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Book music journalist bill Kopp with a complex called "Reinventing Pink Floyd from Syd Barrett to The Dark Side of the Moon" was released, as we reported in February and has already received numerous positive reviews in the press. the Venerable British drummer Jerry Shirley (Jerry Shirley), who participated in the recording sessions of the two solo albums of Syd Barrett, not only gave bill Kopp exclusive interview for this book, but also wrote the Preface for it with some interesting details. This is his translation: "When I was only sixteen years old, I had a chance to play the drums in a professional band called "Wages of Sin", based in Cambridge, England. As a result, I was lucky enough to meet and play with many outstanding musicians who have remained...

Roger waters continues began last year, cooperation with the Palestinian trio of udotov Le Trio Joubran, and also does not lose interest in the creative legacy of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish (Mahmoud Darwish), whose poem "a Lesson from Kama Sutra" was the basis for the lyrics of a song "Wait for Her". the Excerpt from the epic poem by M. Darwish "the Penultimate appeal of the red Indian to the white man" Roger waters translated from Arabic to English, recited to the accompaniment of a trio Joubran and published a record on his page in Facebook. "At first glance, this treatment of the American Indian to the white man, but it is also a conversation between Darwish with his beloved Palestine and her indigenous people, and in fact - with all the victims of...

In early March, the users of the service "Google Search" I noticed that, at the request of Nick Mason gives Google, among other basic information, the place and date of his untimely death: new York, March 1, 2018 without becoming silently to wait until Google fix the bug, still alive Nick Mason has published in his Twitter account the disclaimer: "Recent reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Do not forget to add to the statement softening "in my opinion". Nick Mason (@nickmasondrums) 12:27 on March 8, 2018 Recent reports of my passing have been greatly exaggerated......i think?

In July 2013 the Italian Association of collectors "Floydseum" held in the Padova exhibition "Outside the Wall", which presented materials from private collections that are associated exclusively with the album, movie and show "The Wall". Five years later, the organizers of the exhibition managed to publish the same book in paperback of 100 pages in the format of 30x30. the Book, "Outside the Wall" includes the photos of those curiosities which were exhibited in Padua, memories of the show "The Wall", covering the period from 1980 to 2013, transcript of talk radio with Roger waters and Jim Laddon about the album "The Wall", interview with Gerald Scarpa about participation in the exhibition signed poster, and the story of David Applby behind the scenes on...

At the last concert of the Australian part of the tour "Us+Them" the 20th of February in the city of Perth Roger waters came out for an encore, instead of the song "Mother" performed a three-part thing, his final album, "Is This the Life We Really Want?": Wait for Her / Oceans Apart / Part of Me Died. still remember that exact same surprise Roger gave the audience at the last concert of 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, 29th Oct. It's easy to assume that the same change in the approved by the arts Council, the setlist will happen at the last concert of the European tour shoulder "Us+Them" - the 31st of August in Moscow.

Magazine for music collectors Goldmine in your issue for March 2018 closely examines the period of creativity Pink Floyd, when the band is painfully experienced the transition from Syd Barrett to David Gilmore and rapidly began to flourish! In the materials room: – Gillian Gaar (Gillian G. Gaar) has conducted readers on the way of Syd Barrett: from the bright flashes of the enigmatic creative leader of Pink Floyd, to full of rumors of a hermit who has attained cult status; – bill Kopp (Bill Kopp) presented their book, released on 15 February by the publishing house of Rowman & Littlefield: "re-Inventing Pink Floyd from Syd Barrett to Darkseid" (Reinventing Pink Floyd From Syd Barrett to The Dark Side of The Moon). Reprinted in the journal Chapter of the...

No major competition in figure skating is usually not complete without the use of athletes as a musical accompaniment of excerpts from the music of Pink Floyd. No exception to this rule and figure skating competition at the winter Olympic games 2018 in South Korea's Pyeongchang. For example, on 17 February, the Australian skater-skater Brendan Kerry (Brendan Kerry) introduced its five-minute free program, fully voiced fragments of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and "Money". The first part of the program, accompanied by the magic of "Shine On", Brendan Kerry has performed quite reliably and efficiently, and the words "I'm all right Jack, keep your hands off my stack..." suddenly landed on two feet, made a couple of mistakes and got to the final orchestrated...

