution, vihodyaschego 31 avgusta v sleduyuschih variantah: - CD - Black LP - pressed to audiophile 180g vinyl - Limited Edition Crystal Clear LP edition - pressed to audiophile 180g vinyl - Blu-ray - features a 16-page booklet, the album plus bonus music in a 24/96 DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround sound mix and 24/96 hi-res stereo audio - Deluxe 4 disc edition - features 52 pages containing exclusive additional artwork, the original album on CD plus a second CD of bonus music, and is topped off with a DVD and Blu-ray featuring the album and bonus material in a 24/96 DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround sound mix and 24/96 hi-res stereo audio. - All...

HELSOTT opublikovali ofitsialnoe video s tekstom na pesnyu "Slaves And Gods", kotoraya vzyata iz vihodyaschego 12 oktyabrya alboma "Slaves And Gods". V zapisi diska v kachestve spetsialnih gostey prinimali uchastie Masha Scream (ARKONA), Lazar (ARKONA), Dr. Leif Kjonnsfleis (TROLLFEST), Trollmannen (TROLLFEST), Damna (ELVENKING), Lethien (ELVENKING), Dom Crey (EQUILIBRIUM) i Kevin Storm. Za oformlenie otvechal Felipe Machado Franco (ICED EARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE), a za svedenie i mastering Jean-François Dagenais (KATAKLYSM, MISERY INDEX, DESPISED ICON). 01. Slaves And Gods (feat. Dr. Leif Kjonnsfleis and Bjorn Friedrichsen) 02. The Coward's Curse (feat. Kevin Storm and Bjorn Friedrichsen) 03. Winter Smells Like Death (feat. Masha...

Gruppa THE UNITY, v sostav kotoroy vhodyat uchastniki GAMMA RAY Michael Ehré i Henjo Richter, vipustit novuyu rabotu, poluchivshuyu nazvanie "Rise", 14 sentyabrya na SPV/Steamhammer. Trek-list: 01. Revenge 02. Last Betrayal 03. You Got Me Wrong 04. The Storm 05. Road To Nowhere 06. Welcome Home 07. All That Is Real 08. No Hero 09. The Willow Tree 10. Above Everything 11. Children Of The Light 12. Better Day 13. L.I.F.E. Ofitsialnoe video s tekstom na kompozitsiyu "No Hero" dostupno nizhe. #The_Unity #TheUnity #PowerMetal #Power_Metal

AEROSMITH will celebrate the anniversary in Las Vegas — this was told by the band's guitarist, Joe Perry, in an interview with the Best Classic Bands: "in the Spring we're staying in Vegas. We just want to do what you never did... to narrow our shows, just to play in a small room. We want to do everything differently. We are now in the process of working on this event. And we are discussing something that you have never seen with our normal touring shows. There is a sense that this is a kind of return to history, so the surroundings should be appropriate. But it does not lose itself: the real rock-n-rolikov. We are almost a week discussing anything and everything, and now we must stay honest and true to the pulse of rock ' n ' roll, which is...

Tsenzurnaya versiya novogo video BEHEMOTH, "God = Dog", dostupna dlya prosmotra nizhe. Eta pesnya vzyata iz alboma "I Loved You At Your Darkest", vihodyaschego pyatogo oktyabrya na Nuclear Blast: 01. Solve 02. Wolves Ov Siberia 03. God = Dog 04. Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica 05. Bartzabel 06. If Crucifixion Was Not Enough... 07. Angelvs XIII 08. Sabbath Mater 09. Havohej Pantocrator 10. Rom 5:8 11. We Are The Next 1000 Years 12. Coagvla #Behemoth #BlackMetal #Black_Metal #DeathMetal #Death_Metal

"Malady X", novoe video gruppi NOTHGARD, dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Eta pesnya vzyata iz alboma "Malady X", vihodyaschego 26 oktyabrya na Metal Blade Records: 01. Voyage To Decay (intro) 02. Malady X 03. Shades Of War 04. Guardians Of Sanity 05. Epitaph 06. Deamonium I 07. Serpent Hollow 08. Devil Will Know 09. Fall Of An Empire 10. Herald Of Death 11. Black Horizon 12. Eye For An Eye (limited digi-CD bonus) 13. Ninja (limited digi-CD bonus) #Nothgard #DeathMetal #Death_Metal

