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GREAT WHITE Guitarist Michael Lardie in an interview with radio station K-97 said that the group is preparing the material with a new vocalist: "We are now working on some ideas. Nothing is solved until the time of the recording, but everything we made should be cool, strong material, and we all believe in it one hundred percent. We also recorded our performance in August last year at the Kentucky State Fair and hope that all will be released in late spring/early summer — DVD with full presentation. And I hope that we will add two or three new songs with vocals Mitch a". #Great_White #GreatWhite #HardRock #Hard_Rock #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal

Video s vistupleniya gruppi OPERATION: MINDCRIME, v hode kotorogo Geoff Tate ispolnil oldskulniy set QUEENSRŸCHE, dostupno nizhe. Set-list: 01. Neue Regel 02. Screaming In Digital 03. Operation: Mindcrime 04. Speak 05. Spreading The Disease 06. The Mission 07. Take Hold Of The Flame 08. Before The Storm 09. I Dream In Infrared 10. The Lady Wore Black 11. Walk In The Shadows 12. Breaking The Silence 13. I Don't Believe In Love 14. Anarchy-X 15. Eyes Of A Stranger #Geoff_Tate #GeoffTate #HardRock #Hard_Rock #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #ProgressiveMetal #Progressive_Metal

"If It's Love", a new song by the band BURNING RAIN, which includes former WHITESNAKE guitarist and current guitarist for THE DEAD DAISIES Doug Aldrich, singer Keith St. John (KINGDOM COME, ex-MONTROSE), bassist Brad Lang (Y&T) and drummer Blas Elias (SLAUGHTER), is available for streaming below. This song taken from the album "Face The Music", leaving the twenty-second of March via Frontiers Music Srl. Track listing: 01. Revolution 02. Lorelei 03. Nasty Hustle 04. Midnight Train 05. Shelter 06. Face The Music 07. Beautiful Road 08. Hit And Run 09. If It's Love 10. Hideaway 11. Since I'm Loving You #Burning_Rain #BurningRain #HardRock #Hard_Rock

Novozelandskaya pank-komanda BLUE RUIN, v nastoyaschee vremya prozhivayuschaya v Evrope, obyavila o datah vistupleniya v podderzhku debyutnogo alboma "Green River Thriller", a takzhe predstavila sobstvennoe prochtenie kompozitsii VIA Potseluy "Turn On The Night", gostevoe solo v kotorom ispolnil bivshiy gitarist etoy gruppi, Bruce Kulick. Dati: March 13 - Strasbourg, France - Le Local 14 - Berlin, Germany - Blackland 16 - Diest, Belgium - Moonlight Music Hall 17 - Groningen, Netherlands - Lola 18 - Stelle, Germany - Klimperkasten 19 - Bonn, Deutschland - Kult 41 20 - Hamburg, Germany - Hard Rock Cafe 21 - Charleroi, Belgium - MCP Apache 22 - Lübbenau, Germany - Kulturhof 24 - Hanover, Germany - Kulturpalast #Blue_Ruin #BlueRuin

NICKELBACK Bassist Mike Kroeger says detractors of his group are "frankly disgusting", voicing his distaste for the canadian rock band. Perhaps the most hated group in America, NICKELBACK deserve such intense hatred that it was difficult to understand what the musicians did that was so awful to the public consciousness. It got to the point that people who like NICKELBACK, deny their sympathy and hide the CDs as criminal smuggling. when Asked how he feels about the attention directed to NICKELBACK because of that, Mike said the Singapore Bandwagon following: "at First it hurt us. I think it's safe to say that anyone in the world would feel the same if people were saying negative things about him. I think over time all this has become something of a comic...

The British veterans of the metal TANK on April 26 at Cleopatra Records (Rubicon Music in Japan) will release their new album "Re-Ignition". This album is a dedication to the early years, it will include 11 classic songs from TANK's first four albums, which were released in the early 1980s: "Filth Hounds Of Hades", "Power Of The Hunter", "This Means War" and "Honour And Blood". In recording took part CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth and legend of thrash metal Tom Angelripper from SODOM. Track listing: 01. Walking Barefoot Over Glass 02. Power Of The Hunter (feat. Tom Angelripper) 03. Just Like Something From Hell 04. (He Fell in Love With A) Stormtrooper 05. This Means War 06. Shellshock (feat. Dani Filth) 07. W. M. L. A. 08. Honour And Blood 09. Blood...

ROTTING CHRIST opublikovali ofitsialnoe video s tekstom na pesnyu "The Sons Of Hell", kotoraya vzyata iz vipuschennogo 15 fevralya na Season Of Mist alboma "The Heretics": 01. In The Name of God (04:14) 02. Vetry Zlye (03:13) 03. Heaven And Hell And Fire (04:52) 04. Hallowed Be Thy Name (05:06) 05. Dies Irae (03:46) 06. I Believe (03:42) 07. Fire God And Fear (04:50) 08. The Voice of the Universe (05:23) 09. The New Messiah (03:07) 10. The Raven (05:23) #Rotting_Christ #RottingChrist #BlackMetal #Black_Metal #DarkMetal #Dark_Metal #GrindCore #Grind_Core

MÖTLEY CRÜE Bassist Nikki Sixx visited the KISS concert on 16 February, published in his Instagram photos from the performance of his group in the farewell show and signed them: "you Want a precise reconstruction of what is already seen? Come in today for a concert at Forum" Nine days earlier, MÖTLEY CRÜE's drummer, Tommy Lee, also found a "mysterious identity" of what is happening on stage at KISS that MÖTLEY CRÜE did during the farewell tour. a Little later Sixx on Twitter published a photo of himself and a Simmons'when they're harder to find differences than similarities and added: "Wow! Our frigid corpse with the final round still warm, but there is. Can it and do not care to KISS fans, but that's exactly do fans of the Crue. I liked their music when I...

