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The secrets of youth | and beauty recipes at home

All about youth, beauty and health

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What could be easier and more accessible ingredients and products, not a chicken egg? Mask of eggs for the face can make your skin beautiful and healthy. For masks, use only fresh eggs and preferably homemade. Yolks and whites have different effects on our skin. Use the yolk if you want to save your skin from peeling, moisturize it and give [...]

Every woman wants to be attractive. Its attractiveness is largely dependent on clean and healthy hair. Modern facilities may not always nourish and protect our hair, so in our time, as popular folk recipes of beauty. Such prescriptions include, for example, a mask of lemon. A mask of lemon very simple and effective. Lemon masks used in the form of pulp, [...]

Noble Cocoa product that has an exquisite aroma and taste. However, cocoa is used not only in cooking but also for beauty of our hair, body and face. Masks of cocoa you can quickly and easily make your own at home. Nutritional components of cocoa activate biochemical processes of the skin to make skin cells in a normal mode. [...]

Every woman dreams about the beauty of youth to your skin. At home you can make cosmetic ice, which will help us to preserve youth and beauty for years to come. Cosmetic ice tightens pores, makes skin elastic, improves blood circulation, smoothes wrinkles, reduces skin oiliness. Wipe the face with ice need massaging gently, gently no more than 2 minutes. After the procedure, [...]

Many girls complain of black spots in the problematic T-zone (forehead, chin, nose). To clean our skin will help cosmetic homemade mask. The mask should be applied on the prepared skin. First you need to remove makeup and impurities. To the pores open face it is necessary to steam. Then the mask will work better. A steam bath of chamomile Prepare a decoction of chamomile: combine [...]

Bay leaf, a spice known. It can be found in every housewife in the kitchen. It helps to prepare different lotions, masks, decoctions, which are used for cosmetic purposes in folk medicine. Recipes Bay leaf 1.From acne on the face: pour a glass of boiling water 25 Bay leaves. Put on the stove for five minutes. Then let it brew broth for four hours, strain [...]

How to put the face in right before an important event. Sometimes, not enough time to care for the skin. Work, family, chores, simply do not give such possibility, and the important event want to look your best. Not always cosmetics can cope with this task. Sometimes we have to act deeper. In this, we can help homemade recipes [...]

Did you Know that mayonnaise can make a mask out of your hair? It appears that this harmful to the shape of the sauce very useful for the beauty of our hair. Mask with mayonnaise gives the hair a silky Shine. To help cope with hair loss, it will strengthen them and speed up hair growth. Mask from mayonnaise is ideal for dry hair, weakened and damaged. Mask to do better [...]

Gel lacquers, shellac and other resistant coatings have long won the love of girls, thanks to its bright color and supersconti. But after removing this covering, the nails become brittle and thin, vulnerable. How to repair nails after shellac? When the coating is removed, short trim nails, buff them with a nail file. Nail file will remove the remains of the damaged layer and will allow the nails to breathe. In the next couple [...]

In appearance every female any part of the body is considered an important element for nursing care for him. Whether it's the face, hands, body, neck does not matter – most importantly, all this requires some care. The opposite sex very attracted to this part of the girl's body as her neck. It is located in the most prominent place, shows the importance, attractiveness, [...]

If you are looking for natural remedies in order to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, try masks of aloe, perfect for any skin type. The advantages of masks from aloe Vera Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties that will help to solve the problems associated with infection and inflammation. Drugs based on it reduces pain and helps with cuts, insect bites, sunburn. [...]

Sensitive and thin skin of the lips is especially in need of delicate care. Lips to be beautiful and healthy you need to protect them from heat and cold, moisturize and nourish. Lip balm made from natural ingredients, will easily cope with this task. Homemade balms are not only caring, but also healing properties. For their preparation we use only natural solid [...]

Hydration is the Foundation of skin care face and body. The results can be seen in the long term, because it prevents aging of the skin. Moisturizing skin is essential Dry skin is a problem that must quickly be neutralized and, if possible, be prevented. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables. Also do not forget about fats, which provide the necessary conditions [...]

What is the benefit of facial masks of sour cream? Mask of sour cream moisten the skin, saturate it, nourish, increase cell metabolism. Help us cream to remove dark circles under the eyes, whiten our skin and make less visible freckles and age spots. Face masks of sour cream suitable for all skin types. For dry skin face cream take more [...]

Banana is a product that is not only delicious, but also unique properties. The banana helps us not only to fight depression and the Blues, but also affects our skin. Banana smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, nourishes it. Mask from banana 1. For dry skin: mix one mashed banana, 0,5 tsp honey, 2 tsp of milk. When [...]