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JUDAS PRIEST Singer Rob Halford spoke with Metal Hammer about the new album "Firepower": "We're like an open book. We can do what we want, and it's my job, which comes into play the infamous word "challenge". I absorb my surroundings in the real world and fictional world of metal, so that can make political and other kind comments through metaphors. We have always tried to be a bit ambiguous so our fans have their own interpretation, but specifically on this disk we're talking about the Earth and places like 10 Downing Street. But we always try to find a balance, not to make straightforward promises showing that we are connected as a group of metalheads in this world." Rob also praised the "incredible work" of the album, Andy Sneap'a: "We are...

During a recent visit to "White Line Fever" Glenn Hughes said that may be the last of those will be from DEEP PURPLE to perform these compositions. "I Say this with respect for the team, but DEEP PURPLE on tour, which is called "The Final Goodbye" or something like that. They seem to be knotted on tour, at least so I'm told. All I can say about this is the fact that with respect, sing the songs of DEEP PURPLE, I at all may be the last who will do it, and I'm going to do it with sincerity, respect and love, doing everything for the fans. I just realized that it's time to carry that torch, so to speak, playing the songs I wrote and recorded as a team, three album and two live CDs — and play a number of songs that we did with David om composition...

Barry Graham Purkis, known as Thunderstick, who played the part of IRON MAIDEN and switched to SAMSON, announced that vocalist in his new band THUNDERSTICK will Viixen. The team will perform material from the album "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and last release "Echoes From The Analogue Asylum". #Thunderstick

Friends, present for your consideration the cover of the new metal Opera "the Legend of Cantarana"! This time we entrusted this responsible task of a truly legendary artist! Blind Guardian, Aria, Iced Earth, illustrations to the books of Tolkien, Perumov, to computer games - this is not a complete list of regalia of the eminent Leo Hao! Says Yuri melisov: "I liked that the artist is not just doing the work which we ask, but also penetrate into the essence. First Leo asked me a script, description of characters, location where the event occurs. I made a rough wishes, and the rest was the handiwork and imagination of the master. I believe that such an experienced master is not only entitled, but needs to bring his vision to the end result." #Epidemia

22 Feb 2018 on the label Metalism Records released metal-Opera "the Outcome nadarov" Perm group ALBION, recorded with the participation of guest vocalists. In a concept album inspired by the works of Dzh. J. R. R. Tolkien's "the Silmarillion", consists of 10 songs and 1 bonus track. Videotizer with the submission of the project participants and the snippets of songs we bring to your attention. #Albion

DARK SARAH predstavili oblozhku novogo alboma "The Golden Moth", vihod kotorogo namechen na may. V kachestve gostey v ego zapisi prinimali uchastie: White Beard - Marco Hietala (Nigthwish) Iron Mask - Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus In Musica) Fortune Teller - Netta Skog (Ensiferum) Dragon - JP Leppäluoto (Charon) #Dark_Sarah

Friend of Kurt Cobain, John Purkey, posted on a private YouTube channel four clip containing the recording of NIRVANA of the late ' 80s. According to John a, these tapes he gave Kurt. In these notes, lasting about two hours, you can find pre-versions of songs that later got on the album "Bleach" and the material recorded with MELVINS drummer Dale Crover'ω ω, and write "Nevermind" with Chad Channing'om om. #Nirvana

According to Billboard, the collection GUNS N' ROSES "Greatest Hits" in the week ending December 28 were sold in the amount of four thousand copies, and thus crossed the mark of 6 million copies sold since the release in March 2004. Axl, Slash and Duff tried in court to block the release of this collection, claiming that the label has assembled it without their knowledge. However, Geffen claimed to have released him for breach of contract Axl'ω at the timing of release of the Studio album "Chinese Democracy". the Collection debuted in third place in the charts of the Billboard Top 200 on April 10 and stayed in the charts for 425 weeks. #Guns_N'_Roses