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Summer season 2013 for Ukrainians marked by the frequent appearance of the serpent in public places and even private homes. From all over the country complain of the dominance of poisonous reptiles. According to the media invasion of vipers seen in Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kerch, foros, Donetsk, in the areas of the Carpathian region. Of more concern is the tendency of snakes directly in the house. Resident of the village of Upper Stanivtsi Chernivtsi region said that in his house noticed two vipers. If he and his wife not timely react misfortune could not have been avoided. Gerpetologi warn that at the meeting with the snake should try to remain calm, and in any case not to try to catch her. Just need to give her the way that she crept away.

In the new York Adventist Church in Manhattan on Friday evening of the seventh of June, started Evangelical program "the Revelation of hope" with participation of the head of the worldwide Church of Seventh Day Adventists Ted Wilson and Evangelist with a world name, Mark Finley. Neither the torrential rain, nor tropical storm, could not weaken the enthusiasm want to hear words of hope. "The Bible is surprisingly accurate. The Bible is full of hope for the future," said pastor Ted Wilson. "In contrast to the dismal human predictions of the Bible gives hope," he stressed. Inside the 132-year-old building of the Church, called by mark Finley the "Oasis of peace", attended by more than five hundred people. In deference to the event in the city, a public...

Custom of wearing wedding rings has nothing to do with Christianity, therefore, Bible-believing Christians are not. This tradition comes from Ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt the ring was a symbol of the Sun and the moon. The most ancient wedding rings worn not fingers, and on the hands. Sometimes even to his feet, to the bride did not run away. In the gloomy epoch of dark Ages, the Pope Nicholas I borrowed the custom of wearing wedding ring from paganism, and in the year 860 issued a decree that obliged all the suitors give the brides gold ring. With 1215 by the decree of Pope innocent III introduced a gift of silver and iron rings, and with 1477 - rings with diamonds. Ringed newlyweds on pagan rituals, protected from treason. Every time before them will be...

Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, cardinal Lubomyr Husar publicly opposed the theory of evolution, once supported already late Pope John Paul II. For many years the believers confused statement of Karol Wojtyla to support the theory of evolution, because in the first two chapters of the Bible has been written about the six days of creation. "For the society it is important to consider God's science," said Lubomir Guzar during the XIII scientific conference on the problems of social interaction, organized by the national Academy of management under the public-scientific project "Spiritual values of Ukrainian people, in the light of cooperation in political science and theology". God science, creationism, the belief that God created the...