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My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

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Today, 25 July, as every year, on the last Friday of July, system administrators around the world are celebrating their professional holiday - the Day of system administrator. Or, in the American sense of Day of gratitude to the system administrator (System Administrator Appreciation Day).

Today, Yandex has launched a beta version of a new Yandeks.metryky. The service is completely new interface, there are more opportunities for analysis, and themselves analytical tools have become more flexible.

Morphological analysis of texts (assessment of nausea page) subject to the forms of the service of Those WHO work on the basis of the parser "Mystem" (I. Segalovich, Yandex). For words not in the dictionary, are generated hypotheses.

Script Link Suite automates the routine steps for linking sites, you just have to manage it. He is most suitable SEO-masters and web studios with great source base optimization.

Program Htmtotxt is designed to convert HTML to text. Converting the code is not by removing tags and copy text from a html object (using activex + couple libraries).

Pingmedia - affiliate program for site with pay per impressions and Lida. If you decide to make money on banner advertising on the Internet, You've come to the right place! We broadcast only high-quality media advertising with pay per impressions and actions. With the help of unique technologies targeting, see the banners that are of interest to the audience of the site. Redemption of banner is produced at competitive prices. For placing available: Rich-Media, Pop-Under, 240x400, TopLine.

Transition Twitter API on a new level, we can say killed numerous ready-made solutions for broadcast messages from Twitter. Previously used to parse the XML page format, today, access to Twitter is available through the API 1.1 with oAuth authorization. Difficult for the General number of users and owners of blogs.

Advertising network Youlamedia helps to get maximum benefit from placement of banner advertising, Google AdSense on your website. Being the official partner of Google AdExchange in Russia, the company offers all the latest technologies in the sphere of earnings in the Internet.

Professional web hosting offer hundreds of companies. Than differs from most competitors? First of all, accessible to the uninitiated, and not only because a democratic prices for the services, but also due to the ease of use of the service, prompt and competent technical support, as well as the quality, reliability and safety of hosting.

Many developers find that after some time of working on the project, CSS files, the styles, which cannot be said, they are used or not. Variants of their appearance much, and the result is that the browser is given to the "dead" selectors. Everything would be fine, if such one or two, but if your file is five to six thousand lines, then there is no doubt - not all selectors are used, and thus removing the excess can be facilitated files and speed up page loading. Today we will consider a variety of programs, plugins and services for cleaning CSS files from unnecessary styles.

Site-Shot (S-SHOT.RU) allows to create a screenshot of the website. You can choose in the settings required size, resolution, and format. To create a screenshot of the website's only one option - its address.

Prospero - social network marketing, paid jobs, freelance. Promotion in Facebook, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Friendster, My World, traffic from quality sites. Performers for any of the tasks performed remotely.

Exchange hosting social signals "Babblers" is designed to help professionals SEO, SERM and SMM promoting their sites in a network, obtain an opportunity of accommodation of the text comments with links to their projects at other sites. Although such links are under nofollow not have Ancora is normal support projects that develop naturally. If you promote your project is commercial, it makes sense to think about simulate natural background of social signals!

Next part of the article about website promotion with a zero budget and the answer to the question is this possible and how to implement. In this part we learn how to troubleshoot basic errors in site usability.

Key Collector allows fast and convenient way to collect the key phrase for the semantic core, to determine their competitiveness, cost and efficiency, and also to carry out Express analysis of your site for conformity of its content with this kernel.