Fragment novogo reliza THOMAS'a ZWIJSEN'a, "Nylon Metal", vihod kotorogo namechen na trete sentyabrya, kaver-versiya kompozitsii IRON MAIDEN "Lightning Strikes Twice", zapisannaya vmeste s bivshim vokalistom gruppi, Blaze'om Bayley, dostupna dlya proslushivaniya nizhe: CD 1: "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" (Ennio Moricone) "Future World" (Helloween) "2 Minutes To Midnight" (Iron Maiden) "Forever" (KISS) ft. Bruce Kulick "Eye Of The Tiger" (Survivor) "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" (Iron Maiden) "Hollow Years" (Dream Theater) "Renegade" (Hammerfall) "The Unforgiven II" (Metallica) "Four Lanes Of Chaos" (Original) "Twisted Mind" (Avantasia) "Soldier Of Fortune" (Deep Purple) "The Final Countdown" (Europe) CD 2: "Where Eagles Dare" (Iron...

"Seal The Tomb Below", a new song by the band DEICIDE, is available for streaming below. It is taken from the album "Overtures Of Blasphemy" coming out September 14 on Century Media. the Album will be available in the following formats: • standard CD; • limited-edition box set that includes CD, metal pendant, set of stickers and the patch; • 180-gram vinyl; • a digital format. the Vinyl version will be presented in following variants: • black vinyl — no limits; • silver vinyl — 100 copies only at CM Distro Europe; • clear vinyl — 200 copies in online stores; • white vinyl — 200 copies only on Nuclear Blast; • transparent red vinyl — 200 copies only on EMP. Track listing: "One With Satan" "Crawled From The Shadows" "Seal The Tomb...

"Something Worth Fighting For", novoe video gruppi GROUNDBREAKER, v sostav kotoroy vhodyat Steve Overland iz FM i Robert Säll iz WORK OF ART i W.E.T., dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Etot trek vzyat iz alboma "Groundbreaker", vihod kotorogo namechen na 14 sentyabrya na Frontiers Music Srl: 01. Over My Shoulder 02. Will It Make You Love Me 03. Eighteen Til I Die 04. Only Time Will Tell 05. Tonight 06. Standing Up For Love 07. Something Worth Fighting For 08. The Sound Of A Broken Heart 09. The First Time 10. The Days Of Our Life 11. The Way It Goes #Groundbreaker

Nuclear Blast opublikoval treyler k novomu albomu DORO "Forever Warriors, Forever United", vihod kotorogo namechen na 17 avgusta: Forever Warriors 01. All For Metal 02. Bastardos 03. If I Can’t Have You – No One Will 04. Soldier Of Metal 05. Turn It Up 06. Blood, Sweat And Rock ‘n’ Roll 07. Don’t Break My Heart Again 08. Love’s Gone To Hell 09. Freunde Fürs Leben 10. Backstage To Heaven Bonus: 11. Be Strong 12. Black Ballad 13. Bring My Hero Back Home Again Forever United 01. Résistance 02. Lift Me Up 03. Heartbroken 04. It Cuts So Deep 05. Love Is A Sin 06. Living Life To The Fullest 07. 1000 Years 08. Fight Through The Fire 09. Lost In The Ozone Bonus: 10. Caruso 11. Tra Como E Coriovallum (instrumental) 12. Metal Is...

14 sentyabrya Metal Blade prodolzhit vipusk vinilovih versiy albomov KING DIAMOND — ochered doshla do Deadly Lullabyes, Give Me Your Soul i The Puppet Master. Deadly Lullabyes Live: Side A "Funeral" "A Mansion In Darkness" "The Family Ghost" "Black Horseman" Side B "Spare This Life" "Mansion In Sorrow" "Spirits" "Sorry Dear" "Eye Of The Witch" "Sleepless Nights" Side C "The Puppet Master" "Blood To Walk" "So Sad" "Living Dead" (Outro) "Welcome Home" Side D "The Invisible Guests" "Burn" Introductions "Halloween" "No Presents For Christmas" Give Me Your Soul...Please: Side A "The Dead" "Never Ending Hill" "Is Anybody Here?" "Black Of Night" Side B "Mirror Mirror" "The Cellar" "Pictures In Red" Side C...

"Baptism", novaya pesnya gruppi ULTRAPHONIX, v sostav kotoroy vhodyat Corey Glover (LIVING COLOUR) i George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), a takzhe Chris Moore i Pancho Tomaselli, dostupna dlya proslushivaniya nizhe. Ona vzyata iz alboma "Original Human Music", vihodyaschego tretego avgusta na earMUSIC: 01. Baptism 02. Another Day 03. Walk Run Crawl 04. Counter Culture 05. Heart Full Of Rain 06. Free 07. Wasteland 08. Take A Stand 09. Ain't Too Late 10. Soul Control 11. What You Say 12. Power Trip #Ultraphonix