13 APR release the album MOONSPELL 2008 "Night Eternal", which will be available on CD and double vinyl. The album was remastered and will include all the tracks recorded during the Studio sessions (including three bonus 'Age Of Mothers', 'Earth Of Mine' and 'Unhearted'): Side A "At Tragic Heights" "Night Eternal" "Shadow Sun" "Scorpion Flower" Side B "Moon In Mercury" "Hers Is The Twilight" "Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)" Side C "Spring Of Rage" "First Light" Side D "Age Of Mothers" (bonus track) "Earth Of Mine" (bonus track) "Unhearted" (bonus track) #Moonspell #GothicMetal #Gothic_Metal #BlackMetal #Black_Metal #DarkMetal #Dark_Metal

DEVIN TOWNSEND will release a new job, dubbed "the Empath", on March 29 via InsideOut Music. "Hello, Devin! Want to comply with the formalities and tell a half later, I finished working on the album. Now this entry has taken me to very interesting psychological and technical jungle, and the creation process was documented literally step by step in a series of documentary video which demonstrates that I did what I planned from the ripening of an idea to its actualization, through all the existential UPS and downs that lasted for a year and a half. So this album is different from anything I've released before it, so in order to show people what it is and what is not the need for a new approach to the process. Follow the news and wait for the clips to create...

As previously reported, the FOO FIGHTERS due to problems in any of the participants underwent a speech on February 15th and 16th of may. As it turned out, the problems of the team leader, Dave Grohl'a: "This is something I have long reconciled and, though of course, all this is not to die not to rise, but I still need to have surgery on hand, as I still have to pay the bills. I know that at some point will fix it and will continue to play and speak. Pretty funny that surgery gives you the opportunity to relax a bit. Right after guys sent me, they said, "Hey, buddy, we're finally going to give you something that will give you the opportunity to feel better" and I thought finally able to sleep". #Foo_Fighters #FooFighters #GrungeRock #Grunge_Rock

Former guitarist for BLACK STAR RIDERS Damon Johnson the eighth of March on Double Dragon Records released a solo work entitled, "Memoirs Of An Uprising". Anyone who pre-order will be available the track "Shivering Shivering". Track listing: 01. Shivering Shivering 02. Dallas Coulda Been A Beatdown 03. Down On Me 04. We Got A System 05. Call It A Trade 06. Rage With Me 07. So Brutal 08. The World Keeps Spinning Round 09. Making Peace With This Wicked Beast 10. Glorious Video for "Shivering Shivering" is available below. #Damon_Johnson #DamonJohnson

ALICE IN CHAINS Guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently became a guest of the drummer of METALLICA Lars a Ulrich a, the "It's Electric!", speaking in particular about the reasons that prompted the team to reconvene after the death of Layne Stanley. It was in 2005, when the band decided to unite and gather friends to raise funds for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in India. "We didn't know exactly what he was doing. In fact, we just asked a few friends to play with us, and they agreed: Phil Anselmo, Ann Wilson and William [DuVall]. We gig with our friends, singing some songs, and this. Before Sean [Kinney, drums] called this idea hung in the air. For some time we discussed this, and he said "No". We need how to think over it. This is our life. We have...

Andrew Catania from All That Shreds recently interviewed former guitarist of JUDAS PRIEST K. K. Downing. Excerpts from the conversation given below. If you compare Rob's [Halford] with [former frontman of JUDAS PRIEST] Ripper [Tim Owens] who, in your opinion, is better suited to a PRIEST? "When Ripper joined the band... We were forced to recognize that in physical and technical terms, the Ripper was better than Rob is, because Tim always hit the notes, he sang in the right key. I mean, Rob was also good. Rob became better after he started wearing headphones. But Tim was stronger. He and remained so. I mean, this guy is energy in its purest form. But the fact that the tone of his voice not like Rob, and I think it's signature sound [PRIEST]. That's why...

During the exhibition NAMM 2019, held last month, DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci gave an interview for Guitar Interactive. A small excerpt from the conversation below. "I think that music must be sincere. Sounds like a cliche but it's cliche because it's true. You can get inspired by the group or sound, and there is nothing wrong, and we do that, too — but then you need partly to find his own sound, and that's what all these young musicians, and it amazes me. After I listen to some songs, I think, "What the hell is going on?" #Dream_Theater #DreamTheater #ClassicRock #Classic_Rock #ProgressiveMetal #Progressive_Metal