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My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

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Yandex have enabled encryption query text in the box to the referer (the sender) in user search queries. Previously encryption worked in a test mode from the end of 2013, and the share of treated clients gradually increased. By February of this year, a 30% jump from the search page on the site was carried out with the encrypted Referer.

BackLinksChek - program to check backlinks to availability for indexing runs after creating a report, the definition of the TIC and PR pages of sites on which found active and fully accessible reference.

Converter ANSI/UTF-8 allows you to bulk convert files between ANSI and UTF-8. Automatically detects the presence of text in the file and the encoding for the correct encoding, it is possible to change the extension of processed files with one touch of a button.

Ping this alert in different search systems and services that was added new content on the website, or has been modified. This method helps to speed up indexing new pages or reindexing, send ping in TS and services allows PHP script massive multi-threaded proxy Pinguelli.

Service 1PS.RU - this is an effective promotion and website promotion in search engines. Registration in white directories of sites, registration in white article directories, advertising in Yandex and Google, writing selling and optimized text for a site. Improving the efficiency of the site. Usability audit, support and maintenance of the site.

Every day, ordered thousands article runs and spent huge amounts of money. To make the article run extremely boring and time-consuming. The program Articles-monster allows to perform state run.

HashTab is a Windows Explorer extension to verify the integrity and authenticity of the files by calculating the checksum. After installation HashTab just right-click on any file, select Properties and you will see a new tab "hashes of files.

Open Server is a portable software platform created specifically for web developers based on their comments and recommendations. Software complex has a rich set of server software, comfortable, multifunctional designed interface, has powerful tools for administering and configuring components. The platform is widely used for the development, debugging and testing of web-projects, as well as to provide web services to local networks.

Program VKDoorGenerator by Vendue - effective and functional tool for doing business on the Internet using the popular social network Vkontakte. Online automated promotion group Vkontakte capable in the shortest time to advance in the network, we offer you goods or services.

No no secret that search engines consider zusammensto sites (number of incoming and outgoing links to your site, number of pages indexed). If paspalanova site there is a link to Your site, it can threaten Your site by pessimizatsiya, from which incoming links lose weight and the site freezes on one position. Promotion price is significantly increased.

Officially launched rospostavki Satellite (, the development of which was headed by Alexey Basov, Vice-President of OJSC Rostelecom until 2011 ran the system of contextual advertising Runner. The service is intended as a competitor to Google. The peculiarity of the search engine that it only works within the Russian Federation.

Command "Yandex for webmasters" reminded developers and marketers about the dangers of using software tools for website promotion. It is about the tools that try to trick the search engine by emulating the behaviour of the users.

Netpeak Spider is designed to scan sites and unloading of the basic SEO settings pages using your own robot. The program has a unique opportunity of calculation of internal PageRank and PageRank excluding the cross-cutting links, as well as export the obtained results in Excel.

MetaScript is free very useful tool designed for quick and easy analysis SEO parameters on the page the Advantage of the script is that it runs directly on the page without creating extra tabs in browser. The script is open source, so anyone can download it and make their own adjustments to customize the look and run the script under our own needs.

On April 22, the state Duma adopted the bill "on bloggers" in the third reading. The document imposes a number of restrictions on all users on whose pages will be fixed more than three thousand visits per day.