On the Eve of the Melbourne series of concerts of the tour "Us + Them" 10, 11 and 13 February – Roger waters took part in the talk show "The Project" local TV channel TEN in the answers to the questions gave an unusual amount of attention to their relationship with the late Richard Wright. We spent a lot of time together, doing business, but actually never were together, he said. — We were like parallel lines, as fellow travelers striving for a common goal. on the question of how did the death of Richard Wright to look at their conflict in a different light, waters replied: "No, I have not changed in their attitude to him." And then he added: "It was extremely important for all of the work that we did together." the source: DailyMail

Nothing ended the litigation with the Sicilian artist Emilio Isgro (Emilio Isgr), who accused Roger waters that he allegedly used his painting "Cancellatura" 1964 year in the design of the album cover "Is This The Life We Really Want?". the Lawyers of Sony Music Italy announced that the dispute over extrajudicial settlement. Emilio Isgro unequivocally renounced his claims to the Roger Waters in respect of breach of copyright, although in June last year, he rashly called the cover design "flagrant plagiarism". the Sicilian artist is a great admirer of the former members of Pink Floyd and recognizes "good faith" waters, who designed the graphic material for his album, "quite independently". Roger waters, in turn, was glad of the opportunity to experience this...

Today nick Mason turns 74 years old. We congratulate the gay member of Pink Floyd and wish him good health, luck, inspiration, and the collection of new exhibits. Recently, at a press conference in Rome's MACRO Museum Nick answered with a joke on the question of the journalist about the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion: "it's Hard to say. Roger, I think, not change your mind. But this year I'll be back [on stage] to perform in small clubs repertoire of early Floyd. I mean things Sid." I Hope that this joke will come true and we will see Mason sitting behind the drums and playing the good old hits. happy birthday, Nick!

Concert at the stadium Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, began today a tour of Roger waters "Us + Them" 2018. There are 2 concerts in New Zealand, 9 in Australia, 59 in Europe (including two concerts in Russia), and 11 in South America. Tour-2018 will last a little less than ten months and will end on the 17th of November in Lima, Peru. the source: Roger Waters

The Roman version of the exhibition Pink Floyd "Their Mortal Remains" at the Museum of contemporary art (MACRO) opens to the public on January 19 Friday, as previously reported. And this morning flew to Rome Nick Mason and Roger waters held a press conference at the Museum in conjunction with the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi (Raggi Virginia). Roger waters enthusiastically talked about his spiritual connection with Italy, in particular with the Aprilia, where his father died, and Anzio; Nick Mason, as a meticulous historian of the group, did not fail to note that just two steps away from MACRO, the club Piper took place the very first Pink Floyd concert in Italy on 18 April 1968. the source:, Rolling Stone Italia

11 January Nick Mason took part in the program "Classic Album Sundays" detailed and, as always, witty story about the circumstances of the creation of the Pink Floyd album "A Saucerful of Secrets". The conversation took place in the creativity Center named after John Saw (Stowmarket, Suffolk), and its video is available for viewing. the source: John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

The birthday of Roger "Syd" Barrett 6 January at the music service Bandcamp published an impressive (two-disc) collection of covers of his songs, some of which sounds in Spanish. "Syd Barrett, myth and Martyr psychedelia. A couple of years and a few albums he learned how to make a myth passed down through the generations through songs unfading freshness, with which he led us through the fantastic worlds and the grandeur of the cosmos, and through the songs of love so naive and sharp, and through us," the heartfelt write the compilers of the collection. tower of homage Argentino a Syd Barrett - Disco 1 tower of homage Argentino a Syd Barrett - Disco 2

Dear friends! 2017-the year has come to an end. Main events of the year: undoubtedly, the long-awaited release of the new album of Roger waters Is This the Life We Really Want?, opinions were divided about which, but to hear him at least should, live performances waters (many of us still have to visit them in 2018!), the release of David Gilmour Live at Pompeii video and showing it in cinemas around the world, large-scale exhibition Their Mortal Remains in London, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the group. Let the music of Pink Floyd accompanies you in the coming year, the musicians delight in its activity, health and new achievements! Happy all New year and Christmas! the Team Shine On!