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Pink Floyd continue to reissue their catalog on vinyl. As it became known this week, September 23 will be released in three editions: Atom Heart Mother, Meddle and Obscured By Clouds. As with the other albums in the series, claimed three records will be printed on heavy 180-gram vinyl, and record them mixed with the original tapes. On all three albums: Atom Heart Mother, Meddle and Obscured By Clouds — you can already pre-order on Amazon, the price is $27,98. the source: Brain Damage

A Large houseboat on the Thames was built in 1911 for impresario music hall Fred Karno, whose protégés was the young Charlie Chaplin. The price at the time was impressive: about 20 thousand pounds. Everything is designed so that the deck could play the orchestra of the 90 tools. In 1986, this beautiful "boat" the mahogany was bought by David Gilmour and turned into a recording Studio. Now legendary. At the time of shooting the documentary, she moored in Surrey, South of England, where David first saw her. , we Offer to your attention the episode with translation.

We Remind that the premiere of the 72-minute documentary film David Gilmour: Wider Horizons ("David Gilmour. Wider horizons"), filmed by the BBC, was held on 14 November 2015. The tape touches on many key points personal and professional biography of David. , we Offer to your attention the episode of the translation Larisa Guseva.

In early summer, Pink Floyd Records has started the reissue of the catalogue of Floyd on vinyl. August 26, series, now consisting of the first four albums, filled up two more releases — The Wall and The Division Bell. Both editions of the double: The Division Bell will be released in original, shortened version, in an envelope with additional images of stone and metal heads. Recording mixed from the original tapes by James Guthrie (James Guthrie), Joel Plante (Joel Plante and Bernie Grundmann (Bernie Grundman) and printed on heavy 180-gram vinyl. Pre-order The Wall and The Division Bell you can do now the price is $39,99. the source: Brain Damage

This Sunday, August 14-tribute band Saint Petersburg Pink Floyd Show will perform at the annual festival of motorcycles Harley Days. the Festival will be held in St. Petersburg on Ostrovsky square. The concert will start at 21:00, entrance is free. the full program of the festival, which begins the day after tomorrow, can be found on the event website.

At the weekend The Guardian published a great interview of David Gilmour and his adopted son Charlie, which tells about their relationship and also about the visit Charlie in prison. You can read this interview on the newspaper's website. Also in an interview said that in a short time Charlie marries Janina Pedan (Janina Pedan), with whom he lives together in South London. And judging by the instagram Polly Samson, the wedding already took place this weekend: photos can be viewed here and here.

July 24, radio BBC 6 Music left the program The First Time With...Roger Waters. At this time the transfer of Roger spoke about his interest in Blues, jazz and R&B in his youth, his relationship with Syd Barrett, creating The Dark Side Of The Moon and its heavy relationship with suddenly fallen on the Floyd fame. Part of the conversation devoted to The Wall — the original album and tour 2010. Not without talking about the new material: according to waters, all the songs for the new album already written. within one month after the broadcast the recording of the program can be heard on BBC 6. the source: Brain Damage

Today the official website of Pink Floyd has finally published information about the box set, dedicated to the early work of the group, about the upcoming release which was rumored in the last few days. In dvadtsatisemiletny (10 CD, 9 DVD 8 bluray) edition, which will be released on November 11, will include a variety of materials from the archive of Floyd, including not previously published: Studio, concert, radio and television. the Material is divided into seven volumes: six of them, chronologically structured records will be issued separately later, in 2017, the seventh, however, remain exclusive to the box set. Also the box set will contain replicas of the paraphernalia of those years, five first published in Britain seven-inch singles in envelopes...

In the last few days in logoscom the world there are rumors that soon will be released a box set of early recordings of the group. This is supported by the official site of Pink Floyd, on the main page, which recently published a poster Games for May, and the official account of the Facebook group, on whose behalf for the last two days were posted by the same poster and the picture from the booklet to The Man & The Journey. No official information about the release, however, has not yet been done; to see the guesses about the content of the release on our forum. Stay tuned!

On 30 June, the Austin Macauley publishers released the book Marco Patucci and Harry Schindler My War is not Over ("My war is not over"), the Preface for which was Roger waters. the content, however, the insignificant Preface: Roger immediately reported that earlier never wrote prefaces to books, and hints that he agreed only for the reason that Schindler, a veteran of world war II, fought in Italy, helped him to reconstruct the last hours of the life of his father Eric Fletcher waters. The rest of Predislovie in turn, predictable, dedicated to praise the book and its author. to See the abstract book and to read the full text of the Foreword on the website of the publisher. Muddy_Roger , thank you for the information.

July 12 in the morning on BBC Radio 6 made a seven-minute interview with David Gilmour, is devoted to concerts in Pompeii. Most anticipated part of the interview was dedicated to discussing concerts: David, first, talked about what emotions evoke in his area, and secondly, on the formation of the setlist. Also David talked about their future plans: "I don't know what will happen next. But when this tour is over, I expect I'll be back in the Studio and will move forward. Always forward".

On the official website of David Gilmour in Facebook posted a brief interview with Ian Ames, a British animator and Director. As a student, he created the animated video for the song Pink Floyd One Of These Days (it is shown on screens during the current European concerts of David Gilmour), and was later invited by the group to create videos for The Dark Side Of The Moon and worked with Roger waters during the filming of The Wall – Live in Berlin. to See an interview with you below. If you are in Wroclaw do not miss the exhibition of the artist "On The Run" (Ian Emes. The exhibition runs from 25 June to 29 July at the Art gallery of Wroclaw (Galeria Miejska ul. Kiebanicza 28, Wroclaw). Read more in Polish on the website If you were there, send...

On the website of The Guardian posted a photographic essay Sara Lee (Sarah Lee) on the concerts of David Gilmour at Pompeii. Stunning photos that convey the unique atmosphere of the concerts, including photos from the soundcheck and backstage. The report is accompanied by a mix of concerts created by Gavin elder (Gavin Elder), the Director of the upcoming concert film. David Gilmour live at Pompeii – a photo essay

From 27 June to 2 July 2016 on the island of Tenerife has passed the science festival Starmus. The festival under the slogan "Beyond the horizon – in the name of Stephen Hawking" (Tribute to Stephen Hawking: Beyond the horizon) was dedicated to the most famous theoretical physicist, popularizer of science. The festival was attended by Nobel laureates, famous astronomers, astrophysicists and scientists. The program included round tables, exhibitions and performances. on the Advisory Board of the festival included well-known figures from various fields, including Peter Gabriel, Alexei Leonov, Stephen Hawking, Brian may. Music is the second most important component of the festival. The connection between astronomy and music was described by Peter Gabriel...